Making of the Modern World 14 – Revolution, Industry, and Empire Instructor: rof!

"eidi #eller$%app Winter &'14 (ourse )ylla*us
Class Time and Location: TTH 3:30-4:50pm Class Website: MMW P o! am "ebsite: http://"/cou ses/mm"$4.html %mail: h&elle lapp' Telephone: ()5)* )++-++)3 ,--ice Hou s: Tuesda.s/ $-3:00pm/ MMW P o! am ,--ice (ourse +vervie, 0u in! this 1ua te / "e add ess the 2mode n3 in the ma&in! o- the mode n "o ld. 0u in! the 4lon! nineteenth centu .4 ($550-$600*/ %u opeans p omoted 4the West4 and its ideals as the dominant model o- political/ social/ and cultu al p o! ess -o all the "o ld. 7n the -i st pa t o- this cou se/ "e "ill stud. the ideals o- moderni-ation -- includin! human rights, civil society, democracy, free$market capitalism, nationalism, industriali-ation, and imperialism 8 as the. de#eloped in the West! 9e:t/ "e "ill conside the con#e !ence o- ideals and local conte:ts that esulted in e#olutions othou!ht/ !o#e nance/ labo / cultu e/ science/ and human beha#io / -i st in the ;tlantic/ and late in othe e!ions o- the "o ld. We "ill e:amine this na ati#e o- Weste n mode ni<ation as a !lobal e:po t that othe e!ions o- the "o ld adopted/ ne!otiated/ o esisted. 7n the end/ "e "ill e:amine challenges to and inherent problems with the na ati#e o- the mode n West b. the be!innin! o- the t"entieth centu .. Re.uired /e0ts and Materials (a#ailable at =C>0 ?oo&sto e unless othe "ise indicated* $. @e . ?entle. and He be t Aie!le . Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. 4th ed. Bol. 77: $500-P esent. McC a"-Hill/ +00). 7>?9: 0055556++3. +. Da l Ma : and E ede ic& %n!els. The Communist Manifesto. 9e" Fo &: 7nte national Publishe s/ $64)G +00$. 7>?9: 0-5$5)0+4$-) 3. 9a&ae Chomin. Discourse b Three Drun!ards on Government. ?oston: Weathe hill Publishe s/ $6)4G -i-th p intin!/ +00H. 7>?9: 0-)34)-0$6+-+. 4. Clai e 0e 0u as/ "uri!a. T ans. @ohn Eo"les. 9e" Fo &: The Mode n Lan!ua!e ;ssociation/ $664. 7>?9:0-)535+5)0-$. 5. ;nd ea Luns-o d/ Eas #riter. 4th ed. ?oston: ?ed-o d/>t. Ma tinIs/ +0$0. H. Cou se Jeade : ;#ailable -o pu chase - om =ni#e sit. Jeade s: ()00* +00-360). , de on-line at: http://""".uni#e sit. eade 5. W itin! assi!nment handouts "ill be posted on the MMW Website and the cou se Ted Website. (ourse Re.uirements Fou must satis-. all cou se e1ui ements belo" in o de to pass the cou 0iscussion >ection C ade $0K Lui<<es and Pa ticipation C ades 3K* W itin! ;ssi!nment 35K Jesea ch Luestion (5K* P ospectus ($0K*/ Jou!h 0 a-t (5K* Einal Pape ($5K* Einal %:am +5K se. 30K ($0 1ui</pa ticipation assessments :

Wee& 3 Wee& 5 Wee& ) Wee& $0

Fou a e e1ui ed to complete assi!ned eadin!s -o the da. o- lectu e so that .ou a e p epa ed to unde stand the points made in lectu eG -u the mo e/ .ou a e e:pected to come to section p epa ed to discuss assi!ned te:ts and issues elated to the "ee&Ms eadin!s and lectu e. The p ima . pu pose o- section is not lectu e/ 1ui< o e:am e#ie"/ but deepe


the T. o..ou to &eep . to discuss .u -inal e:am is scheduled -o Tuesda. medical issues o death in the -amil.ou "o &.E -o the e:am that "ill be -acto ed into ./ Ma ch $)/ 3:00-H:00pm.. ?. To set up a Ted account -o the -i st time/ !o to: http://i"dc.* plus (at least* one ! een pa ticipation 1uestion (at $K pe da. 7n-class assessments "ill eplace a midte m e:am in this class. (ourse .uestions4 and (lass articipation 3green .shtml In$(lass 1ssessments: Reading 2ui--es 3red . "ill be !i#en onl.ou -ocus on learning and imp o#ement mo e than on ! ades o a pa ticula dispute.n. 7. 7./ "ith e#idence/ the e o that .ou ecei#ed this ! ade/ and b* . aids/ and lin&s to impo tant assi!nment in-o mation.ou T. 1uestions p esented "ith each lectu e/ .e1uent.ou unde stand it/ o. !uide. 1uestions posted on Ted -o each cou se lectu eG the e-o e/ 7 "ill most li&el. to account -o e o and special ci cumstances: student/inst ucto e o / mechanical e o / lost clic&e s/ e:cused/une:cused absences/ late adds to the class/ eme !enciesG etc. cannot be sepa ated.othe students a-te class. 8anuary 19! This class encou a!es/ assesses/ and e"a ds on-!oin!/ in-class en!a!ement "ith cou se mate ial.! this is that the lo"est -i#e ! ades "ill d opped*.s a e e:pe ienced and dedicated schola s and inst ucto s/ se ious ! ade disputes a e in. Ma&e an appointment "ith me to discuss the situation and submit to me in writing/ p io to ou meetin!/ a petition -o a ! ade e#ie" "ith the -ollo"in! in-o mation: a* a complete account/ as . Jed eadin! 1uestions e1ui e i!ht ans"e sG ! een pa ticipation 1uestions e1ui e pa ticipation in all ed and ! een 1uestions as&ed that least th ee iclic!er 1uestions elated to that lectu eIs cou se eadin!s: t"o ed eadin! 1ui< 1uestions (at +K pe 1ui< da. p io pe mission . 0ue to technolo!. ma&e them. These con#e sations a e best held in o--ice hou s/ not in . Eo mo e on the " itin! assi!nments/ see the p ompts -o each assi!nment in the W itin! . d oppin! .ou T./ eme !enc. >ection attendance is e1ui ed/ the e-o e/ . .ont o. Writing 1ssignment Th ee " itin! assi!nments a e e1ui ed to pass the cou se. e:ception to the ma&e-up -inal e:am polic.Is e:pectations/ and "h.ou s does not/ p oceed to >tep 3. )tudy <uide ..ou can li#e "ith. Th ee absences (e:cused o une:cused* esult in a ! ade o.. %ach assessment "ill consist o. +. in the case oan une:pected/ #alid/ documented e:tenuatin! ci cumstance (e. The e:planation !i#en o-ten esol#es the p The cou se "ebsite ma. Ma&e an appointment "ith .s t.ou can ans"e the stud. >hould such an issue a ise/ he e is the p otocol to -ollo" in appealin! an assi!ned ! ade: $.e*site – http://ted.G the. $ote: $either unhappiness with a grade 2 . contain assi!nments/ on-line eadin!s/ e:am p ep 1uestions/ stud. made in assi!nin! the ! ade. %:am 1uestions "ill be based on stud. Chec& the "ebsite e!ula l. limitations/ all assessments ( ed and ! een* must be eco ded to!ethe on one da.ou cou se ! ade (anothe "a.* and/o onl. Re$<rading olicy >ince MMW T. 0iscussions "ith T.ou cannot ma&e the scheduled -inal e:am/ . With this ad#anced notice/ please ma&e su e that .ou "ill be p epa ed -o the e:am. Humans do/ ho"e#e / ma&e mista&es.ou "o & ecei#ed the ! ade that it did. Ei-teen ($5* in-lectu e iclic!er assessments "ill be !i#en acco din! to the schedule belo"G the best ten assessments "ill count -o 30K o. add essin! "he e and ho" an e o "as made in ! adin! .ou T.s a e happ. 7n !ene al/ 7 encou a!e . to -i: mista&es i.uestions4 – 1' iclicker assessments 0 56 per assessment 7 5'64! i(lickers must *e registered to /ed *y Wednesday.ssi!nment -olde o.ou cou se Ted site o the MMW Website o on the MMW Website.ou cou se ! the p o-esso .E -o sectionG mo e than th ee absences esult in a ! ade o. esol#e most p oblems/ because T. Fou must be able to demonst ate to .the. :inal E0am . not p o#ide a -inal e:am stud.E -o the cou se. . b.G the e-o e/ no make$up clic&e assessments "ill be o--e e#idence-based a !ument speci-icall.ou lo"est 5 ! ades/ 7 ha#e built in -le:ibilit.!.ou "o &/ .ou can demonst ate that . Ta&e time to ead all comments on an assi!nment o e:am.. has made an e o in ! adin!/ p oceed to >tep +.Is e:planation o.ucsd.ou "ill ha#e to ta&e a ! ade o.ou T. 7.ou ! ade "ill be educed -o each une:cused absence.lte nate o ma&e-up -inal e:ams "ill not be o--e ed in this cou se.en!a!ement "ith cou se mate ial and academic s&ills.picall.ou ha#e a -inal e:am schedule that .ou T. . 7. .*."

7.le >heet.s in ad#ance is necessa .>chola ship (http://senate.ou ha#e an. mo nin! and be-o e lea#in! campus in the e#enin!*/ and a el.the e a e an.a Jobe ts/ the .!ain/ most such disputes a e 1uic&l.. included in the MMW >t. chec& email t"ice pe $3-step p ocess . Luns-o d/ Eas #riter% $+ -$) 3 .E. and/o me to discuss the matte . send impo tant cou se announcements #ia email usin! . Fou should -amilia i<e . Eo additional in-o mation/ contact the .communications. the ./ o ho" to e#aluate sou ces -o 1ualit. mo#e be.>u #i#in! a Jesea ch Pape : . on 7nte! it.--ice/ in ad#ance so that accommodations ma. b ie.>ee topic e:plo ation in . be noted on .nor feeling that the grade does not reflect the effort put into the wor! is evidence of grading error.ou esponsibilities and i!hts unde the =C>0 Polic.Jesea ch Luestion Wo &sheet (due Wee& 3* .othe s p ope l. -o app op iate plannin! -o the p o#ision o. lette s to those "ho sit behind . ?e su e that . -o e1uests. Cente +0+ behind Cente Hall. and pla!ia ism. =n-o tunatel. second o--ense "ill !ene all.ou academic eco d. ules conce nin! academic inte! it.n.>0 Liaison in the MMW . (in the ea l. 7 ha#e lea ned that constantl. . o.. -o schedulin! appointments and othe #e . .ond. inst uctionG the e-o e/ 7 "ould much athe meet "ith . !ames/ and in othe "a.ou sel. %mail communication can also be #e . students "ish to b in! laptops o othe elect onic de#ices to class to ta&e notes and consult eadin!s as "e a e discussin! them. "ill -ail the enti e cou se and the p o-esso "ill initiate a cha !e o.ccommodation (.Le#els o.uette the uni#e sit.le >heet . (ourse )chedule WEE# 1 Writing 1ssignment: To p epa e -o the Jesea ch Luestion assi!nment/ consult the -ollo"in! handouts on the MMW Website: . be a an!ed p io to eli!ibilit..utho i<ation -o . and ho" to a#oid it/ please tal& to . impe sonal and ine--ecti#e -o 1ualit.Jesea ch Luestion C adin! Jub ic ."ith .C ite ia -o %#aluatin! Web Pa!es .ou T.* lette issued b.easonable accommodations. attention in lectu e/ please do not come to class o sit in the bac& o" "he e ./ the e-o e/ 7 onl.* and to Bila. +ffice for )tudent .E. .ucsd. Please use email onl. student -ound to ha#e committed a substantial #iolation o.ith ?isa*ilities >tudents e1uestin! accommodations and se #ices -o this cou se due to a disabilit.>0 .ou in pe son du in! o--ice hou s o be-o e/a-te class. (omputer=>ote*ook=)mart hone Eti.cademic Liaisons also need to ecei#e cu ent .P ompt: Jesea ch Luestion .W itin! . Jeceipt o.s in "o &in! o de G 7 am not esponsible -o announcements that a e eNected due to a -ull mailbo:. ./ such p actices a e also dist actin! to the p o-esso and to othe students/ especiall.ou esponsibilit. 1cademic Integrity: 7t is . esol#ed "ith >teps $ and + and a el.E./ 7 ma. must p o#ide a cu ent . to &no" and obse #e all o. Ho"e#e / some students abuse the Wi-Ei capabilities in the class oom to chec& email/ b o"se the Web/ pla.>0 Website: http://disabilities.. (please ma&e a an!ements to contact me p i#atel.--ice -o >tudents "ith 0isabilities (.ssi!nment . 1uestions about "hat constitutes pla!ia ism/ ho" to c edit the "o & o.>0* "hich is located in =ni#e sit. chec&in! incomin! emails can eall. and eliabilit. 7. E$mail Pe iodicall. chan!es to accommodations.the =C>0 ules conce nin! academic inte! it.--ice -o >tudents "ith 0isabilities: )5)-53443)+ o email: osd'ucsd. in the e#enin!s o on "ee&ends. eas List . esult in suspension o pe manent e:pulsion .Model Jesea ch Luestion Wo &sheet . Wo &sheet . >tudents a e e1ui ed to p esent thei .ou o--icial =C>0 email add ess.s dist act themsel#es "hile in lectu e. !uabilit.ucsd. .ou "ill not dist act othe s.E.ou.. lette s i.academic misconduct that! Web Pa!es handout .pd-* and MMW policies !o#e nin! academic inte! it.ou do not intend to pa.ou account is al"a.MMW >t.Jesea ch . " ec& p oducti#it.the uni#e sit.#e #ie" .

@1 &entle : pp.@& &entle : Je#ie" Chap. 50$-5$+ 'eader: Ma &s/ 4Jise o. 6 (Th* 1!1 (ourse Introduction=Rise of the West 1!& Rise of the West=Empire. $3/ $4 (pp.P ospectus C adin! Jub ic .me ican 0ecla ation o..P ospectus C adin! Chec&list . +3 (Th* WEE# 4 @an. Luns-o d/ Eas #riter% $5-+0G +5-3)G $5H-$6+ . H++-H+3 'eader: Loc&e/ *econd Treatise on Government/ Chap. +)/ pp. Luns-o d/ Eas #riter% $65-+04. consult the -ollo"in! handouts posted on the cou se "ebsite: . 50)-5$3G Chap. $H (Th* &!& Ideals: Reason.@an. +)/ pp.>ample P ospectus .om *ister 'evolutions 4!1 (ase )tudy: :rench Revolution Ideals and (hallenges – 2ui. $/+) (T* Eeb.. +$ (T* 5!1 Ideals: Market Economy=Intro to 1merican Revolution $ 2ui.@& &entle : Chap.@9 &entle : Chap. The Declaration of the 'ights of Man and Citi-en Jobespie e/ "n the Principles of Political Moralit 4!5 (ase )tudy: "aitian Revolution – 2ui.>i!ni-icance Wo &sheet . 5$+-5+0 'eader: Thomas Hobbes/ )eviathan% Chap. +$-3$* WEE# & @an.P ompt: Jou!h 0 a-t and Jou!h 0 a-t Wo &shop . 4 . Representation. and opular )overeignty – 2ui. 5)-A&4 English &ill of 'ights ($H)6* Jousseau/ The *ocial Contract (pp.>ee also/ .Jou!h 0 a-t C adin! Jub ic .55* @an.rench Colon of *aint+Domingue% /01/ (e:ce pts* 2aitian Declaration of 3ndependence 2aitian Constitution E an&lin Dni!ht/ 2The Haitian Je#olution3 @an. H3-5H* WEE# 5 $ Research 2uestion due in section >e0t Writing 1ssignment: To p epa e the p ospectus o.@1 &entle : Chap. H+5-H3$ 'eader: %mmanuel @oseph >ie. +)/ pp. B77 (pp.7ndependence Ted+'eading: >usan 0unn/ e:ce pt .P ompt: P ospectus . /yranny in the +ld Regime – ractice 2ui.ou pape consult the -ollo"in! handouts on the cou se "ebsite: . $5/ $5/ $) Loc&e/ *econd Treatise on Government% Chap. H+4-H+5 'eader: >mith/ #ealth of $ations (e:ce pts* 5!& (ase )tudy: 1merican Revolution – 2ui.@5 &entle : Chap.@4 &entle : Chap.>ee also/ . 3 (E* WEE# 9 – rospectus due in section >e0t Writing 1ssignment: To p epa e -o the Rough ?raft. 5 (Tu* @an.the West4 ( Hobbes/ )eviathan% Chap.P ospectus Wo &sheet @an. 45.the WestO4G >inai/ 4Jise o. +)/ H3$-H34 'eader: Constitution of the .. +3/ pp. $4 (T* &!1 Ideals: Rights of Man and (ivil )ociety – ractice 2ui. +3/ pp. +)/ pp. H$H-H$6G Chap. H+4-H+5 'eader: Thomas Paine/ Common *ense .Ps/ #hat is the Third Estate. +3/ pp. 77/ 777/ 7B/ B (pp. +rder.

Handout (p. +)/ pp.>ee also/ .Eeb./ "n Colonial E.pp oach to Histo . H5$-H55 'eader: .rance Thomas Paine/ 'ights of Man @oseph de Maist e/ The Divine "rigins of Constitutions Q$)$0R A!1 Ideals: >ationalism $ 2ui. $$ (T* Eeb. +)/ pp.@C &entle : Chap. 3early4 :eminism – 2ui.l. $) (T* Eeb. (ommunism and the >ation$)tate – 2ui.@B &entle : Chap. 3+/ pp. +0 (W* WEE# C $ Rough ?rafts due in section Writing 1ssignment: To p epa e the -inal d a-t o. H+$/ H35-H4$ "uri!a: (enti e* 'eader: . 9!& Responses to Revolution: %i*eralism.Woman3 %dmond ?u &e/ 'eflections on the 'evolution in . +6/ pp.the Ji!hts o..ied #on He de / Materials for the Philosoph of the 2istor of Man!ind Q$5)4R @ohann Eichte/ Addresses to the German $ation Ciuseppe Ma<<ini/ "n $ationalit as a 4e to *ocial Development ($)5+* Da l Pea son/ $ational )ife from the *tandpoint of *cience 5/6117 A!& Ideals: /he <lo*al henomenon of Industriali-ation and the )ocial 2uestion – 2ui. e-e ence: +0H-+5+ 5 .. H34-H3HG H)5-H))G H66-50$ (see mo e eadin!s on ne:t pa!e* 'eader: >imon ?oli#a / Message to the Congress of Angostura Ted 'eading: T?. >ationalism.Einal Pape C adin! Chec&list .ou pape consult the -ollo"in! handouts posted on the cou se "ebsite : .Einal Pape C adin! Jub ic .@D Communist Manifesto 5entire7 ? in! Jeade to lectu e to discuss Ma :Is .>. $+ (Th* WEE# B Eeb.@A &entle : 2ands%: in The Condition of the #or!ing Class in England B!1 )ocialism.pansion Eeb. Mill/ "n Colonies and Coloni-ation @ules Ee . 53$-53H 'eader: Hobson/ 3mperialism: A *tud Q$60+R @.@1' &entle : Chap.nd e" = e/ General 8iew of Manufacturing 3ndustr E ied ich %n!els/ 9*ingle &ranches of 3ndustr . H (Th* WEE# A Eeb. (onservatism.P ompt: Einal Pape . H4$-H45 'eader: @ohann Cott. +$6* B!& Ideals: Imperialism $ (oloni-ation as a E(ivili-ing :orceF $ 2ui. 4 (T* 9!1 %atin 1merican Revolutions &entle : Chap. Luns-o d/ Eas #riter% +0$-+04G ML.mpe de Cou!es/ Declaration of 'ights of #oman and Citi-en Ma . Wollestonec a-t/ 2Bindication o. .

<ender in the Modern World=/he %egacy of Modernity &entle : Chap.Eeb. 5+4-5+)G 545-5406 &oo!: 9a&ae Chomin/ Discourse b Three Drun!ards on Government D!& (ase )tudy: Moderni-ation in (hina – 2ui.uto-%mancipation/3. Religion. 3$/ pp./ Practice of &urning #idows Alive 0adahbai 9ao oNiG The &enefits of &ritish 'ule D!1 (ase )tudy: Moderni-ation in 8apan – 2ui.a d Diplin! on the White ManMs ?u den* .the Mode n % a in the Middle %ast3 Eeb.@11 &entle : Chap.536 'eader: ?entlinc&/ "n 'itual Murder in 3ndia JaNa Jammohan Jo. o.Jace3 Houston >te"a t Chambe lain/ 2The Eoundations o.@1& &entle : Chap.3 WEE# D Ma ch 4 (T* Ma .@15 &entle : Chap.the 9ineteenth Centu . March 1C. 3$/ pp. 3$/ pp. H (Th* WEE# 1' Ma . $$ (T* Ma .ttempted Je-o ms/ $)6) 1'!1 (ase )tudy: Moderni-ation in 1frica – 2ui.@19 &entle : 540-543 Ted 'eading: T&A 1'!& (hallenges: Race. 3+/ 54H-554G 5H4-5H5 'eader: %li<abeth Cad.@udaism o#e Ce mandom3 Da l %u!en 0uh in!/ 2The Luestion o. $3 (Th* :inal E0am: :riday. +5 (Th* C!& (ase )tudy: Moderni-ation in India – 2ui. >tanton/ Declaration of *entiments Ma ia %u!enia %cheni1ue ($)5H*/ The Emanicipation of #omen To u 0utt: >onnet ($)5H* 0emet a Ba&a: .om The =ionist 3dea Wilhelm Ma / 2Bicto . 5$5-5+4 'eader: Taiping 'ebellion %mpe o Duan! Hsu: . 5:''$A:''pm 6 . +5 (T* C!1 (ase )tudy: Moderni-ation in the +ttoman Empire – 2ui. 535 (includin! Jud.@14 &entle : Chap.the @e" is a Luestion o. 3+/ pp.ishe Hanoum/ ($)))* Theodo He <l/ "n the <ewish *tate Lilienblum/ 2The @e"ish Luestion and Palestine3 Pins&e / 2. 505-5$H 'eader: 0 o AeIe#i/ 2?ac& to 9apoleonO Thou!hts on the ?e!innin! o.