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duration and magnitude of power problems experienced.Sensitive equipment can lock or hang causing data loss and system resets. Formal Definition – Voltage below 80 to 85% of rated RMS voltage for 2 or more cycles. When determining the total power rating for the solution you require do not forget to allow for possible future expansion of the load you wish to protect over the medium to long term. Typical Symptoms -Equipment can reset or even shutdown. Power supply problems are caused by various sources. Common Causes – Heavy equipment being turned Solutions . it will be necessary to monitor the supply over a period of time to identify the types. Over-Voltage & Surges: are short duration increases in the mains supply voltage which generally Formal Definition – Voltage above 110% of the rated voltage for 1 or more cycles. Brownouts: are long term sags in the mains supply voltage which can last up to several days. There are many ways in which electric power can be of poor quality and many more causes of such poor quality. You will also need to determine the nominal voltage line to neutral and line to line if three phase.Symptoms. weather and environmental conditions. It is always recommended that you measure the loads true RMS value. The high voltage causes wear and tear and general component degradation. or consider locally available resources.When surges occur equipment can suffer from premature failure. This is often unnoticeable until failure occurs. system switching. If not. If you are not familiar with choosing the right Power Protection system for your needs it can be a daunting and at times frustrating task. and whether single or three phase. Formal Definition – A steady state of RMS voltage under nominal by a relatively constant percentage. the resulting power quality issue will include one. Such information is usually shown on the rating plate attached to the equipment. otherwise you will need to consult the manufacturers of the equipment or take measurements. Over-Voltage & Surges How do you determine the power sizing of the equipment you wish to protect? You will need to check the rating of the equipment to be protected. and you can so easily waste money. To assist in ensuring that you are ‘In the Know’. switching of the mains supply. You may of course already have a good idea as to the problems being encountered. AC Power Conditioner & Uninterruptible Power Supply. Solutions . . plus the frequency and power factor. it is necessary to make sure that the quality of the power feeding them is of a sufficient quality to ensure that performance is not impaired or system life expectancy reduced. 3. Select a system that does not address all your identified power problems. we offer advice and guidance on ten of the most frequently asked questions. Brownouts 1. of the power problems detailed on the right and following page.AC Voltage Stabiliser. Regardless of the cause of the problem. AC Power Conditioner & Uninterruptible Power Supply. Do you actually know the mains supply problems you are experiencing? To indentify the most appropriate solution it is always recommended that you first identify exactly the problems you are experiencing. Why is Power Quality important? For electrical systems to function properly. 2. switching of the mains supply or just low voltage output from the generating source.Advice and guidance on how to ensure you select the most appropriate power protection system at a cost efficient price. Typical symptoms . Common Causes – Heavy equipment turned on. Without the proper power. Typical Symptoms . fail prematurely or not operate at all. For those unfamiliar in the selection process it is essential that you: Know clearly your own requirements Know the right questions to ask of a potential supplier Know the advantages and disadvantages of the various design types Mains Supply Voltage Problems . Over engineer the solution and it can be very expensive.AC Voltage Stabiliser. Causes & Solutions Voltage Sags Sags: are short duration decreases in the mains supply voltage which generally last for several cycles. starting large electrical motors. 2. Common Causes – Heavy equipment turned on. heavy plant and equipment. Unusual heat output can be an early sign of problems ahead. or simply faulty hardware. or more. starting large electrical motors. Solutions . AC Power Conditioner & Uninterruptible Power Supply. Such ratings are normally quoted in Amps or kVA. and as a result are able to choose the most appropriate and cost efficient solution to solve your power quality problems. for example distribution network faults.AC Voltage Stabiliser. an electrical device or load may malfunction.

5% of the preset output voltage is the norm when specifying a Voltage Stabiliser or Power Conditioner. a stabiliser offering an input variation swing of ±15% (Our S15 models) will usually be more than acceptable. console. your normal mains supply frequency is unlikely to vary more than +/.2%.Processing errors. As the cost of the stabiliser is linked to the input voltage range it has to handle. lock or reset many of the components that make up a typical data or voice processing IP network.Complete disruption of equipment operation. For most applications where the loss of mains is not really a critical issue. As you would expect an AC Power Conditioner is normally more expensive than a Voltage Stabilizer / Regulator. 5. or countries where the national supply infrastructure is less developed. Is Supply Frequency Important? With most supplies operating on 50 or 60 Hz. In situations where there is a good mains supply. the deployment of an Automatic Voltage Stabiliser / Regulator or AC Power Conditioner will be a far more cost efficient solution both in terms of initial outlay. such as PC. maintain and support the solution. broadcast transmission Solutions . Typical Symptoms . variations of ±20% or greater may be needed to be accommodated by the stabiliser.Over engineering a solution due to a lack of understanding on the power quality issues being experienced is an all too common mistake that can deeply impact your wallet! Mains Supply Voltage Problems . In essence both protect against voltage transients.Isolation Transformer. Why is determining the input voltage variation you are experiencing and output voltage accuracy required important? Choosing a stabiliser with the right input variation capability is important because if its input voltage range is exceeded. degradation Common Causes – Electric motors.Storms.Uninterruptible Power Supply & Diesel Generator 3. motor control devices. If you are experiencing all of the Power Quality issues identified in Question 2 an online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will often be viewed as the obvious choice. spikes. server. then the input voltage range can be extended proportionally. The output of an AC Power Conditioner is commonly referred to as a ‘Clean’ supply. Common Causes . wind and utility equipment failure. lightning. burned circuit boards. . Isolation Transformer. or can be accommodated by the use of a standby generator.www. but in more remote locations. then its output will increase or decrease by the same amount by which it has gone "out of limit". relays. When a good earth cannot be provided ‘Common Mode’ Noise (E to L and E to N) can be a problem. especially heavy inductive loads. However if a lower output voltage accuracy can be accommodated by the load equipment.Switching of equipment.000 volts with a duration of 100msec to ½ a cycle. AC Power Conditioner. but an AC Power Conditioner also offers additional protection against Electrical Noise and higher level defence against transients and spikes. accepting a lower output accuracy may prove to be a more economical solution.Symptoms. Typical Symptoms . ongoing maintenance.AshleyEdison.AC Voltage Stabiliser. arcing faults or atmospheric electrical disturbance. such as lightning strikes and static discharges. Typically occurs as a result of loss of power. sags and brownouts. An output voltage to within ± 1% / ±1. Uninterruptible Power Supply. As a general rule the greater the input voltage swing the stabiliser / conditioner needs to correct the greater the price. But be warned. Formal Definition – Electrical noise is highfrequency interference on the incoming mains 6. A break in the mains supply of only several milliseconds is sufficient enough to crash. With the inclusion of a shielded isolating transformer in a Power Conditioner. terminal. In most cases an AC Power Conditioner (Power Line Conditioner) is simply a Voltage Stabiliser with the inclusion of an isolation transformer. Common Causes . this interference will be suppressed to harmless levels. Electrical Noise Electrical Noise: this is a high frequency noise either common or normal mode. a mechanical failure. and this is well within the capability of most stabilisers and conditioners. computer lock-up. Solutions . What exactly is the difference between a Voltage Stabilizer and Power Conditioner? One of the most common questions we get asked is what exactly is the difference between a Voltage Stabiliser and an AC Power 4. But if the supply is from a local generator it is possible that the frequency could deviate beyond this range and suitable protection should be considered to protect both the load and the power protection system. support costs and the required local skill sets required to install. Typical Symptoms . Causes & Solutions High Voltage Spikes High Voltage Spikes: these are very fast high energy surges or spikes in voltage lasting only a few milliseconds.Equipment can lock or hang. AC Power Conditioner & Online Uninterruptible Power Sup- Blackouts & Mains Failure Blackout and Mains Failures: when the mains supply fails completely this is known as a total Formal Definition – Loss of incoming mains supply 7. or Solutions . these are usually expensive to buy and have high ongoing maintenance and support costs. Be Warned . Formal Definition – Rapid Voltage peak up to 6. crash and even suffer damage which inevitably causes data loss and corruption. In many less developed countries the high technology skill sets required to maintain such systems are not readily and inexpensively available. What is the best solution for you? If you have a good idea as to the mains problems you are experiencing and the power requirements of the equipment you wish to protect you are in a very strong position to identify clearly the best and most cost efficient solution.

differentiating between the various technologies employed to deliver voltage stabilisation can often be a daunting task and it is not always clear as to which technology is best for a particular application. compact size and low cost of ownership makes servoelectro mechanical stabilisers economical solutions for a wide variety of applications in industry. Photographic Processing Radio & TV Transmission Over voltage by 2% will significantly reduce tube Voltage rise during printing cycles will cause inferior results Electronic Servo / Electro . errors and A 10% volt rise reduces life expectancy of incandescent lamps by over 50%. computing and telecommunications and is normally our recommended solution for most 8. Effects of supply voltage variations on different types of equipment Load Voltage Reductions Effects An 8% drop will often cause computer errors and downtime. Bypass Facility: You may also wish to consider fitting a bypass switch that will facilitate the inspection and maintenance by isolating the stabiliser and connecting your load directly to the mains supply. While Electronic Servo stabilisers do contain some moving parts. Voltage Increases A 10% rise will cause computer damage. being able to accommodate an input voltage swing of in excess of 40% whilst still delivering an accuracy of 1% on the output. Solenoids become sluggish and vibration will cause malfunctions and overInduction Heating Heat output is reduced by more than 20% on a 10% volt drop. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Voltage Stabilizers and Power Conditioners. in addition to giving over current protection.AshleyEdison. Are there any other factors you should consider when choosing a Voltage Stabiliser / Power Conditioner? Input Output Circuit Breaker: We recommend the specifying of an input or output Circuit breaker which. a. experience over the last 25 years in some of the most demanding power conditions has proved the design to be a very reliable method of delivering voltage regulation with only a low-level of ongoing maintenance required being deliverable by universally readily available skill sets.www. Certain models in our ranges are supplied as standard with input circuit breakers and on others the facility is available as an option. Computers Lighting 9. Magnetic Equip. Such clippers typically limit transients to twice the peak voltage of the supply. Motor life expectancy is reduced due to 4. . Comprising a transformer having its secondary winding connected between the mains supply and the load. reducing quality and causing possible “burn A 10% rise will considerably increase core losses and decrease efficiency A 10% volt rise causes higher starting current and reduces power factor by approxi- Welding Equipment High Voltage / Transient Spikes are normally limited by the inclusion of ‘Spike Clippers’. will trip if the output / input deviates above or below a preset level. To reduce the spikes to totally harmless levels it is often necessary to ask your supplier to fit additional Spike Attenuation protection. X-Ray Equipment When used at its maximum rating an XRay tube will be permanently damaged in the case of a 5% Over voltage will cause magnetic core saturation high current and overheating. A 10% voltage drop reduces lumen output by over 25% (15% for florescent tubes). Transformers At 100 kVA a 10% drop will reduce transformer rating to 90%.ensuring a continuous.Mechanical Design For most applications our Servo Electronic -Electro Mechanical Ranges (SES/SESL Voltage Stabilisers & PCS . Certain models in our ranges are supplied as standard with an inbuilt bypass facility and on others we can supply suitable inbuilt or wall mountable external switches to requirements.AC Power Conditioners) have proved to be a very reliable and cost-efficient voltage stabilisation solution. we offer a wide cross section of alternative design types.A 10% volt drop can cause ment relays / contactors to open chatter. Wear and distortion is increased. the primary voltage is automatically controlled through a motor driven variable transformer . mining. The long-life expectancy. Infra Red lamp heat output is reduced by over Volt drop will reduce quality of the transmission and coverA 5% volt drop will increase exposure times by 30% and reduce quality of colour printA 1 % change in the filament voltage of an XRay tube will produce an 8% change in the anode current. commerce. A 10% volt drop will increase a welding cycle by 20% if weld quality is to be maintained. With Ashley Edison SES / PCS solutions this feature is supplied as standard. smooth and very stable output voltage. AC Motors A 10% volt drop reduces torque by approximately 18%. aerospace. Heat output varies approximately with the square of A 10% volt rise will overheat a weld. What are the differences and advantages to the various design technology used in Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners? For the lay person.

they are virtually maintenance-free Single & Three Phase 6 to 500 kVA SES-R Series Rack Mount Single Phase 3 to 10 kVA SES-HL & LH Series Step Up / Step Down Three Phase 10 to 100 kVA Solid State Saturable Reactor Design Type Solid state based systems (PEN Voltage Stabilisers & PCEN AC Power Conditioners) are ideal solutions for equipment that must have output voltage accuracy better than Design Advantages Size and weight advantages over other methods of stabilisation Fast speed of response to voltage changes – ideal for most applications Very competitively priced Negligible output waveform distortion Not Frequency dependent Will attenuate voltage spikes if required Unaffected by load or power factor changes Low cost of ownership with ease of serviceability Endurable. on short lead delivery times. like larger models and those with wider input voltage swings.5%. . High weight to kVA ratio compared to typically 0.AshleyEdison.5% electronic servo designs No Moving parts – virtually Maintenance Free High efficiency Not Frequency dependent Output voltage does not collapse on overload or sever input voltage drop Low output waveform distortion Unaffected by load or power factor changes Will attenuate voltage spikes if required Solid State Magnetic Induction Design Type MVSI Series Independent Phase Voltage Compensation Three Phase 15 to 1000 kVA IVSI Series Oil Cooled Independent Phase Voltage Compensation Three Phase 500 to 2000 kVA 5. Design Disadvantages Moving parts requiring limited maintenance Lower speed of response compared to solid state designs AC Automatic Voltage Stabilisers & Regulators from Ashley Edison Electronic Servo Design Type SES Series Single & Three Phase 1 to 500 kVA SESL Series Three Phase 1 to 500 kVA OSES Series b. Design Advantages High speed of response to voltage changes Design Disadvantages Usually less price competitive when compared to Servo Electronic design PEN Series Single & Three Phase 2 to 200 kVA Output voltage accuracy better than 1 %.www. Since all components are of electronic design. with long life expectancy Due to the general popularity of this method of voltage stabilisation and the high demand for models between 1kVA and 500kVA it is often possible to purchase most standard SES S15 models from stock or. solid state design based systems utilise the latest in IGBT control circuitry delivering a very high speed of response and output accuracy maintained to ±0. IP54 Outdoor Solid State Saturable Reactor Design With no moving parts.

This feature is exceptionally useful for sensitive electronic equipment when there are frequent short breaks or sever voltage dips. the output voltage will be maintained at nominal voltage ±5%. Design Advantages High output voltage accuracy High reliability Virtually Maintenance Free with no contact wear or requirement for carbon brush replacement Available for only larger Three Phase applications above 200 kVA. this technology does not require carbon brushes and there is no contact AC Power Conditioners from Ashley Edison c. Magnetic Induction Solid State Design The design technology utilises a simple.Super Isolation Solid State Design Based around a highly reliable and endurable Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT). maintaining voltage for 3msecs.www. As a result Magnetic Induction based stabilisers are highly reliable and can be viewed as virtually maintenance free solutions. even when the input voltage drops as low as 40%. Solid State FerroResonant .Super Isolation Type PCV Series Single Phase 1 to 5 kVA Electronic Servo Design Type Unlike the Servo-Electro Mechanical design. which thereby delivers and maintains a constant voltage. Ferro-Resonant . 6. yet highly reliable. . being suitable for unbalanced loads up to 30%. super isolation design based systems (PCV – Single Phase AC Power Conditioners) are able to tolerate very wide input fluctuations. rotor and stator design principle to increase or decrease the magnitude of the voltage in a series transformer winding. . With no moving parts and no electronic control circuitry there is no need for maintenance and is virtually an install and forgets solution. As standard Magnetic Induction based stabilisers sense on a single phase and correct for voltage fluctuations simultaneously across all three phases. The Oil Cooled models offer more efficient cooling and as a result tend to be smaller in physical size compared to their air-cooled MVS / MVSI counter-parts. Design Disadvantages Less price competitive when compared to Servo Electronic design PCS Series Single & Three Phase 1 to 150 kVA Solid State Saturable Reactor Design Type PCEN Series Single & Three Phase 2 to 200 kVA d. MVSI & IVSI models on the other hand offer independent phase sensing / control and are suitable for unbalanced voltages and loads up to 100%. we offer two ranges of Magnetic Induction based voltage stabilisation solutions – MVS/MVSI Air Cooled and IVS/IVSI Oil Cooled solutions. Oil cooled stabilisers are ideal for deployment in very humid environments. The design can withstand high instantaneous overloads and is able to suppress lightning induced spikes and surges. this design has the inherent ability to withstand a ride-through even when there is a very short power failure. Compact in size and quiet in operation.

In Industry Design Advantages Most competitive in price for 2 kVA and below High Efficiency Negligible output waveform distortion No Moving parts – virtually Maintenance Design Disadvantages Poor output voltage accuracy – typically no better than ± 5% Generally / Historically deliver a low MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) Many processes and production lines slow down and even stop as a result of power problems. navigational beacons etc. radar installations. bringing chaos to stored data.www. electroplating processes lose their efficiency and today's microprocessor controlled machine tools develop Ashley-Edison at your Service In Telecommunications Design Advantages High speed of response to voltage changes Output voltage does not collapse on overload or sever input voltage drop Attenuates voltage spikes Competitively priced AC Power Conditioning solution for ratings of 5 kVA or below No Moving parts – virtually Maintenance Free Highly reliable with extremely high MTBF performance Inherent ride-through ability Endurable.AshleyEdison. So the fast response Ashley Edison Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) are playing a major role in computer applications around the world. 7. with long life expectancy Design Disadvantages Not generally competitive in ratings above 10 kVA High weight to kVA ratio compared to other stabilisation methods Frequency dependent – not ideal for where severe frequency variations are an issue TV. . Even a brief voltage drop below design limits will upset logic circuits. even national security. all need dependable power for reliable operation. With just a simple voltage drop welding equipment produces faulty welds. Ashley-Edison units are in service worldwide . All reasons why industrial plants worldwide look to Ashley-Edison for the solution to their power problems. ovens and furnaces take far longer to heat up. Many such facilities are in remote locations. Electronic Tap Changing Solid State Design The Electronic Tap Changer design principle operates by automatically selecting one of a series of taps on an auto transformer. depending on them. radio and telephone transmitters and relay stations.with communication networks. supplied over long lines or even from their own generators. In Computers e. calculations etc. Computers and other electronic business systems are highly sensitive to power fluctuations.

China +1 202 657 5380 +61 (0)2 8003 7430 +44 (0)208 816 8460 +852 8198 0670 AEID1002 issue 1. Cambridgeshire. where performance is everything . In Research Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to ask….com/eCatalogue . Our success is based entirely on our ability to meet the requirements of our Customers dependably and cost-effectively.Washington DC Australia .London Hong Kong . PE29 3DP.AshleyEdison. all at truly unbeatable prices.3 . E&EO http://www. Huntingdon.ashleyedison. Ashley-Edison at your Service In Refrigeration Why select a Voltage Stabiliser or AC Power Conditioner from Ashley-Edison? With our strong and wide manufacturing base. PO Box 1220. Ashley Edison is able to meet the requirements of most Clients from our own inhouse professional resources. Ashley-Edison units are regularly relied upon to guarantee the availability of a clean and regulated power source. The Ashley-Edison ranges of AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators & Power Conditioners combine exceptional performance and ISO 9001certified build quality to deliver unmatched reliability and versatility. whatever your AC mains supply problem Ashley-Edison have the ability to offer a solution from our extensive range of standard and custom built products. Today. even just a minor voltage fluctuation.Sydney UK . our unique design innovations have set new performance levels and the breadth of our offering has broadened to accommodate the needs and ever demanding requirements of our growing Client base. UK Head Office & EMEA International Sales: Ashley-Edison International Limited Abacus House. With such problems being of common concern. impaired performance or often system shutdown is the end result. Every power protection solution we offer is backed by the unrivalled experience we have gained in world markets over the last 25 years or so. Bedford. MK43 Want to Learn more about the Power Protection Solutions available from Ashley-Edison? Sign Up to receive your FREE copy of our Latest Global Power Protection eCatalogue at Postal Address: Ashley-Edison International info@ashleyedison. Today many world research establishments depend on Ashley Edison for ensuring the quality of their power supply whether it be for a single instrument or an entire 10. United Kingdom Other International Telephone Contact Points: USA .January 2009 Copyright 2009 © Ashley-Edison reserve the right to change any or all the specifications indicated or implied without prior sales@ashleyasia. Electronic instruments play a major role in laboratory work and their measuring accuracy depends totally on the quality of power they receive. The sheer span of capability available from Ashley-Edison tells its own story. 93 High Street. When air-conditioning and refrigeration systems experience any form of power disturbance.AshleyEdison. In that support@ashleyedison. United Kingdom Phone: Fax: Email: Sales: General: Support: Web Site: + 44 (0)870 240 6162 + 44 (0)870 486 0956 Asian / Pacific Rim Regional Sales Office: Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Limited 89 Short Street #02-08 Golden Wall Centre Singapore 188216 Phone: Fax: Email: Sales: + 65-6339 9433 + 65-6339 7379 sales@ashleyedison. An abrupt voltage drop from a factory process starting up nearby perhaps can invalidate the results from a costly research programme.SAR.