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ABB Power Transmission and Distribution in North America
Merrill Lynch, June 15, 2006

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This presentation includes forward-looking information and statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ. These statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about global economic conditions, the economic conditions of the regions and industries that are major markets for ABB Ltd and ABB Ltd’s lines of business. These expectations, estimates and projections are generally identifiable by statements containing words such as “expects,” “believes,” “estimates” or similar expressions. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expectations include, among others, economic and market conditions in the geographic areas and industries that are major markets for ABB’s businesses, market acceptance of new products and services, changes in governmental regulations, interest rates, and fluctuation in currency exchange rates. Although ABB Ltd believes that its expectations reflected in any such forward looking statement are based upon reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that those expectations will be achieved.
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Power Delivery Infrastructure Power Generation -.hydro -.wind Power transformers Overhead lines FACTS Communications Energy Markets WAMS Network Management HVDC converter stations Reactive power control Cable HVDC Transmission substations High voltage switchgear Gas Insulated Substations Commercial Facilities Distribution Management Manufacturing Plants Distribution substations © ABB Group .thermal -.3 22-Jun-06 Broadest offering in the industry .

OEMs and product distributors 2005: Revenues $6. service Main customers: Utilities.1bn. EBIT margin 4.4 bn Power Systems $4.Power technologies today Power Products $6.6% Employees: 13.4 22-Jun-06 Turnkey substations. distribution and power transformers Main customers: Utilities. EBIT margin 9. industries. EPCs.500 © ABB Group . grid systems. industries and EPCs 2005: Revenues $4. power plant control systems.4% Employees: 27.1 bn HV Products MV Products Transformers Grid Systems Substations Management Network Power Generation High-voltage and medium-voltage products. network management systems.000 .4bn.

engineering and service centers In more than 70 countries Our markets Electric. engineering and service centers . gas and water utilities Industrial and commercial customers Channel partners North America presence © ABB Group . 1 in Power Technology Power Products Power Systems Service Global presence 41.300 employees ~45 focused factories.World’s No.5 22-Jun-06 5.000 employees ~150 focused factories.

6 22-Jun-06 EBIT includes $17 million for transformer consolidation program Higher cash flow from operations driven by higher earnings and customer advances .379 125 9.Q1 2006 summary – Power Products $ millions unless otherwise stated Q1 06 2.1% (48) Change Nominal Local Orders Revenues EBIT EBIT margin Cash flow from operations 29% 8% 37% 34% 12% Orders up in all regions Europe: Strengthen electricity grids and improve inter-connections U.488 171 11.S.804 1.335 1.: Refurbish aging infrastructure Asia: Continued economic growth in China Revenues higher in all businesses Strong EBIT increase on revenue growth. productivity increases and supply chain savings © ABB Group .5% 61 Q1 05 1.

4% (14) Change Nominal Local Orders Revenues EBIT EBIT margin Cash flow from operations 34% 14% 23% 41% 20% © ABB Group .7% 4 Q1 05 974 886 39 4.7 22-Jun-06 Orders up across all regions. large orders more than doubled Revenues up on execution of major projects in the order backlog EBIT and EBIT margin improvements driven by higher revenues.Q1 2006 summary – Power Systems $ millions unless otherwise stated Q1 06 1.306 1.012 48 4. greater capacity utilization and improved project execution Cash flow from operations reflected higher earnings and the timing of project payments .

Waukesha. locals Siemens. 1. privatization. asset management Utilities. or 3 in all areas © ABB Group . 2. power generators Market drivers Deregulation. asset utilization. private grid operators. customer outsourcing Systems Deregulation. industrial growth.PT Products Service Aging infrastructure. Areva T&D. GE No. 1. industrial and commercial businesses Siemens. Areva T&D. grid policy Utilities. reliability. reliability. 2. GE No.8 22-Jun-06 Growth area . or 3 in all areas Customer base Competitors Market position Utilities. aging infrastructure. large industrial businesses GE. Cooper.North America market overview . transmission grid policy. Energy Bill.

Energy Policy Act of 2005 The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was signed by the President on August 8. 2005 Focus now shifts to the agencies responsible for implementing the legislation Studies. and rulemaking will begin by FERC and other agencies Titles and provisions include: Electricity Alternative & Renewable Fuels Natural Gas Climate Change Nuclear Power Hydropower Energy research incentives for innovative technologies Tax Incentives © ABB Group . analysis reports.9 22-Jun-06 .

© ABB Group .10 22-Jun-06 Source: EEI 2005 .Customers’ Perspective The 2005 Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Survey of Transmission Investment conducted with 55 investor-owned utilities indicates the industry is investing at significantly higher levels than in the past 30 years.

. asset management tools. and substation automation has high potential for growth. Short Term – Minimal transmission investment Customers expect state resistance to federal oversight which may delay implementation of the electricity title provisions. Expect increase in power system studies and consulting services. © ABB Group . Reliability standards development and enforcement by a federal electric reliability organization (ERO) will take up to two years to implement. Advanced transmission technologies potential due to tax incentives.11 22-Jun-06 Increase in service business to maintain and upgrade aging substations due to mandatory reliability standards. Long Term – Significantly increased transmission investment Faster line siting procedures for federal and cross-state lands.ABB Impact Immediate Leverage ABB expertise to advise government agencies and utilities. Rules for tax benefits and accelerated depreciation on new transmission assets will take up to 12 months to be established. Real-time information systems.

High fuel prices drove further demand in the Middle East. Oil & gas and metals & minerals sectors expected to remain robust Utilities Industries EPCs / System Integrators Middle East seen as major growth driver OEMs.Market outlook for the rest of 2006 Customer segment Continued investment in power T&D infrastructure expected in most regions. led by Asia and Americas.12 22-Jun-06 . Growth mainly due to continuing high energy demand in emerging markets. Distributors and Wholesalers Expected to continue following overall GDP trends © ABB Group .

2 bn) Oil and gas sector expected to drive demand for power transmission.3 bn) Continued strong government commitment to power infrastructure Prospect of the world’s most modern power grid India (market size: $1. distribution Rest of world (market size: $4.7 bn) Latin America and Asia excl.Macro trends for 2006 and beyond North America (market size: $10 bn) Aged infrastructure needs to be refurbished Reliability concerns trigger T&D investments Europe (market size: $11.13 22-Jun-06 . China and India Market size figures as of 2004 © ABB Group .4 bn) Rural electricity delivery seen lifting demand for power distribution products and systems Middle East/Africa (market size: $8.4 bn) Need for interconnections and power grid upgrades in new and potentially future EU member states China (market size: $10.


transforming. western Europe Distributors OEMs 8% 9% Utilities EPC 13% 13% 47% ABB other divisions 10% Industries © ABB Group .15 22-Jun-06 Expressed as percentage of 2005 revenues . measuring.0% Target 2005-09 > 6%* > 11% Key applications Switching.882 6. product service World market: $31 bn Avg. market growth (05-09): 3-4% $ millions 2005 6. reinforcement of grids in emerging markets Service and replacement demand in N. industrial electrification. ** Non-order and order-related R&D Key market drivers Further enlargement. America. protecting. and automating in power transmission & distribution. power and distribution transformers. power generation systems Orders Revenues EBIT EBIT margin Cash flow from ops R&D as % of revenues** * Compound annual growth rate.4% 582 3.Power Products overview Key products High.308 596 9.and medium-voltage products.

16 22-Jun-06 230 Q1 05 Q1 06 Q1 05 Q1 06 + 17% local currency + 55% local currency . Europe driven by Russia Americas Growth driven by US and Brazil 408 597 Q1 05 Q1 06 Q1 05 Q1 06 + 41% local currency + 43% local currency Asia Middle East & Africa 608 693 Growth driven by China Increase in both large and base orders 156 © ABB Group . Europe.Q1 regional order development – Power Products Orders by region in $ million Europe 632 815 Significant growth in W. led by Germany and Switzerland Growth in E.

17 22-Jun-06 N.. partly due to factory closures linked to the transformer consolidation program .5 billion + 12% local currency © ABB Group . significant increase in S. America.Q1 revenues by region – Power Products Percentage of total divisional revenues by region (nominal) Q1 2005 Middle East & Africa 10% 35% Q1 2006 Middle East & Africa Europe 8% Europe 33% Asia 30% Asia 30% 25% 29% Americas Americas Total: $1. led by Brazil Revenue share from Asia continued to increase.S. led by China and India Revenues in Europe were flat.4 billion Total: $1. America growth driven by U.

18 22-Jun-06 .Q1 demand by customer segment – Power Products Customer segment Utilities Continued investment in infrastructure. highvoltage substation orders continued in Middle East Oil & gas and metals & minerals were the strongest sectors in the quarter EPC projects continued strong in Middle East linked to oil & gas Underlying GDP development continues to be the key driver Industries EPCs/System integrators OEMs. integration of networks and refurbishment of aging components. Distributors and Wholesalers © ABB Group .

Power Systems overview Key offering Grid systems (HVDC.4% Target 2005-09 > 5%* > 6% Orders Revenues EBIT EBIT margin Cash flow from ops R&D as % of revenues** * Compound average growth rate **Non-order and order related R&D Key market drivers GDP growth in emerging markets Record-high fuel prices Aging infrastructure Reliability concerns © ABB Group . Semiconductors) Network management and utility communications Electrical and control systems for power plants Substation automation and complete turnkey substations and services World market: $25 bn Avg. HVDC Light®. HV Cables.085 187 4.19 22-Jun-06 Industries 14% EPC 16% Utilities 70% Environmental requirements and integration of renewables Deregulation * Expressed as percentage of 2005 revenues .468 4. market growth* 05-09: ~8% $ millions 2005 4.6% 122 3. FACTS.

20 22-Jun-06 236 Continued strong growth in China and India 264 367 Q1 05 Q1 06 Q1 05 Q1 06 + 71% local currency + 44% local currency .and large orders in Western Europe Single digit growth in Central and Eastern Europe Significant growth in the US. large substation order in California Growth in South America led by Venezuela 457 112 180 Q1 05 Q1 06 Q1 05 Q1 06 + 25% local currency + 55% local currency Asia Middle East & Africa Continued strong demand.Q1 regional order development – Power Systems Orders by region in US$ million Europe 523 Americas Double digit growth of base. growth led by large projects 141 © ABB Group .

0 billion + 20% local currency © ABB Group .21 22-Jun-06 Regional pattern in individual quarters influenced by projects execution Asia growth driven by the execution of major projects.9 billion Total: $1. mainly Brazil .Q1 revenues by region – Power Systems Percentage of total divisional revenues by region (nominal) Q1 2005 Middle East & Africa 26% 41% Q1 2006 Middle East & Africa Europe 20% 34% Europe Asia 19% 14% Asia 29% 17% Americas Americas Total: $0. particularly in China Growth in Europe led by Central and Eastern Europe Americas growth driven by South America.

Strong growth in oil & gas and metals & minerals led by Middle East.22 22-Jun-06 .Q1 demand by customer segment Customer segment Utilities Industries EPCs Growth mainly due to continuing high energy demand in emerging markets. Growth in Western Europe and North America due to aging infrastructure. High fuel prices drove further demand in the Middle East. Strong growth due to demand in Middle East and Asia Pacific. © ABB Group .