IÞSI Secretar|at: Andrles 8lckerweg 3, Þ.C. 8ox 84200, 2308 AL 1he Pague, 1he neLherlands.

1e|: +31-70-302 19 92 - Iax: +31-70-302 19 99 - Lma||: lpsf[lpsf.org - Webs|te: www.lpsf.org

IÞSI Þharmacy Student Internsh|p at the Internat|ona| Þharmaceut|ca| Iederat|on (IIÞ)

About IIÞ
lounded ln 1912, Lhe lnLernaLlonal ÞharmaceuLlcal lederaLlon (llÞ) ls Lhe global
federaLlon of naLlonal assoclaLlons of pharmaclsLs and pharmaceuLlcal sclenLlsLs and ls
lnofflclal relaLlons wlLh Lhe World PealLh CrganlzaLlon (WPC). 1hrough lLs 126 Member
CrganlsaLlons llÞ represenLs and serves more Lhan Lhree mllllon pracLlLloners and
sclenLlsLs around Lhe world. 1hroughouL lLs 100 year hlsLory, llÞ's prlorlLles have
expanded boLh llLerally and flguraLlvely Lo meeL Lhe needs and expecLaLlons of Lhe
professlon ln expandlng healLhcare servlces and lnLegraLlng emerglng sclenLlflc
developmenLs. Changes ln pharmacy and Lhe emergence of Þharmacy ÞracLlce as a
cornersLone of Lhe professlon have lead llÞ Lo become globally vlslble for lLs advocacy on behalf of Lhe role
of Lhe pharmaclsL ln Lhe provlslon of healLhcare, whlle sLlll malnLalnlng lLs groundlng ln Lhe pharmaceuLlcal
sclences. ln parallel, Lhe membershlp of llÞ has evolved Lo become Lhe mosL exLenslve globalpharmacy and
pharmaceuLlcal sclences neLwork. 1hls neLwork ls conLlnulng Lo expand lLs presence and lnfluence Lhrough
parLnershlps wlLh some of Lhe world's leadlng healLhcare, educaLlonal and sclenLlflc lnsLlLuLlons.
1hrough lÞSl, llÞ offers one or Lwo pharmacy sLudenL(s) Lhe opporLunlLy Lo have an lnLernshlp aL Lhe llÞ
maln headquarLers ln 1he Pague, Lhe neLherlands.
?ou can learn more abouL Lhe llÞ aL: www.flp.org

Scopes of Internsh|p
1wo dlfferenL scopes of lnLernshlps wlll be offered:
- ln Lhe fleld of pharmaceuLlcal pollcy
- ln Lhe fleld of communlcaLlon and/or markeLlng
1he lnLernshlp wlll be seL for a mlnlmum duraLlon of 12 weeks and Lhe duraLlon wlll be declded dependlng
on Lhe appllcanL's and Lhe llÞ personnel's avallablllLy. lnLernshlp perlods are open for Lhe whole year (exacL
daLes wlll have Lo be dlscussed). As Lhe llÞ Congress Lakes place ln early SepLember, end of AugusL Lo Lhe
flrsL half of SepLember ls loglsLlcally an unsulLable perlod as Lhere wlll be no llÞ SLaffs avallable Lo supporL
Lhe lnLerns, buL lL ls dlscussable lf Lhe sub[ecL of Lhe lnLernshlp ls a pro[ecL LhaL Lhe lnLern can work on

llÞ may accepL appllcanLs who meeL all of Lhe followlng condlLlons as lnLerns:
- AppllcanLs who are enrolled ln a course of sLudy aL a unlverslLy or an equlvalenL lnsLlLuLlon leadlng Lo a
formal quallflcaLlon (graduaLe or posL-graduaLe),

IÞSI Secretar|at: Andrles 8lckerweg 3, Þ.C. 8ox 84200, 2308 AL 1he Pague, 1he neLherlands.
1e|: +31-70-302 19 92 - Iax: +31-70-302 19 99 - Lma||: lpsf[lpsf.org - Webs|te: www.lpsf.org

- AppllcanLs who have compleLed Lhree years of full-Llme sLudles aL a unlverslLy or an equlvalenL
lnsLlLuLlon prlor Lo commenclng Lhe asslgnmenL,
- AppllcanLs who are fluenL ln Lngllsh and preferably ln oLher worklng languages of Lhe offlce of
- AppllcanLs who are noL relaLed Lo a sLaff member of llÞ (e.g. son/daughLer,broLher/slsLer or
- AppllcanLs who have noL prevlously parLlclpaLed ln llÞ's lnLernshlp programme.

1erms and Cond|t|ons of Internsh|p
When accepLlng an lnLernshlp, Lhe lnLern agrees Lo:
- ConducL Lhemselves aL all Llmes ln accordance wlLh Lhe sLandards of conducL expecLed of a person
worklng ln an lnLernaLlonal envlronmenL ln Lhe conLexL of Lhe llÞ,
- 8efraln from any conducL LhaL would adversely reflecL on lÞSl or llÞ and noL engage ln any acLlvlLy LhaL
ls lncompaLlble wlLh Lhe alms and ob[ecLlves of boLh organlzaLlons,
- Þrovlde Lhe recelvlng programme wlLh a copy of all maLerlals prepared durlng Lhe lnLernshlp. lnLerns
may noL dlsclose or make use of any unpubllshed or confldenLlal lnformaLlon LhaL comes Lo Lhelr
knowledge ln Lhe course of Lhelr lnLernshlp. 1he provlslons relaLlng Lo LexLs prepared for publlcaLlon
apply also Lo lnLerns,
- SubmlL a wrlLLen reporL aL Lhe end of Lhe lnLernshlp Lo be revlewed by Lhe supervlsor and oLher
lnLeresLed parLles,
- lnLerns are expecLed Lo devoLe Lhemselves full-Llme Lo Lhe asslgnmenLs of Lhe recelvlng unlL for Lhe
perlod of Lhe lnLernshlp.
When offerlng an lnLernshlp, Lhe recelvlng programme agrees Lo:
- Lnsure LhaL an lnLern's asslgnmenL ls relaLed Lo hls/her fleld of sLudy, relevanL for boLh Lhe programme
and Lhe lnLern, and aL Lhe approprlaLe level of complexlLy and varleLy.
- 8evlew progress regularly and provlde adequaLe feedback and coachlng/menLorlng durlng Lhe
- Þrovlde offlce accommodaLlon and relaLed supporL faclllLles Lo enable Lhe lnLern Lo underLake Lhe
- AL Lhe end of Lhe lnLernshlp, prepare a wrlLLen evaluaLlon of Lhe lnLern's performance and provlde Lhe
lnLern wlLh feedback.
Þlease noLe: lL ls of uLmosL lmporLance LhaL any lndlvlduals parLlclpaLlng ln lnLernshlps aL llÞ are aware LhaL
no flnanclal remuneraLlon ls offered Lo lnLerns. 1haL ls, llÞ wlll and cannoL offer paymenL for servlces and
Lasks compleLed by vlslLlng lnLerns. All expenses -lncludlng flndlng and paylng for accommodaLlon, food and
LransporLaLlon - shall be Lhe responslblllLy of Lhe vlslLlng lnLern. lf lÞSl wlshes Lo asslsL lnLerns lL ls aL Lhelr
own dlscreLlon.

IÞSI Secretar|at: Andrles 8lckerweg 3, Þ.C. 8ox 84200, 2308 AL 1he Pague, 1he neLherlands.
1e|: +31-70-302 19 92 - Iax: +31-70-302 19 99 - Lma||: lpsf[lpsf.org - Webs|te: www.lpsf.org

now to app|y for the IÞSI-IIÞ Internsh|p
All lÞSl members are ellglble Lo apply. llÞ wlll be responslble for Lhe flnal selecLlon of appllcanL(s).
Successful appllcanL(s) underLaklng an lnLernshlp wlll noL be flnanclally remuneraLed by llÞ or lÞSl. llÞ wlll
provlde houslng subsldlsaLlon for Lhe duraLlon of Lhe lnLernshlp and Lhe appllcanL(s) wlll be responslble for
Lhelr own Lravel expenses.
1he deadllne for Lhls appllcaLlon ls Lhe 1
of Iebruary 2014. AddlLlonal appllcaLlons wlll be consldered afLer
Lhls daLe lf vacancles arlse or as dlrecLed by llÞ. As parL of your appllcaLlon please submlL:
- A currlculum vlLae (Cv) ln Lngllsh,
- A one-page moLlvaLlon leLLer. Þlease also lnclude your deslred lengLh of lnLernshlp, and avallablllLy
daLes Lo undergo Lhe lnLernshlp,
- A maxlmum 1200 word essay on a Loplc by cholce, relevanL Lo llÞ. All essays musL be Lhe orlglnal work
of Lhe appllcanL. lÞSl reserves Lhe rlghL Lo publlsh Lhe essays recelved (wlLh acknowledgemenL of Lhe
- A reference leLLer,
- A leLLer of supporL from your unlverslLy,
- A ConflrmaLlon LeLLer from Lhe ConLacL Þerson of your local/naLlonal assoclaLlon,
- A recenL phoLograph of appllcanL

Þlease submlL elecLronlc coples of your appllcaLlon Lo lÞSl lnLernshlp CoordlnaLor no laLer Lhan Lhe 1
Iebruary 2014. 1he full appllcaLlon shall be submlLLed elecLronlcally Lo lnLernshlp[lpsf.org. Cn|y ÞDI
format of a|| app||cat|ons w||| be accepted. 1he resulLs of Lhe lnLernshlp selecLlon wlll be announced Lo all
candldaLes by 28
of lebruary 2014 aL Lhe laLesL.
lf you have any quesLlons abouL Lhe lnLernshlps please conLacL lÞSl lnLernshlp CoordlnaLor aL
lnLernshlp[lpsf.org or lÞSl Chalrperson of Þharmacy LducaLlon aL educaLlon[lpsf.org.