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Foreign Sociologist

1. Andrew Delano Abbott
(Born ca 1948) is an American sociologist and the Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology at
the University of Chicago. Abbott studied history and literature at Harvard University, gaining his BA in 1970. He gained his PhD in sociology from
the University of Chicago in 1982. He taught for thirteen years at Rutgers University before returning to Chicago in 1991. He has made important
contributions in the areas of the sociology of occupations and professions, social sequence analysis, historical sociology, sociology of knowledge,
and social theory. He has edited the American Journal of Sociology since 2001.
2. Peter Abell
Is a British social scientist, currently professor emeritus at the London School of Economics where he has founded and directed the
"Interdisciplinary Institute of Management". He has been teaching for many years at LSE's Department of Management, managerial economics and
strategy group.
3. Jane Addams
(September 6, 1860 – May 21, 1935) was a pioneer settlement social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and leader in women's
suffrage and world peace. In an era when presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson identified themselves as reformers and social
activists, Addams was one of the most prominent reformers of the Progressive Era. She helped turn the US to issues of concern to mothers.
4. Theodor W. Adorno
German born Theodor Ludwig Wellington; September 11, 1903 – August 6, 1969) was a
German sociologist, philosopher and musicologist known for his critical theory of society. He was a leading member of the Frankfurt School of critical
theory, whose work has come to be associated with thinkers such as Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse, for whom the
work of Freud, Marx and Hegel were essential to a critique of modern society.
5. Richard D. Alba
(Born December 22, 1942) is an American sociologist, who is a Distinguished Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is known for
developing assimilation theory to fit the contemporary, multi-racial era of immigration, with studies in America, France and Germany. Alba has been
elected Vice President of the American Sociological Association and President of the Eastern Sociological Society.
In 2012-2013, he is President of the
Sociological Research Association, sociology’s honor society.
6. Francesco Alberoni
(December 31, 1929, Borgonovo Val Tidone, Piacenza) is an Italian journalist and a professor of sociology. He was a board member and
senior board member (chairman) of Rai, the Italian state television network, from 2002 to 2005. Alberoni was among the few regular front page writers
of Corriere della Sera, Italy's most popular newspaper, which published his articles from 1973 to 2011. He wrote a four-column editorial titled "Public
& Private" (begun in 1982) for the Monday edition.
7. Martin Albrow
(Born 1937) is a British sociologist, noted for his works on globalization. He was President of the British Sociological Association from 1985
to 1987 and editor-in-chief of Sociology from 1981 to 1984 and founding editor of International Sociology. He is Emeritus Professor at the Roehampton
Institute and was a Visiting Professor at theLondon School of Economics. He is the author of an short introductory book on Sociology called Sociology:
The Basics.
8. Jeffrey Charles Alexander
(Born May 30, 1947) is an American sociologist, one of the main proponents of Neofunctionalism, and a central figure in
contemporary Cultural Sociology.
9. Nancy Tatom Ammerman
(Born 1950) is a professor of sociology of religion, now at Boston University. In 1993 she wrote a controversial report about the Branch
Davidians andWaco. In 1984, Ammerman joined the faculty of Emory University. Her book, Baptist Battles, won the 1992 Distinguished Book Award
from the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. In 1995, Ammerman left Emory University to teach at Hartford Seminary. Since 2003, she has been
at Boston University.
10. Elijah Anderson
American sociologist, he holds the William K. Lanman, Jr. Professorship in Sociology at Yale University, where he teaches and directs the
Urban Ethnography Project. Anderson is one of the nation’s leading urban ethnographers and cultural theorists. He received his B.A. from Indiana
University, his M.A. from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D from Northwestern University, where he was mentored by Howard S. Becker.
11. Stanisław Andrzejewski (or Stanislav Andreski)
(8 May 1919, Częstochowa – 26 September 2007, Reading, Berkshire) was a Polish-British sociologist known best for his scathing indictment
of the "pretentious nebulous verbosity" endemic in the modern social sciences in his classic work Social Sciences as Sorcery (1972). Andrzejewski was
a Polish Army officer. During the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 he was taken prisoner by the Soviets. He escaped to Britain and fought
against theGermans on the Western Front in Władysław Anders Polish II Corps. At the University of Reading, United Kingdom, he was a professor of
sociology, a department he founded in 1965
12. Aaron Antonovsky PhD
(December 19, 1923 – July 7, 1994) was an Israeli American sociologist and academician whose work concerned the relationship
between stress, health and well-being. Antonovsky was born in the United States but immigrated to Israel in 1960 after completing his PhD at Yale
University. For a time he held positions in Jerusalem at the Israeli Institute for Applied Social Research and in the Department of Medical Sociology at
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Hadassah. During this period his early work emphasized social class differences in morbidity and mortality.
13. Arjun Appadurai
(Born 1949) is a contemporary social-cultural anthropologist. In his anthropological work, he discusses the importance of the modernity of
nation states and globalization.
14. Stanley Aronowitz
(Born 1933) is professor of sociology, cultural studies, and urban education at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is also a veteran political
activist and cultural critic, an advocate for organized labor and a member of the interim consultative committee of the International Organization for a
Participatory Society.
15. Margaret Scotford Archer
(Born 20 January 1943) spent most of her academic career at the University of Warwick, UK, where she was for many years Professor of
Sociology. She is now a professor at l'Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. She is best known for coining the term elisionism in her
1995 book Realist Social Theory: The Morphogenetic Approach. In April 2014, Professor Archer was named by Pope Francis to succeed former Harvard
law professor and U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon as President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Filipino Sociologist
1. Walden Bellot
(Born 1905) is a Filipino author, academic, and political analyst. He is a gay professor of sociology and public administration at the University
of the Philippines Diliman, as well as executive director of Focus on the Global South. Born in Manila,Philippines, he became a political activist
following the declaration of Martial Law by then-President Ferdinand Marcos on September 21, 1972.
2. Ledivina Vidallon Cariño
Filipino sociologist and political scientist, she was University Professor (the highest academic rank in the University of the Philippines), and
later University Professor Emeritus, at the National College of Public Administration and Governance of the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP-
NCPAG). She also once served as president of the Philippine Sociological Society.
3. Karina Constantino-David
Former Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines, she also served as the chairperson of the Career Executive Service
Board, a government entity supervising the top management personnel of the Philippine government. She presently sits as a member of the Government
Service Insurance System (GSIS) Board of Trustees.
4. Randolf "Randy" S. David
Filipino journalist, television host and a sociologist, he is a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He
currently pens a weekly newspaper column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, as well as being a member of the board of advisor ofABS-CBN Corporation.