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00PM) DATE: OCTOBER 1 ! 2011

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE : 1. 2. 3. There are NINE (") pages in this paper including the cover page. Answer ALL questions from SECTION A and SECTION B. Answer ANY TWO (2) out of FOUR (#) questions from SECTION C.

SECTION A A$%&'( ALL )*'%+,-$ A1. The British system that has led to separate housing areas or settlement of the people in Malaya was called (a (# (c (d A2. !ivide and "ule "esidential $ystem !ivision of %a#our Asia for Asian

&hich of the following states was NOT involved in the 'ederation Agreement of 1()*+ (a (# (c (d ,ohore -egeri $em#ilan .ahang .era/


A team of soldiers formed #y Malayan 0ommunist .arty to com#at the ,apanese Army (1)112 1)13 in Malaya was /nown as the (a (# (c (d 4ndian -ational Army (4.A Malayan .eople Anti2,apanese Army (M.A,A .an Malayan 0ouncil of ,oint Action (.M0,A Malayan .eople5s .ro2 ,apanese Army (M..,A


The Malaysian 0onstitution is considered as 66666666666666666666. (a (# (c (d a written constitution an unwritten constitution a 7nited 8ingdom 0onstitution an 4ndian constitution


&hy did %ee 8uan 9ew wanted $ingapore to :oin Malaysia+ (a (# (c (d $ingapore will #ecome a free port $ingapore will gain economic #enefits $ingapore will #ecome a center for trade in the $;A region $ingapore will gain independence and communist threat will #e overcome


&ho is responsi#le in determining Malaysia5s foreign policy+ (a (# (c (d The 0a#inet The 'oreign Minister of Malaysia The .rime Minister The 9ang di2.ertuan Agong


According to the first principle of the Article of 'aith ( "u/un -egara 66666666666 can #e considered as the foundation that will ensure the morality of the society. (a (# (c (d good #ehaviour constitution religion worship


The process of uniting groups with different #ac/grounds into one entity #ound #y common norms= values and interests is called (a (# (c (d 4ntegration 0entrali>ation !ecentrali>ation Monopoly


&hich of the following statements on the 0a#inet is NOT TRUE+ (a (# (c (d The 0a#inet formulates the main national policies The 0a#inet is chaired #y the .rime Minister The 0a#inet carries out the e?ecutive powers of the 9ang di2.ertuan Agong 0a#inet meetings are attended #y Ministers and !eputy Ministers


-ational unity can #e achieved through the following EXCEPT (a (# (c (d a national language different sylla#us in schools one national culture the -ational 4deology


4n order to #e united= the Malaysian government implemented all of the following EXCEPT (a (# (c encouraged school e?tra curriculum activities -ational $ervice program provide more :o#s for Bumiputera only 3


(d 'ocused on human resource development through training and education 4n Malaysia= the #ases of unity and national integration are found through the following EXCEPT (a (# (c (d $haring of political power democratic government sound economic development regional segregation


A model of contact #etween different ethnic groups that reflects low integration is 6666666666666666. (a (# (c (d Acculturation 4ntegration Assimilation $egregation


The emergency period in Malaya which #egan in 1)1( and ended in 1)*@ was due to (a (# (c (d ,apanese attac/ 0ommunist threat "iot #etween the Malays and the 0hinese 4ndonesian confrontation


4n the first general election of Malaya= the Alliance won (a . (# . (c . (d . ) out of 12 seats 31 out of 32 seats <1 out of 1@1 seats 3@ out of 32 seats


According the Malaysian 0onstitution= the following statements are true a#out individual freedom EXCEPT (a (# (c (d a person cannot have his life ta/en unless he is sentenced to death for a criminal offence that is proven= and the sentence is as set out in the law if a person is suspected of #eing in the wrong and is arrested he must #e given a chance to defend himself a citi>en cannot #e e?iled for whatever offence he might have commited a person cannot #e restrained from spea/ing at whatever place= at whatever time and for whatever purpose


&hat was the effect of &orld &ar 44 on the economy of the Malay states+ (a (# (c (d ;?pansion of agricultural activities 4mprovement in import2#ased economy 4mprovement in e?port2#ased economy 4ncrease in inflation and decline in economy


The first challenge to Aision 2@2@ is 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666 . (a (# (c (d to esta#lish a caring society to esta#lish a scientific and progressive society to esta#lish a matured= li#eral and tolerant society to esta#lish a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny


The following statements were the conditions of .eninsular Malaya during the British 0olonial time EXCEPT (a (# (c (d the British were concentrated on economic activities such as the ru##er industry and tin mining industry in .eninsular Malaysia the Malays focused on agricultural activities the 0hinese monopoli>ed the ru##er industry to esta#lish a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny


-ationalist struggle of the religious educated group was voiced in (a (# (c (d 7tusan Melayu Ma:alah An2-ur Ma:alah Al24man Ma:alah Al24slam

)*'%+,-$% 21 +- #0 .(' +(*'/0.1%' 2*'%+,-$%. S3.4' (A) 0-( +(*' %+.+'5'$+% .$4 (B) 0-( 0.1%' %+.+'5'$+% -$ +3' MC) 0-(5 6(-7,4'4. A21. Tan $ri Muhyiddin 9assin is our !eputy .rime Minister and is also holding the portfolio of Minister of Bigher ;ducation. Antanum and Mat $alleh were the chiefs who opposed the British in $a#ah. Ba:i A#dul "ahman %im#ong went against British coloni>ation #ecause the British introduced Chead ta?ation5in Terengganu. The post of .enghulu Bendahari in the Malacca administrative system is equivalent to the post of Minister of 'inance 44 in the administrative system of Malaysia today. Malacca reached supremacy under $ultan Mansur $hah5s reign #ut started to decline after $ultan Mahmud too/ over the throne. Malaysia was formed on 1* $eptem#er 1)*3 together with thirteen states and one 'ederal Teritory. The 0onstitution is a document that contains the highest laws of the country. The 9ang di2.ertuan Agong cannot #e prosecuted in any court.. 4slamic .arty of Malaya (.A$ was formed #y -i/ A#dul A>i> -i/ Mat. The main factor which prevents racial national integration in Malaysia is religion. 4#an and 8adayan are the indigenous people in $arawa/. The 4#an has several dance including -ga:at= Ber/untau and Main 0he/a/. -ational 0ulture .olicy which is a policy for the creation of national culture was introduced as an attempt to foster national integration

A22. A23.



A2*. A2<. A2(. A2). A3@. A31. A32. A33.


0onstitution of Malaysia was formed #ased on advice of the "eid 0ommission in 'e#ruary 1)3*. The 0onstitution of Malaysia was #orn at the same time as the #irth of the Malaysian nation in 1)*3. The main festival cele#rate #y $i/h communities is &esa/ !ay. 0onfusianisme is a doctrine followed #y a large section of 0hinese in Malaysia. D40 is an organi>ation that only involves 4slamic country. The -ew ;conomic .olicy was launched in 1)<@. 4n $a#ah= the ma:ority of the indigenous people are the /ada>ans. (T-+.1: #0 5.(8%)


A3*. A3<. A3(. A3). A1@.


SECTION B A$%&'( ALL 2*'%+,-$% )*'%+,-$ 1 $tate FOUR (#) main positions in Malacca administrative system. (# 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ 2 !esri#e FOUR (#) functions of the Malaysian .arliament. (# 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ 3 %ist FI9E (:) responsi#ilities of 'ederal and $tate government as mentioned in 'ederal and $tate %isted in Malaysian 0onstitution. (10 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ # $tate TWO (2) important statements to improve Malayan educational system in the period from 1)3* to 1)*3. (2 5.(8%) (T-+.1: 20 5.(8%)

SECTION C A$%&'( ANY TWO (2) -*+ -0 FOUR (#) 2*'%+,-$% )*'%+,-$ 1 ;?plain the steps ta/en towards the formation of Malaysia. (20 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ 2 ;?plain the details a#out 'ederal and $tate ;?ecutive Bodies. (20 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ 3 ;la#orate the Cfirst5 and Cthird5 of Malaysian Article of C'aith5 ("u/un -egara . (20 5.(8%) )*'%+,-$ # !iscuss the process of election in Malaysia. (20 5.(8%) (T-+.1: #0 5.(8%)