Understanding ethical and legal constraints

within the media sector
Why is it important to consider ethical issues when producing
To start off, let's define ethics with the media industry. Before
producing, they go through the right and moral ethics when
looking at the script: to be given the host. The reason that they
do this is because of the social ethics set in society; the media
abide by these rules mainly to keep afloat with a good reputation
of their 'industry'. owever, a bigger reason is that if they
broke one of the rules they could create a very large
controversial conversation, which would therefore lead
devastation for the production team.
How is gender represented in film?
!n the film industry, there is a big ine"uality of gender roles.
#verall, with the role of a female they are seemed to be a
slighly lower class than males.
This is a great e$ample of ine"uality:
%ooking at this array of information on the average of an
actress, you can see that they are une"ual to men because it
seems that they are heard nearly &'( less in films than men; as
well as a close third of thm being shown with se$ualy revailing
clothes or shown as partially naked.
What is the Films Act? (1985
The )*+, -ilms .ct repealed the -ilms .cts )*/' to )*+';
abolished the 0ational -ilm -inance 1orporation and government
advisory panel the 1inematograph -ilms 1ouncil. !t also ended the
collection of an e$tensive data about British film e$hibition set
that was produced in connection with administering the levy and
2ome of the new rules include:
• ).34)5 -ilms .cts )*/' to )*+' hereby repealed.
• 465 1inematograph -ilms 1ouncil abolished
• 2ecretary of 2tate, with Treasury approval, may dissolve
0ational -ilm -inance 1orporation at any time before end
)*+, by order and
• 465 any 0--1 property, rights or revenue which becomes
vested in the 2ecretary of 2tate may be disposed of 'in
such manner as he thinks fit for any purpose connected with
the British film industry'.
What is the !ideo "ecordings Act? (198#
The )*+7 8ideo 9ecordings .ct was stated that any commercial
video recordings offered for sale or for hire within the :; must
carry a classification that has been agreed by the authority of
the ome #ffice. -urthermore, all works must be classified by the
BB-1 under an age<rated system.
What would $e the conse%uences for $rea&ing copyright law?
To start off, everything that can be sold will have copyright
law. This law prevents people from using a product and
redistributing it without authority from the person who created
Breaking copyright law will result in multiple criminal
penalties, depending on how bad the copyright breakage is,
include: 1riminal penalties might include >ail time; order to
perform community service, probation, loss of property, and the
risk of lost work or educational privileges