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lack of steady source of grid electricity due to limited generation or due to unavailability of transmission infrastructure causes severe hardship to people especially in rural areas.Introduction Electricity is the most basic and essential requirement in sustaining and improving the quality of life. Uninterrupted supply of electricity upon demand (for households. Surya Gruha™ SPV kit for electrification of rural home offered by Solar Semiconductor provides an off-grid. reliable solution. The Solar PV Kit does not incur any fuel costs. which drives rural household energy ❉ One TV/Radio needs. minimal operating and maintenance costs: o Since the fuel source is the Sun. While the national and state governments in India have taken several steps in the past to address this issue. A typical Surya Gruha™ SPV kit system can provide electricity for the following load. communities in urban or rural areas. Approximately 10 crore rural families rely on kerosene for lighting in India. commercial establishments and industries). The Surya Gruha™ SPV Kit advantages: ❉ No fuel cost. ❉ Battery back-up when sunlight is not available ❉ Easy installation Surya Gruha™ SPV Kit Performance Solar Semiconductor’s Surya Gruha™ SPV kit systems are designed for reliable power supply in remote and rural areas where grid electricity is either not available or not reliable. long term (over 25 years). O&M and replacement costs are also minimal. for offices. is the most basic of requirements to ensure improvement in the quality of life and productivity. there is an inexhaustible source of clean energy over the life of the SPV system o Highly reliable system with no moving parts and modules have a life of over 25 years ❉ Galvanized Mounting Structure for durability ❉ Does not require investment in grid infrastructure development . ❉ One Fan ❉ 5 CFLs Energy of the Sun is used to generate clean electricity.

Solar Semiconductor currently has a 195 MW manufacturing capacity and various Systems Integration projects around the world. Market segments addressed include utilities. Solar Semiconductor’s reputation for quality is backed by various certifications it has received from premier international testing organizations including TUV & UL. It is a vertically integrated full service Systems provider. India with offices in USA and Dubai. The charged battery provides electricity when sunlight is not available. fuses and related components ❉ Other kits may be configured based on load requirements About Solar Semiconductor Solar Semiconductor is a pioneer in offering innovative solutions that leverage Sun’s energy to address various demands of electricity. Applications Applications where Surya Gruha™ SPV kit systems are deployed ❉ Rural Households How does Solar PV system operate? The solar panels that are part of Surya Gruha™ SPV Kit system convert sunlight into electricity. US and Europe. which also manufactures its own PV modules and cells. Solar Semiconductor has manufacturing operations in Hyderabad. . products and services to worldwide markets including India. The charge controller conditions the incoming current and directs it to charge the battery or the load through the inverter (DC to AC converter). switches. residential as well as various specialized applications such as Solar Pumps and Solar Lights. as required. A typical solar panel produces DC current when sunlight is incident on it. commercial. Over 900 employees contribute to the success of Solar Semiconductor. Solar Semiconductor is an international organization that offers Photovoltaic (PV) solutions.❉ Optimized to support a pump when required ❉ Offers battery backup for night time use Surya Gruha™ SPV kit comprises the following components ❉ Solar PV Modules ❉ Charge controller ❉ Inverter ❉ Battery Bank ❉ Cables. government.

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