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IFSSO Executive Board Finalizes Plans for Next Conference cont...

Conference will be “Glocalization: Social Design as the Creation of the Social World in Harmony and Conflict.” Among the identified sub-themes of the Conference are: 1.Theoretical Approach on Glocalization: Time-space and Homogeneity-heterogeneity; 2.Scapes and Experiences of Glocalization: Ethnoscape, Technoscape, Financescape, Mediascape, and Ideoscape; 3.Equality and Conflict in a Glocalized World: From Socio-economic Viewpoints; 4.Multiculturalism and Glocalization in the Life-world; and 5.Disaster and Catastrophe: Global Feedforward and Glocal Feedback on Reconstructing Community. Other topics on glocalization are welcome, including interdisciplinary approaches to the study of family, environmental, and economic development issues. The Executive Board also decided to set up a Conference International Organizing Committee composed of Dr. Nishihara, Dr. Castro, Dr. Heung Wah Wong (of Hong Kong University), Dr. PeiFeng Chen (of Academia Sinica), and Dr. Ik-Ki Kim (of Dongkuk University). Dr. Nishihara was designated as the Conference Chairman. The Conference Call for Papers will be formally announced by March 2014. The IFSSO holds its General Conferences biennially. The last IFSSO General Conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey last 9-10 April 2013 with the theme “The Ways and Means of Living in Peace and Harmony in a Multicultural World.” The 2014 General Conference will be sponsored by IFSSO together with the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), IFSSO’s member organization for Japan.
Local Organizing Committee for IFSSO Conference Meets in Tokyo IFSSO Organizes Fund Raising Campaign for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

cont... The Local Organizing Committee Secretariat was also established composed of Mari Shiba (Nagoya University), Yusuke Kosaka (Seijo University), and Yuri Goto (Tokyo University). This Secretariat will coordinate directly with IFSSO Secretary General Hakan Gulerce in performing the necessary preparations for General Conference. Aside from the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), the other Japan-based institutions and organizations co-sponsoring the General Conference are: • Seijo University; • Center for Glocal Studies at Seijo University; • The Japan Sociological Society (JSS); • The Anthropological Society of Nippon; • Japan Society for Multicultural Relations (MSMR); • The Society for Sociological Theory in Japan; and • Japan-China Sociological Society.

cont... IFSSO urged its members and supporters to donate funds for the ongoing relief operations in the Philippines. Those who want to help the typhoon victims can make a deposit through IFSSO’s bank account: Account Name: IFSSO Account Number: 5754-0185-28 Name of Bank: BPI Family Savings Bank Name of Branch: Pasig-Mabini Bank Address: Pasig City, Philippines SWIFT Code: BOPIPHMM
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