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[678] 632-1844


[678] 632-1844 JEFF LOUIS

P.O. BOX 40194

MESA, AZ 85274

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Professional Profile

My passion in life is helping others to improve their quality of life and future prospects. I am confident that my willingness to learn new skills, social science educational background, and acquired related skills make this position and your organization an excellent match.

  • Leadership & Supervising

  • Training & Instructing

  • Verbal, Written & Oral Communication

  • Timely Decision Making

  • Planning & Developing

  • Record Maintenance

  • Time Management

  • Case Assessment

  • Resource Locating

  • Crisis Management

  • Facilitating

  • Problem solving



Leadership / Communication / Training


  • Effectively led groups of 14-25 people to successfully achieve organization objectives

  • Implemented plans for and trained groups in crisis management procedures

  • Daily trained groups in the art of salesmanship in the classroom and in the field

  • Supervised the progress and completion of assigned weekly tasks

  • Consistently met or exceeded organization profit goals and expectations

  • Skillfully composed written documents for business partners and government authorities

  • Verbally communicated to inform of policies and motivate team members

  • Communicated plans for the successful working of sales territory among other leaders


Case Assessment / Planning / Developing

  • Assessed deficiency of students through observation and testing

  • Determined the needs of sales team through daily leadership and group meetings

  • Identified the needs of sales team through in-field work alongside team

  • Discovered the needs of the community through door-to-door surveys as counselor

  • Developed and executed plans to address deficiencies in students and sales teams

  • Discovered needs of clients through interpersonal communication during in-home visits

  • Developed and implemented lesson plans and educational games for children and adults

  • Located student resources for educational curriculum and self improvement as teacher


Timely Decision Making / Time Management / Problem Solving

  • Created and faithfully enforced personal and group schedule as team leader

  • Recorded efficiency of time use per hour of work in excel document as counselor

  • Efficiently improved the performance of students and sales teams to appropriate levels

  • Solved interpersonal problems between students or sales team members satisfactorily

  • Solved legal paper work issues with state and local government authorities

  • Often made successful, time-sensitive decisions in the field weighing pros and cons as manager

Record Maintenance / Crisis Management / Facilitating

  • Maintained up-to-date financial records for weekly submitted reports

  • Managed a steady level of sales inventory in facility for use of team members as needed

  • Maintained regular single and group client appointments for counseling and social services

  • Facilitated and trained groups to conduct smoking cessation program in community

  • Calmly addressed emergencies among group members or students as they arose

  • Kept current student tutoring database for monthly meeting presentations

  • Updated database of transitional housing participants before and after acceptance


Work History

[January 2013-Present] [Teacher], [Korea conference of SDA], [Anyang, South Korea]

[August 2012-January 2013] [Biblical Counselor], [Ark-La conference of SDA], [Arkadelphia, AR]

[August 2011-December 2011] [Biblical Counselor], [ThisGeneration], [Jamestown, NY]

[February 2009-May 2012] [Sales Manager], [Ouachita Hills College], [Amity, AR]

[October 2008-December 2008] [Intake Intern], [Nicholas House Atlanta (Boulevard)], [Atlanta, GA]



[B.A., Religion]

[Griggs University]

[Berrien Springs, MI]


[B.A., Sociology] [Georgia State University] [Atlanta, GA]


[General Studies]

[Georgia Perimeter College] [Clarkston, GA]




[References are available upon request.]