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O!en Ad"#$ No IIITA%DIC%&'(&)(&* IIIT-Allahabad has several Openings for the Faculty positions at the A++,+#an# Pro-e++or level. It is a regular tenure-track faculty positions for 3-5 years in teaching and research. A regular faculty is expected to engage heavily in research and teaching. The eligibility criteria for regular faculty positions are si ilar as in IITs. For an Assistant !rofessor position" a candidate ust have a !h# $in IT%&o puter 'cience (%or )ngineering%)lectrical" )lectronics (%or &o unication )ngineering%etc* for interdisciplinary areas the !h# ay be in an appropriate field+" plus three years experience. ,o-ever" for !h#s fro a -ell kno-n .niversity%Institute $e.g. IITs%II'c%TIF/%I'I in India or -ell kno-n research universities across the -orld+" and a good research%acade ic record" the 3 years experience re0uire ent ay be -aived. The pay scale for faculty is sa e as in IITs. Other benefits include initiation research grant" travel support" book grant" professional society e bership" etc." and personal benefits such as edical%1T&" on ca pus subsidi2ed fa ily housing -ith excellent odern infrastructural facilities.

Area+ o- In#ere+#
IIIT-Allahabad ai s to build strong research groups in i portant and e erging areas in &'%IT%)&) as -ell as in e erging interdisciplinary areas" and applications are invited in all these areas. 'o e of the areas of special interest" besides strengthening the existing research areas" are . So-#/are En0,neer,n01 T2eore#,cal Co3!u#er Sc,ence1 C45er P24+,cal S4+#e3+1 6o5o#,c+1 Ne#/ork +c,ence1 D,0,#al Med,a1 Co3!u#a#,onal neuro+c,ence1 Mac2,ne learn,n01 Heal#2care ,n-or3a#,c+1 Co3!u#a#,onal B,olo041 Co33un,ca#,on+ ne#/ork+ (5o#2 a# 2ard/are and !ro#ocol le"el+ 1 C,rcu,#+ (,nclud,n0 7LSI1 analo01 lo/ !o/er1 e#c 1 Ener04 +4+#e3+ and #ec2nolo0,e+1 B,o3ed,cal elec#ron,c+ and +4+#e3+1 Co3!u#er Arc2,#ec#ure1 +,0nal%,3a0e !roce++,n01 E35edded and con#rol +4+#e3+$

A!!l,ca#,on Proce++
Interested candidates can apply by sending their detailed &3 -ith list of publications clearly entioning 4ournal na es and citation index -ith #2ree re-erence+ through e ail entitled 5Faculty positions at IIIT Allahabad6 to -acul#4$a!!l,ca#,on+8,,,#a$ac$,n. #o not send your applications in any other e ail addresses. A!!l,ca#,on+ /,ll 5e con+,dered re0ularl41 2ence #2ere ,+ no deadl,ne -or a!!l4,n0$

I3!or#an# Clar,-,ca#,on+ on El,0,5,l,#4
A !h# in &'%IT $or other disciplines" as announced+ is the ini u expected re0uire ent for an Assistant !rofessor. )ven if a candidate satisfies the ini u re0uire ent" he%she is unlikely to be short-listed for further evaluation" if he%she does not have a !h# fro a pre ier institute in India $e.g. IIITs" IITs" II'c" etc.+ or else-here in the -orld and a good research record proven by publications in high i pact conferences and 7ournals and good citation count. IIIT-Allahabad follo-s a tenure odel in -hich an initial contract -ill be given for so e duration $nor ally 3- 5 years+" at the end of -hich an extensive evaluation of perfor ance -ill be done. If the faculty e ber8s perfor ance is excellent" he%she can expect to get pro oted and tenured $per anent+. Other-ise" the contract ay not be rene-ed.

IIIT-Alla2a5ad 2a+ al+o +e"eral o!en,n0+ -or P2$D cand,da#e+

Fe- short listed candidates having excellent acade ic record and having 9.Tech fro pre ier institutes like IITs" :ITs" IIITs etc. follo-ed by ;.Tech $through <AT)+ fro these institutions%abroad having desire to participate in teaching and research -ill be offered a !h.# position in the different laboratories of the institute -ith usual !h.# stipend and other benefits co parable to that are offered at IITs. .pon successful co pletion -ith good standing" these candidates -ill be directly offered a #enure- #rack Assistant !rofessor position -ith ter s and condition as entioned above.