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Name: Ashley C. Emerole Position Running for: President Email: or ashleyemerole@gmail.

com Phone Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx Twitter: @AshleyCEmerole Occupation: Recovery & Resiliency Fellow ( !A-"#C!$ MYD Events attended in !"#: %eneral eetings& Exec'tive (oard eetings& Exec'tive (oard Retreat& !ransportation Committee eetings& Econ Committee eetings& )ocial *'stice Committee eetings& +omen,s -ss'e Committee eetings& Ed'cation Committee eeting& Appropriations Committee eeting& Engendering Progress& #o'ng %ets it .one& .ay o/ )ervice- 0'rricane )andy& Rosie ende1 A//orda2le 0o'sing Econ Committee Event& #o'ng Pro/essionals in !ransportation )cavenger 0'nt !eam #. (came in /irst place3$& %ene R'ssiano// "ext )top )eries !ransportation Committee Event& !esti/ied at City Planning Commission 0earing (against )%,s permit in perpet'ity$& )traw Poll& .e2ate +atch Party& Election "ight Party& !he First 455 .ays Panel& and Represented #. on the !al6ing !ransition 7F't're o/ 0arlem & "orthern anhattan, Panel .isc'ssion. "$ %hat is &our vision for the Manhattan Young Democrats for !"'( )ive some concrete e*amples of initiatives &ou would li+e to underta+e before the end of the &ear, First o//& - m'st say 8549 was a 2anner year /or #.- c'lminating the election o/ (ill de (lasio. +:+3 A2sol'tely phenomenal wor6 and energy was spent thro'gho't the m'nicipal campaigns 2y #. mem2ers. -t was exciting and in a word& st'pendo's& to 2e a part o/ it all. y vision /or #. in 854; is 9 pronged- - call it E.%.%. (Empower& %row and %o$ Empower - thin6 the very /irst thing that we need to do is to empower o'r c'rrent mem2ership with the tools necessary to get and remain in/ormed and active in the .emocratic Party and the democratic process. -/ elected& one o/ my very /irst initiatives wo'ld 2e to ens're we get /ol6s involved in their Comm'nity (oards. <ocal level politics is where it,s at and it is cr'cial that we recogni1e we are a2le to participate. !he deadline is *an'ary 94st and - thin6 it is vital that the Comm'nity (oards in this city have yo'ng voices on them. -n addition& -,d li6e to see #. host events on topics s'ch as Participatory ('dgeting 'sing a small piece o/ #.,s 2'dget (8 Co'ncilmem2ers are excited a2o't =oining 's in this e//ort$> a "on-Pro/it start 'p wor6shop> shadowing elected o//icials /or a day and going on /ield trips to all the Comm'nity (oards and .emocratic Cl'2s on the island. Growth !he growth o/ this organi1ation is cr'cial to ens'ring we contin'e to have a presence and voice in local politics. - 2elieve we can and sho'ld p'rs'e mem2ers 'p north in the 2oro'gh. !here are many political cl'2s and comm'nity 2oards who wo'ld love to hear what yo'ng& politically active "ew #or6ers have to say and there are ?'ite a /ew yo'ng people in anhattan who want to get involved and have no idea how. +e not only need to increase o'r mem2ership amongst those already loo6ing /or o'r type o/ o't/it& 2't introd'ce yo'ng people thro'gho't anhattan to the idea o/ #. and provide a sophisticated and open

/or'm to disc'ss and tac6le comm'nity iss'es a//ecting A<< voters 'nder 9@ in the city. +e sho'ld contin'e to expand o'r mem2ers, participation in o'r signat're programsA !he :pen )eat Pro=ect and the <earning <a2s. +e saw s'ch an ama1ing t'rno't /or !he First 455 .ays Panel& especially new /aces and - thin6 there is so m'ch potential to expand o'r net as a catchall /or anything neat happening in the local political sphere. Go +e need to get o't and do things- whether that is thro'gh vol'nteering& hosting events or disc'ssions with other yo'ng democrats cl'2s locally and aro'nd the co'ntry. - 2elieve there is ?'ite a 2it o/ potential to contin'e to expand o'r presence in the local political scene and also enco'rage high school st'dents (and possi2ly an even yo'nger crowd$ into getting involved with the ideals o/ the .emocratic Party. - really wo'ld li6e to see #.,s presence 'ptown in my comm'nity o/ 0arlem and /'rther "orth- let,s %: 'ptown3 - also wo'ld li6e to ens're o'r we2site is constantly 'pdated and /illed with news& events and 2log posts /rom o'r mem2ers. $ %h& do &ou thin+ &ou-re a good fit( Please list relevant e*periences &ou would draw from and strengths &ou could bring to the position &ou are running for, First and /oremost 2eca'se - am approacha2le- which in my opinion is tr'ly the 6ey to 2eing a good leader. Any person who 6nows me& 6nows that - end ='st a2o't every interaction with a h'g (except /or =o2 interviews$. )econd& and ='st as important& - have ideas and love colla2orating on pro=ects with others. am a /irm 2eliever in colla2oration- there is no need /or secrecy or the hoarding o/ ideas and vision. -/ we all express what we are thin6ing& whether that is at the ta2le o/ a /ormal meeting or lo'nging at a 2ar& we can 2'ild 'pon on shared goals. :ne o/ my /avorite ?'otes isA 7we all get more done i/ no2ody cares a2o't the credit, (or some variation o/ that idea$. !hird& - 6now that yo'ng people are the answer to a great ch'n6 o/ the pro2lems locally and 2eyond. +e have come o/ age in a time o/ so m'ch 'ncertainty& 2't - thin6 we are all capa2le o/ coming 'p with realistic sol'tions to the pro2lems we /ace. <astly& and this may seem weird& 2't - 0A!E 2eing at home- - am always o't and a2o't3 +hether - am chatting with people in my comm'nity or my peers over tea or o't at a lect're or seminar on a wide variety o/ policy iss'es- - have never ever 2een a home2ody- - thin6 this is a good thing 2eca'se - love exploring the city& meeting new people and disc'ssing new ideas. !he last- <A)! point is my pro/essional experience. - have always wor6ed /or the Cityinterning /or the .epartment o/ City Planning (so - am cartography and demography nerd$ and wor6ing as a )enior ('dget Analyst /or the ://ice o/ anagement and ('dget (certainly love a 2alanced 2'dget$> and - have also wor6ed /or the !A (hold the tomatoes please3$ in operations planning (so - can explain why yo'r train is late$& in Capital Constr'ction (mega pro=ects galore$ and c'rrently in the 2rand new Recovery & Resiliency gro'p wor6ing on how to ma6e the system more climate change ready. - always en=oy attending lect'res and seminars a2o't a slew o/ policy iss'es and have /orged relationships with my local elected o//icials in 0arlem and other comm'nity leaders. #$ .erving on the e*ecutive board of MYD is a significant time commitment, /ow committed will &ou be as a member 00 how would &ou be able to fit &our leadership

responsibilities within &our current schedule( Please list &our commitments outside of &our emplo&ment 1i,e, leadership positions in other clubs$, - have and will contin'e to 2e a dedicated #. mem2er. :'tside o/ #. - am a !eam <eader /or "ew #or6 Cares where - /eed 855 h'ngry clients one )'nday a month /or 9 ho'rs and - am also an advisory 2oard mem2er /or the 0arlem Art F'nd which meets once a ?'arter. Even with these commitments in 8549& - was a2le to attend all o/ the #. events - listed a2ove and dedicate time to wor6ing with my /ellow 2oard mem2ers on planning cl'2 events. '$ %hat # 1three$ issues would &ou consider most important to New Yor+( A//orda2le 0o'sing- no matter what neigh2orhood yo' live in& the cost o/ ho'sing is a 2ig iss'e. y neigh2orhood o/ Central 0arlem constantly str'ggles with how to ad='st to the rising cost o/ rentals. !he Aging Pop'lation- the physical landscape o/ "#C will change over the next /ew years as the pop'lation o/ elderly increases. Redesigned& retro/itted and all new in/rastr'ct're is important to 2egin thin6ing a2o't. 0omelessness- "# )tate is the only state whose constit'tion re?'ires the government to provide ho'sing /or the homeless- this re?'irement has 2een a challenge to /'l/ill especially as we,ve seen a rise in the n'm2er o/ homeless individ'als in the city. 2$ %hat do &ou see as the biggest challenge to engaging &oung voters( 3n broad terms4 how can we ma+e changes to correct it( First- voter registration is a 2ig to-do. - cannot even express how exasperated - was when my good /riends in/ormed me they wo'ld not 2e voting 2eca'se they were still registered in :hio (granted - s'pport their a2ility to ma6e an impact d'ring "ational elections in a 6ey swing state& 2't c,mon3$. - thin6 we sho'ld thin6 o/ ways to getting yo'ng people registered to vote in this city- going to high schoolsB 0ipster /arm to ta2le voter drivesB )econd- - thin6 we need to ma6e a 2ig p'sh to in/orm yo'ng /ol6s o/ 8 things- how m'ch is done at the local level and how m'ch o/ an impact they can have. - don,t thin6 many yo'ng "ew #or6ers 'nderstand how many policy initiatives start locally and rever2erate across the city& state& co'ntry and sometimes even the world3 +e need to 2e ed'cators3 - also thin6 we need to ma6e civics and the process 2ehind local politics hot and interesting- we are the /'t're elected o//icials& policy creators and involved citi1ens let,s start /eeling good a2o't what we do now3 5$ 1Optional$ 3s there an&thing else &ou thin+ MYD-s membership and leadership should +now about &ou before reviewing &our application( - am a li/elong "ew #or6er who is committed to seeing e//ective& realistic progressive change. - 'nderstand we have to wor6 within the /ramewor6 as it stands today& 2't - also 2elieve we need to 2e innovative and thin6 o'tside o/ the 2ox to /ind new sol'tions and new ways to engage yo'ng voters. - am a long s'//ering Cnic6s Fan.