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Indianapolis Power & Light Company (“IPL”) Application for Renewable Energy Incentives

IPL’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program is available to both residential and small to medium-sized commercial and industrial customers. The program is designed to help offset the initial investment in Solar PV systems, thus making renewable energy projects more financially viable in the Indianapolis area. The program will provide incentive payments as follows:
Technology Incentive $ per watt $1.00 Maximum Incentive $4,000.00 Minimum Project Size (kW) 2.0

Solar PV

This incentive is complementary to federal and state incentives and tax credit programs. Funds for this program are limited and IPL will offer the incentives only until the available funds are exhausted. If requests for incentives exceed projections, this program may be revaluated for additional funding, but there are no specific plans to do so at this time. Applications will be processed in the order received, so it is important to submit a completed application as soon as possible. If IPL pre-approves the application for an incentive, it will calculate the incentive payment based on the submitted nominal name plate design output and system type and that amount will be reserved for three months for payment to the applicant upon completion of the installation. IPL will inspect the final installation to make sure everything is in place and working; install a meter to monitor system output; recalculate the incentive payment based on actual installed equipment; and release a check to the applicant. If an installation is not completed within three months of IPL’s pre-approval of the application, the pre-approved application will expire and no longer be considered for the program. IPL intends to track generation from small-scale renewable energy sources for non- billing information and reserves the right to install metering after the inverter and mount the IPL meter in an accessible and suitable exterior location. IPL will supply a meter base/cabinet and the customer must provide and install wiring as needed to allow for IPL metering.

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Documents that are required to be completed to participate in the Renewable Energy Incentive Program and interconnect to the IPL distribution system are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Application for Renewable Energy Incentives Application for Interconnection – available at the IPL website Interconnection Agreement –available at the IPL website Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number

Eligibility requirements include: 1. System Purchaser/Owner must be a current IPL customer receiving power from IPL’s distribution system under Rates RS, SS or SL. Customers with delinquent accounts are not eligible for the program. 2. Customers that participate in IPL’s rate REP (Renewable Energy Production) are not eligible to participate in the Renewable Energy Incentive Program. 3. The renewable energy system must be installed at the applicant’s primary place of business or residence. 4. The minimum system size is 2 kW (per AC inverter name plate rating) for solar PV. 5. The system must be purchased after June 1, 2013. 6. One incentive per service. Process: 1. Applicant submits a completed and signed IPL Application for Renewable Energy Incentives Application. 2. IPL will review the application, calculate the potential incentive amount; preapprove the application; and reserve funds for future payment of the incentive following installation and verification as described above. 3. In order to install this equipment on IPL lines the applicant must also submit a completed “Application for Interconnection” and Parallel Operation of Certified Inverter-Based Equipment for approval by IPL. 4. Subsequent to IPL’s approval of the Application for Interconnection, the Applicant must submit an Interconnection Agreement. 5. Once the system has been installed and is operating the applicant must promptly notify IPL so that a field visit can be scheduled; installation and operation of the system verified; and a bi-directional meter installed (if net-metering is applicable). The incentive will then be released for payment. All program information, applications and agreements can also be found on IPL’s website at
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Purchaser/System Owner Information
Customer Name Address (Service Location): Customer’s IPL account number (from IPL bill): Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number:
(Note tax ID information is needed for IPL to issue rebate check and appropriate 1099 tax form)

Mailing Address: Work Phone: Fax #: Email Address: Is this application for a new system or an expanded system? Installer Information Company Name: Business Address: Mailing Address: Business Phone: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Installer or contact name: Email Address: Federal Tax ID #: Licensed Contractor #: PV Module Information Type & Description: Fax #: Phone: Home Phone: Mobile Phone:

Manufacturer: Number of installed panels: Total Rated System Output:

Model: Rated Output per panel (W):
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Inverter Information Manufacturer: Inverter Rating (W): Description: Model: Efficiency (%): Quantity:

Purchaser/System Owner: Signature: Printed: Date:

Installer: Signature: Printed: Date:

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Incentive Pre-Approval

For IPL use only

Pre-Approved Incentive Amount* watts X $ ($1 per watt for Solar PV) Program Administrator Signature: Date: / watt = $ Pre-Approved incentive payment

*Pre-approval of incentives applications will expire three (3) months from the date of pre-approval. Indicate the date the incentive expires: _____________.

Final Installation Inspection and Incentive Approval watt X $ / watt = $ Final Approved incentive payment*

Program Administrator Signature:


*IPL to process application for final payment within ten business days; check will be sent directly to System Purchaser/Owner at address provided above.
Completed forms can be scanned and sent to Cole Willis electronically at or mailed to him at Indianapolis Power & Light Company, One Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2936.

Customer Name: _______________________________________________________ IPL Account number: ___________________________________________________

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