The REAL Trial of Hamlet Garcia

(Sacrificing Justice for His Family & Freedom) On January 28, 2014, I sat and watched what I will call a scene from a 1950’s courtroom ( efore the ci!il ri"hts mo!ement#$ I watched a system wor% etter for class, &ri!ile"ed s%in and adults then for a child’s academic needs$ I watched with tears in my eyes, a itter' sweet !ictory unfold for (r$ and (rs$ )amlet *arcia arrested and con!icted for %inder"arten education theft$ First the s!eet "ictory + the *arcia’s will no lon"er face u& to se!en years in ,ail for stealin" two months (ei"ht wee%s# worth of a -inder"arten .ducation for their dau"hter who was fi!e years old at the time of their arrest for education theft$ Instead a com&romise was a"reed u&on etween the &rosecutin" /istrict 0ttorneys of (ont"omery 1ounty and the *arcia2s le"al defense team of the 1orona 3aw firm of (iami 4lorida$ 5he com&romise6 )amlet *arcia and his father'in law must &ay a 7100$00 fine and 710,800$00 (ten thousand se!en hundred# in restitution to the (ont"omery 1ounty in 90 days &lus 7900 for the county to :;O<.1=5. them> (e!en thou"h the cost for 2 months of education is a out three +four thousand dollars (7?,000'74,000#$ (rs$ Olecia *arcia char"es were com&letely dro&&ed$ <econdly, what ma%es this a #itter "ictory is O@. 4015 + 5he *arcia’s ha!e 03A0B< a"reed since 2012 to &ay the school tuition for their dau"hter to <50B in the

school ' a fact the /istrict 0ttorney so easily chose to omit in his statements to the J=/*.> :lease, for those who care a out ,ustice and safe and "reat schools for 033 %ids ;.0/ the attached &etition from 2012 in which the *arcia’s ha!e always offered to &ay the school tuition ut it is sadly clear, the &rosecution refused the tuition ecause they wanted to send a messa"e to all minority &arents ' <50B I@ BO=; OA@ @.I*)CO;)OO/<> Bour %ids don’t deser!e a safe and "reat education li%e those in more affluent areas> htt&6DDwww$chan"e$or"D&etitionsD&lease'dro&'criminal'char"es' a"ainst'"arcia's'for'%inder"arten'education'theft I sat in a court room in a daEe ecause the /istrict 0ttorney literally !rote the *=I35B &lea statement for (r$ )amlet *arcia$ )amlet was forced, throu"h fear of continued un,ust &rosecution, to &u licly read it for the record + after all his family’s 4;../O( literally de&ended on it$ 1an you ima"ine ein" forced to admit to an Falle"ed crimeG you did not commit or 401. ,ail> Ahat a choice>> Aelcome to Jim $ro! 3aws of 2014 on January 28, 2014 in (ont"omery 1ounty 1ourtroom . in :ennsyl!ania F5he Jim $ro! la!s were racial se"re"ation laws enacted etween 1889 and 1995 in the =nited <tates at the state and local le!elH 5he se&aration in &ractice led to conditions for 0frican 0mericans that tended to e inferior to those &ro!ided for white 0mericans, systematiEin" a num er of economic, educational and social disad!anta"esG htt&6DDen$wi%i&edia$or"Dwi%iDJimI1rowIlaws In closin", I as% what you would do if you were char"ed with ./=105IO@ theft$ Aould you &lead "uilty, for a lesser offense, for somethin" you did not do O; face se!en years in ,ail and your child &ossi ly "oin" into the foster care systemJ It is clear that we still ha!e laws, in 2014, which deny our children access to safe and Kuality educational o&&ortunities$ 5he time is @OA to fi"ht for school choice ecause all children deser!e access to safe and Kuality schools no matter their race, nei"h orhoodDEi&'code or income le!el$ F@eLt in im&ortance to freedom and ,ustice is &o&ular education, without which neither freedom nor ,ustice can e &ermanently maintained$G James A% Garfield

G!en Samuel

$onnecticut &om