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Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

The Oppidan Press 15 October 2013


Message from the Dean of Students
his is the 4th year of the “Top 100” initiative at Rhodes. My warm congratulations go to The Oppidan Press team, under the impressive and able leadership of Binwe Adebayo and Kyla Hazell, who coordinated the application and judging process to its successful conclusion. As always, being one of the judges and playing a role in deciding who will be the “cream of the crop” at Rhodes has been a privilege and an eye-opener. It is always inspiring to see how many of our students take such amazing advantage of the brief opportunity available to them while at university to get wholeheartedly involved in extramural activities, while still maintaining a solid academic record. My personal congratulations go to each of the students listed in today’s Oppidan Press for the sheer hard work, commitment and dedication which has enabled them to rise to the top and earn recognition for their achievements. The list includes students with near-perfect academic records, who have been on the Dean’s Lists throughout their time at Rhodes; students who have dedicated hours of their time to working with our local community; superb athletes, musicians and artists and entertainers; and students who energetically espouse particular causes such as HIV/AIDS, human rights violations and environmental issues. Our leaders are among them too: members of the SRC, Sub-Wardens, House Committee members, Society Chairpersons and Sports Captains, all of whom have excelled themselves. All of the Top 100 are fine role-models and I hope that the readers of this edition will be inspired by their talent, energy and passion. Our motto is “Where Leaders Learn” and I’m sure that in future each of these students will make a positive contribution to society and show everyone what Rhodes students can do.

Meet the Top 100 judges
Dr Vivian de Klerk – General Excellence & Dean of Students Leadership Vivian de Klerk is the Dean of Students. She was Professor and Head of the Department of English Language and Linguistics from 1991 to 2006, and was awarded the Rhodes Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Award in 2004. Roger Adams – Dean of Students Leadership and General Excellence Roger Adams is the current Deputy Dean of Students and former head of Rhodes sport, having led the division with distinction during his tenure. Eric Ofei – General Excellence and Dean of Students Leadership During his years at Rhodes, Eric Ofei has been active in community engagement and participated in student governance, having been SRC President and currently serving as the SRC Student Liaison Officer. Gillian McGregor – Sports Gillian McGregor is a lecturer in the Geography Department. Her primary research fields include fuvial geomorphology and developing methods for water resource management through GIS. She is extensively involved in Rhodes Sport, specifically underwater hockey. Stephen Penney – Sports Stephen Penney is the Sports Editor as well as Chief Photographer for Grocott’s Mail. Penney was the 2005 recipient of the Sanlam Community Press Photographer of the Year award. Mandla Gagayi – Sports Mandla Gagayi is the Head of Sports Administration. He was the recipient of the 2010 Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Community Engagement award, for establishing the Grahamstown High Schools Soccer League. Larissa Klazinga – Community Engagement Larissa Klazinga is the Student Services Officer and Student AntiHarassment Officer for the Dean of Students Division. Klazinga is also the Warden for Ruth First House. Julie-Anne Lothian – Community Engagement Julie-Anne Lothian is the Systems and Scholarship coordinator for the Rhodes University Community Engagement Unit. She was a founder of Inkwenkwezi Society and coordinated GADRA Thinking Skills classes with the Philosophy Department. Rod Amner – Community Engagement Rod Amner is a lecturer in the School of Journalism. He developed the Journalism, Democracy, and Development course and is particularly interested in alternative journalism. Setlogane Manchidi – Commerce and Finance Setlogane Manchidi is Head of Investec’s Corporate Social Investment division in South Africa. He joined Investec as a CSI consultant in 2003 and has headed up the division in 2005. Under Manchidi’s stewardship, Investec CSI received the 2009 Sunday Times Top 100 CSI Leadership Award. Professor Lynette Louw – Commerce and Finance Deputy Dean of Commerce Professor Lynette Louw is the Raymond Ackerman Chair of Business Administration in the Department of Management. She has received a number of awards, serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals in her field, and has also co-authored and edited Management and Strategic Management textbooks. Prof Anthea Garman – Arts, Culture, Media, and Society Professor Anthea Garman teaches Writing and Editing and Media Studies in the School of Journalism and is also the Editor of the Rhodes Journalism Review as well as ombudsperson for The Oppidan Press. Prior to working at Rhodes, she worked as a journalist for a range of publications. Christine Dixie – Arts, Culture, Media and Society Christine Dixie is a senior lecturer and first year coordinator in the Fine Art Department. Her work has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally and she has recently been given an Artist Research Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Lieketso Mohoto – Arts, Culture, Media and Society Mohoto is a performer, live sound/ voice artist and lecturer in the Drama Department. She is now preparing to read for a Masters in Applied Theatre practices while continuing her work as a teacher and performer. Dr Jeffrey Brukman – Arts, Culture, Media and Society Current Head of the Music and Musicology Department Dr Jeffrey Brukman is involved in a range of activities, from teaching and supervising research to adjudicating music performances nationally and editing various publications in his field. The Oppidan Press – Judging facilitators Binwe Adebayo, Editor; Kyla Hazell, Deputy Editor; Jamie Bezuidenhout, Outgoing Top 100 Project Coordinator and Managing Editor; Stuart Lewis, Online Editor; and with thanks to Executive Consultant Kirsten Makin.

A message from Investec
Yet another cohort of young achievers is recognised and celebrated through the Investec Rhodes Top 100. As always, this an exciting time not only for The Oppidan Press, Rhodes and Investec as partners but also for the deserving award recipients. It is exciting as it is an acknowledgement and celebration of deserving individuals. We celebrate those for whom good was never enough, as they strived for excellence. We celebrate those who understand that success is no destination but needs to be constantly pursued as we never really arrive. It’s a celebration of those who have long accepted that being ordinary robs them of the opportunity to be out of the ordinary. Simply put, The Investec Rhodes Top 100 is a celebration of choice, passion, hard work, perseverance and positive actions. On behalf of Investec, I wish to congratulate all those listed this year – well done to all of you! You deserve the applause, recognition and moment of fame, enjoy the time and experience. Being listed here is recognition of your amazing potential and talents – what is important though, is for you to continue to work to your potential and associated talents, making meaningful contributions aimed at the betterment of your life, country and indeed the world. May you be an inspiration to many. Continue to be role models to others where your achievements will be confirmation of countless possibilities around us – reminding all of us that where there is a will there is a way. Going forward, the world has high expectations of you and I have no doubt you will achieve and exceed some of these expectations – good luck! To The Oppidan Press and Rhodes, thanks for partnering with us in the creation of such a wonderful platform that not only recognises performance but actually celebrates people and their achievements. Best wishes, Setlogane Manchidi Head, Investec Corporate Social Investments

Dean of Students Leadership

The Dean of Students Leadership Awards recognise leadership potential as well as extraordinary extramural contributions or achievements by students. Receiving a DoS Leadership Award is a special honour. A maximum of 25 candidates are selected to be recipients of the award each year.

Fika Nqeto Having attained a PGDip Tax in 2012, Nqeto is currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting. He was the Provincial Coordinator and Adjudicator of the Young Communicators Ambassadors. For the past three years Nqeto has been an Executive Committee member and Provincial Coordinator and Adjudicator for various Debating Championships throughout South Africa. He was a Sub-Warden for Graham House in 2011 and received the Cultural Award and Dean of Students Leadership Award in Drostdy Hall.

Brendon Martens Studying towards a Masters in Economics, Martens is currently a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Economics and Economic History. He has published one article and a book chapter with his supervisors. Over the last year he has held positions on the Student Sports Council and Rhodes Sports Colours Committee. Martens has been the Makana Squash Union Secretary this year. He has also been the Chairperson of the Rhodes Squash Club for two years. In 2010 and 2012, Martens was an Economics tutor.

Njabulo Nkosi Nkosi is currently studying towards his Honours in Information Systems and is also a tutor for the subject. He is the President of the Rhodes Toastmasters Club, has been a Sub-Warden for Botha House for two years and is the Business section editor for Activate. Nkosi was on the planning committee for Founders Idols and was also the Community Engagement Representative for Founders Hall. He was a Rhodes University Wellness Leader and recieved the Mellon Honours Prestigious Scholarship Award for 2013.

Mfana Khanyile Khanyile has obtained a BA in Law and English and is in the last year of his LLB degree. He was a Sub-Warden for Stanley Kidd House for two years and is currently the House Senior Student. He was also the Community Engagement Representative for the same house. He has been on the Nelson Mandela Hall Committee for the past three years and was awarded the Nelson Mandela Hall Dean of Students Leadership Award. Khanyile is on the Dean’s List and currently works as a student helper in the Student Bureau.

Sam Vosper

Currently studying towards his BSc Honours, Vosper is a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Environmental Science and a tutor in the Department of Statistics. He is also the Chairperson of the USSA Rowing Executive Committee. Vosper was the Chairperson of the Rhodes University Rowing Club, helped to found the Makana Rowing Club and is a rowing coach at DSG. He has also received Half-Colours for rowing in the last two years and has been on the Dean’s List for academic merit for four consecutive years.

Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

15 October 2013

The Oppidan Press


Mohammed Adam Currently studying towards his Masters in Pharmacy, Adam has been a practical demonstrator for third-year Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry this year. He has been a judicial member of the Muslim Students Association, as well as the Student Affairs Representative (VicePresident and President). He has served as a Rhodes University Wellness Leader and Sub-Warden for Goldfields residence in 2011. Adam has also received Academic Half-Colours and the Dean’s Merit Award.

Mbongeni Ngwenya Ngwenya is studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in International Studies. He is the Activism and Transformation Councillor for the SRC and has been part of the Trojan Academic Initiative for two years. He was the Vice-President External and Health Monitor of SHARC, for which he received several awards, as well as the CommuSan Project Manager of ‘Students In Free Enterprise’. He was the Hall Senior Student and SRC Hall Representative for Lilian Ngoyi Hall.

Laura de Lange De Lange is currently completing her Honours in Philosophy. She is a Graduate Assistant in the Philosophy Department and a Managing Editor of philosophical papers. She is the SubWarden of Prince Alfred House and was the Hall Community Engagement Representative for Drostdy Hall. She is the Secretary and Events Coordinator for the Masincedane Society. De Lange is an active member of the Inkwenkwezi Society and participates in volunteer work on a regular basis.

Gnanesh Desai Studying towards a BPharm, Desai is a first-year mentor for the Pharmacy Faculty and was the secondyear pharmacy Class Representative. He has been a Sub-Warden for Matthews House for two years and was the Environmental and Academic Representative of the residence. Last year Desai was President of the Hindu Student’s Society and he is currently on the advisory committee. He has also been on the Dean’s List and received a Trojan Academic Initiative Certificate in Peer Mentoring.

Lethabo Sekele Sekele is studying towards her Masters in Development Studies. She has worked as the SRC Students and Benefits Councillor and as a Teaching Assistant in the Sociology Department. She formed part of the Content Team for the Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit and was the Vice-President of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Sekele acted as SubWarden and Wellness Leader for Olive Schreiner House and held the position of Community Engagement Representative in the same residence.

Currently on exchange Gareth Dwyer Dwyer is a Computer Science, Philosophy and German Studies student. He is Chairperson of the Rhodes Chess Club, of which he was Secretary last year, and is involved in community engagement projects promoting chess in Grahamstown schools. He has received Academic Colours, made the Dean’s List and was a finalist in the Standard Bank IT Challenge. He is on a paid internship at Rhodes University for Software Development, and has also been part of the Rhodes University Orchestra. Ruth Krüger An Honours Environmental Science student, Krüger is Chairperson of RU Green, held a position on the Rhodes SRC as Environmental Councillor and performed as a volunteer editor at Grocott’s Mail. Krüger has worked in the Department of Environmental Science and participated as a member of the Major Group of Children and Youth at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. She was the recipient of the Rhodes University Community Engagement Award due to her involvement in several community engagement initiatives. Colin Mkhize Mkize has a Masters in Chemistry. He is the recipient of the NRF Innovations Scholarship, was a member of the organising committee of the Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit and is the Chemistry Postgraduate Representative at the PGLSC. He served as Drostdy Hall Academic Representative, was awarded the Hall Leadership Excellence and Outstanding Service Award and made the Dean’s List for academic excellence. Mkhize tutors matric students at the Khanya Maths and Science Club and is a Sub-Warden of Oakdene House. Nigel Sibanda Sibanda is a fourth-year BPharm student. He is the Media and Communications Officer on the Presidential Committee of the South African Pharmacy Students Federation and a College House Sub-Warden. He was the Chief Stagehand at the 2013 Founders Idols event. Last year, Sibanda was College House Senior Student, co-chaired the Founders Hall Community Engagement Committee and was Entertainment Representative on the Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association Committee. He also won two medals at an Eastern Province athletics meeting in 2011. Tsungai Makoni Makoni completed a BCom in 2012 and is currently studying towards an Honours degree in Information Systems. She is a Management and Information Systems tutor and served as Sub-Warden for Prince Alfred House in both 2012 and 2013. Makoni has been on the committee for the Golden Key International Honour Society and the Rhodes University Melodies. She was selected as one of 30 delegates to attend the ABSA Pioneering Young Women Conference earlier this year and is also a Project Coordinator for the Upstart Youth Development Project.

-Adrian Ciesielski Ciesielski is the brains behind various social events at Rhodes University, having organised the 2013 O-Week Field Party and the ‘RU Jammin’ contest in both 2012 and 2013. He coordinates the weekly Purple Thursday initiative and acts as the Entertainment Representative for the Greek Society. He also co-coordinated the 2013 Silent Protest and is currently a Psychology Graduate Assistant. Ciesielski is also a designer of a variety of apparel with clients that include the SRC, Prime and the Cacadu District Sports Council.

Timothy Abel Abel is currently studying towards an Honours degree in Economics and has been awarded Academic Honours for 2012. He has been involved extensively in community engagement at Rhodes University, currently serving as the Chair for the Masincedane Society. In 2011 he received the Allan Webb Dean of Students Trophy and was both the Community Engagement and Environment Representative of Salisbury House. He was also involved in the organisation of Earth Hour and the Green Ribbon Project in 2011.

Nomsa Chemuru Chemuru is currently studying towards a BPharm degree and has played volleyball for the Eastern Cape Province for the last three years. She is a research assistant in the Physics Department and is currently the Chairperson of the Rhodes University Volleyball Club. Chemuru was on the Dean’s List in 2011 and served as the Secretary for the Student Sports Council from 2011-2012. She is also a Trojan Academic Initiative mentor for the Pharmacy Department and has received a Merit Award for her achievements in volleyball.

Deane Lindhorst Currently completing his BA in Politics and Philosophy, Lindhorst has received multiple awards for his participation at Rhodes University. As a member of Calata House and Desmond Tutu Hall, he has received multiple awards for leadership, community engagement and environmentalism. One of his key community engagement initiatives included starting a food garden to assist a local soup kitchen. Lindhorst has also proved himself academically, having been accepted to do a joint Honours degree next year.

Shanna Swart Swart is a Masters Biochemistry student who has received numerous awards and much recognition for excellence in her field, including the Duncan-Whiteley Award and the Merck Prize for best student in Biochemistry and Chemistry, respectively. She has also been selected for the Eastern Province Squash Team and is a member of Rhodes University’s First Team. Her passion for the sport has extended into coaching children from Makana Primary School. She is a previous recipient of the Dean of Students Leadership Award.


Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

The Oppidan Press 15 October 2013

Sarhanna Hassim While studying to complete her LLB, Hassim has worked extensively in the legal field in her time at Rhodes University. She assisted in developing the Desmond Tutu Hall Constitution in 2011 and served as Editor of Rhodes Law’s In Camera magazine this year. She has also served on the Executive Committees of Amnesty International and the Rhodes Debating Society. Hassim has been an Inkwenkwezi tutor as well as tutored at university level, while also serving as a Sub-Warden and academic mentor for many years.

Matseliso Taka Taka is currently doing her Masters in Taxation and works as a tutor and graduate assistant in the Commerce Faculty. She is Secretary of the Postgraduate Liaison SubCommittee, has been Co-Editor of Rhodes Law’s In Camera magazine and is a postgraduate Sub-Warden. Her volunteer work includes projects with Upstart, Sakhuluntu Youth Cultural Group and the GADRA Centre for the Blind. She also served as Vice-President of Students in Free Enterprise.

Sakh’usomeleze Badi Known to most Rhodes students as the outgoing SRC President, Badi is currently doing his Honours in Economics. He has been a speaker and participant at numerous conferences and colloquiums, including the National Student Leadership Policy Summit in 2013. He has been published in the Herald and Daily Dispatch and has been an avid participant in the Rhodes Internal Football League. As a member of the SRC he has been deeply involved in its community engagement projects, including the Give 5 Campaign.

Candice Ryan Ryan is currently studying towards a PhD in Bioinformatics. She is the Student Representative of the South African Society for Bioinformatics. Ryan is also the Chairperson of the Rhodes University Student Sports Council and the 2013 Treasurer and Manager of Rhodes University DanceSport Club, a club which she founded and served as Chairperson of in 2011 and 2012. She has organised the annual charity event Dance for a Cure for the past two years and chaired the Rhodes Societies Council in 2010.

Mathaabe Thabane Currently pursuing her Masters in German Studies, Thabane has also been a Teaching Assistant for the subject for the past two years. She is the outgoing Secretary-General of the SRC, the Manager of the Still4Eva Project in Grahamstown and an Elder in the Trinity Presbyterian Church. She has been both the Treasurer and President of the Rhodes University Rotaract Club, as well as the Secretary for the Voice of Glory Society, the Public Relations Officer for the Lesotho Society and a DJ for RMR.

General Excellence

The General Excellence Award is presented to candidates who have excelled in a number of avenues available to a Rhodes University student. Specifically for those students who have not one but many talents, this award goes to students who manage to juggle several aspects of student life, excelling in each.

Away for competition Fabio De Dominicis De Dominicis is currently in his fourth year of a BJourn degree specialising in Writing and Editing with a Media24 bursary. He was chosen as the only male journalist in Africa to attend the Young Reporters Programme in Russia this year and has received numerous accolades for his academic, sporting and community engagement contributions, notably his placement on the Dean’s List of the Faculty of Humanities and the Rhodes Health Suite award for the Most Treasured Instructor last year. Chifuno Stevens Stevens is currently doing her BSc Honours in Chemistry. She tutors in the Chemistry Department, is a firstyear practical demonstrator and sits on the Chemistry Society Committee. She graduated with a distinction in Chemistry with Academic Half-Colours in 2012 and also received Half-Colours in 2010 after her first year. Stevens has served as the Vice-President and Secretary of the Malawi Society as well as the Sports Representative of Thomas Pringle House. Paul Schaerer Schaerer is currently doing his BSc Honours in Human Kinetics and Ergonomics (HKE), having graduated cum laude in HKE and Zoology last year. He received Academic Colours and a place on the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence. He is also the 2013 President of the Athletics Club, before which he was the Cross Country Captain. Schaerer won an award in 2011 for Most Dedicated Athlete in the Athletics Club and was elected Sports Representative for Chris Hani House in the same year. Nadine Mather Mather is currently completing the final year of her LLB and has been placed on the Law Faculty Dean’s List for 2013. She is a Commercial Law 1 tutor and has been appointed an Assistant Prosecutor and Commercial Law Graduate Assistant for a second consecutive year. Last year, she was appointed to the SRC Defence Council. Mather placed in the Top 10 of her Legal Theory 3 class and was awarded Academic Half-Colours and a place on the Dean’s List in 2011.

Staci Scallan Scallan is currently in her third year studying Fine Art, majoring in Digital Art. She has been elected Sports and Societies Councillor for 2014 and is currently the Chairperson of Babilanto, Secretary of the Societies Council and on the SRC Media team. She coaches hockey at Victoria Girls School, gives swimming lessons and has been tutoring at CM Vellum School since 2012. Scallan has also served as the Communication Representative for Christians @ Rhodes and tutored for the Isaiah 26:8 Society.

Sekai Chirenje Chirenje is currently in the third year of a BCom degree majoring in Management and Economics. She is the 2013 Senior Student of CourtenayLatimer Hall and a Theory of Finance and Management 1 tutor. Last year, she was the Secretary and Environmental Representative for Beit House and a Statistics 101 and 1D tutor. Chirenje has been placed on the Dean’s List and was awarded Academic Half-Colours for 2011 and 2012. She has also been actively involved in Inkwenkwezi and her hall’s community engagement projects.

Arnold Ponela Ponela is doing his Honours in Economics after majoring in Management and Economics last year and is on the Dean’s List for 2013. This year he has been selected to participate as an intern in the ABSA Explorer Programme and has represented Rhodes University at the Golden Key International Honour Society’s annual summit. Ponela is a current Oppidan Sub-Warden and tutors Economics 2 and 3. He also had artwork displayed in a National Arts Festival exhibition this year.

Vimbai Chikukwa Chikukwa is in her final year of a Masters in Social Sciences and is the Sociology MA/PhD Class Representative. She is the Gavin Relly Postgraduate Village SubWarden for 2013 and a Clinical Legal Education Graduate Assistant for the Rhodes Law Clinic. She is a Teaching Assistant in the Sociology Department for Industrial Sociology 2 and the Young Women’s Dialogue External Coordinator. She was a Content Team member for the Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit in September this year.

Nicolan Reddy Reddy is currently doing his Honours in Information Systems. He is the College House Sub-Warden and Wellness Leader for 2013. Reddy currently volunteers at NV Cewu Primary School as part of the Ulwazi Outreach Project which facilitates basic computer courses for Grade six learners who are primarily isiXhosaspeaking. Based on this experience, he has taken an additional elective in the Information Systems Honours Programme which focuses on using Information and Communication Technologies for development.

Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

15 October 2013

The Oppidan Press


David Kenyon Kenyon is currently completing a joint BSc Honours degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. He has been a Sub-Warden of Graham House and a Drostdy Hall Committee member for the past two years. He has also tutored Computer Science from 2011 to 2013. Kenyon was the Treasurer and Res-Net Representative on his House Committee while taking an active role in SHARC peer education in 2011, having scored the top mark in the SHARC peer educator exam in 2010.

Grace Moyo Moyo is a Law student in her second year. She has served as a Sub-Warden of Victoria Mxenge House this year and was recently elected to serve on the 2014 SRC as Secretary-General. Moyo won the First Year Debating Championships last year and took part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference in New York. She has since been appointed by NMUN to serve as Assistant Director of the UN Human Settlements Programme and Research Assistant for UNICEF for their 2014 Conference.

Matthieu Maralack Maralack is currently completing a BA in Sociology and Ethnomusicology. He served as the President of the SRC in 2012 and is currently a Sub-Warden of Jan Smuts House, as well as the Treasurer for Christians @ Rhodes. Earlier this year, he arranged for students from CM Vellum Primary School to visit the International Library of African Music on Rhodes University’s campus for a lesson on African instruments. Maralack also served as House Senior Student in 2011 and was part of the National Arts Festival Core Technical Team.

Katharine Holmes Holmes is a third-year BA student majoring in Anthropology and Journalism. She has served as a Sub-Warden of Ellen Kuzwayo House for the past two years. This year Holmes was awarded the Kevin Carlean Memorial Scholarship for Journalism and worked as an Anthropology 1 tutor. In 2011, she served as Entertainment Representative and received a Residence Merit Scholarship from her hall. Holmes has actively volunteered with the Inkwenkwezi Society since 2011. Last year she worked for the Cue newspaper.

Courtney Cader Cader is currently in the final year of her LLB degree. She is the President of the Rhodes Law Society and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Law Faculty. Earlier this year, she was invited to and attended a summit hosted by the Law Society of South Africa, accompanied by the Dean of the Law Faculty. She actively took part in work at the Rhodes Law Clinic from July to October 2012 and was the Sports Representative for Adelaide Tambo House, as well as her History 2 class representative.

Kundai Sibanda Sibanda is in her final year, of a BPharm degree. She is currently an Oppidan Sub-Warden and mentor, along with being a Wellness Leader, a position she also held in 2011. She has held the position of Secretary for the Photography Society and tutored Statistics 1D and French 1P. She has been actively involved in community engagement, engaging in Oppidan community engagement projects and serving as the Head of SHARC’s Peer Education last year.

Tinashe Nondo Nondo is in the fourth year of his BPharm degree. He has held the position of Sub-Warden for Matthews House in both 2012 and 2013. Nondo has received numerous awards during his time at Rhodes University, including the Founders Hall Service Award for Excellence in Leadership in 2012. In 2011 he was a Statistics tutor as well as the Community Engagement Representative for Matthews House. He was also a Trojan Initiative Mentor last year.

Jaqueline Pinto Pinto is in the penultimate year of her LLB. She has held numerous leadership positions this year, such as the ex-officio of Legal Activism and a Sub-Warden at Helen Joseph House. In 2012 she held the positions of Senior Student, Chairperson of Legal Activism and a SHARC peer educator. Pinto also volunteered as a tutor at the Mary Waters School and was involved in community engagement pursuits through her role in the Legal Activism society.

Kudzayi Zvidzayi Zvidzayi is currently in the third year of his BPharm degree. In 2013 he was a peer mentor for the Trojan Academic Initiative programme, a member of the Christians @ Rhodes Steering Committee and a Chi Alpha Representative. He was awarded Academic Half-Colours in 2012 and was placed on the Dean’s Merit list in both 2012 and 2011. In 2013 he was a tutor and demonstrator for Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, as well as a demonstrator for Anatomy and Physiology.

Scott Needham Needham graduated with a BCom Accounting with distinction. He is the first student in three years to achieve this. He has held the position of SubWarden at Adamson House for two years. In 2011, he served in the position of Community Engagement Representative, as well as being awarded the Resident of the Year award. This year he raised R1200 for Amasango Career School. He is an active sportsman, currently playing Second Team Hockey as well as working as a coach at Victoria Girls’ Primary School.

Mart-Mari de Bruyn De Bruyn is a third-year student studying a BSc in Microbiology and Biochemistry. She has recently been accepted into Microbiology Honours, achieving a Prestigious Postgraduate Scholarship for 2014. She is currently a Sub-Warden of Hobson House, re-appointed for 2014. She served as the Chairperson and Co-Coach of the Rhodes University Rifle Club and has been elected as Vice-Chairperson for 2014. She received the Dean of Students Leadership Trophy for Hobson Hall, as well as the Best Academic Second Year and Chemistry 2 Best Student award in 2012.

Nyasha Simbi Studying towards her BSocSci, Simbi has been actively involved in all areas of Rhodes life. In 2013, Simbi was a tutor for Psychology 1 and a class representative for her Industrial Sociology 3 class. She is also a SubWarden in Atherstone House and is involved with HIV/AIDS awareness society SHARC as a peer educator. Simbi is a Wellness Leader and has contributed to the Rhodes University Community Engagement programmes at Sakhuluntu and St Mary’s Development Care Centre, where she tutors Grade 4 maths

Charlene Donald Donald is currently working towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management, having graduated with a triple major in 2012. She received the Dean of Students Leadership Award, is a member of the Student Institutional Planning Commission and the Activism Representative for OUTRhodes. She was also the Oppidan Union Sports Representative, as well as a Get Home Safe driver and an isiXhosa for Journalism tutor. This year Donald helped to organise the third annual Ruth First Spinathon, an event she helped to found.

Jo-Anne Laurence Laurence is currently working towards a Masters degree in Science. She received the Henderson Postgraduate Scholarship and the National Research Foundation Innovation Scholarship in 2013. In 2012 she received the Sasol Certificate for the top Biochemistry student continuing into a Biochemistry Honours Degree as well as the Andrew Mellon Scholarship. Laurence was accepted into Rhodes University with a full academic bursary in 2009 and was awarded the Platinum Old Rhodian Bursary in 2010. Laurence has also been involved in the Rhodes Health Suite as an aerobics instructor.

Phumlile Cotiyane Cotiyane is a Botany Honours student. He mentors GADRA Matric students and is the Schools Relations Officer for WildREACH. He currently works with Nompumelelo Pre-School and is a Teaching Assistant for Rhodes University’s Sociology Department. He has been involved with the Home of Joy Orphanage, the Fingo Library and Noncedo Pre-School. He has also tutored Sociology for the past four years. Cotiyane has published articles on human rights issues on the CAI and Polity websites and presented papers at this year’s South African Sociological Association’s Annual Congress.


Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

The Oppidan Press 15 October 2013

Richard Maradze Maradze is a third-year BSocSci student majoring in Organisational Psychology and Management. He is the Head Student of Kimberley Hall, manages Rhodes University’s Basketball team, coaches basketball for underprivileged children and is the Media Representative for Rhodes University’s Volleyball Team. He received Provincial Colours for volleyball and has played for the Eastern Cape Team since 2011. He has also been the recipient of the De Beers Sportsman of the Year award and the Kimberley Hall Sporting Excellence Award.

Fundile Sangoni Sangoni is a fourth-year LLB student. He served on the Local Organising Committee for this year’s Pan African Youth Dialogue Summit and represented Rhodes University at the LexisNexis National Mock Trial Competition. He has received the Outstanding Contribution to Community Engagement Award, is a Student Wellness Leader for Jan Smuts House and was a Centenary House Sub-Warden. He also organised for students to take over the duties of the kitchen staff for a morning as part of Centenary House’s community engagement project.

Mlamuli Hlatshwayo Hlatshwayo is currently doing his Honours in Politics and represented Rhodes University at the “2013: The World in 2013” Conference in London earlier this year. As a research assistant for the University’s Politics and International Studies Department, he organised a joint project between Rhodes and Jinan University in China. He is part of the Friedrich Stiftung Residential School at the University of Fort Hare, a Politics tutor and a SubWarden at Celeste House. Hlatshwayo also teaches local matric students during their Winter School Programme.

Martin Forsyth Forsyth is studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management and is Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation. He serves on the Student Institutional Planning Commission, is an O-Week Helper Coordinator, Rhode Trip Assistance Operations Manager and is AEISEC’s Vice President for Talent Management. He has served on the SRC as Vice-President Internal and Media Councillor and last year received a Rhodes Top 100 Award for General Excellence. He also tutors maths at St. Andrews and DSG.

Lwando Sobekwa An Information Systems Honours student, Sobekwa has been a Cory House Sub-Warden since 2012. He tutors Information Systems 3 and teaches basic computer literacy skills to Grade Six learners. As well as being a Founder’s Hall Committee Member, he also manages the joint CoryMatthews Soccer Team. He was a peer mentor for the Trojan Academic Initiative, served as a Student Wellness Leader and has played First Team Soccer for Rhodes since 2009. He also played soccer in the USSA Championships in 2010.

Kumbirai Mazana Mazana is a fourth-year BPharm student. She was on the Dean’s List for two consecutive years and was awarded Academic Half-Colours in 2011 and 2012. She has served as a Sub-Warden, Food Representative, Secretary and Entertainment Representative for Hobson House. Mazana plays First Team Volleyball for Rhodes University, has served as the President of the Volleyball Club and represented the Eastern Cape in the USSA volleyball tournament. She has been a mentor, tutor and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 practical demonstrator.

Nonzuzo Mbokazi Mbokazi is completing her Honours in Sociology and has a BSocSci in Sociology and Legal Theory. She represented Rhodes University at the annual ABSA Pioneering Young Women’s Conference and at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Autumn School on Democracy and Political Economy. She has been a Sub-Warden for New House and a Sociology 1 tutor for the last two years. Mbokazi served as the Complaints Officer for Rhodes Independent Electoral Board in 2013 and volunteers weekly for the Inkwenkwezi Society.

Siyabulela Fobosi Fobosi is a Masters student in Industrial and Economic Sociology and a Teaching Assistant for the Sociology Department. He is a Student Representative for the South African Sociological Association Council and an external consultant for Consultancy Africa Intelligence. He was awarded the Ernst & Ethel Eriksen Trust Scholarship, the NRF/HSRC Labour Markets Intelligence Partnership Scholarship and the NRF Masters Innovation Scholarship. He will present a paper at the 2014 International Sociological Association Congress.

This category aims to award those students who not only excel physically on the Rhodes sports fields but also show leadership qualities in their chosen sport, or in the sports community as a whole.


Leigh de Necker De Necker is completing her BSc Honours in Marine Biology. She represented the South African u23 women’s Underwater Hockey Team at the World Championships in Hungary and received South African National Colours and Full Sports Colours from Rhodes University for the sport. Last year she received the Underwater Hockey Team and Merit awards, was awarded her EP Colours and crowned Miss Rhodes University Sports Personality. She is also a PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor for Rhodes University Underwater Club

This award is given to those students who go above and beyond their academic duties in order to improve the lives of those around them. These students are actively involved in the upliftment of the community and are leaders in active involvement and positive change.

Community Engagement

Mapula Maponya Currently doing Honours in Organisational Psychology, Maponya is this year’s Community Engagement Representative for Golden Key International Honour Society, Inkwenkwezi and the Oppidan Union. She is the founder of the Little Stars Pre-School Project in Grahamstown, as well as the Lesedi Literacy and Early Childhood Education Programme, which works with primary schools in Limpopo. Maponya received the Student Volunteer of the Year Award from the Rhodes University Community Engagement programme in 2013.

Thabo Seshoka Seshoka is currently working toward a BSocSci degree in Law and Anthropology. He is the Give 5 Campaign Chairperson and has been the SRC Community Engagement Councillor since 2011. This year he has been part of Child Welfare’s School Uniform Fundraiser and Takkie Tax Initiative and is currently attempting to raise R10 000 for a local primary school. Last year Seshoka was awarded the Gold Award from the Rhodes University Community Engagement programme and was the head of the Eastern Cape Community Engagement Project.

Hannah McDonald McDonald is in the third year of her BJourn degree specialising in Design. She was the recipient of the Professor Mike Davies-Coleman Balanced Life Award and the Kimberley Hall Dean of Students Leadership Award. In 2012 she received a Gold Award for Excellence in Community Engagement from Rhodes. She is the Chairperson of the Inkwenkwezi Society, which was co-awarded Community Engagement Society of the Year for 2013, is the lead singer of a band known as The Bad Hands and is involved in Frontiers Church children’s ministry.

Meghan Eurelle Eurelle is in the penultimate year of her LLB, having received a BSc in Legal Theory and Biochemistry. She was recently elected as the CoPresident of the Law Society for 2014 and is the current Chairperson of the Legal Activism Society, which was co-awarded Community Engagement Society of the Year for 2013. Eurelle is an au pair, tutors high school children in Science and Mathematics and volunteers at the SPCA. She received the Jameson House award for Outstanding Commitment to Community Engagement.

Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

15 October 2013

The Oppidan Press


Arts, Culutre, Media and Society

This category is aimed at those students involved in the cultural world, from performing arts to visual arts and journalism. We aim to award those who display excellence, talent and leadership in their field.

Jacek Kaminski Kaminski is simultaneously doing his Honours in Sound Technology and a BJourn, specialising in TV. Head Sound Engineer for the Live Music Society, Kaminski is also the founder and Chairperson for the Society of Music, Art and Drama Education (MADE), which is an outreach programme aimed at students from Joza. He was second-in-command on the National Arts Festival sound crew for 2012 and 2013 and was awarded a Rhodes University Community Engagement award for his work with MADE in 2012.

Thalia Laric Laric is currently studying towards a Masters in Drama. Since 2011 she has been running dance and yoga classes at the Drama Department, having performed both locally and internationally. She also occasionally lectures at the Drama Department and works for the First Physical Theatre Company. Laric won a Silver Ovation Award at the 2013 National Arts Festival and has performed on the Main Programme. She has also been invited to be a researcher for the International Contact Festival in Germany.

Kirsten Makin Presently completing the fourth year of her BJourn specialising in Photojournalism, Makin has held many leadership positions in her four years at Rhodes. She is currently the Executive Consultant at The Oppidan Press after having held the positions of Chief Photo Editor, Deputy Editor and Editor. Makin has also been closely involved in The Oppidan Press’s community engagement programme in 2013, helping to develop high school students in Grahamstown into future journalists through the Upstart Programme.

Joseph Coetzee Currently in the fourth year of a BFA, Coetzee has had many of his art pieces exhibited. These include a street beautification mural project and bus stop painting funded by the National Arts Festival in 2013 as well as an exhibition titled “High Expectations” which was exhibited in Stellenbosch in 2012. Coetzee has also lectured third year Fine Art students on visual activism. The lecture was based on a performance piece entitled “Help Grahamstown”. He was awarded the Old Rhodian Bursary in 2010 and 2011.

Kathleen Sawyer Sawyer is currently completing her BFA Honours and PGCE. Her artwork has been exhibited in the Absa L’Atelier and the GFI Gallery in Port Elizabeth during the National Arts Festival. Sawyer was placed in the 2013 Top Ten Absa L’Atelier and was on the Dean’s List in 2010 and 2012. She received Academic Half-Colours for BFA Hons in 2012. In 2013 Sawyer worked at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi as a Teaching Assistant. Sawyer’s community engagement activities include teaching at Ntsika High School in Grahamstown.

Commerce and Finance

This award is a special award sponsored by Investec to recognise students who have excelled in the Rhodes University Commerce Faculty.

Gillian van Heerden Van Heerden is studying towards a Masters degree in Financial Markets. Her Honours thesis was published in an international journal and she presented this paper at the Economic Society of South Africa conference. She has tutored Public Finance 3 and Money, Banking and International Finance 3 for the past two years as well as tutoring Econometrics Honours. She is a student assistant at Kingswood College and coaches First Team Tennis. She also served on the Rhodes Tennis and Rhodes Squash committees and plays First Team Hockey.

Justin Andersen Andersen is in his third year of a BCom Accounting degree. He has been on the Dean’s List for the past two years and placed top of his Economics class in both first and second year. He has tutored Accounting 2, Statistics 101 and Statistics 1D. He also offers extra lessons for Accounting 1 as part-time work. He is the Secretary and Treasurer for the Rhodes Rifle Club and placed first in the Free State Championships for Target Rifle shooting in 2012. He won silver in this year’s EC Championships and bronze in the EC Championships last year.

Sally Grinham Currently in the third year of a BCom Accounting, Grinham has tutored Accounting 2, Statistics 101 and Statistics 1D and has been on the Dean’s List for the Commerce Faculty for two consecutive years. She has been the Treasurer of the Galela Amanzi Society for two years, as well as the Treasurer of the Wine Tasting Society. She will be tutoring matric Accounting with Teach Me 2 from 2014 and has been a volunteer tutor for matric maths and accounting. She has also been voted in as the Beit House Sports Representative for a second year.

Holly Doherty Currently in the third year of her BCom, Doherty is a tutor for Management 1 and a mentor in Dingemans House for Commerce students. She is also Head Student and is actively involved in her residence’s Community Engagement events. In 2013 she received an Allan Gray Academic Achievement Award and was in the Top 10 Academic Achievers and the Top 5 in participation in her residence. She was awarded the Dingemans House Award for Environment and Community Engagement in 2011 and Environment in 2012.

Lindelwa Bolani Bolani is a fourth-year Business Science student completing her Honours in Economics. She was the best performing student in Management 3 and received an Allan Gray Scholarship to pursue her Masters degree. She is on the Dean’s List, is the Vice-President of the Golden Key International Honour Society, the Treasurer for Legal Activism, the Black Management Forum SecretaryGeneral and an Economics 3 tutor. Last year, she was on the Investec Rhodes Top 100 for Academic Excellence and Commerce and Finance.

Nicholas Dakin Dakin is currently completing his joint Honours degree in Mathematical Statistics and Economics and will pursue a Masters degree in Commerce focussing on Financial Markets in 2014. He received the Rhodes University Prestigious Scholarship for 2013 and was invited to take part in the Allan Gray Academic Achievement Awards for two years in a row. He is a member of Rhodes Tennis, Rhodes Golf, Rhodes Business Society and is the official photographer for Rhodes Rugby. He also tutors Theory of Finance and Statistics.

Kathryn Janssen Janssen is currently completing her Honours in Mathematical Statistics and her Bachelor of Business Science in Quantitative Management. She was awarded her Academic Honours in 2013 and placed second in the Commerce Faculty in 2012. Janssen tutors extensively in both the Economics and Mathematics Departments. She was awarded the Mellon Foundation and Rhodes University Scholarship for 2013. She has been a member of the Rhodes Ladies First Hockey Team from 2011 to 2013 and tutored at GADRA Matric School in 2013.

Arnold Ponela Arnold Ponela is studying for his Honours in Economics. He majored in Management and Economics and tutors Economics 2 and Economics 3 Public Finance. He has achieved Academic Half-Colours twice and graduated with distinction in Management in 2012. Serving as the Community Engagement Representative for the Golden Key International Honour Society, Arnold has represented Rhodes at the Golden Key annual summit. He participated in the ABSA Explorer Programme in 2013 and is a certified Google Map Maker.


Investec Rhodes Top 100 2013

The Oppidan Press 15 October 2013

Academic Excellence
Commerce These candidates were chosen for their academic performance throughout the year. Dean of Commerce Professor David Sewry chose them for their excellent results in their respective departments.

The Academic Excellence Award is awarded to candidates who are top academic achievers. Deans of each faculty presented the four candidates who received the highest marks across their disciplines.

Reinhardt Arp

Tristan Fitzgerald

Quentin Jenkins

Cassandra Coley

Humanities Professor Fred Hendricks, Dean of the Humanities Faculty, has selected these candidates as the top achievers in the June examinations. They have been recognised for their outstanding promise.
Kaitlin Cunningham Sanaa Abrahams Gemma Barkhuizen Ashlyn Brokensha

Pharmacy The Rhodes University Pharmacy Faculty has recognised the following candidates for their academic achievements this year. They were selected by the Faculty Dean, Professor Rod Walker.
Rujeko Kativhu Beverley Matsikidze Panashe Masakusi Tejal Ranchhod

Law The following students have been recognised by Professor Jonathan Campbell, Dean of the Rhodes Law Faculty, for their outstanding performance in their studies this year.
Tamsyn Harrison Abraham Malherbe Armand Swart Tristan Glover

Science Dean of the Science Faculty Professor Ric Bernard selected the following candidates. Each was chosen for their outstanding performance this year in their respective departments.
Anja De Lange Andrew L’Homme Lynn Wambua

The Oppidan Press

A note from The Oppidan Press to say well done and thank you
The Oppidan Press would like to congratulate all the winners of the Investec Rhodes Top 100 awards. These awards are a testament to the dedication, drive and positive possibility of the future of our generation. However, something as big as this does not happen overnight. We would like to recognise and thank those people who have worked to put together this year’s Investec Rhodes Top 100. Again our gratitude is extended to Investec for their ongoing support and sponsorship, in particular to Carol Dlamini, Noluthando Thembela, Meshel Lutchman and Setlogane Manchidi for their assistance and direction. Our thanks also go to the Dean of Students office, to Dr Vivian de Klerk, Roger Adams and Selene Walters for their continued support for this project. We would also like to express our appreciation to the esteemed judges who gave of their time to assist in the judging process. Finally, to The Oppidan Press team who worked hard to bring this year’s project to fruition. We would like to thank Editor Binwe Adebayo, Deputy Editor Kyla Hazell, Online Editor Stuart Lewis, Executive Consultant Kirsten Makin and outgoing Project Coordinator Jamie Bezuidenhout, for orchestrating the project. Thanks are also extended to Chief Photo Editors Gabriella Fregona and Alexa Sedgwick and Assistant Photo Editor Kellan Botha for the photography of this year’s candidates; Chief Designer Madien van der Merwe and her team for the design of the edition, as well as Chief Sub-Editor Kaitlin Cunningham, Content Manager Amanda Xulu and their team for compiling the winners’ biographies.