!"# %&!#'&(!%)&(* +'%,#- .!'%/0&(*-1 (+!2 3456
(AC1 nC. xlx Cl 1973).
[!"#$ &'() * +,-.]

(7 (89 9: ;<:=>?@ A:< 9B@ ?@9@79>:72 ;<:C@8D9>:7 E7? ;D7>CBF@79 :A ;@<C:7C A:< G@7:8>?@2
8<>F@C EGE>7C9 BDFE7>9H2 IE< 8<>F@C E7? :9B@< 8<>F@C D7?@< >79@<7E9>:7EJ JEIK

WPL8LAS lL ls expedlenL Lo provlde for Lhe deLenLlon, prosecuLlon and punlshmenL of
persons for genoclde, crlmes agalnsL humanlLy, war crlmes and oLher crlmes under
lnLernaLlonal law, and for maLLers connecLed LherewlLh,

lL ls hereby enacLed as follows:-

-B:<9 9>9J@2 @L9@79 E7? 8:FF@78@F@79
1) 1hls AcL may be called Lhe lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals) AcL, 1973.

2) lL exLends Lo Lhe whole of 8angladesh.

3) lL shall come lnLo force aL once.

ln Lhls AcL, unless Lhere ls anyLhlng repugnanL ln Lhe sub[ecL or conLexL,-

a) ºauxlllary forces" lncludes forces placed under Lhe conLrol of Lhe Armed lorces for
operaLlonal, admlnlsLraLlve, sLaLlc and oLher purposes,

(aa) [ºarmed forces" means Lhe forces ralsed and malnLalned under Lhe Army AcL, 1932
(xxxlx of 1932), Lhe Alr lorce AcL, 1933 (vl of 1933), or Lhe navy Crdlnance, 1961
(xxxv of 1961)],

Clause (aa) was lnserLed by secLlon 2(a) of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals) (AmendmenL) AcL,

b) ºCovernmenL" means Lhe CovernmenL of Lhe Þeople's 8epubllc of 8angladesh,

c) º8epubllc" means Lhe Þeople's 8epubllc of 8angladesh,

[ *** ]

(e) ºLerrlLory of 8angladesh" means Lhe LerrlLory of Lhe 8epubllc as deflned ln arLlcle 2 of
Lhe ConsLlLuLlon of Lhe Þeople's 8epubllc of 8angladesh,

(f) º1rlbunal" means a 1rlbunal seL up under Lhls AcL.

!"#$%&$'($)* ), -#$."*/0 /*& '#$12%
1) [A 1rlbunal shall have Lhe power Lo Lry and punlsh any lndlvldual or group of lndlvlduals,
or any member of any armed, defence or auxlllary forces, lrrespecLlve of hls naLlonallLy,
who commlLs or has commlLLed, ln Lhe LerrlLory of 8angladesh, wheLher before or afLer
Lhe commencemenL of Lhls AcL, any of Lhe crlmes menLloned ln sub-secLlon (2).]

2) '1he followlng acLs or any of Lhem are crlmes wlLhln Lhe [urlsdlcLlon of a 1rlbunal for
whlch Lhere shall be lndlvldual responslblllLy, namely:-
a) Crlmes agalnsL PumanlLy: namely, murder, exLermlnaLlon, enslavemenL,
deporLaLlon, lmprlsonmenL, abducLlon, conflnemenL, LorLure, rape or oLher
lnhumane acLs commlLLed agalnsL any clvlllan populaLlon or persecuLlons on
pollLlcal, raclal, eLhnlc or rellglous grounds, wheLher or noL ln vlolaLlon of Lhe
domesLlc law of Lhe counLry where perpeLraLed,

b) Crlmes agalnsL Þeace: namely, plannlng, preparaLlon, lnlLlaLlon or waglng of a war of
aggresslon or a war ln vlolaLlon of lnLernaLlonal LreaLles, agreemenLs or assurances,

2009 (AcL no.Lv of 2009).
Clause (d) was omlLLed by secLlon 2(b) of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals) (AmendmenL) AcL,
2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009).
Sub-secLlon (1) was subsLlLuLed by secLlon 3 of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals) (AmendmenL)
AcL, 2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009).

c) Cenoclde: meanlng and lncludlng any of Lhe followlng acLs commlLLed wlLh lnLenL Lo
desLroy, ln whole or ln parL, a naLlonal, eLhnlc, raclal, rellglous or pollLlcal group,
such as:
l) kllllng members of Lhe group,
ll) causlng serlous bodlly or menLal harm Lo members of Lhe group,
lll) dellberaLely lnfllcLlng on Lhe group condlLlons of llfe calculaLed Lo brlng abouL lLs
physlcal desLrucLlon ln whole or ln parL,
lv) lmposlng measures lnLended Lo prevenL 8lrLhs wlLhln Lhe group,
v) forclbly Lransferrlng chlldren of Lhe group Lo anoLher group,

d) War Crlmes: namely, vlolaLlon of laws or cusLoms of war whlch lnclude buL are noL
llmlLed Lo murder, lll-LreaLmenL or deporLaLlon Lo slave labour or for any oLher
purpose of clvlllan populaLlon ln Lhe LerrlLory of 8angladesh, murder or lll-LreaLmenL
of prlsoners of war or persons on Lhe seas, kllllng of hosLages and deLenues, plunder
of publlc or prlvaLe properLy, wanLon desLrucLlon of clLles, Lowns or vlllages, or
devasLaLlon noL [usLlfled by mlllLary necesslLy,

e) vlolaLlon of any humanlLarlan rules appllcable ln armed confllcLs lald down ln Lhe
Ceneva ConvenLlons of 1949,

f) any oLher crlmes under lnLernaLlonal law,

g) aLLempL, abeLmenL or consplracy Lo commlL any such crlmes,

h) compllclLy ln or fallure Lo prevenL commlsslon of any such crlmes.

!"#$"%"&' )*+ ,+"-./
1) When any crlme as speclfled ln secLlon 3 ls commlLLed by several persons, each of such
person ls llable for LhaL crlme ln Lhe same manner as lf lL were done by hlm alone.

2) Any commander or superlor offlcer who orders, permlLs, acqulesces or parLlclpaLes ln
Lhe commlsslon of any of Lhe crlmes speclfled ln secLlon 3 or ls connecLed wlLh any plans
and acLlvlLles lnvolvlng Lhe commlsslon of such crlmes or who falls or omlLs Lo dlscharge
hls duLy Lo malnLaln dlsclpllne, or Lo conLrol or supervlse Lhe acLlons of Lhe persons
under hls command or hls subordlnaLes, whereby such persons or subordlnaLes or any
of Lhem commlL any such crlmes, or who falls Lo Lake necessary measures Lo prevenL Lhe
commlsslon of such crlmes, ls gullLy of such crlmes.

!""#$#%& ()*#+#),- .+$ ,)+ +) "/.. %, %$$0*.1 "/)2 /.*(),*#3#&#+4 ")/ %,4 $/#2.
1) 1he offlclal poslLlon, aL any Llme, of an accused shall noL be consldered freelng hlm from
responslblllLy or mlLlgaLlng punlshmenL.

2) 1he facL LhaL Lhe accused acLed pursuanL Lo hls domesLlc law or Lo order of hls
CovernmenL or of a superlor shall noL free hlm from responslblllLy, buL may be
consldered ln mlLlgaLlon of punlshmenL lf Lhe 1rlbunal deems LhaL [usLlce so requlres.

1) lor Lhe purpose of secLlon 3, Lhe CovernmenL may, by noLlflcaLlon ln Lhe offlclal
CazeLLe, seL up one or more 1rlbunals, each conslsLlng of a Chalrman and noL less Lhan
Lwo and noL more Lhan four oLher members.

2) [Any person who ls a !udge, or ls quallfled Lo be a !udge, or has been a !udge, of Lhe
Supreme CourL of 8angladesh, may be appolnLed as a Chalrman or member of a

2A) [1he 1rlbunal shall be lndependenL ln Lhe exerclse of lLs [udlclal funcLlons and shall
ensure falr Lrlal.]

Sub-secLlon (2) was subsLlLuLed by secLlon 4 (a) of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals)
(AmendmenL) AcL, 2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009).
Sub-secLlon (2A) was lnserLed by secLlon 4 (b) of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals) (AmendmenL)
AcL, 2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009)
3) 1he permanenL seaL of a 1rlbunal shall be ln [uhaka]:
Þrovlded LhaL a 1rlbunal may hold
lLs slLLlngs aL such oLher place or places as lL deems flL.

4) lf any member of a 1rlbunal dles or ls, due Lo lllness or any oLher reason, unable Lo
conLlnue Lo perform hls funcLlons, Lhe CovernmenL may, by noLlflcaLlon ln Lhe offlclal
CazeLLe, declare Lhe offlce of such member Lo be vacanL and appolnL LhereLo anoLher
person quallfled Lo hold Lhe offlce.

3) lf, ln Lhe course of a Lrlal, any one of Lhe members of a 1rlbunal ls, for any reason,
unable Lo aLLend any slLLlng Lhereof, Lhe Lrlal may conLlnue before Lhe oLher members.

6) A 1rlbunal shall noL, merely by reason of any change ln lLs membershlp or Lhe absence of
any member Lhereof from any slLLlng, be bound Lo recall and re-hear any wlLness who
has already glven any evldence and may acL on Lhe evldence already glven or produced
before lL.

7) lf, upon any maLLer requlrlng Lhe declslon of a 1rlbunal, Lhere ls a dlfference of oplnlon
among lLs members, Lhe oplnlon of Lhe ma[orlLy shall prevall and Lhe declslon of Lhe
1rlbunal shall be expressed ln Lerms of Lhe vlews of Lhe ma[orlLy.

8) nelLher Lhe consLlLuLlon of a 1rlbunal nor Lhe appolnLmenL of lLs Chalrman or members
shall be challenged by Lhe prosecuLlon or by Lhe accused persons or Lhelr counsel.

1) 1he CovernmenL may appolnL one or more persons Lo conducL Lhe prosecuLlon before a
1rlbunal on such Lerms and condlLlons as may be deLermlned by Lhe CovernmenL, and
every such person shall be deemed Lo be a ÞrosecuLor for Lhe purposes of Lhls AcL.

2) 1he CovernmenL may deslgnaLe one of such persons as Lhe Chlef ÞrosecuLor.

1he word ºuhaka" was subsLlLuLed for Lhe word ºuacca" by secLlon 4 (c) of 1he lnLernaLlonal


1) 1he CovernmenL may esLabllsh an Agency for Lhe purposes of lnvesLlgaLlon lnLo crlmes
speclfled ln secLlon 3, and any offlcer belonglng Lo Lhe Agency shall have Lhe rlghL Lo
asslsL Lhe prosecuLlon durlng Lhe Lrlal.

2) Any person appolnLed as a ÞrosecuLor ls compeLenL Lo acL as an lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer
and Lhe provlslons relaLlng Lo lnvesLlgaLlon shall apply Lo such ÞrosecuLor.

3) Any lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer maklng an lnvesLlgaLlon under Lhls AcL may, by order ln wrlLlng,
requlre Lhe aLLendance before hlmself of any person who appears Lo be acqualnLed wlLh
Lhe clrcumsLances of Lhe case, and such person shall aLLend as so requlred.

4) Any lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer maklng an lnvesLlgaLlon under Lhls AcL may examlne orally any
person who appears Lo be acqualnLed wlLh Lhe facLs and clrcumsLances of Lhe case.

3) Such person shall be bound Lo answer all quesLlons puL Lo hlm by an lnvesLlgaLlon
Cfflcer and shall noL be excused from answerlng any quesLlon on Lhe ground LhaL Lhe
answer Lo such quesLlon wlll crlmlnaLe, or may Lend dlrecLly or lndlrecLly Lo crlmlnaLe,
such person: Þrovlded LhaL no such answer, whlch a person shall be compelled Lo glve,
shall sub[ecL hlm Lo any arresL or prosecuLlon, or be proved agalnsL hlm ln any crlmlnal

6) 1he lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer may reduce lnLo wrlLlng any sLaLemenL made Lo hlm ln Lhe
course of examlnaLlon under Lhls secLlon.

7) Any person who falls Lo appear before an lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer for Lhe purpose of
examlnaLlon or refuses Lo answer Lhe quesLlons puL Lo hlm by such lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer
shall be punlshed wlLh slmple lmprlsonmenL whlch may exLend Lo slx monLhs, or wlLh
flne whlch may exLend Lo 1aka Lwo Lhousand, or wlLh boLh.

8) Any MaglsLraLe of Lhe flrsL class may Lake cognlzance of an offence punlshable under
sub-secLlon (7) upon a complalnL ln wrlLlng by an lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer.

9) Any lnvesLlgaLlon done lnLo Lhe crlmes speclfled ln secLlon 3 shall be deemed Lo have
been done under Lhe provlslons of Lhls AcL.

"#$$%&'%$%&( #) (*% +,#'%%-.&/0
1) 1he proceedlngs before a 1rlbunal shall commence upon Lhe submlsslon by Lhe Chlef
ÞrosecuLor, or a ÞrosecuLor auLhorlsed by Lhe Chlef ÞrosecuLor ln Lhls behalf, of formal
charges of crlmes alleged Lo have been commlLLed by each of Lhe accused persons.

2) 1he 1rlbunal shall LhereafLer flx a daLe for Lhe Lrlal of such accused person.

3) 1he Chlef ÞrosecuLor shall, aL leasL Lhree weeks before Lhe commencemenL of Lhe Lrlal,
furnlsh Lo Lhe 1rlbunal a llsL of wlLnesses lnLended Lo be produced along wlLh Lhe
recorded sLaLemenL of such wlLnesses or coples Lhereof and coples of documenLs whlch
Lhe prosecuLlon lnLends Lo rely upon ln supporL of such charges.

4) 1he submlsslon of a llsL of wlLnesses and documenLs under sub-secLlon (3) shall noL
preclude Lhe prosecuLlon from calllng, wlLh Lhe permlsslon of Lhe 1rlbunal, addlLlonal
wlLnesses or Lenderlng any furLher evldence aL any sLage of Lhe Lrlal: Þrovlded LhaL
noLlce shall be glven Lo Lhe defence of Lhe addlLlonal wlLnesses lnLended Lo be called or
addlLlonal evldence soughL Lo be Lendered by Lhe prosecuLlon.

3) A llsL of wlLnesses for Lhe defence, lf any, along wlLh Lhe documenLs or coples Lhereof,
whlch Lhe defence lnLends Lo rely upon, shall be furnlshed Lo Lhe 1rlbunal and Lhe
prosecuLlon aL Lhe Llme of Lhe commencemenL of Lhe Lrlal.

+,#'%-3,% #) (,.45
1) 1he followlng procedure shall be followed aL a Lrlal before a 1rlbunal, namely:-

a) Lhe charge shall be read ouL,
b) Lhe 1rlbunal shall ask each accused person wheLher he pleads gullLy or noL-gullLy,

c) lf Lhe accused person pleads gullLy, Lhe 1rlbunal shall record Lhe plea, and may, ln lLs
dlscreLlon, convlcL hlm Lhereon,

d) Lhe prosecuLlon shall make an openlng sLaLemenL,

e) Lhe wlLnesses for Lhe prosecuLlon shall be examlned, Lhe defence may cross-
examlne such wlLnesses and Lhe prosecuLlon may re-examlne Lhem,

f) Lhe wlLnesses for Lhe defence, lf any, shall be examlned, Lhe prosecuLlon may cross-
examlne such wlLnesses and Lhe defence may re-examlne Lhem,

g) Lhe 1rlbunal may, ln lLs dlscreLlon, permlL Lhe parLy whlch calls a wlLness Lo puL any
quesLlon Lo hlm whlch mlghL be puL ln cross-examlnaLlon by Lhe adverse parLy,

h) Lhe 1rlbunal may, ln order Lo dlscover or obLaln proof of relevanL facLs, ask any
wlLness any quesLlon lL pleases, ln any form and aL any Llme abouL any facL, and may
order producLlon of any documenL or Lhlng or summon any wlLness, and nelLher Lhe
prosecuLlon nor Lhe defence shall be enLlLled elLher Lo make any ob[ecLlon Lo any
such quesLlon or order or, wlLhouL Lhe leave of Lhe 1rlbunal, Lo cross-examlne any
wlLness upon any answer glven ln reply Lo any such quesLlon,

l) Lhe prosecuLlon shall flrsL sum up lLs case, and LhereafLer Lhe defence shall sum up
lLs case: Þrovlded LhaL lf any wlLness ls examlned by Lhe defence, Lhe prosecuLlon
shall have Lhe rlghL Lo sum up lLs case afLer Lhe defence has done so,

[) Lhe 1rlbunal shall dellver lLs [udgemenL and pronounce lLs verdlcL.

(2) All proceedlngs before Lhe 1rlbunal shall be ln [8angla or]

(3) Any accused person or wlLness who ls unable Lo express hlmself ln, or does noL
undersLand, Lngllsh may be provlded Lhe asslsLance of an lnLerpreLer.

1he words º8angla or" were lnserLed before Lhe word ºLngllsh" by secLlon 3 of 1he lnLernaLlonal
Crlmes (1rlbunals) (AmendmenL) AcL, 2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009).

(4) 1he proceedlngs of Lhe 1rlbunal shall be ln publlc: Þrovlded LhaL Lhe 1rlbunal may, lf lL
Lhlnks flL, Lake proceedlngs ln camera.

(3) no oaLh shall be admlnlsLered Lo any accused person.

!"#$%& "( )%*+,-./
1) A 1rlbunal shall have power-

a) Lo summon wlLnesses Lo Lhe Lrlal and Lo requlre Lhelr aLLendance and LesLlmony and
Lo puL quesLlons Lo Lhem,

b) Lo admlnlsLer oaLhs Lo wlLnesses,

c) Lo requlre Lhe producLlon of documenL and oLher evldenLlary

d) maLerlal,

e) Lo appolnL persons for carrylng ouL any Lask deslgnaLed by Lhe 1rlbunal.

2) lor Lhe purpose of enabllng any accused person Lo explaln any clrcumsLances appearlng
ln Lhe evldence agalnsL hlm, a 1rlbunal may, aL any sLage of Lhe Lrlal wlLhouL prevlously
warnlng Lhe accused person, puL such quesLlons Lo hlm as Lhe 1rlbunal conslders
necessary: Þrovlded LhaL Lhe accused person shall noL render hlmself llable Lo
punlshmenL by refuslng Lo answer such quesLlons or by glvlng false answers Lo Lhem,
buL Lhe 1rlbunal may draw such lnference from such refusal or answers as lL Lhlnks [usL,

3) A 1rlbunal shall-

a) conflne Lhe Lrlal Lo an expedlLlous hearlng of Lhe lssues ralsed by Lhe charges,

b) Lake measures Lo prevenL any acLlon whlch may cause unreasonable delay, and rule
$%& '(()*)+,-& '..%). ,-/ .&,&)0)-&.1

23 4 5('6%-,* 0,7 8%-'.9 ,-7 8)(.$-: ;9$ $6.&(%<&. $( ,6%.). '&. 8($<).. $( /'.$6)7. ,-7
$= '&. $(/)(. $( /'()<&'$-.: $( /$). ,-7&9'-> ;9'<9 &)-/. &$ 8()?%/'<) &9) <,.) $= , 8,(&7
6)=$() '&: $( &)-/. &$ 6('-> '& $( ,-7 $= '&. 0)06)(. '-&$ 9,&()/ $( <$-&)08&: $( /$).
,-7&9'-> ;9'<9 <$-.&'&%&). <$-&)08& $= &9) 5('6%-,*: ;'&9 .'08*) '08('.$-0)-& ;9'<9
0,7 )@&)-/ &$ $-) 7),(: $( ;'&9 ='-) ;9'<9 0,7 )@&)-/ &$ 5,A, ='+) &9$%.,-/: $( ;'&9

B3 4-7 0)06)( $= , 5('6%-,* .9,** 9,+) 8$;)( &$ /'()<&: $( '..%) , ;,((,-& =$(: &9) ,(().&
$=: ,-/ &$ <$00'& &$ <%.&$/7: ,-/ &$ ,%&9$('.) &9) <$-&'-%)/ /)&)-&'$- '- <%.&$/7 $=:
,-7 8)(.$- <9,(>)/ ;'&9 ,-7 <('0) .8)<'=')/ '- .)<&'$- C1

D3 59) E9,'(0,- $= , 5('6%-,* 0,7 0,A) .%<9 ,/0'-'.&(,&'+) ,((,->)0)-&. ,. 9) <$-.'/)(.
-)<)..,(7 =$( &9) 8)(=$(0,-<) $= &9) =%-<&'$-. $= &9) 5('6%-,* %-/)( &9'. 4<&1

"#$%&'&$( )$# *+)+(,+ ,$-('+.
F9)() ,- ,<<%.)/ 8)(.$- '. -$& ()8().)-&)/ 67 <$%-.)*: &9) 5('6%-,* 0,7: ,& ,-7 .&,>) $=
&9) <,.): /'()<& &9,& , <$%-.)* .9,** 6) )->,>)/ ,& &9) )@8)-.) $= &9) G$+)(-0)-& &$ /)=)-/
&9) ,<<%.)/ 8)(.$- ,-/ 0,7 ,*.$ /)&)(0'-) &9) =)). &$ 6) 8,'/ &$ .%<9 <$%-.)*1

2+'3#&,3&$( $) 4*5$-#(6+(3
H$ &(',* 6)=$() , 5('6%-,* .9,** 6) ,/?$%(-)/ =$( ,-7 8%(8$.) %-*).. &9) 5('6%-,* '. $= &9)
$8'-'$- &9,& &9) ,/?$%(-0)-& '. '- &9) '-&)().& $= ?%.&'<)1

8343+6+(3 $# ,$()+''&$( $) 4,,-'+* 9+#'$('
"3 4-7 I,>'.&(,&) $= &9) ='(.& <*,.. 0,7 ()<$(/ ,-7 .&,&)0)-& $( <$-=)..'$- 0,/) &$ 9'0 67
,- ,<<%.)/ 8)(.$- ,& ,-7 &'0) '- &9) <$%(.) $= '-+).&'>,&'$- $( ,& ,-7 &'0) 6)=$() &9)
<$00)-<)0)-& $= &9) &(',*1

2) 1he MaglsLraLe shall, before recordlng any such confesslon, explaln Lo Lhe accused
person maklng lL LhaL he ls noL bound Lo make a confesslon and LhaL lf he does so lL may
be used as evldence agalnsL hlm and no MaglsLraLe shall record any such confesslon
unless, upon quesLlonlng Lhe accused maklng lL, he has reason Lo belleve LhaL lL was
made volunLarlly.

!"#$%& %( "& "))#%*+#
1) AL any sLage of Lhe Lrlal, a 1rlbunal may wlLh a vlew Lo obLalnlng Lhe evldence of any
person supposed Lo have been dlrecLly or lndlrecLly concerned ln, or prlvy Lo, any of Lhe
crlmes speclfled ln secLlon 3, Lender a pardon Lo such person on condlLlon of hls maklng
a full and Lrue dlsclosure of Lhe whole of Lhe clrcumsLances wlLhln hls knowledge
relaLlve Lo Lhe crlme and Lo every oLher person concerned, wheLher as prlnclpal or
abeLLor, ln Lhe commlsslon Lhereof.

2) Lvery person accepLlng Lhe Lender under Lhls secLlon shall be examlned as a wlLness ln
Lhe Lrlal.

3) Such person shall be deLalned ln cusLody unLll Lhe LermlnaLlon of Lhe Lrlal.

/0"#1+2 +34
1) Lvery charge agalnsL an accused person shall sLaLe-
a) Lhe name and parLlculars of Lhe accused person,

b) Lhe crlme of whlch Lhe accused person ls charged,

c) such parLlculars of Lhe alleged crlme as are reasonably sufflclenL Lo glve Lhe accused
person noLlce of Lhe maLLer wlLh whlch he ls charged.

2) A copy of Lhe formal charge and a copy of each of Lhe documenLs lodged wlLh Lhe formal
charge shall be furnlshed Lo Lhe accused person aL a reasonable Llme before Lhe Lrlal,
and ln case of any dlfflculLy ln furnlshlng coples of Lhe documenLs, reasonable
opporLunlLy for lnspecLlon shall be glven Lo Lhe accused person ln such manner as Lhe
1rlbunal may declde.

"#$%& '( )**+,-. /-0,'1 .+0#1$ &0#)2
1) uurlng Lrlal of an accused person he shall have Lhe rlghL Lo glve any explanaLlon relevanL
Lo Lhe charge made agalnsL hlm.

2) An accused person shall have Lhe rlghL Lo conducL hls own defence before Lhe 1rlbunal
or Lo have Lhe asslsLance of counsel.

3) An accused person shall have Lhe rlghL Lo presenL evldence aL Lhe Lrlal ln supporL of hls
defence, and Lo cross-examlne any wlLness called by Lhe prosecuLlon.

6' -7*+,- (0'8 )1,9-0#1$ )1: ;+-,&#'1
A wlLness shall noL be excused from answerlng any quesLlon puL Lo hlm on Lhe ground LhaL
Lhe answer Lo such quesLlon wlll crlmlnaLe or may Lend dlrecLly or lndlrecLly Lo crlmlnaLe
such wlLness, or LhaL lL wlll expose or Lend dlrecLly or lndlrecLly Lo expose such wlLness Lo a
penalLy or forfelLure of any klnd: Þrovlded LhaL no such answer whlch a wlLness shall be
compelled Lo glve shall sub[ecL hlm Lo any arresL or prosecuLlon or be proved agalnsL hlm ln
any crlmlnal proceedlng, excepL a prosecuLlon for glvlng false evldence.

"+2-, '( -=#.-1*-
1) A 1rlbunal shall noL be bound by Lechnlcal rules of evldence, and lL shall adopL and apply
Lo Lhe greaLesL posslble exLenL expedlLlous and non-Lechnlcal procedure, and may admlL
any evldence, lncludlng reporLs and phoLographs publlshed ln newspapers, perlodlcals
and magazlnes, fllms and Lape recordlngs and oLher maLerlals as may be Lendered
before lL, whlch lL deems Lo have probaLlve value.

2) A 1rlbunal may recelve ln evldence any sLaLemenL recorded by a MaglsLraLe or an
lnvesLlgaLlon Cfflcer belng a sLaLemenL made by any person who, aL Lhe Llme of Lhe Lrlal,
ls dead or whose aLLendance cannoL be procured wlLhouL an amounL of delay or
expense whlch Lhe 1rlbunal conslders unreasonable.

3) A 1rlbunal shall noL requlre proof of facLs of common knowledge buL shall Lake [udlclal
noLlce Lhereof.

4) A 1rlbunal shall Lake [udlclal noLlce of offlclal governmenLal documenLs and reporLs of
Lhe unlLed naLlons and lLs subsldlary agencles or oLher lnLernaLlonal bodles lncludlng
nongovernmenLal organlsaLlons.

"#$%&'() *($ +'()'(,'
1) 1he !udgmenL of a 1rlbunal as Lo Lhe gullL or Lhe lnnocence of any accused person shall
glve Lhe reasons on whlch lL ls based: Þrovlded LhaL each member of Lhe 1rlbunal shall
be compeLenL Lo dellver a [udgmenL of hls own.

2) upon convlcLlon of an accused person, Lhe 1rlbunal shall award senLence of deaLh or
such oLher punlshmenL proporLlonaLe Lo Lhe gravlLy of Lhe crlme as appears Lo Lhe
1rlbunal Lo be [usL and proper.

3) 1he senLence awarded under Lhls AcL shall be carrled ouL ln accordance wlLh Lhe orders
of Lhe CovernmenL.

01%2) 34 *55'*6
1) [A person convlcLed of any crlme speclfled ln secLlon 3 and senLenced by a 1rlbunal shall
have Lhe rlghL of appeal Lo Lhe AppellaLe ulvlslon of Lhe Supreme CourL of 8angladesh
agalnsL such convlcLlon and senLence.

2) 1he CovernmenL shall have Lhe rlghL of appeal Lo Lhe AppellaLe ulvlslon of Lhe Supreme
CourL of 8angladesh agalnsL an order of acqulLLal.

3) An appeal under sub-secLlon (1) or (2) shall be preferred wlLhln slxLy days of Lhe daLe of
order of convlcLlon and senLence or acqulLLal.]

"#$%& '( )*'+%,#*%
Sub[ecL Lo Lhe provlslon of Lhls AcL, a 1rlbunal may regulaLe lLs own procedure.

/%*0123 $14& 3'0 0' 1))$5
1he provlslons of Lhe Crlmlnal Þrocedure Code, 1898 (v of 1898), and Lhe Lvldence AcL, 1872
(l of 1872), shall noL apply ln any proceedlngs under Lhls AcL.

71* '( 8#*2&,2+02'3
no order, [udgmenL or senLence of a 1rlbunal shall be called ln quesLlon ln any manner
whaLsoever ln or before any CourL or oLher auLhorlLy ln any legal proceedlngs whaLsoever
excepL ln Lhe manner provlded ln secLlon 21.

no sulL, prosecuLlon or oLher legal proceedlng shall lle agalnsL Lhe CovernmenL or any
person for anyLhlng, ln good falLh, done or purporLlng Lo have been done under Lhls AcL.

SecLlon 21 was subsLlLuLed for secLlon 21 by secLlon 6 of 1he lnLernaLlonal Crlmes (1rlbunals)
(AmendmenL) AcL, 2009 (AcL no. Lv of 2009).
Þrov|s|ons of the Act over-r|d|ng a|| other |aws
$%& '()*+,+)-, ). /%+, 01/ ,%233 %2*& &..&1/ -)/4+/%,/2-5+-6 2-7/%+-6 +-1)-,+,/&-/ /%&(&4+/%
1)-/2+-&5 +- 2-7 )/%&( 324 .)( /%& /+8& 9&+-6 +- .)(1&:

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