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Whatis Business nglish?

gOws, As th 8loblonomy mpais fon1 dilfrnt ountis inrsin8l hveto Wok, tld nd ommunit with eholher n8lislris often1he ]guag usdf this ommunition, notjustetw \, i,ive.d|5 ot tn8li' bUlbe|wen \ ne.cpop who do t skeahoth's ]nguge, ut spkn8]ish s a forei8n 1n8ua8, Businss glishthfr hlpsbusiness pl wlrlldwidto b b]to trdend wolk togetL Business 8]hin]udes: . th Vobulay whih usinss plus
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Ths inlud bilr8 b]to: . list ad sp k durjn8 nornr]lsinss tivltjs suh s intervjWs,metigs,1]hone vstionso ngolitions .]d b , \ . . l | l | . .e ' i ] . , | p | , d | : ' | . ' in|ormtion On lhe ltellt' t' W | t | U " i e $ p | .l . I I n | 'o | D . s n ' J Witig I lepofls' ]ttIs,mils nd ropos]',

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ortgrmmti|pessio is bomin8 mornd rnreimportt 'or sussful usinss omuniatjon in ng]ish. The qulitof ompny,s alrdbusinss pson's colmuitions is irsin8ly sns rfltiOn of th qulitof the omny' its rodulsor sevi s ad thewokofits enrp]os.

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Busiess glishvou]ay is th Words d hses whih atlowusi s s o pl to ommunit out mttes, Within Businss ng]ish, it is 8nrllsinss possib] 1lrspei]is muhfuthI' forxamplenglishl BkiD8' n8ljshfor ketig br 8lishfr ine' Business nglishis ]sssp ilisedthn lhis nd tnsto vthmi gneral nedsofb0siess, the thnlh verytehnil sp ilistions,

BusineSs topis
B!s]nss regnel]y irer s t d in business.rltd op] tois'ndusinssng]ish llowsthmto Idhoutnd disuss thestoisilr g]ish. Thy a dwhat is bingWritten in lhebusj s s stions ofnWsppersj lhey n edd disuss th 1atestids omingfom
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up to dtwjth tlr ]atst tnds' brrsinss t hniqu s , inovtios d dev]opmnts in thebusins5 wolld,

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Businssvblr\ry in Uslntrmdiat


ambnd8 Ditionry

Wht is Usiness n{r rsh?

Theworking day
Getting started
1 Readtheintrodutionsnd wr;tthe orretfirst nmes onthergnigrmbeloW. ,NnmeLei|. lv]Yjob isto nrke surettrattlre gWnl r00u

,l' Jen l,m reC]Jtmetnd

,|'m Kevin' Ihve qener| resp0sibiIity trth etire 0many.

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dtesnnq {inding


2 . . . . . .... . .... . . . . D t e w Assistnt nging Diretor 4............A . .s .a . .a .. d. FinDirector 5............. S.m . . i.t .h .... |vIketing 0iretor

,,,,',,,',,,'',,,' Ytes s|s Diretor

Gree . ...',-.,,,',.,,,''.,,,, pmet ge and Devejo Feah

7',,,,,,,,,',,,.','',.and 8,,,,,,,,,,,,. , ' ,o , ,r,t,e . L, mn Resoules nge Produtio |\,nger 9 , , , , , , ,,,,' , . ,', Ry Ac!ntnt

10 heworkig dy

|fyouresti|| 2 lf youreWorking'te||yourprtnerboutyourjob. your artnerabout studying,think bout someoneoU know and te|| box. thirjob,using the hrses in the Usefu||nguage

Desribingyouriob 'mthe ',, (]ob tit|e)at ',, (mpan) resons bi ty s to ,, M]ob/

deartments ompany

Lok at the |istof deprtmentsin omany {-h)and read eop|e'ssitutions(1-6) be|ow Dide Whihdeprtmentehers shou|dsktoseakto Whenphonjng you eed. the mn'here are more departmentsthn
ith l l is mrkeling eutivewho lras rivd svr]oml]tstom !stom s otlt fult god5. z Dvies nsultntwh th1ksh hs t pjd fo invoie, Fie hs jlrst rivd th lsults ofsom laomty tsts On possib]nw odut, who iltr s tedin wolkin fol the omy, s s]atIjs sl s euti\, as srtrynd sh hs pbLIWith h s vas Woks in th ompn 5

Telrnil suolt e sles f rketing nd 8 Reseh lr Ploduti

th omny's in stoking 6 tilris t ail wh is itsted oduts,

PersonIssistts ing Listen

nybusy pople hve a persona|assistantor .PA. Work in pairs and mke |ist of t lest threethingsyou think PA does' YoU are goingto heran interviewWitha PA WhoWorksforthe diretorof aV hane|. Whih ofthe followingdo oU think ou|dbe part f herjob?
u,.swe,i. e||e|q ]i(ig, o,|P

bookin8fli8hts ookin8taintikts spri]vnts o ordintin8 lookin up iIo J

= = L ] L ]

piont]s]g ppointmnts tkignotsin meel]i8s tkighoells Wl, or i 8 vi'i|o|'

Listento thefirst art ofthe interviewtosee ifyou were right. questions(1-6)nd match them with orret rep|y(a-0. 4 Read the fo||owing wokin? ---=\ l Whtkid of atmosphdoyox job] you you lik estaout 2 Wht do 3 n$|'oyo|||l|', a orgnistionis th mostimotnllhing, vu n uI lot oIplssureto mtd.l]ins, ||,.,"]L',q), d Yes,w gtOnvrwl], ael, e Bj8 PA is Vlub] ],"vrkwjtlr, i The pop]

) \-,

4 Do olr have 8ood working eltioshiWith ou oss? 5 Wht kind of qu]itisd ylru think a PA eds? 6 Do yo! hve alry wods of ouagmtfo who is thinking ofbmin8 a PA?

Listento the rest ofthe interviewnd hek your

| k i np go n t
Work in pirs' hoose four q uestionsfrom the interview to sk your prtnerabouttheirjt,'

day 11 heWkin!

hngig |aces
Ifilmdi diflt RelitTv is whrI a L eo] whe glu of o l is ,'sthtrr situtions, Whodo ot know hothIhvto liv togth opL grous' 1 Disussthese questionsin sm|| . D you know a],othImls ofealitvV? . What do ou think ot it] withoutusinga Red thertile belowquik|' ing of Whatit ditionary t gt gner|undrstand skmm/g nd is very usefuIin is about.his is ||ed Whn environment a work ou hv a lot of text to the tet' you n have skimmed read'Afterou decide ifou are interestedin readingany s ofit in moredtai|' thetetnddeidedwhih Whenuhaveskimmed sentencesor argrphs ou Wou|dIiketo red again in mredetail,otl need to be ablefind them

quik|. Lookingthrougha text forthe keWords you Whih are interestedin is a||edsig heIrtChanging Places has four thetetnd Writetheprgraphnumberswhih ta|k aboutth fo||owing.

. Dnk]Gn . ]xJ ill8s 4 scan th trxt aginto see if the fol|owingsttements are true rfa|se.For eah statement, oll Willneedto hek two aragrphs' Donld isDer 1 H o s foma flh {Inily, '4q,, 2 n ook pns. Ooms up to ]s h sussIull 3 I t]reoglmm'
| |. . n " \ 5l" i"J.|,Il,]"|'5

4 lle is thinkig oI akig diIf nt Iso esl]onsibl | | |ll,lni qn"I ri|', In.oIde

1 o n y r i t i s d i s L ] k e r o l i t V u t o n e s h o w w hh i .o hs'-e is lronging rviews very fovo!rbLe reeived moin ide is simple' oketh hiel.ltive offier of omoy ond put him orherin Lheosition oone of Lhe omolow end wrkers. 2 DooLd iser is the o of th Asoion hoin of hteLsin Ausrolio,His omilhve been hotel ownersfor in the three generotjosond ore ne of the WeLthiest ntheprogrmme,wesee Austrlihotelindustry ook ond Leoner Dnold isnerwrkig os o beo]a Wh]lesupew]sorsmon]torhis e tmn' noLinqn He hos sne triumhs,iL]stl!e,ln Lhek]then, m]stokes, oks severolookes'for emp e, nd, he suessfuLL os housekeepei he mokestheeds oetLyhe rest of his housekeeing'howevei is noto suess's h fo]Ls to lennyroonrs t the omponyeqrllrdstndlds. . e|-i.<Upa A' |-'do||ap.oq|rfo. tokig hirn roomt room' oint]ngout h mrstkes. hi o steok lrs l ]ennings runs o suessful for dmonding repltotion lnn' Hehs Woside oLld ' o t o o d ' d i ' | 1 . e ' r n s t bo, q o|iq 1 n | Vr'henh honqesLes with sorn ofhis stft we see him fojl o numeroftosks in the reslouront,As Woiterl he ont]nu orqetsto osk Ustomers how the Wnttheirsoksto be done nd mies U the orde onrplly Whe he hs to servefive tlrlesotthe someLlme. A lew minutes loter Wh his tie bomes disosLerstrikes ouqhtundeth dnnks on o toLhe net doy' Whe hetokes |hele of the ook' his s!ervor mokes him rdo severolof thestks' 4 Nowthottheir ePerienis over, ny ol mo|nq o r t h L t o s L h n k L n q he onswe is tt the lrody hnqes7 hve,,'We hve oied out severl hges'lik srt]ngth knive' forks nd soons'to mkeiteosier Mr for the erso who Woshesthe dishes,,,sos ,'Wele olso r d esiqnin9 the stffuifoms,' ]enings, /]r ]snerfuUd|he eerieneven rnore of shok' He ntonlmking hngesin is htels,like the of leonig polion who ordsnew suLies mterioL' butheolsown t reote ho'gl'q doy tllAsolon Hte so thot tl senir mnogmento go through o simitorross'

dy 12 heWrking

siox utives to wOrks 5 Wouldnot]ikotlr la s, .. .. Alex Jnnings in hjs rstaurants, imPortnt 6 e b]i v s qu1itis 7 hs goodski]lss lviter to th uiIoms thtstIfwr, 8 mkin8hn8es 5 Disussthse questionsin sma||groups' . Wht dOOuthink aboutaving hans?ng Pl.res dy? . Wouldit b 8oodidinu ompnOrleof studyl

Prsentsim|e r|sU]ly


Note:soe vbsnot usullyusdj th ontinlro beause thyt]kboutsldles'not tions'..l,dnl, t pr||s, l think' sh th! liks,|1) koa, I Li!'

Worksho Grmmr
PresentsimpIend presentontinUoUs
Youuse thesetsimle to talk outhbitsnd oI ltsuallytu , thigsthtrolL,dys Al JniLgs tuns a h,lin of stk brs, ljt,] { dosthis as tol everydy ()f n: ,oes he n ft ai stakbrs| tio Qus e doesn'.un haiaf stakbrs ' Negtivei

2 Complete this intewiewwith Donald Eisner by puttingtheverbsin braketsintotheorretform, using ithelthe presentsjmp|eor th prsent ontinuous' sometimes you need to usethe questionor negativeform, work in 1lthes ItIviwer s' now yu.veepind hot l jos,Whjh ja | 49a-n!,-dillent (],ou think]is th mostdiffiult? llouskIs 2 .'' inr i thik husekepin8, The ]so3 ,,' ined]so muh gy' mostofth tim Woking [send] s it a veylon]job, thms]Vs' in our Interviwr 4,'' ,,, (ouak] y hngs hotnow? We s ,,, (rcview] th Oliy isneI Ys,eti], lh lnin8 equipmt' The onwho ods (not 6 ,,' WoIk)vey sstem sent We 7 '' ,,' tlslook) t ffi]tl. ubr oi olherlrot l olii s ' ."io \^.i 8 o|h| Itviw l)u \^d,l uljvs to hv th ft8i8PLcs xperien? good]eIning ie' isner Bause it,ssLrh (emind] utlvs that It9 '' ]wys haveffets mg m tdisions o|stff,xeutives ft on oth rmbers (noi lise] what thseffts . l0 ., 3 Writefive setensaboutthings whih hppen or re hapeningin ourmny or p|eof study' usingthefollowingtimeexpressions. v r y month 2 v r y yr l w y's ' ,,' ,, ,,' 3 ..' 4 Atth lomnt ,,'' ,,, ,,', 5 This month 4 Work in pirs.Rad yoursentencesto eh otherto see if ny ofursntenes mtch your prtnr's. dy 1 heWorking

whih retuon]yilr tlrispriodoItim,o a whih is ntomltd, oss lrc are rdsigning th stff l1iforns(Thisis t o]yin this priodoftime,] unifns? Qustion:re tfty edesi8ning th st.I|[ Ngtivi /.eyren't .edsigning th stff (Folmd with amlisld.e + rdsi1iL /ru1king, t.) .| Dividethe time phrases in the box be|owinto tw groups to show ifth are used with the present simoIeor the presentontinuous.

,. l .e resenl onli|lUou ,o lJlk oUl lL| 'g

a|Ws Urrent
genra|l often loda

int me att]e moment ttns moment everymntn veryWeek

F\AJ sometmes thisweek never thisrnonth twicea rnonth

Gorporate ulture
Gettig staed
1 Redthefo|lowingdictionrydefinition.
orpolte cultu]e . ', the vlus' btifs and tadiios in ompany whih jnfluen the behaviur of iis stff' It impoltnt forjoh-sks t kow bout th lture of an ogaisnonefoe


Work in pirs nd disuss the fol|owing. tlow do yu thilrkultues mt e diffeet i diffeletomnis] onsid[: ttle]atinshi twn ol]gu s ompny trditios how th slffdss how theoffiespeis ognised,

ILP|.jIiorhIo b l W e P, ' l " l l n d m i d 8 e m e . I

Corporate ulture
g Rea din

3 Discussyouridesin pirs.


What kind of ompany cultune rould suit you?

sEloN A 1 | Jike t8kingtime t hve ht WithoJlegues even ifthis mens seding moetime t Wok.A/D 2 |tnie Wheeo|e t Wokce|ebte bithds o , sei|osions.A/D ] pefepeop| to fix time to met me thethn ometo moffi m desk t ntime,A/D 4 |dot ]ike Wokjng in an openspeWitheveoe's desk ]nthe sme e' l Wokbettein n offieof 5 ]|iketut photosnd Pesona|objets in my Wokse' A,/D

|fIdisgeeWithmyboss, |an te]JhjmlheA,/D I Ipefeto ee]ve fom|eot boutmWok, notJUsisU| ommentsA/D I Whe mboss gVes me somthingtodo, i|iketo get deti|ed istuinstht |n f||ow, A/D |timpotntfometofue|lm invo|ved in th deision.mkig A,/D orss t Wok, 10 A pn shou|d hvestnddoedues nd mutfo||o .]tnesWhich oliiesthteverye hageWithpeopIe,s silutiOns esonlitirs, /D

1 1 A ompn must kepup With the times.A/D 1 2 l eedto tke on h||egest makenjob inleesting. A/D 1 When |nig a stteg, it is Usefu|to|ok t Whths Woked We|| i the pst, A/D 14 A ompn shou|d be poudof itstditios. A/D 1 5 rn||y' Whihofthese povebs d oupefe? ett sfethn so, Nothingventued, gined, nothig

rorte u|tUre

Add up our sores for setions A. E}nd.

setionA 1 A_1 2 =1 D=O D=O

4 =o


ouest ons 1 t 5 e 8bo!t Llre|toshjpWth o||egues, A se oi higheth8n 2 suggests t|rtyoLl ike to Wokf omnWheem|yees fiends nd nt|kout peson|mttes,A soe f2 o |ess means thtou efeto kr you Wk|ifeseat fom oupeson|lfe.

With1rr Guestons 6 t 1o aboutoUeltioshi mnages A s.oe f highethan 2 suggests yU |ikto Woki m3n!1rhee o]sbetweenmngesnd staff e fe b]e,A soe f 2 o |ess mas tht oU ke to Wokin comanWheeo|hav |e drfined oes and thee s mre distnebetwenstff nd setion ,\1 =,\ 12 A=] 1 A=o 14 A=o 15 =o D=o D=o D.] D_1 =1 ouestins J 1 to 15 bolrtotr ttitudeto.dtion, A soneof highethn 2 mens yu ike to Wokin a omanWhjh v|Ues new des nd tke seious jsks' A se f |essth 2 means oUefethe srUityof omnwith stgtaditis,

I A=O D=O 1O A=O D=.1

yoursoresWith 3 ompare a prtner to see if ou would|iketo Work inthesmesortofolganisation.

2 Find adiective'.noun o|lotions in the quizWith these menings. t th orma] wy of doi8somthi8 2 .in t,le sores4ndlysis,)big dn8r you my wntto eod moethntwo sometimes you mightddthe vsthtoftn wods. Foexmple, gofoedietive-noun l]oations. The ol]otion r,ide 48e is often peeddby the verbs offe' or pfovid. Wt vrbs would ommoly ome beforc t}letwo you fudfor qustios djtive-oun o tios 1 d2?Lookinth quiz t find out. 3 NoW usetheseverbs (,1-7) nd nouns (-g)to mke You an usesomeofthe ommon o||otions. Wordsmorethnoe' Useditionryif neessary I p 2 pool t
rcah 7 om up wlt f 8 youfull t tial

Vobu ary
Whn rrordig vou1Jy, it is ot lws nou8h to writ down sinl words' It is muh r usful to hs rr eodwhih words r oftn usd togthr. alled .ollodrio,,Usulty the words from pts dilIent of sph. like theseeveyuseful: veb-noun oilotions llnhapdut fcltttafget 1 Looktthequestinsin the orporate u|turequiz gin. Find verb-nounoIloafionswith these meanrngs. l 2 3 4 5 tikjfmal] mkn ppointmnt thinsstob modrn hn8 1(r do somthing diffiu]l ge didethwy t do something in th futur

haa?h,t ,

b meetjg d

(tosomthjng] ttenti

Therothertpeso[ol]olions like these:


w onLugehi q1Iit sles incfesith sumln-


(1-6) 4 DothesmeWith theseadjetives ndnouns (a-0.Agin, youanusetheadiectives morethan

w offq awi.I funge of Th afkt is epllilL svis. E1ickl. veb-dveb stLff t aLlaud to d|ss sl1II, 1 have ta wok clasl uith n o|I2aus-

2 rwding
3 ]ose


d pIt ship

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Ut!r orporate


produego{rds o]mrrs .n intentionl omnyWho fothnot p d mput mkt, pulishd They hv the followin8sttmnloI thiroorte ultue o theiwebsit ,

Voabu ary
1RedthestatementndUnder|inetheol|oatiosyoumadeinthe|stexerise'(Ifanyofourco||otions do not apear in the tet,they re probb|y orret,but hek them Withyourteheror a ditionary)

Pop|e tlk lot boutororte uLture thesedys but t olmus Werellypy attetion to it. Wirnto offerpeo1 haLlnging nd rWarding Workin a plsnt nvilonment, Emloees dresssully o days Whn there i5 no ustomer ontt andthish|ps to reat a fliendltrnoshere. DeveLoping nd rnaintaining lo5ertnerships With our stomers is one oithe keysto our suss. our ustomels ppleite thtWotrerh;ghqulit priesnd a highleveLof t omptitive roduts ustorner r'hey relon us to omeu With solutios foltheir needs' ndofours, ustorner ar is notjust aboutexternalustomers' |ti5 lso bout howWelelteto ehotherndWlktogethr to pool We lso Wolkin loseontt Withother0|yrnpus mp|oyes round World. his intertjon the retes manopportunities to trveLnd to lealnfromothr or.i(es' We ll'qe ,|.| oJl mo| vd|| dbIP rerou. is oul emplyes. his is WhyWestrongly support the professionl and peonaldevLopmnt of our stff throush Wo*shops, lssesndshortourses. We im to hlpllouremloyeesleh their fullptential' oL]r magement style is opndoornd stffhve aess io mngement t al|levels t Lltimes. We ride ourse|Ves on ourgoodommunition. Weholdquarterly meetings Where emLoees an utforWrd nnew ad We hve rgulromrnUnition metings roosls to inforrn employes aboutll omny tivities. |short'olmpusi5 gletleto Wolk.

01ourse, wht mny sayslroutits oort ultru not wht hpp D s in li|| You r goingtolr two olympus enloyst]king outh8 s to th pnsioshm in thioInpny'

012 Listentothe reordingagain and Writedown three mor verbs Whiho||oatewithmeeiing. Work in pi nd describe these emloyees' attitudetowardsthe ompanytheyWorkfor

t is noi neessaryto understd everyWordof the ovorsation' onentrate ontheinformaio Whjh is '?rortt, ln this cme' istenfol the opositoof the Uiure

Describingattitudes r atttudeto theompan thinkthe is Very Wfin thinkthey sound ethusist abUt theoman the o me' theseemveryd ssat sf ed Wth thr olorte

r 1 Look bk at the o|ympus ulturestatement, then Iistento the onversationand answerthis question' . Wht prtsot th ultursttmnt nottu , h t( mnlnwAAt?

hesoLnd angry about thehanges


coroate U|ture

Askigfor informatio Spking

1Looktthe|istofquestionsbe|ow.FindfivairsofquestionsWhihhvethesmemening. You willbe |eftwith four questionsWhihdo not form a pir Writethe questionsWiththe same meaningsnext to eh thr in the table be|ow, What,sthe mofyour oma? What Ieo! studyin8] Wht do you hopeto do in th futue? Wht do you ejoyboutour job/studies? Whttimed o! strtnd finishwork? ] DOyou d maydifferenllhinssin youwok/studis QuestioA ||hat'1th namofur cmPan? muhin urjob] Do you trVl d Whl e1]y you do] Whteyour lnsfothe futuri Whteour workin8hus] Who do you wokfI? Whtdesoujobinvo]ve? QuestioB

fa|? Who dou|,/ark

thn ask three 2 Work in pairs.hoose three of the questionsfrom xerise 1 to sk youl prtner, morequestionsof your own. Flemembertthinkbout Whetheryourpartneris workingor studyingbefrehoosing your qUestions. -6) and the |istof resons (a-f). ake it FIeadthroughthe |istof questions(1 Work with a prtner. inturnsto sknd answerq uestions.When nswering,hoose a reasonfrom the box and dd e,?her notherreasonor more deti|ofyourown. hous? sfudtA ]s it t otffleilrle for wokigpents it a good1hin8 so staffhavfmi]yommjtmnts, studetB Yes,bus hi]d, Whnedto orsnise l 2 4 5 6 ho rs? |r a oma to offefleibte l5 it impotnl giv thirown wolksp? f a oma to mp]oyes ls it imotnt ss f thiemp|oyes] fo a omaytopvideInterlrt it impotnt t its emp]oy s] fo a omy to oflertrining it impotnt Withdifft tsof op]? to hav Wo.kfor it imporltflr onra whl its mploys a w] fo orpn to haveuls out Is it impotnt b d e f ims this pItofth ol's diffrelrt opleingdiifertids somstIfhvefmi]ymmitmnts staffed pleto leavunfinishdwok n dvlo staffedtofeLthy ndto looku iniomtion stffsomtims

Ut U Oroie



Gompay history
Getting started
HoWo|d do you thinkthese ompaniesre? ry to math each on Withthe dt it ws set up.

LeviStruss& Co.

4 197


1 1865 2 1886 3 190

1 Look atthe verbs (1-6)nd nous (-0 be|ow.Find eightverb-nouno||octions' likthe ones in Unit2. YoU an use some verbs and nounstwje. l set up .-\ an Wrd \\2 lunh usinei( 3 odut 4 Wi 5 e n lvetising mp]8n 6 nrhit 1 thrsidy/djrtoship generalideof what it is about'hoose the best title for the artilefromthe fo||owing nd ir|e1,2 or .

2 skim thetext about Lvistrauss &o. quiklto get

ompare your ideas Wjtha rtnerndthn chek with yourtehet Wou|dyou preferto Workfor ompny with |onghistoryor newmpny?
1 ow did th ompay b g in? Lev stlUssws bom in Bvrjn ,]829 butWhenh ws ]7' he nd hisfam e]igratedtth Ue s A , I n] 8 5 ,h e s e t Uphis f rst|othing businessin Bttry street,san Frnciso some ers|t.' Levi ree]ved elter flm
l Lvi strUss & o,: strnge bg]ning 2 Levjstruss &o,:thstory fthi suss l L v i struss& ,: th]ropay stUtLu

prtnhipnd begn]n rodUction ]87' At thttimr,the troLrsers Were 2 ow did they cotiue fte.

thm.he rodU]g

Lev stUssdied]n ]902,but h]s nhews hertd the om ny and aried on the business'l 19]5' they W o n n a w r d fothil,ver||s t a,n |nternation ehibtinin sn Frniso, her W s b r i e f d e | i i e is n e s dulingthe,]90s deression' bUtthe omp6 ny ontuedto rid duing the fo owingdedes n ]960' they iin ystpPdus igthe nme,over||s, n 200'th omp ny e ebrted the ndstated nlg t h e i l t r o u s e r s ' j e s ' , ]50thnnvelsr f its foundng nd ,]0th the annivrrsry of bIUe]ons, Wy were they o scssfu|? he re ne ofthe b gqests!ess one reswhythe omnygrewso s t o r e si n t h e I o t n h gb u sn s sW t h rpo]ywsthatthy spenta |otof nmthl s knownwor dwide,

moneyo d v e . t sn g v i n t h i l e d dys,Lev strUss& o, ranstrong 6dVeis]ng mPaign foltheir rod!ts' W trl Hs,Whotookovel the resdnof the omny ]928, mdr surethttheame ,,Levistuss & o , ' W s | W yo sn p o s t e l s d b ]brdstrthe dvefiisd on th rdiond in ]966,they mdethe first L e v i s t l U s& s o,ryommri, |n ]985,the aLrnhed theirfmous | undletteommelil n Whiha yUg mantksff h]sjens]n UbIi aUndrette nd Utsthm in th Wshing

18 ompyhistory

workshop Gramml h e a s ts i m p | e
1li tlr st simpletns, ThvIsin th txtnr] ,1 ed the second pragrhof the tet gin nd deidewhihWoofthefo||owingstatementsare orret.irIe the orrectsttements. l Youus the stsimpl|ora finishdationi th pst. 2 Youus the stsimple|orn ationwlrihis otyt fiish d , Youusethestsimleif Wsywlretlreti np o. 2 Writethe past sim|eform ofthefol|owingverbs' chekyourspel|ing in the text ifyou,re not sure.

questions P a s ts i m p l e
r Pst sim] qu s tios using most vbs fomd with dld p]us thevI i thebse frm: I1o11] did th olpalry bgin? (Th ompa bga ..,) I{ow did th ollnu r Lui's dath? (I| olxillud -,-) r Past siml qustins with t,dsle a foned by inveflin8 th v nd subjet: lvhy e.e the} so sxessr/? (ThY ur so slISSfLlL bL|s,,') wh |r.s th bn| dIin in solS? (Thr u,s a nf dLirL,t sdles lre.aus ,,,]


5 he answersto the q uestionsbe|owarea|lin the Lvi struss &o' text.sthe pssagetofind the informtion' then writethe missingquestionsin the pst simple. LY! 9'raqp9:9,f,aniJ anig?t !|at!1 U5? 1 W!E|] |tri1 Wlr h ws sveteen,

Work Witha prtnerand nswerthe fo||owing questions. to tlr slligifthevIhs one Wthpns sylLble ndndsiD onvowelad osot? ifthvb edsi Whatppens to the s]lin8 |r. Writethe pst hefo||owingverbs re irregu simp|eform.chekyournswers in the text if you're notsure.

2 I Bv.i.

... .. ..

In Bttery stret'snFriso'

] 1873.

begin In 1966. gow

7 ... ... ... .. .... . . Thir t 50th nnive[sry,

Phpsbeus of thi stogdvtising.

h story t9 orniy

Hongdou Reding
elolvyou Wi]L fid n Iti]e aboutonsdou' a hins ]othing ompy ,1 skim it one quik|y'Without stopingto |ookup new vocabulry t get gnr|ideof its ontent'

ompany bckgroUnd
n q d oG ur! ] s W e | | . k n 0 W hn inese mauftur oe fc r | o t h i nb ga ' srd ] nJ a n q s U pr0vie'h er r e t r cu ds entis l\,4 Zr h0! Hij]ag'

t'l.hhinsarat6wlisP]lout t ar llo,8doa litIlly mean rel i,ea,' lio,gdo! ks ost lines PoPlthn* ofPoPu].r pom y the g D}nsty Pot' Wng Wi ]]d ia's si or l,o'es'.t'.ss, ]n th poem' I1agdor a symo] of lov nd 2 ow fol onsumrs in in today' th wod tloflgdo' ]so hs othI ssoitioDs' lt also th nm ofo of the most rstd loting nds in hia. Their in Prduts rsuits'shirts'jkets, trnd r waand li]dlns loths, ]n 1994, the gornmnt nmd tIongdu s ne of hi toP tn lmous rnds and i 2004'th omPanywon lational 3 Th uInt hana! of Hongd! GIouP is I Zhou ]iji, Th orPygn i te ommu!t ef whn Zou 8adfathest uP otton mil] in 1957. ^f!r fw nroths' th iol omnt ofli]ls 4 T ompany grdu]ly mPd vated' In 1992'the Zhou fmjlyand othe gied mor thn 50 Pr nt ownrshiP of tlr ompny, Zhou Yaotin8positi s a membrofte ntiolal ongrs h|d With this h o]dslyfindly Ps us with 1o] govlnmtuthoritis. In 2004' th sovrnmnt so]d j|s lst shrsin HoDs.lou ald in tht sm yr' Zhou ijing took ov. th .hairmn. osit]on fordhim to jo]a togthiwith two 5 Hongdou loting usally attts othr siilt oprtinst eate a th middle agdmfiket ut noi thy statwned ut]v' r Zhu did ar tying to t ioths whih svn ya6 ]ar lio rtig in aPpal!o th youngroDsum.They otton dust, ut ] l98, his son' hv lsd th po sta Jff hang in ZhouYoting'tk ovrtopiatio som of lhir dvrtmets to give f the ompny,Tis w a Priod th ompary a yngnng. The feoomigrowtnd th ornpany omny hs num of lotnnig eg to xpnd, h urct hinsottsid hina s jts ustome' hirmn'Zhou iijiang' n th tird d hoPs t iand its ov.scs gtion son, 8e !P his jo s a mtktfurthr,lvIr Zho! mition ltur t ehi UDivrsit).to join th to mk oDgdou one of th woiid's top 1othigrad5.

Bj8 b]to idntil th subil of ra8lph wi]l hl you a1wrk or with yustLrdis,You Wi]l e abl to lot th ri8h1le in te( fid out o about somlhntg lvhjh i restsyou' 2 he rti|ebot]t Hongdou hs five prgrphs, Wrjte aumber (1-5)i the boes to show Whih information ech paragraph ontins'

4 NoWredthose prgraphsmor s|ow|yandnumber the fo||owing events in th rret order (1-7i'

Zhou aiii8 bn1himan ofth ominy. b
7nrr ]iiijo c or r..lfii .l .l

Th stattook ovIowslrj ol1heomn-v' Zhou iji8.s ithbgn rUnningthe grndfthI ZhOuriij]g's ga ottn oP1lo' 0sslg st.t owshi f teompn fl]below50 Zhou ijingbgnt Wokfolth ompn,

a b d e

Th rrly listoy ofth ony h ompn,s mrke .1.h orprr's suss Th origjnfthe m!ny'snm Th rovmnt wylomsttownshi

|fyouon|y wanted to knowaboutthehistory ofthe youndto omn' Which twoparagrphsWould read? 20 Orpayhistory

Workin pirs.el|our prtneraboutthe historyof a omanythat ou know.(lfou do not know ne wll enough,yourteherWi|lgiveou some notes.}

Rowntree Joseph


Work in airs' oneofou should |ooktthe information on ge 106.Ask be|owand the otheratthe informtion our prtnerqUestionsin the st simpIe,using the qustionwords in brakets'to om|etethemissing student A begins' informtion.

bkgroud Comay
fmi|strtd Wnlree mad nf c tinryrduts,he nglnd,h y r ]n the1gth entury]nYork, thecrp ofthe Nest| Grou, now rt
mnWho afmus owtrceWe


o b]egk! qvc llov o it qt!

Ktbr]n, .,, R W n t r c ' s f s t ] l J n h e dK tt h Rowtr hooioL itWs a d (Wh4,tthatt]e , (Whnl) the narto Kit Kdt in he hanged Th nm pobbyamefrom ,,,' (Wh],|tik Ian foe ]t ea] Rownt 5 ,, ,, ' ' , ('|1av| ng s ganfo the podutw5 Whdt he]rfrst advtis eedhydotdthe s ogan'Hve o otpeo1 brokHoVotKdlin,,' .. (l4/helrl, hVea|Ways ten rd andwh]t K1Kat WaPs th WraPerto xet in |945 Whnthy hangd b!eone,ThisWsbeaus',,' .,', (whl

L|sen g
th Rowte' Youwi]lheapt| iturcboutJsh diret of thmpan. oig]nal 1 Work Witha partner Read the |eturenotes below. Numbers_6 |istbenefitsfor m|oyees'Disuss whatou thinkthe missing benefitsoutd be.

3 + waflers l.109.1,-' fu ia Ba1. L , , -' a+ woYY'e N1rwer iifaaLed +Y 'n* aasL|' Rwa+ree i'^"+'n"

Polo: . I -. mint
shpedmi.ts Were ]edLfesVers he ongin|ring t J s A ] n ] 9 ] 2 , h e y l n d m eo n t o t h marketinthe wer not suess t f rst beLsthey |osttheir aolt month Hwevel NobeandA||en. f|vourfter to so|veths probem by men' managed tlvodvrtislng Aftrthis' L/iesavers hnqi.gthe b/peof kging, m nts beamevery opLr|ar he rod!t firctpperedi the UK n 19]9, Attirst theyWeresuessfu buttheirpuritydeliedduring the1930s Poo mintst hen' in ] 948, Rowntree'sintrodued s]ognhe the UK market'hey used the dveitising nint with th ha\e' whi,.heame ne of th bst knwn sIogsin the oUntry,

4 ,-' '

|1 ade| + ste++
1 \s | I e





,o"'xnt |vc LofuP..,t.


NoW |istenfor the ke fts and omp|etethe |eture

omnY histOry 2,|

1... .. ..

Getting strted


Look t the information on the omputersreennd |be| (1-6) the items with six ofthe words from the box betow.

aess taskbar serh engne pge hoe ]ntenet securt keWorl |ods/down|oads on ine Websiteddess NoWomp]etethe definitions(1-)using the othrWords in the box. 1 .,, ,,prod!tsadsis b rughtvrthe]ntm1, 2 Ifou omputr fiie,you n onilnd dit. 3 When ifomtioD movsiomthlternet to ouromul, lr ...


* .' ",^. "..;

Compy websites Reding

1 Work in pairs.Look t the fo||owing piees of advie (1-9)boutWhatmakes good websitend discuss the followingquestions.
Whih giv ood advi fOdsi8nin a wbsite, do you thinki Whih don't gi\,ehe]fu]d\,ii uIoinin?

he nVi8t]on ofourWes]t shor.r d b 5 possi|, sim|e as ksLrre l|the Uttons re|er|y |e |edndiwys rlke ]ter hoWto bk to the p8e, home set 2 Don't onthhomeP8e, Plt |otofinfomrt]n
5 {]5 s|sh ttrt thevisitol,s 82to

6 UPdt theWsite e8u|I]y, 7 ry ndputson ommenfrom stisfied

Ustorers nthsit'|fyou 8tthir ssion, ofthenr es]d their Perm Pui Photos ommnts,

ttntion nd8etthenr ]nterested,

HUnoUr e 8oodW ofmkin8youl Website differnt f ror omPtitorsl oL.rr Use]ntrest]n8 |ike f|ashin8ttto 8Ihis ttrt theVisjto/s ttent]n,

to! reexPetin8 Visito.s lromoveesto yoursite, onsdl inUdin8som trns|tions oftheimPott P8s, et yourWebsit listd on themjor srh ngines dhek Ie8U rlto mk sule yoursite is stiIthr,

Glossr ln(rutsotlon:th Wyoffindins youwy und thsjt ,splsft pse n intodutory whih weloms th vitor hut dOs ot8ivdti]ed infolmtion, 8 22 he |nternet

eorts logtils, tha8lps pr8ph, l somtts,lik usinss yu wnt, find thllrfnati This mkesjt esjrtO ottnhYhdigs. With headings' hekthe beIoW isdividedintsixsections, 2 herti|e rti|eto see Whih iees f dvie (1_9)from xrise1 on page 22 r wherethe dvice ppears in the box Writethe argraph|etter in|uded. inthe 1. |ftheadviceis notin|uded in xerise nexttothepieefadvice artiIe, or the artiieleommendsthe oosite,put (l) in the box. sometimes the text ma on|agreewithprt of the advie'

You hv lI. dy .tised skiDnrin8 text to idDt]ty the 8enl toi oi .h

Foreh iee of dvice'de dr Whh hen readjust headngto ook Under, o fnd som ofthe dvie' thatst on, for speifi Words and n ook ou page,for phrses(forearnp e' ,sp|sh nUmlrer)'

thsdys. usiess ds Wesite vry Hee, ]msKerroffrrs fewtips on how to ustomers to Use. mkeourwebsiteesy{or
A lNDINGYoURWAY ARoUND f hsto be esyto vi8te, Filstof l ' goodWesite qu]k|, Wnt theyn eVe Whtthey Visitors n,tfi jlrst Wesite With few|iks of ndgto omPetitol,s the mol]se, l\,4ke surthtoulhome8edirtsvsit dre|er to Where thyWnt to gndthtthe L'Uttons Visitol myentr]n the midd|e Remenbertht llled, how,8e]to\ehon Dd8P |ed| o| ll-P( |.o nJl'e:( llonnPoint, b is Use friend|y YoUnhekWhethryourWesite thrL8h it see ifthennVigl inv]tin8 n outs]delto GRAPHIS ndth o|our ofyoul tg\t hoosth k8round dif{iU|ttorthe D,t L]se o|oursWhih n rcfu||y, F|sh]ngor White teton 8rybkground, eys|ik to the yes, ls |soilitting spiningtet WA o PU |N,WAo LAVE oU |Ltteed' YoUr home8eshou]d not|ooktoo YoUr ot nme,o8o'|oiin nd r desriPtion omp,s pdUt seruies is usU|lynoU8h, or oUt


to o Let fewommenlsfrom lt ne 8ood]d.. prm]ssion to Postthm ndskthe]r stisf]ed ustomrs p8 or sti1, W||, Photos of Ustomers on the home 5 however' renotrommened, homeP8simPl]5tht hm]n rcson forkepingthe j|rst quikl, Photos and8immiksor thism.s ]tWlLLlod to Wil|Use th P8etoLod infrmtion too rnUh gtoled, mouse theyWil |ikthe slowy difVis]tors go e|sewnr, n fetule ,splsh som Wesites ge'toWe|omethe Wste oitime. V]sitortoth site'ulthesrUsUL| Wi|| ometo yoursiteto Iindsp]fi fulost v]sitors nother yr informtion nd sP|sh P8eWilljUstrete theyWnt, efl/ven themdthe lnformtion leyn8et bestVided, nlLy, ttmpts thUrnLrre kfir ndVIs tors Utthey nLso thevisitor's ttntion them, mynotLrndetnd fm ovess

vls|oRs D ovRsAs
lefourt]mes more hsshown thtustomrs Reseth U Prod!tonlinifthe slteis in thilown |ikelyto your l]stomers to 5s |nguge, lf yourexi|8 of the it isWofth trns|t]g some s]te irn fod' P8es oJversion ofthsite,However, orevenret]g 8e of issues to thtthele re Who|e remember overses Ustomr' legrd to hr8ingthe onsidrWith hf8es, rtendhnd]]ng suhsthehnge sAR NG|NS getting it |istd is omPted'it isWorth on oLl Wesit suhs ltvistndoo8|e' the mjofserh engines Howvel, itn exP nd yourmIke| h]s nsig]fint|y pessndrquires lotof e tjme.onsurn]ng |f]t ndhowtheWolk, knowled8e outslhengines rc t]medtfouble.there soLrnds ]]ketoo mUh yours]tefolyou, omPnies Whoyoua pyto submit F EPING l uP o DA yourWesit ]skel!Pto dte. ]tis sl in]ly' mkesllre informtion u ssyou hVethe to void time.sensitiv |othi8hin it rc8u|diy, Don'tbeLiketh time1o hn8e Ln the thejlsummruvl store WhoWee st] dvetisin8 midIe f Winter!

The Internet2

'l Find Wordsor phrases in the txt Withthe fo||owjng menings: 5.,|fjr!141
, 8 q ' ' . |o , ooiUlU.U-nr'P'.'l\|.|

1 sto us lstion] 2

05!2 Listentotheseemai|ddresses.sometimestne address in the reordingis extlythe samesn one printedbe|ow, sometims it isn't.circ]es ifoth addresses are tho same or D if they are different.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 sles@tv]onil, bdmurDh!@hotmii,o nt]i,om.aDla t ,l ww1v,\poduts i L\n!r.Pekis@oDid'og,uk sanhez@ntll,ulrv.s ww,"\'.molDdhotel\sn,tios

3 somethi Whihjs usedt ttrt tttio olrb]iity (setilr )

tlve th osit ift fo the you wl]l (setion ]' The osts oftrnspot, dlinistrtion t, whih r xtl to th ost fth 8oods tstjonD), 6 Tkin8 long tim (s tion ]. .,' ,,'

s/D s/D s/D s/D s/D s/D


2 NoW Use voat,U|ry from the exerisebove to om pIetethese sentences. 1 Il's a\ry tr]n.aan9umln6 jo, ut it mustb d, 2 h ompul softwr." designedto h s ,s pssib], He,s8o1somtlhfuDitur in thffi'it looksltl
4I'mot]lyonvindythtp].Ithjki1ould 5 Th bkimposes a ,' of ]'5o/0 on this lnstion, 6 h8in8lhe design o th k8ilr8is just .,' D o y o u e l l y t h i k j tw i ] l j I s s l s ?

sm ofth lngua8e usdin mil5 is th smes the ln8u8 usedi l t ts, Owvel omu1 tehol8 menslh rsomdiffes mlou sl lfor up n utoma|i ply1youmi]' Read the fol|owing sentenes.Put ifthesentene ou|don|yome in n emi|'L if it ou|donly come in a |ettrnd if it ou|dome in both.
l N i e t o h f o r o u , 2 ] tth op ofth llvnt fom' l nlose J opyftlre elvntfom, 4 You equstW5 forwrded to m , 5l'In|id]ouldn.topnthdoumi. B

UsetheWords from xercise 1toWrite three

sentencesbUtyour omanor a omany you knoww||,

4 Work with a prtnr. ke it in turns io red vou, sentenesnd orlet your partners Work,jf

8 Thnkyou fo your rss8e. 1wit]b out of olii from26 to 28 y ilusrv, 9 l m ]sosndinghdop, t0 ] ]Ook fwrd 1rlyourrply,

: i :;: il?':"-.,.*":,":.'l'#i;.,"


Emails Vob ulry

1 ath eh symbo|from a Websitddress (1-6) with its nme (-0. 1@ 2 3 4 b hphn

ni]s n b Wjtth form] on ifrm]stl, Usul]y thyI short nd molik s{rken gljshthn lttrs. FOIi ommunitios suh s Ontts resenl ilr ltlfom use thn d hndwilte sigturs. 1 Mth the vers (,1-10) Withthe moreform|vero (a-j)withthe sme meanig.

tlk otlt

2 4 hlp 5 thiDk bout 6

b tat sorone


t |rks]sh


gI Io8tll

9 t0 8tin touhwith sre



he |nternet

Look at the fo||owing Wysof beginningnd ending emaiIs. Numberah list in ordrof hWforma|you thinkthe t,eginnigs nd edings are (1 = mstformal;4 = |east form|). Now numberthesetwo lists from ,1-5. deendingon how formalyou thinkthe = most expressionsare ('1 formal;5 = leastformal),

gining :oh DeG

digs Yus sinrly l '', ."'" ye rono-

i.lon .,] ' .

Rqusts outa u.,' you,', tse outa E ] worrld begrtful if youoult1 '.
l^ Do you thik you ould, ',

Apologis E t'm sr aout.,, 1wou]d]ikto plo8is fo ,,, ] wutdtiketoffouplogis f.,. t"u"" u.."p. o..'..o*,in."." po]gies fo,.,

s ut.. '

4 e|owyou wi|| find list of phrsesfrom tlvo emi|sbout is quite form| beause it is addlessd to someoneutside the ompany,Whothe Writerdosnot know.he otheris n ;nformi Whothe Writerhsknown for some emiIto ol|egue time' Writethe forma|nd inform|hrases Withthe sme meningin thetble. Foml .o ihe s./zed le fo triiE do [nfonl to ttlLkollt th shda| i"*rg+ t.di.t d you ply LokigfoWId to Hi d ut I ouldmag th wekfte

++xt+++h you ou]dsusgst but ehs suitl timfo th week Da ois I'mrtty u n1wk bokd


I woxld lik tOnge metiog y diy veyfullfo netWeek

5 Writethe phrses in each olumn in the orrtorder

to reate one form|andone informa|mi|. You hve rrngedmeeting With memberof stff you cannot from anotherdeprtment. Unfortunte|y' nowttend' Write an emai|to youro||guei lvhy you aotet pl]ig fothhg pologisig ofpl suggeslig ltrtiv da d tjm, You hve notWorkedWiththis person before,so keep thetonefriend|ybutform|. Write about 0-40 Words'

h tPnet 25

Describing equipment
Getting strted
Labe|the prtsofthe obiets (1-,1) Withthe orretWordsfrom the box (a-m)'using ourdictionaryif

a e g

bttery abe/|ad over ever metng k swth

b d i h ]

buttons cD o[4 loUs memrystck seen toer



Desribing oh!ets
Vo bU| ry
1 a|kWithpdner'hinkof theobjectsthatyou keep on yourdeskorinyouroffie' HoWmanyofthrm do yu knowthe ngIishname fo? rytothink ofat Look at the |istof office otliects (-f)in the box and mtchech with its corretdesription(,1-6). card ndex d paerp b-Jr]e e shredder c hoeLrnh f stae

Desribing things |fyou dn t knowtheng ishWordior somethng you need ou an desibe il herearesevr Wysyou cn doth s: ] Desrb the prts ofthe bjet] lt's made up of / onsists of a f|atsDiae, 2 Desrbe th objetshpe anl]the mteriI tis lt's ircular a\dis made ot plasti Whtthe ob]etsusedfr lt is usec| fot / You an us it for reardirlg digita| It is usI to / You us it to eord .ligital lt is a devielgadget to rord digIal nnarmtio,

1 ]t'susul]y md rtpof thlt8t pisof dlroId nd1sidr th rr two mtlrin8s,You Us it t kprloumrnts i, ' I
2 l| ,| ' ,l|i ||l, '", Il , J.Ii, o||jJ'|,lI^ . | ,

Withour prtner, deide Whatthename fthe obiet described in the Usfu||anguage bo is. b nqqUment 26 Dsr

Itworks b l t it tt,s lr]o8hx Indof p]asti nd thre sverl lads t th (o, You us it lor dstoin8doureIlts. |,,'le,,,, ,|,J(oi.| lJd lIlJ |'' o |, o 6p tsth p n n h i g . s m ] l i o f m e t t s thugh lhem' lt,s dvi rdI stl d p|sti.You us it IoI r"lns.i . l | l l | , l , ' | 0 | 0 ] ,. o , ' , | , h v , d p inl a fil, l . ' " m l t l , e , " o I | || L " , | | ' " | | | . ' ( o P e ' i 8 pIs to8ll:

-6) on age 26 gain 4 Look throughthe desriptions(,| writefiv materils andthree she adjetivesin nd thetbIe' shpe djtivs

game Thegizmo Lrstenrng

you use thWord gadgt somtims s?it, to dsibe l th 8izmogame, w5 meou nnotemmr wht tlreto]in th hthee desihiD8 eop] ou Wi1l js is 1]]ing th oth ]ft usd ior one son hotlr8rah truthboutitsus,The otheltwo re Iyig' 1 Beforeyou |isten,mththe vrbs (1-)Withthe verbs (a-)Withsimi|armenings' 2 dismat] 3 fstn b ut t8thr

WiihtheWordsprmr,enf 2 com|ete thisdi|ogue ano rcmporary.

Add four materi|s and fourshe adietivestothe tbIe,lJse dictionaryif neessary hen comare your answersWith rtnet A ynW jo is l], {itwi]]Iiishin |iVWeks), jt ws positionnd thatyou w B Rlly? I thought to sty th e fo vl 8oin8 063 Listento the three spekersand ote dowthe use eah seker gives' Don'tworry bout the deti|s, just tryto undrstandthe min meanigorg/st of Whateah speakersays. When you hve om|eted your notes' comareyouranswers Witha partnet

Workwith a partner Lookatthe objet be|owand discuss Whtyou think it is used for.


om|eteth0 desritionofthe t,jetusing the words in th box. chek your answers in pais. joinedin his tool is mdeup o{tw iso|mt], pir of th middleWith 1 91t orivet,rther]ike 2,...,,,' . r 3 ' t thet oi oe of thpies, the i s s m l l 4 ' . p i e o l m e t l , ] i k e 5 ''With
p i L m i . . | . 8 , ( l e | o r l h o l l e ' p ' e . e ' l h e l e |

064 lf you want to understandthe detail of what someone is sying,yU askthem to leeat themse|ves. Listen tothe recordinggin and Writdownmredetils aboutwht eh spaker says. 5 Work Witha artnernddeide Whihseaker is ur answerwith your

notr 6 ' , ,' solidiofmtl.



sem |TcL]ar

Workin person hoosesn offie objetora too|thatisused intheiromany.heydesribethe nmingit.heir oiet ortoo|t their rtnerwithout prtnermust guess the orret name.

Desribingquirnent 27

Lesing equipment

R e dn g
Instad ofu}lg xp siv q uimt o mhiniy, somtilrrs busnrrsss hoosto l d seit, Ledsintm ns pyingmonhmothto 1homan Whoownsth q uipmet ]n elunfor usilg it. 1 Work in pi!s.What do you think are the advntges of |esigq uimentinsteadof buingit? ry to mke a |istof three dvntges. sntnesome from a wb page 2 he fo|lowing givingadvie to businessesbout | sentene(1-6), hoose the best Word(A-D)to fi|| eah gp' Use aditionry jf necessry ] alryompis wil] happyt t to find th odut Whih E.,youn d s, A ontats B m t s touhes D filrds 2 nrputrs' nd fxmahlns rl],, hotoirs vilb]. A getl B hi8hl widl D hrr8el
{ vou l hA'FIILo |,eAJIprA Iv!,IhoU,rJv|,,8|

No mttr Whttpe of business ourejn, ou need kindfqUiment. herob[em WiLL 5ome equjpmentis thtitnbever With buing oUr ifou needto purhas epensjve, esej[t severLitens. 0ne so[utio to this problem, used nUmr of businesses, is to baninrsing nthis W, 1 3 |ese the quimentinstd. Lesing a mhine or ieof equiprentis it. Youthe|sjng sjrrrj[rto renting omn ehmonthforth ightto haveit on nd usit. Lesing ontrac6n ourpremjses stfrdifferentnumbers ofers. 2, , ' Atthe edofthe ontrd,onither rtor s|Lthe ontinue lesing t Lower or ompn, equjmentto nother erson '. ndifferent kjndsof offieequjpnentn e tsd. 4, ''' . some Lesjng ompnies offermoreseiLjsed itemssuhas mnUfcujg equimet or griLrlturL mahiner. If ounnotfind the qujpmentthtu requir on ompn st, an stiLtontt tasing omnnd ou suggestit.5 Lesing kjndsof onnis offrrndiffrent eeds, ontra|s ording to oUrfinani[ for the first fewmonths suh lowerpments to hlp newUsinesses. 6 ailif the ' espei [as [ongterm.

A lrso]ut B fu]l 4 h pfits of slof the quiment Iefte,, tw ou ad the l sin8 oay, A spl]t B |rt sertd D broken o|onlrtdends on 1heostnd th 5 Th ]engt]r oI thequimt, A ]i|esan B lilstyle liftim D litlon8 you Thy l]ow lo ' t]ie quint, 6 ls vis B dvn rIom D upgd |n any tet it is imortanttounderstandhowthe ids are puttogthr his helps u to understand the gener|meaning nd n even he|you to red fster Rd the Webpge oppositend puteh of th sentenes (1-6)from xrise 2 i the orrt ga.

Lookatthesntence before thogandhose the se.'tenWhih ta|ksboutthe smo ide,

2 Desr]b]ng eqU ment

withequipment Prohlems VobUIary

tch the signs (a-e)withthe prt,lemsbe|ow(1-5). l 2 4 5 Th syst keesshin8, The Ikesuigoxt. nedshlgig, Thebttry Th perkpsjammig, Th ionndslransi8,

2 NoW read the two emai|sbelow bout problemwith piee oI equimentnd comp|etetherpirs

o: From:



rawks R hard Prker

lravto usetwttsto fid t wok,you smetimes piesotinfomtio so thatou ut thm dilfet doulnnt' ]ika lomoIpot' h in nOlher lo8the in tatilr8 tlrissot followigexrjs givsyou rtj ' of keyinfolt]o Read theheadings in th rairsrequestformbe|ow. hen nswerthe folIowingquestion. In Whihsa(s) Wouldyoripet t wite: lh nmef alr olrjt b lh nmeof pelso

sujet raining sessio

we ngsess on toda Was bitoi a disastel' Im frid mytrain 2 becUse lromseminar room1 lo seminarroom weremovd Wsa ra meeting bu1spae oilhe stminlteboard ' Wever theworst here Wre three desks m ssing em, lob
| . J | d Il L . l l l | i | 9 w " l | . P o w " ' o o 1 l l 9 e . | . . i n lo]eloratl becUsetheb0 b needs hng q, Who shou d

ile dit





: l.rom: Rihtri Parke ala tlawkms

0t: I ItATIliT|0tt toR 2 (Nme) . '' ,,'

itl: tQUlP : L0Al0 : P0BL BY: l|oD tlofD: DAT

snjel: R' Lnininese*jn

so)' out th'tl iokn .quimt suldePonl]on rPns rqe$ furmso tse ouldoufi|l oi d giil b Ghnnll is wuntil t sU?Roboteal,tequimenltehnicin gjv ittoDrtYu4unwhoelpingutatth Ari|utyU to hlv lhe momel' l kns throo mller tui it is suPPosed wh} udjdn 1h'e enough, srfinumbroldsks sI do.tknow Dld u nn tlu sal dsks IIo nywhere.]

Desibing eqUmet 29

andproedures Proesses
Getting started
1 Work in pirs and deide wherethese products(1_9) them ome from' Nth Withthe orretountry(a-i),
1 I,imIs \ 2 hu skjs 4 mrnlalhes 6 sikIsk hl]pt(s 8 l. P]olf 9 Bg nd o]ufsn audio visul qLr]pm t i d I g h i Dnr hsia Jzil slvitzIlad jlnd ldi.] ln


2 heck your nswersWithyour teaher

workshop Grammar
heSsive bkground I1RIU' coman]/

in the assive. 2 wo ofthevers inthe box are Written omprethe pssive sentenesin bo|dWiththe tivesentneswith the sme meaningin the table be|ow Foreh sentenei1-4)' Writes nexttothe subject,o nextto thobjet and v nettothe verb. Not||sentenesrequireo for objet. (2 nd 4]' th objtf th tive ln th assivsts snten heors th sDbjt,
in ]t. ilr itee' o mny of thiI p1]rduts ' on mlry of tlreir roduts'

r h d u r s KrhU sot]n G gO o dis s t ] n i sc ho m y W h ip n i t eF ' i n | n d , w ] t hb th r rn d t . q u a Is i tk yi i n qe q up m n t i W | 9 | 6 , * e va Id s k s i - ' | n.rr'\d'h, hr,eybe!.| lket N , W t h s ]r k i sa r a I s o forthe s s d i v ]m n p r o d u U di d e r rd,rn0 I i e cie n t h ro u n t r i e s ' W he | - | - n - . ' b e ' 1 d . h r p i l U l O . d b e ' U " e d .g s i rr d u c t s , o n yO { t h 3p Read the infrmtion atlout Karhu inthe box t'ov and undrIine ||the verbs'

Proesses ndoceduIes

3 Look atthe sentenes2 and 4 in thetab|eagin nd ompIetth ruIebeIoW' Yufomthlassiv with ,' + into assive 4 hange these tiv sentenes(,1-) l Thy tsth5k]j the lly, hski ,' ,,' inth1to. ountris. 2 Polelrsehu skis j InydiIfen( ,,ir m r 1 dilfent :ot r"' "|\. .|' , to th mutins ttestig' Th tkenWroduts , ,' to th out]slo trsling. NeN podrrts 5 om|etethis prgrphWithmor information bout Krhu by puttingtheverbs in brkets in the passive.Someofthe verbs are irreguiat hLopn}Jeroudf,heq 'lil)o.l\e,. poduts. he skis l ,,,,.,(uild) ]5 diffrent nd hone2,, ,,' (tst) ln the ictoytehnijns to thmoutais 1or NWpoduts 3,,',,, (tk] testin. hu sk 4 G]l] in my difft bullbv nn\hJrlion Jd |q 5 oun|Fq skiIs'
r Whou use lhe ssiv, urhatoI i,ho does th tio i5 usu|LyOl imotnt: ,,, Ihir skis rc prodncd i|I Ki|, {lt js otipoltt Who pd!s ther,] Whou wtto sy url dos th tion jD pssiv stee,yo! xs th rpositin by: h skis ar I1iIt b 15 dlffrt tc]IliiaS-

C h eN l o.5 VobuLar
usdI trat showsth poss Th flo.hrtlr]ow Tis ]s usdto InkhnlNo, 5, sntfrrfloWIs,


@& * *fu
1 2:.. :.n '

6 work in airs.Look t this Iistof prdutsnd disusswheeyouthinktheyreprodued,using the assives much s ossi'e.choosefrom th countriesinthe box below l skodars 3 Goudahs Argentn Fin|nd sUthKorea 2 rhu stsshs 4 hy .s chin the Nethernds h|and zeh ReLibi the PhilLnes

studythe f|owhart nd then omp|etethedesription with theverbs in the box inthe pssiveform. lts hntNo.5 isth wold'sbest-sllin8 fur. aos s , jsminend musk on the mio ingrdits hel fm, th flowrs l,4|P195!' ar'd |'hepeln|ls 2, ..,'' ito sks.Thn' witlrinhlf n hour,they ,, ..,'' tothrodutionp]at'Attheplt,theet 4.' nd thenths ,,' .,, ito 50 kg vts.Net' n 6 ,,,,' ,, . Th petals7. the Jittjon so]vnt so thtth tual oils ndresins timsi this so]ution velrtull, theflowes 8 ,,, fromthe vtsd th . This ]v s a so]idmatIil rmaining solvt 9 wlrihn b sted f kowas the.nt,, yIsut]tth priumer0 ,,,' sevral

dd put wasn

evaorate remove wegn

|oad require

|ek transrt

Proesses and l redures

lI l

til l

lil* il ||
]; i

'"* '
olt1 You are going to |istentoan interviewWithn empyeeromunne|WnooesDesmeproouon roess for chaneI No. 5. c|ose your book nd mke notes on the main po.ntssyou Iisten' 2 Workwith prtner ake it inturnsto desrjbethe rodutionproess' using the notes you havejust made' Disuss ny d ifferences of opinion.


a - \ , 1| o l q , t l 1 d o ' r ) / | - e , e

ndoffshoring 0utsouring
1 |nstedof outsUr,gtheirraw matria|sfrm anotherompany,hane| hve theirown frm Whih Work in pirsnd rodues its own raw mterials. answerthe followingquestion. . Wht d you udstdb a ou|surc'and b ffshI'n8| 2 NoW red thefo||owing dfinitionstosee ifyou Were right. pross outsourig.,1' handing ovrausinss lik pross aounting o! a prodution to anothr rovid

offshoring. r' whna omPany rlots Prodution or usinss to nothrolnty Pross 3 Work Witha prtnerndanswerthe fo||owing questions.ry to thinkof at |esttwo advantages and d isdvntagesfor eah. . Wht reth dvntges nd disdvnlges ot poess] outsouing podutio . What Jth dvntaces ad disadvnt8s f ffsholin8, do yu tlik? You agoigto rd atil outWaatah' 1othi8 ompy bsed]n sydney, ustali. The ompy prclmswhit tiedtoutsoul xpIieed its in sydeyndalsowh it odud the rodutio (in hous podution], lths its1f Thir toths rnow md outside Austrlia, 4 skim the Who|e artiIe to get gener| ide of what it is bout.Writethe prgraphnUmberinthe boxes be|owto showWhereyou read boutfo||owing. within sydny a otLtsouring the podution b iD huslodutin offshorin8

rking othesWsommon'heirmother gu|ly mad o1hes for herse|f ndhertwo daUghters hetwo girls We b e to design d mke therown outftsbythetimetheYWer tngers NoWthe run,Wlth,, |oth]ng ompn basd]nsdney, 2 he Wrthb statd to stb ish tsef n themid 1990s, Atf rst, L]sed theMi|ers sters number of outsde mnuftuers to prodUce the r |othes,n,l995,howevel'the de dedto bl ng the loduton n house.'We found theoutside sulers very diJf]U|tto ,hey nnge'' sysjeen. Weroftenunle|]b|e ndWe |Ways hdIbIems With gettng ]othes to oUUslomers ont me,We neded more t dothe contro|, so We de]ded mUftUI ng oLrrse Vs,, Inft'the switht n.ho!serodution ed to its ownsetotrb e.ns tWshrdtofindnewstaff, nd bourosts Were risng euse of th s, the it imossibLeto rse M |els]stels{ound ertin |eve, beyond lodUctvtY ln 200,the s stersdeided todopt d fferent sstemnd sed downthe manUftlrr]ng setonofthbusinss, NoW, desgning nd mk ng Upsm|es tksp ae ]nsdney'butthe its rodUt on to othI coman !tsoUIes in countres' At f rst,they Usedmnlrftuers ndi'blt nowthe so outsUre t hinWhere ,W methods, theredeveoingnew prodution sti do Lthe minWorkn sdney', saysi]een' b ' o t h o r ' g " . b r o 9 l r d o / r ' ' o ,. " t o 5 r . HV]ng the prodUt]on bourbrad nb om]ted' bL]t thqlrt ]see|nt', redyeports he onpny some ol its |oth]ng astndnowthere totheM dd]e oking to he Wtalh brnd n new mrkets, romotethe grmentszjngese ysuits]dnesin markets' s thtWi b thr nexttrget, heye go]ng so onsiding ]nto anershipWith nother stb shedmnLrftL]rer

1 R 'rd|L


rocesses ndroedures

5 Rad the paragrphsyouidentifiedin erise4 in moredetai|ndom|etthe tb|eWiththe dvantagesnddisdvntgesfrom the box be|ow. You willnot useoverythingin the box.
D i s d v t g eo sf oL]tsuing to oth omni s sdv

procedures 0ffice
]i sOmcon is p]inig ompny to odu how t ou (fxamp] timtvl xpns s ]' oDnedto undrsld deti]s, Mking nol5 is sood wy Lhb yu

Disdvntages f in hous

Adl.ntagsf ffshoiD8

ssto nWtehn]ques Wth reruitrnent dffiuties

d,d,e |e,|l]. ^A, 1d d6, 6n nd d

h gh stffosts IoWstIfosts poorquarrysewng moton ofthe brandVerses suiersnotmeetng deadines

o]1 Yu WillhrWom exp|ining the proedurefor orderingoffie equipmenttoherco||eague, Listento theep|antion and omo|etethenotes below.

Ie-ly Ro
Work in airsad disUss reasonsfor outsourcing. studnt looks atthe ro|eard on ge 106.ah take one ofthe ro|esnd represome ofthe |agugyou wantto use beforeyou sek.

b.o-?tr,, h.1 ,q|4!r is KeP+ ia.f|^e +i!i c^inet. 1ead \ +a eL ,l +^e uaet |al ree||^2 3 ',, , cort +a| re+"^c".
1he o1er caP|es^re s4t +a t|^e4 when ||^e d s roc!'sea' hou rec t|^e

Student A
Youarea businessjurnlist, YoLrare nterv eWg |en M Ierforn adi UareWrtg bout utsuring sk hraboLri hereperenes, |ud]ng th Whyhang to housproduton? prd!tion? PlobemsWth n.lrouse Where are othes now? roduced dvantage]isdvtgs fth s?

cPa ^so^+h6+i.

1L\e wtai+e .art sea+to +L\eI^e in\oice i\ . Ai\tea +a +t^e.t ..

2 3

hek ur answersWithyourteahet Work iairs.hink ofa roedurethtexists in your |aeof work or stud('|ingfor a r parking prmit)andtel|yourprtnerboutit' using the

Poesses and 3 redures

Distribution anddelivery
Gettig sta]ted
l Work in pairs nd disuss the fo||owing . Do you thik it is tt to use sulie oI Whois lolto youmy. who innothrat of ation] supp]ir ry to think of three advntagesnd three disadvtgesfol eah. the 2 Withyour aner,disuss Whether -5) re usua|]ytrue of sttements {1 Write Lfor |oalor ntionlsu|iers. IoalsuppIiers, N for ntion| supliers or if you think it is truefor oth |oa| nd ntionalsupIirs. Yuhveto DavhiehertrsDo(

GrmmarWo]ksho lVlodal verbs of obligation

1 Lookttheverbs in bo|dtype i xrises 2nd 3 intheGetting tb|e. strtedativity, then ompletethefo!|owing ver is used to sa that: t 2 ] 4 5 6 I L!mple (nob]igtion)| h,e,o n tiois nessI n ois 8oodidldvie) n tionis not goodida (dvie ot to do something] situtio is pssible (there ]s no n tion not nessry obligtion] n tion not pssiblefoyu t do (beus it ginst ti ul s o lor

2 The 8iv8oodftersle"*-i.". 3 You m 8et btterdount, 4 You don't hve to wit lon tim f dlivry,

2 lJsingthe exmpIesin the tb|eat]oveto he|pyou, comp|etethese grammarnotes aboUtdesribingruIes.

Youbusiss imortnt to thm, so tiy will giveou oodsvie. Ll person Inthefol|owingdia|ogue,whih do you agreewith? You shou]d always us th sme supp]ie' Tht wy' you bui]d up 8od with them. e]tiOnship No, you shouldn'i depend on one s thtif suplie.You shou]d use sverl you neds' n us oen,tsuppiour

r Tlrsehave simila l enin8s.Both rirto somthig whih is neessary,

Theshvdiffe t r zstn'. is mnings. usedboLrt somethins is wrong to do, whih

l musul,t smak irL bord mtingoaz , ,, suith Don't he to mans is aff our phonein |h thtsmethig boaft]mting. an do it if you wnt' tlkigaoutthe Yoado|L'thIIvto pnt staIpon that Lttr-

Th is usedfor n tiwhih is not f you ossile (beuse it is ginst theluls o fo

w s ------dlivrth sods hfrFnda,

nd de]ivery 4 DistribUtion

Red these workplacesigns and noties(1-5).ir| the sentence(A-) Whichorret|y ex|insthe mning of ah sign.

N0 i3H[l'.j'*"**o Is |sA No.soING


wyrul helm t , orihlmet. tb, YoLrmustWe Yu shouid't wyrhelmet,

Youan smokin lhis ujldig,

B Youdon1hv10smokei this uilding, Youn'lsmokn] lhis ujld]g,

You mustn'lintupt tm t ing,

B Youdon'Ihvet itruptth metln8, Yousho0ldintIrupt the meting,

W n'lepthequs withouta We do'tvto p t hqus Wilhout bnker's d, We m ept hqus Without

A Youmust,t hIgs, y de]ivery B You don'thvto pay dLivry ha8s, You n'ta d]ivy h8 s ,

Rewritethe fo||owing sentenes using a suitb|everb from th tabIe on page 4. More thn oneverb issometimes possible. Wi I h"| ||"\' e".o . \ o. go|| ' o|e]ed\8 3 DANR: OI SUR youdsk' Do. |oU.llh"..r.J,J.|| U l n)o | , yudsk, You ,, 1o8 off|or lev]ng 4 visitors r rquidto sig i t etion, yisitrs stffaI x pet d to Wern propiat styl fdrss. signthebokteption, lthou8h jk1nd ti is nOtess tiL, 5 Tun ofi ]l mobil phons. You ,,'' , Wr jktdtie, You swiih offou mil hone,

SeIIing overses
1 Work With prtnerand disuss the fo||wing questions, . Whlsortsfthigsshouldyou tlink bolrlif ou wt to sel]oUlrodutod? . WhLdeiosdo you hveto mak? Maka|ist'usingtheidsin the boxto he|pyou.

advertsing andmarketing s|es hannes regu|atons Ustorns trnsot from coping reventing eop]e ourrodUt

ath the bginnings(1-8)and endings (a-h)of th fo||owing sentenes,givingadvie bout se||ing overses. I 2 Youshouldn,t thinktht rodutwih stlswll t hom 3 Yousho!ld tyto find son1n to Workwilh YoushouldhavawnttDontr1 5 Nomllyyou musttakesponsibjljty 7 Yudon'thv to omplete ustosprwork ourslt yo0 se]l, I In vIyountrWhr ou hv to 8t]eslrottio b d f g thestWto sll lrupldut, i|yox hhe ustoms spialist t do it lor you, rsh ito the mkt wheeyou wanl1 sll to slo Other oplopyigyouprlrdut, Who]dy knowsoutth lolalkt. Wi]lalwys sussful i noth ounl. Whihsayswho is rsonsihle f lnspot

Distrilti nd de|ivery5

,1 text to see how manof oll r answersfrom erise on age 35 it mentions. Read the fo||owing brodwhih ou didn,tthinkof? Does it inluden extr advice bout se||ing

\oU Jo h"v 'o oR|. o{ |o o,; vo "la, \omtg ' J t J | \ J \ l o , J d ) o u r m J | l l , J , \ J | d , o U I | , t | " r a ."d- , r"hl o U ( J J " | o . l d : | l y t o L h . o n . U1 l ' n | o i ' , ' } o l | | < y . \o P r I t jd , | ' o u l o o | ,' ' P J | n a o w | n ' U d e ' ( , o. Een|J n u m . . o , | . } d . : , l U n, | ., J J|,|, I hi. :1 . . ., ., -n. .|'*dy .''dei . lit of 1l' yu nd a. ut resl into yur taglt ", antwo will sll t Plodut fol you or a doittowho wili mlkt t nd out out lal oditions' You sou]dnl 6su your rdut and hm sll it loally. nlt todutwhih d1s wllat om iilsll wellovfl\ml, Ytr Aotl ky disio ls wat md of mnsort to us' oft . ',.|.,.'oJ'.8.i'in.'-""t'u|.'|.o.l-'rg)|o ' t will morc dr onj ramPl' yu mI nd Io sd J J lU'd. J,',\r . ] . J l , U . ,I n , ' n o ' l ' ' ' g ! " g v o l , ,, r J,d (hn 'rr,* , .\, , Y 'o " oo'' / n n o o * S'i n lth soft dri*, ot sound tod ! sy to sir Te * " , D Jg oPld,o')ou| i ^ p " n . , " *pl of a podur wih suld tbiry hd to ang ts , , \,| ,n"'j..t vlr J. ,.', \o i , . ' l . , , o ' l nan i lh skigounnis| "io.". .spml|' -] u .8'.

" l]:]].ll,-, l^'"':"'" l . f , " ] ;u ' t | to, ., |" ,,o\i|||.r.l p | U . , , , n . , o ' ' , l ' o m . ' o k , f t t .lNofuPo.dJ i' r ,o. l to'or."'.]"]] l]..i::
.-i,'' im , Po,i.,U, p P | ' | 'P | U , ( o n : , ' 1 0 | n ",."r |tn rd tadmk r ol lotd i lhir orry ot Iigin so you wi1l av lo g dmark roroon ln ry ui LryvhI Iou wuld lik to stl,


4 Work Witha prtnend d iscuss these q uestions.

1 You Willherte|ephneconvelstionr'etweenthe 0o\ shop and hr sulier's owner of ajeW|Iery froroul ou1] ortd Wht fJrouspoduts h0 the seretary'snotes be|ow. Red seretary' you thln yihingWh]h Dosoul ountrpodu Iistento theoverstionand fi|linthe missing Why not? W!]dnot sl]wll versas? information.

ing Telephon
(a panIz
r' arder Fr z,
slv.k, OJ+a| %;No +

7loa<o hao acl-'l 5

0s\2 Listentothe phone cal|aginnd notedown the

Lrsten g
ing notheroman Wocmmon reasonsfor te|ephon are to sk bout the rogressof an order nd to omlainabouta roblemwith delivery 6 ndde iverY DistribUtin

Wasof saying thre different

.te|ephone bk'.

I 2 3

Vo bulay
langugeby doingthis quiz. Workwith a prtnerandfind out how muh you kow boutte|phone l Mth the verbs (i-6) with notherverb (a-fl with the sme mening. 1 ringu _-) mke the |lsUcessfu||y b 2 ingoff putthe hone down ringk ln the d be interrupted midde of ca I through t|ephone gain 5 get through 6 be ut off to the trnsfersomeone ngnrperson rtot|^e -wi|hoo|d P."-e oud vo o.,or, me.... to extenslon l55l ? just te|| me the fgures Whenwe He Ws aboutto in the middLofour NoWthe |]ne seernsto e ded, onverstion,
|,o-l.o'A.| o|gL





rng off/lrng Up Your boss nnotome tothe phone tthe moment.Whih ofthe folIowinswouIdbe to give to a ller? etb|eep|nations ] |'mafridhe's in a meetingat the momnt, 2 I m afraid she'sbusyatthemoment. |,rn afridhe's gone sho]ng, 4 |'nrlridhel no| ./||. ||.. omel I 5 |, hjs mothels at the moment' afr]d she'son theother|lne aithe moment 6 |,m 7 |.mfrldhe,sout ofthe offietod,

hoose the orretverbfrom the box opositeto om|etete folIowing'You willsometimes need to hngethetense' I ,|a|4,P,,, the companyt comin L]t sekto the rightersn,hey said they ou|dn,i wor-|d Lll h"ven,|-eda1}a|^ing ;e |o 2 | thembLL|ou|dn't he l]neWas|Ways usy. ,' ,,,''Whilel oked u the | sked hirnt , informtion but he Wsioo impatient, Hejust Wh|| |\,\,s try|nq to fidit 1

RoIe_p a
Wrk in irs and eah tak one ofthe r|es'student B |ookst the ro|erd on pag 106.Rd your ro|eards d lepre Whtyou are going to s.When u are both ready,student begins.

o'der Ghsing Listning

trtwl1 Yuwi]l hal atlh verstion ustom r Who equi ng boxtn ordlor jDdustial pintnd (hirsupp]iI, notes be|owand deide Whih 1 Look at the supp|ier's answers (1-7)youexpectto b numbersnd whih to spel|out. the spekerWi||need
'gu ,:!.:i ,;'!

Rco'a YoLrar ustomerserviesmgerfor produes goods, leather Lrstomel ompanthat the have Wilh a probemabout anorder hones r vd,ake theaIandnotedownthe.leia|s, Order

Naeaf lpa: 1 Ruau |'+ r4eraa- nu mor: z to anordor fur + tc will aw.o: f, od i,t| elton<i annv ror :

andsaouW ontat the po|og se t theL]stomer immed ate about theprobm,YuWi be Warehouse nexthursdy andVour ab eto de iverthearg]kts W Itakebakthtra medumonsthen ' oulier

the nots. t 2 Listento the onversationand om|ete

Distributio nd del]very7

Gettig strted
1 Work in pairs.Choose one of the dvertisingmethods in the photos (-g) and mke |istofits advantagesand disdvantgs. ry to thinkofthre dvntgesnd three disadvntges' 2 With your partnerd isuss wht ou think an dyertig geny does'

Nver undrstimat th importane of loal

Advertising andmarketing



]t n lr dilliult t did thebst lvaY to dvetisey r odut o sn,ie' DifiInt lP.Ir(si8]ar:.ll.'d'Ir = w o1mruniting our lessg]v thir w
dl .rn|a85 ] d t l| \ i d \ i t . r 8 S ,

Red these ragrahsfrom advrtising. Deide Whih dvertising mediumi-g) ea aragrpn (1-4)desribes' medithan u

Th |orrof ad!rtising li h a ]rrgc nlm r of olles, sunran Lk ti tlm ovel th message so it anoli. dLai|s lik PhonumswsiL nddresss' Holtr' dvts hrlr' sort lifsn smostPolthwth 'l

This mdimllo$5you to raa ls lumof !eoP]in shoiisla of tirn. jtsinin advntagis Prhps thtyou n gL yuin$agaros wit othlisul illags JdsouDd,Th rln for mlny businssis thatit is Pns]!' You nd to !Inlyofmonyto Pyf th ost ofproduingth id d to Py sritltim to showit.

8 AdveJ.tising dmrket]ng

Withth mktingthliqu, you r J(tv!fia th^ \ho JI t rU\l1k1 yh u y! U u LP r d u . L . |. | ! i . , t^ } Yu aDfoson prdull& iq. J on Prviols ustoms. Howvait ln e E dimult to getyolr audin,s rttnti as t smPeo]throwtsewywiLoutvn I ]ookigatthm.


Th t, of adIertjsi!g.tilrly rehs its udi Ple 'tswith]t off or thw jt w}.' t]ow! rus'll nlirig t th dnrc'so tlrn]'I sedtad ft olttwo r LhtsroDds, ]t nrma|.ls d to remnrdonsumes o| 'nsgs$'hi]iotrfuJi h a! aliad} onrftlitd to tlrm,

Advertising medi Llstening

The w odue.tismrt]s oItshotd to ddue, t dd, 1 Work Witha partnrand Under|ine thestressed syllb|einthefo|lowingWordsin ltllcs. . n ad'e.ise7rrel 2 Disuss i airs' Wher ou|doU see the fo||owing 1 2

Adviisig is o at of*t18, Tlr mktjD8 dpItmtofa |rnsinssd with th Way rodut is sold gIiLy(fol mle .hrc it i5 so]d' t,].

(1-6)then 1 FleadthefolIoWing ditionarydefinitions unsramb|e the Wordsatthe strt of h to mke sixterms connectedwith marketing. Writethe orretword extto eah definition,

r hrpn4
2 3 4 .. ...

ndbr. nmusn idltj1 a Iticular odut gool . sybtusedby oPanyto dvrtise its nsoga| t a shotPfustht is esyto remember dwhihis usdto advtise a rodut pimgn. dverting of Pdutr svic ding partiular of !jm erid kmtre hes . th Prntgof sIsthl a mPanyhsfor . rypeof prod!t ond witlr ils omPtjtos, kmtre ]Ieed. omxn whihs]ls morc pduts thnitsomPliLs,

With your partner, discuss Wht you think word of

mouth mens in advertising.

When]isten g(lorexmp|e to thebusessnews)' i does notmatterfyou annotundelstndV6Mh ng n deti, You anst l]fo| ih oWtheminoints ifyoununderstn.] qenera topiorgistof t. lr4 You Wi||heran interview Withthe diretrof an dvertisinggeny' Heta|ks aboutthe futureof different dverti$ng mdia' Listen and nswerthe fo||owingquestionstoshowouhveUnderstood the gener|gistofthe interview. . Whih foudvetisjg medidoesh talk itbouti 1..... 2..... 3 . W]ih th n1di ebeoming mol ]moltt? }5 Listengain nd ompletethese notes,
6 *-.e-lOs.+,

2 Look at these hatertit|esfrom a book about

mrketing(,1-6)' lvlatheh with the orect summry(-0 on the right,

tlow to gt infonrtionoul osunI pl f ren s nd the dmand fo new roduls. lr ]lw |o mke disios out .hl to h.rgIor podut oI Wys i Whih podrrtsrld svisgel lo thir itndd

-N ca*-ercials




1.. L .. '



ol waul| cap^ es eo

I . . . . . . . ..

?er|adwh2a-N Lohzrci^Is wer

vn eltecrwe-

' Law'rci\.l ^d|eYti siafr' \@^s


t {

e Ilow to ke p th high o]niolr o| tirepopL thattlronrn

Lol' in r

tlow te s]sf a p1dut ]Iswh mol pop]Wnt it nd thn drsWhn oth Ioduts lrom ror op!lr

Do you greeWith his idesboutthfuture of dvertising?

f owto stimt th futu pOduls' dmdt{r


\t .l

Advetlsing ndrrktin89

king sea
Workin irs.choos afmous produt and desribe it toyour prtnerWhomust guesswht it is' a|kabout things,using th Usfu||anguage t'ox to the fo||owing . its tI8t who minlybu it, e.g, maktlth pop]e |nrs hilden' frol71eoll'ner.s, t'] ' prllIs |1)it|L . thv]us ssoitd witlrthbndi,8,4uality',ahte trdi|io|1, nouIt' I-) folo|L' . its logo.

exts Whihdesribe marketingp|nsoranykind of strategyoftent|kabout auses nd ffets (or resu|ts). Elingab|eto identifytheIinkbetween to auses and ffets in a tet Wi||he|pou gener| Understand its mening,evenif itontains some Wordsou don't know. Read thefirst paragrphgain morerefu|| nd identif the causs forthetlvo effets in the table be|ow. Writeno morethanthreeWrdsfr eh ause.
fiet I

Desribingbrads ]t s imed ai / targeted al ]t s seen as (tradiliona /reiab/itr ) t hasa reUtat]on ior ,,

airlins olthemostsuessiU] io otedirmdit] htematilis


he seond prt of the aragrhtalks about an ctlo and the rso for it| tt1on: sigpr Ajriinesinvst d grctlyin reseh nddvelomnt, edso: ..' nnd out lrom tlrthlmjaiflis' What hrse is usedto introduethereson?Writeit in -4) Withthe orrect 4 tch eh of th uses (1 effet (-d).
o W o s tJ l ] i n s J \ 4 l have stItedu eent]y' ajo ai]insWnt to omt lvith ths lw S{rm o|th hv LwIdthejr pis. Th lose theib.nd idtity'

Be a d ing
1 You re goingto read n aii|eboutfmous you work in brand in the irtrave|industry |magine ompanand you re marketingfornotherair|in partiu|ar|y interestedin the itms iistd be|ow(1-4). skim thefksttwo prgrphsand tikthe t,oes if thebrandarmentined. thefo|lowingspetsof r logo 2 stifunifon ] o]ou shem 4 s]og



ajo air]ins arless lrrs Iomps5g ththydid in thst. ustors seelhem s mo]ikelw ostl]is.

oIlltitivr nwds,

i8Porc Ai iesis ne of the mstsLlessful ]]nes inth Wor|d,h minlesonlol thisis its str8 rnd n8ent BeUseth i i hs it hdto ornpet for itertio| no domestflishts' |edto stron8 routes stright Wy' hisdiffiu Lt stt !nordeltostnd mphsison brnding. outfromthe invested in othermjor irlin9 sin8Pore Air|in5 8rtl reserch nddeveloPment. heyirned to offelthe best tehno|ond ee ntustomel seruie,

ofthe rnd Ws one ofthe mostimpodntspts W5 |U nhdin l 972' it the]n rewWhentheir|ine .e Die 'o "lP o)d |h" | |\ dsi8|, I "|ld,|, d.' 8r the Unifom,He rcted si|Ve]on ofth ysin ]h imge fthes]n8ole Air]nefli8ht newdss 5ron8, il hl'd'ol8'.n c oe o. . b"<, \ owr i \. J r tlve] idUstry ti||Ustltdtherndvluesof hosPit|iq? Aiines rn verydeti|ed ndustomelar' singPorc forthin rewto mkesuletht iningprogrmme I |0b' d W.. .l^45 |L'd.|iv.rd, h.i |gr gret W to fLy, so emPhs]sd th highqu|it of the bd,

ndmrket]ng 40 Adve].tising

5 hefo||owingragraht|ksboutthe uss and ffects in xerise 4. Red itto see ifyou Wereright d the putthewords and hrasesfromthe boxin theorretga'

Advertisig tehniqes T ] k i np go i n t
] Read aboutthese differt tehniquestht dvertisersuseto romoteprduts and tryto think ofan eamp|eouhve reent|y seen foreah l b rity endosement usig wellkownrsonto rommDd theodut. Gtamourapel suggestjngtht usi theprodut rkeyou prtof sejisil8u with ]i|est]. 81amous tjidden fears suggesting thtthrodutn sveyou (,8, fomdngeroemJsst n o]iveoi] mnuttur limsthtlreItdisesehs iresd by 30 petbutthta ditrihnl o]iveojl hlp you he]t sty h]thy], est powe t8etin8the advert 1hi]drin th hopthtthewjl]skprents to buy th rdutfo thern. Work Witha prtner hoose two ofthe examp|esyou thoughtofin xerise 1 ndtakit inturnsto desribethemto eah othet of ourse some tehniquestht dvertisrsUse are not |Ways om|etel honestand maeven be i||ega|. Red thefol|owingtwo situtionsnd disuss them Withyour partner Do youthinkthere eptbIeprtieor not?
1|"edil/d. dI hJIIp.i. "d\ " fo Wek, owvr, Whn ustols W e insid { p i Z Z d I P ' , ] | "n |

|n ]972'theirtrVel indLlstry Ws Very diffrnt from how t ]s]nthe tr,enty InstnIuI, | ' P,.',,5'?, 1 e . o , . ' - l " | \ 'o l v r o q , l l 'ovll\;|d|,.),.

muhmreon] some traditionl ir|ines Wnt Petitive, t o' o r P A l ^ l h ' | - iow'o, j|,n d |d 2 , , , thyhVe|owercd thilpres,Utof olrse, ]ftheydo
|| ||

theyhveto sVmeesewhele' Whih UsLr|ly mensuttngUstomet svres, hePPelt lstomrstob more|ike lowostil|ines nd's 4 .' ' .,' .,theystrttoosthilrnd ident]qr,


."r. |.(. ||o-l P" ,.8| |d,a' ,,,



. .d'




'e . L

NoW rad the fina|prgrah. ry to wrk out its genera|meaning even thoughsome Wordsre missing.his heIpsou to pratiseguessingthe gener|meaning of sentenes!even iftherere sme Wordsyou don'tknow. Decide in Whihga(s) you need to ut the fol|owing ' Writethegap (,1-5) number(s) next to ah item (-).
o$\:/edj' Ii\Pty 1''|(l lt]v poou [Do' Dhi.h or tlkri] J|Ao Iio (l,oJ, "|' ] ---1,,-

sin8 Poril inshsVojdedthis Probm, |ths ||n 5ed ^F\^.,1.,, Ainrv. |8eJ l ,,,l.J,| t lsed foshol o f i8hts, hjsometes 2' ,, ',,,,,,, thelowostir esWhithe or rnd, sin8Pore]r]nes, kePs ltsrnd idetity,lierc Wi|| |Wys b lstomers ' , ' . .' eW] lin8toP morc4 ..,,',,,'',.,,, ql|it singPol Proiu1nd plns ir|ines to keeP5 ,,', ,'' ., promise of innVtion dhi8hquityustomer servie,

th stunt, thWere told thtt 8ttlrhlf. pieizz,theyhdto buy a dessrt s w]]. hnJ l n8 |eI| b.lnd ol .o.s|.oIL " l8rn' dtr8nl deided to t8 t ti osume' Th ut thedtIg ti w ly des]gned otd with ttI of gen lves nd ddedth wrds .no phoshatrs 1 owevef, theidt8ent ollutig nv ontaind in th pastnd nithr hoshts did ny fthir ometitors' ands,

7 hoose th orretWordfrom the bo elow to out in eh gap. hreremore wodsthanoU need' at to for Wh he 'ivhh hs Wth ts your on

Adve.risinq ndmketing 4l


arrangements Making
strted Getting
Work With prtnerand disussthe folIoWing qLlestions' usig the UsefuI IangUge boxto he| you. . Wih fth flLowingmthds do yu us lo h] u emmbetlr d1snd ts i tims o I pointrnIr .l]] tladitionl apI d]I Ol or8nI l hld ltroni diIy or 8n1s d elrtroi djv on Irr rsoal 0inuI . Whjh do ou think is th bst nrthodj

Desriing acessories ton|tedto use. YoLr an Us tTorso mLrh, lt s Vryomtnd easto airy

visit A ompany
food Gvinolpesets ]l d ibos rufturr riongon8,Il hs fom to visit his rngd ustrli disti!to, lldItpss, mn of lrusiss A pogrmre s vts ndLnailnt lor lrls visit, aged

l2,1 he evenigbeforehis arrivl,Jennettesmith' PA reeivesmessage on to Pu| Priet Interexpress, ompIete Listentothemessageand hervoimi|, Jennett,sotes.

Now.0.rrivi'11ft 1|L


Re o res|rtl| ,r da +|ter U ffuorraw^+4

workshop 1 Glammr
PresentontinL]oUs for fUtUre arrngements
!21 Listen again nd omp|etthesentenstoshow howPu| Priceta|ksaboutfuturerrangemnts. not ] . ' lmorO\0 ft ll' 2 tl,, .' oth14th t 6,20 m.
1 ciII inr tnnr.nuJ m.'.nr2

Mking nppointment

. This is thprsentontinuousnd it is O|len used Wit dtco timc1O lied tlkbou1 rngemenls i thf!tur. I se Unit1, g13,] 2 NoW read rGavino's rvisedrogramme.

us |4

|urne 6.20:arrive nw Gavinodmonstrates l |.0:|t4r Produts/equiPmnt

l9.],dinn t ' W h i r c a n t i o n '

rePsfrom Prkl-lotels lo'o:meetin8with dinnrt PakHote|,Melourne l 9,0: of new.Prduts resentation hurs I6 lo.o0: to

L i s t e n i n1 g
rmn vgas' a sles l esttil, iol medial sulis may' tellroson oihI ]its'stf]lo igd lo lng metill8, 1it 1 over the dia|ogue beIoW,Iisten to their onversation and write down whtdyand time the arrage to

to l4.:visitto,Qua|ity atering, Presl Yeningfre Kong |0,20:returnflightto ong

meet. Dy
'3]2 Listento theoversation gi andfi||inthe missingwords below. armen 1lo'this is Ime\ra c as fomdia,I jf uld r ' ltx, trr was Wodring t mtnt. e k? stfno Ysoi otlls, WhattimWuLd 2.' .' you] annen W]l'l lvasWodIjgifyou ould,' ,,
' stino s o , ) o 4 ]ilsday ftelnoo? ,lu-sd . J ,Fo ". I,ve 5 to be t ou o1herblnh ll dy, ow bouI Wdnsdy a|trnoon] I'r 6 Wednesd Itl].]on s W]l,blL ] ou]d 7 Wdnsdrnornnlg' or]'m fre

om pIetethe folIoWing sentenesabout r Gavino,s programm whih WiI| tke p|ain a few dys, Us the orretverb from the bx in the resent onusdamorninsh l9,1y]ft] dltostrt]orr oi , dinnt th .Whitarntiol1' on onda J ntt hs e.booked it IOr n moraus morigh o Wdsdy prsttivs fo

mring o Thursdy tewequipmt to estunt ersIlt|ives, h lering on Thlrsd Itnon, ompny' h on Fidroring, bk to liong ong,





Vs t

al] dy on Thursdy, rmen ou]dou 8 , Thursdy t two o'lok] stfao htWou]d Iin,y5. ae o, s lt,soIimthtthn,Thrtsd t tWoo'l.

|vlkinqrrngements 4

Look at the sntences(1-4)Whichre simi|arto the A, or' Whichis oN a|trnative, ot possibIe' ould !v tJ time t lt] this husdy Juil you? 2 l'Vo1rld for B b onvni t f A suith] 3 soy,I,m nol d'aildlrlethn,
B bookd u gged

ings bout fLlture tothese short eord 14rListen Iansand Foreah rording(1-4)'cir|ethe arrngements. orretnswer,A, or, l Whttimis th fli8htthalth . lvomn WntsLot] A l]'0




6,0 2 IiOw is iss asl go]gt gt to t]roifi? B li o iool .1 Wht js th t slli8 01th vi5i1ois nm] A BtllkiWiz B BuLkilviz Bulkiwjsz '1 \,vhtis 8oin8 to hpp t Jonsson? tle is goig to ti, B c go]8to bornlr]eteutiv, H is gins to lrol if finni] offjr

@ +,z

4 ou]d yu makP4.00? A tk B mge


RoIe- a
Work in pairsnd eahtkeone ofthe ro|s.student |ookstthe ro|eard on age 107' Fleadyourown ard studentA begins. and when you r both read,

ent n th Yuarestefnoigada, amnVanegs ng eer s on pg4 YoUreasethatyolr Lislen makeametngWith hert 2 o okonhurs.lay nnt nglol aI YoL]t ephon rmn to arclrgea meet after frm thef owingWek Heres an trat ourd aryir fort|re meet ngWhen ext Week, Arlang eW t]me olr

worksho 2 Grammar
r formS Wtlladgoingtof rltU
r Th presen t otiluolls t the Only wy to tl is not somthing o u ti h l u t u r i l r 8 l i s h , l | you lols, us djIfnt lutu fi:redIglnot,


P fu^^^^efue-h| fie|1a*

i,'^teri"i ci'dit"s

t5{1 Listentothe beginningsoffour moreshort and deide onversationsabout the future(,1-4) (a-d)desribes eah folIoWing funtions whih ofthe (1-4) in th Writethe orret number onversation, boxes on the right. lr n oft ofsaking dio mad.lttromnt mment l skin8 d treloe th d deision

2 L stening asktip
every n nny onversations' oUdo notneedto underst] enough t undrstand theimoltant Worl' t is often isdong |]keth correi dateortime Who informlin, What, |fth seakrs aremk]ng decsionabout somethg you maa|soneedto pikoutthethingthtthey oi different suggrst ons, fina| decd]1or a number

15!2 Listen agin nd writr the missingWordsin th sentenes (1-4)b|ow 1 A 2 A b 6'0' I dto getto tlrjot ,5h41l1 ook u a txl; Wht Iu dojngwith thosfi]s'Rog ] |r Dulad, l'n1 ,' th slsIigus

3 Th nk of nad hv nnou d that eoml groth,' .' ].tivel s ] o wt h j s y l ,T h i s i s b a u s of rek d m nd fOmJpan ad ats ofulo, 4 A ],ve tied to set up the roor flrr th Isettiobu( th i!rho isn,t Working, B th tehniia, I,v got lhe numlrer sorewhhI,



Whihfutureform is usedin eahse? theseru|es atrout thefutur by com|ete putting (-d) thefuntions fromerise 1 in g'Writeomp|etewords. theorret

r Youus tlrl,ill futu fo ,,, ,,,' ,, ad r You use th8oin8tOfl,rtur for r YoL lrsshdlltor '' ,'' ,,'' ,, .

NoWlistento the rest of ech onversationnd ir|the orretnswer'A' B or , for each q uestion(1-4). l Whttimdoesth mn bookth tajfor? 2 Whtis Ro8r8in8 to do firstl A sndlhe fes B finh the repot tpup th tiguls
3 Aordin8 to 1hBnkof nd wht Wi]l b the eentgegowth fo this el? ^2% B 2.44/o 2,8%


4 Wht dosthmn wnt th womnto do? phonethethniin B fi themiOhon find th hand'hld

5 Under|intheorrtfutureforms in these sntenes(1-6).ore than one answeris sometimesossib|e.


Do you hvny p]Ds for this ev n in8] es'I tJiIL rd/,m gainsto d/ 'n eading ll thoseepots Iotomor.ow's meting. phone's Th in8ing. I'lL ansu| / I,| golngta ans''ut i|. / IJn answ.l1g oh d,Idon,tseemtOhvethe ged folthis mtig, Am I mkina / Sh||l mk / Am l oin ta mkalr a op? Th Bank of n8lndhs fost that8rossdomestj rhss pr / DJiIl rodutis 8o.n8loreah/ is ahing entb lhe endof tht I'd ]iketo kin touh, o,. r 8o.1 . 1 8iJ. l /lll )o | )' d Hveyou mden ppoitmet to 5e the akmag? 'Ye5| e". ]l PP .hll-tin|o'ao\{ ro i 8,

Work in grousoffourorfive. Red the followingro|erd nd fo||oW the instrutions on it.When speking' you prtised going to use allthe futur forms hve in try this unit resetor,ti uous' to'willand shal' he Usefu|lnguagebox Wi|| he|pyou. YoUremembersofthe sles tem fa oman Whh rodlres softdrnks, Yu havercenty deveoped Wprodu.t Whihs a medatspo(seo e oryoung adutsWhoareinterrstd in keerrgft, YoLrWant to organise n event to |unh the . What kidofevnt to usto aunh ourprodut (.ese,ttjo' rodshow et') . Whoto nVte (retllers, peop|' distrjbutors ' farnous Dede n ourteam What eahersonshou|d do t pleparelorth p|ns Vent, henrepod backtothe olrr

I\aking n offeror suggstion sh||send Vitationsto ,,? sha|Weinvite, ,? ' lwrteto ... Reortingyour |ansto the c|ss xisgongto wrtto We regolng to organise a king predition tWI be agret sucess ,msure,

lvl king rrngemts 45

Getting started
Work With partnerand disuss these q uestions. . Whih ol t fol]owic rosl ipotnt to you wh hoosig whih illj tlr fly wjth to o holiday?


. .

WoUld oU hoi e di|Iernlwhel) Lavllin8on usinss, dO oU think] Wht r th dvntsad disdvnta8sof fiying ad tY]lr8 b tlj llrr b Usinsstips? y to tlik of two dvnta8snd tlvo disdYta8sfor oI Lnsot, hm e 0 r O d

Air trveI Voca bulary

ompudnounsefo.edfomh'O ons,Oarl Thrnyorpud adle.ue+n.)l1n. orrs with trspt' formple, onted ruilrl'ay s.lio. '1 om|etethe fo||owing storyabout a ttusinesstlip by putt.ngaompoud nounfomthebox in each g'

17.2 Listento thestorynd hek your nswersto Eercise,1' 3 Mth the Wordson the left (1-6) Withthose on th right(a-f)to make si moreompound nounsfor items Whiharefound on lne,
] fl]ghi . it

sho dLitfr

g' d'd ", ,

! J ..r-L

,g. d.l ''" o|

5 Olehd

hnd L]ggage nforrnation desk

Th lsttime] mto this irot, i lostmy passpt. ] ws nie nd ]y so thrweno queust th a2k ' 'Iheckdinfi2 1 ahook-in 'gotmy 4 3 nd wntthough . ]lveryqu]ldy. Th,uselhd so muhti, istadfjrist sitiin8ith 5' .,,', l didedtodo somshoppin8. l wtd to 8t l was tryig 1ith diffrelrt pIfums il the 6.,,, ,,,. ] do'tknow how ii hnd but ] nrusthvdoppd my asspothe. ' l wntto th gatto dthep]ndtheIrlisdthat I psspt. uid'tfid my At thtmoet, theylled m ovthloudspek r ,Will assn8r t]ez 1rV]lin8 to dridlse ntt th 7,,' , ]' l i]tso mrrassdI 46 nspot

4 NoWmth these verbs (1-12)nd nouns (a-d)to mk oIloctions'lnyo||otions re possibIe' ] th 2 lniss 3 8tff 5 8ton
fligt D pr

l0 eshdrr] ]] gothOugh

5 Work With prtnerake it in turns to te|leh other about a p|aneortrin journeyyou remembrwe|l' using the vocabularyyou have learnt.

g e a d i n
tO y ir (or lin]it imoltt Wh trV]lj8 d]ays, W thr nOtjs outpob]ms, udstd t, onditios, hnssin Igments, 1 Red these messages but tlav|rangements. ir|ethe orrtsummry For eh message (1_5), A' or.

.tandgrt'svie for grouP rsrvd ofun1 nms and P]eas rriving o 6thJuly. flit numrsi writing by tomow
You must olim with th,melnd 8 t ,selvje tht the gou wi]l iv tomorlow You must wit t the,met nd glet, servi to o{imt]ylvho is aiving, .Iet nd 8rt.svi to lt thm You must ]l the knW oW mneopl omin8,

oar J'



;rcn\n1, to e<nu7il!,tr u or 1vn t1aoo

L1ou a|| ^" 1ti ','a"ya, w,l|| i 11

boforotho ,olln5a|/'r'n 'ah

FIight cne!|ed du6 to fog. A..iving tomorrow sfre the. P|s t| this evening. Jfiie.

wou]dlik t seeJeffo sundy, @sh sis goin8toth ltel fliglrtthnigill p]ad, unjil od, sahwlsto ut oifth mtjng

fth wthr JminotI]totlyus onditios. ofthis mss8 this vning, B Jmiwill ]ith eiv whn h Wi]liv, dos ot kow Jmi


going to emp|oees Inorder l redueosts' ghlf|ighton KLIM, not A, airo shoud bookthen

stflWi]lrrivi io t ight, h BA flighttOio has benel]d. hIflight thnthe BA on, stffshuld1ke 3

oil llEYsEIPIlir ]{Ellu] l|ls 0slEl|lul|G Pt0lItlls

N tinsrrunigo this lin,

Whihlrnsbtwe Biti uostar is the trinsvi nd rn undl the hn l . 1 Withoutlookingtthetexton the next page' guess questions(,1-3). the orrtanswerto thefoI|owing irc|eA, or' si bgir'? r I WhihIdid th ustar ]994 ]996 B A 1986 Lodand btw 2 w lon8doesit tkto tavl Busseon uost? A 1 hou40 minuls B 2 hous20 miuts 2 hours35 inutes
{ H o d ' . ] e n 8 | .| | \ l O n , l o . l . | d ' | ) ] s5 rlli]lio B 16 million A 7mill]on

thnusul, on this ]inm tke]on8r B Ylrjoun hv en fid' onthis Li Th sigDa]Ling ohls

rnsort 47

sn thetextto findoutif you were right.

-t ul1dlllJJi] |lnk udth hnl

ro. -lJ rspl." rhgrrt*t.'t.t British ooPlion in Iet lristory' Tunn] shmswre flt prosedi 1882' so dr id was nt nw t !ll, However. it was no! unti] ]986 tht Thathr Fnnqo N'littmnd ndN,IJgtrt thtth slodsid y sidndnnuned Nw thed'i8s shmewould go ahad. afa ommonveu of lhe uosltais Io blsinss mtigs.olh befbr d journy to Lil] tlks just l hur 40 ljlts on lh olhr sid f minuts' Londo to Pis tks2 hou 5 aItrmtig minu!s.d LdoDto assls 2 hols 20 Thdistn btwern thn8]ish Th hanel Tuel ondin ]994 minuts, f ndFre!h osts tks5 minuis.Plat with trainstr!lli8th50 kilo'netrs tlk at n avrg dePlh of ,10 Intrs fom to !]ttb!,, Dspit fts at tlst lnthfirstrnars,7 abou1 thtunnl'ssurity. its safryrold low thsbed, Th on] 22 mil]ion. 55 mil]in xs en almost ima], millio trLrks. s tr ws il on tnns f ril frcight and sious iident PssgIs.2] 50 thonsnddgs and ats ssdtfuough hev goods trin whih oufld j! 1996' Altlrough lhes lassengel tigurs 1ol it, Th slroltstf urosts jou'ns a tht]lf shon ot tri to Lill, This bauifu] old ity s ow 3d' untItut] bom vo polar tbr wekrd lr.ks. wht ws etd,Figu'rs tbr tuk butlh Th shutt1 fighthavbnbuyat' els of !h link with uostu,

fisurs ffi rail fight h! ben vry Por. oly abot qurtr o1 wlrat was exptd, Th tunn]now risound a yal wheras 6 or7 illin assngrs was 16 million. N th oigiDlforast Ublimonwas ut futotlrpio]!s uotuelstartdoratigwilh vr lrvnot laI8edbts, eausthe t8ts nw hs ser mt' ulunnl bn polms with rpmnt,urotunel has hroughtth popl of Frane ad but !h ompDy Bri1inlosetogthr. diff]ultis likly t Pli finni] yds nrn to orne. fot
Adaled llom he ,mes

NoWextrtthe key fats and fjguresfrom the txt down the nswersto thse questions by Writing (1-8).For eh questjon,deide Whattype of number to |ookfor,then usethesame sanningtechnique oU Used in ercise2' Aim to take no morethan three minutesfor all the questions.
r ow mny mil]i s rrsed th tlrnnl i t fis1tnyas? 2 llow ]on8 dos it tak t tvl lm LodOn 1lrLil]? I whih ywas th suggstionIor a tu] Iist Ind? 4 Wht Ws th ori8inal stimtfo th numlrsol nnul ssn8els? 5 Wht is the ver8edistn lr t w th ottom f th sa dth tul? ost 6 . l n g d o e si t t a k t o t v l l m 7 Inwht e did tlr Bitish d Flnlr goYrDmntsov th ln fol atu]] 8 {rw 1on8is th tunel?

Lk at these sentenesfrom the text Withth ontrastWordsundrlined.heyontrsttheidein the first art ofthe senteneWiththe idea in the second prt. havebuoyt Iotuksh ttle feight Figus b tlrr figulsfo. il frishthvbnvypool fisuleslok good' ]t]]o ! th ssen8
| .|o 1u ,J,e ) , A } . ' | | " | ' | o | ,o i , \ L " l \!J. P\.'d,

22 milllon

Now read these sentenes from the tet (1-) nd under|ine th ontrast Words' Tun]shemes Wer first proposd in l882. owv' it .s on\, in 1986 tht roo itteld d grt Thth aoud lht th shn1wouk] h tunel nw IIi s oxd 6 or 7 ni]lio pssngrsawhes th oi8lnal folst ws 16 million. Despite frs at fist ao!t th tuDnl,sseulit, its slt reod hs rn lost impeahl,

48 ransport

WorkWith prtnertnswrthe fo||Wig qUstionsbout the Wordsin xerise5. Whih Wordusu]ly ontrsts.Lr'o separa.e senters insLd o|luo idlrasi re5dl?le , .,' Whih Wordis fol]owd lry aphas without vI]r in ili
r Undelstndig otlst lolds hlp ],outo guss th Innjn8s of unknolvlr Wrrds d nss whn yu do t hv linr." lor do t Wnt] to lookthm u in diljony,Look t th mannr8 ofth Who] stnd lso Lhesntnsefore d ltr

. ou think oltwo dvntgs f d disdvnt8s . Whih mtod do yo! think is best|oyo! / Irtlrrst ofsoity? 2 Rad these ditionrydefinitionsof two Wordsthat re used inthe reordingbout r trve|you e bout to her swie crd' ,r, laslirdwithmagnt] nrfortion iis .dWhen adn ssd prsonal PIN (I3o PIN n u mber) . al'Drcl. idetifintin nur Listento the first rt ofadisussion intrviwerand the managingdiretorof a ar|ub'Gom|ete these otes b Writing the missing nUmt'rsin the gps (1-5).

L,seyour know|edge of ontrastWordsto nswer thesequstins(1 aboutthesentenesin eliss 4 nd 5. Underlineth orretmenig(goodorb. mnsdotl bddj I In tfislsentn, dOs Dl1oydnl Z h tesodsentcn, doesftlllarshon oIDhat 1,ds \!e expered mth figus sood or bdd] l th tlid snt ilr ris5, dos.rl.rrost

Workoutthe meningsoftheWords in ita,cs in these setnes(1-6),using the ontstWord to he|pyou. WriteaWordwithasimi|armning to thewordin ,?/iset to eah sentnce. i tlroushtthrc lvouldb vIyfWop] t th1 Limein th molin8lrut tu]lyth tlain was |)kd,
h i s r l i l e o u t t ] r h i 8 h s e dt r n l 2 lthoug lvs ver intestin8'th t]ktlrth gv Was rJthr dr?l, 3 ny tadition]i]inesI x pelinin8lW ' i|i . d,e n ,l]rl 4 |,l''oqii8u || |8 " \ o | U o o . | d i q J o o o | | lst r l]owevr' th lrlf x tttiv ws quit
'.' lo,| lll A'|l | |J,\, J' q'.||8el -u b q I\|dq L { bld8e

f!I! 19!4 Red thequestions (1-)and possiIeanswers hn |istnto the sond part ofthe be|ow. disUssionand ir|etheorrtswer'A' B or. ] Attou l1tI the Lwhatdoou dto gtthkeys] A Youl swipI.l B Yor.rr PIN Yol]. ior th ond onutr sswod 2 Whl flel d ]ubshven publitransortl Th inse lh numbeofpub]itrnsort uss, B h\ , d| .6 .odi 8 on L'|.' |rd | , i , Th lobus ndtinompnirsto ]ow l thil f{r th sk Whnsh Wht lvstemin ob]er shad with h ighou] A Th distn btwn thirdjflnt B uts butth oxte is d t]mkpig 5 Work in smallgroups and answerthese questions, . Do yu think r lulrsI goodid ? . Wou]du osidr youndjo1'1i'18 sl]in8 I ]u]

5 Dsi1 th s]i8htdlp in sls this mth' th 8 r r e | 'l . , . ' ' l ' i , . \ d 8 o | L 6 Dsit th inIs in is tlis y' s]s trBU e , I r ' " . o n n r P I r os o d . .

CrtrveI Listening
1 Workwithaprtnernddisusstheto||owing questions. . Do you us youow aoI puLi tlnsort to trvL to nd flr lvok/ you|laf stud?

rnsot 49

Businessaommodati on
strted Getting
'1 Whih fthe fol|wigdo you think is most importantWhenhoosing a hote|forbusinss? Numberthem 1-6 (1 = most importntj 6 = |estimportant) nd then omareyour ides with prtnet goodusinss nt ortl loms ltntL L ] goodsli ndo]it s1|| L ] goodrslauarrt
vit ]otio

2 hinkof hote|syouknow o have styed in nd answer questions. thefollowing . Whih ho1l Wasin th Inosthutiful loation? . Whi]r hdlbst svi] . Wih ,sth wolst hotl? Wrk in pirs.Chos one of th qustionsfrom your artnerabout th hot|. xerise2 nd te||


oteIfiIities Vobu| ry
Read this hoteldvertisement nd put eh faci|itfrom the bo inthe most |ike|y list (a-d).(Some itemscan go in morethan one lisi). UdoVsua equpment ema I liharts DD hone hotooer safe sauna sWmmng poo Vdeoonferenng d k la,r gym rnn br projetion sreen ste ite V slemToom trans]ation ser'ces Whiroo

he Lotus otl hs alwysbnonsidrdone of th most rominti. hotels in 8}?t. situated in Gi with stuning us of th mids' it dei}' te fist hoi for oth e ins @d ieisu tavlei
l1ioms ]i nditiond .nd.ontain :

^.4?\ ''

UDiikmalry hoti! lgPt there alealslon smoknrg rooms, oul usineseltIeotIeafuL]range ollie se'is iNludin8: b. Wlrletiiee1rg meting rooms' fiihnmmodte uP t 28 wilh: Peo!]'hisProidd

Uso|urhellhlu [itor guests''1h du telures

ll in a The Lotus is one ofth linest hot in ai with wonderiin lo!tionnd! lpUttion for*l]nl \vk.

50 usinessaomrnodti

g Rea dln
,1 eforeyou red,make sure you understndwhatthe men. Math eh Word(1-4)With fo]IowingWords its orrei dfinition(a-d). ofole folal tlk lo grrr si]ist subjt fo disussi ot.ining b metin8 of o pl Withshrd lomlInti8 interst' usully]asti8 fw ds hosnto ttnd d smeon

of servt d hehoteL offe the higheststndrds provtdes entre n etesive dininqandolofree with ten eventroos.Inddition, rngeof fitities 2006.we for onferenes ooked before sptember wilt rode on tuuryworkroomfee for everythi

2 dlgt

hetexts(A-D) b|owandopposite'dvertisethe hoteIs. at four d ifferent t!usinessfiIitiesavaiIabIe Whih text does each sentene(1.7)referto? Write letter(A-D)in the boxes.

dnve fomth irort Q|tuted on|ffvemlnutes. m \.,ouronvn4||o"|io n \ e sU s t h t v , | | rI hoie foronfeenes, ourfut]equippedbusiness nd onfreneentrecotainst'woletlre thets eah With total nd ihree smllerseminrrooms, We a|sooffer wide apiryofthi*yd|egtes, n rd m g e o | ' s n s s s e 1 ' | n '| u d F g| . n . | r i o






i, b |,\ea'-]p? .' ed.. l.nq e' to (e.oe, it is nessryto sn sever|te}ts nforrnation' soiretimes informat]on, Frexamp|e ifyou n order to omare sim]lar busess'oU Wantd to hooseanewproduttorour mights bhuresboutthreeor fourdifferent roduts' (e,g, inorde to dede etrating thekeinformtion r]e) Whih to buy' ndthink aboul o do lhistask,ledsentens 1] . first eahone.henreadtextA, |ookbk t the sentenesand he|r rtrueforthis text, do thesame mrk thenesWhih ' andD, fohote|s 1 2 3 4 ftomthhot], It asytol hthilynLr Th onII et l lhis hotlhs won Iiz' Irui]ding, This lrot L is i hisroi] oomsin th]shotla b on of th onfr vItdit thrsr|l.Jnes, qu1k]] f dliveig p.e]s Thy un srvi foyou, sei]deal fol pto{th This lrtelis offer]n8

toshopig ond nilhtl]fedth onl @ neenehs o (p]twhi.h fwodrervUs m We otrers] ]rrto oneof whi.n e slrt mqnifi .enI le.t!r drtrs, wl' nd threerotolnq in two trosto95od rtilron p o ,| 6 , || o r . | ' o d | | " o , " ' ' j " , ' r lo.otions rndUdnr! do lrrk.usWrth qUimenl'

r n


Using txts A-D above to hetpou,mththefo||owing and nouns {a-d)toform co||octions. djetivs(1*7) he nouns an be mathedWithmorthn one djetive. ] omfortlr] 3 sy 5 latst 7 slunin8 quipmt

n ttnd sssi in of U to thitpop] in lh lrot1, th seminrro]s

r "kI md.onrennt ,re i ou'. r..ed eit''th.,rruq og,,lly I to th Rowland fnily. V o{+ loging omfortrl rooms d nfre t supplied ll in e stunnig wit stat-of-th-rquipnt' 2006' w ounrrysid lorrio' In Stmer oftow vLr r rivd th wrd fo sr ur onf.rens in olr rgion'

Imgineyoure orgnisingaonferene.Writef or emaiItoone ofthe hote|s{A-D)in xerise2tofind out sur if rooms are avi|b|e on the dates you|ake aboutthe folIowing. oU i|udeinformation . nulnbelfevtfumsou nrl . qulpmet you no . nuIfoorsf dl8t5 staying veight |fneessary ]ookt Exrcise2, Unit4' pge 25' to remindyou howto start and finishformal

L|sinessaommodtio 5l

]|oteI lgug Voab U| ry

1hesentnesinthe|istonthe|eft(1-14)arespokenbyaguestor.future'guestinahote|. Mth eh sentncewithth mostsuitb|rp|y(a-n)on the right' pls? I ould l hava wak u ll tomoow, 2 Do you havny vanis fosth and 6thJu]l 3 Wht1jm is hrkfst? roomfo 9 o'lokOnTuesdy, ould ] book thmtin8 plese] 5 ould ] hv dy towel,ls? n I di]diel] TWO ditokes,plse' ould l ag t-\ito the iorttomoow? 9 I,dlketo ook lomforthosdats, leas , t0 Do lruoffr transltion srvi? i1 oW muhdo ou hr8for th lntrlrt] T2 Goodmornins'Wehve rsrvlion |r th ighls. 1 3 I 'tIindthe ky 1l]m ]ok now. 1 4 Wouldit b possib]e lo xtendourstyin th suiteb tlvo nights? you expetto hareh dia|oguein 2 WherWou|d xeris 1? Wit the numbersof the dialgus (1-14)nxt to th |s(-e)e] re more dia|oguesthan pIaes. a on th t]phon b t the hole]eption d i the rrsiess tr ] e the helthente hour a 5 foh]fn l'm fi.jd w'fully Ooked fo the 6th,sj. giv Tht,sfi,ouidyu m yourlit d d Ysofous , 1youself, f Ys,Whih ln8u8? g Whttimis your fli8ht'mdm? h Youl nme,lse?
r voq nf.nrrrq mr.]rm nni lnno2

j Fom6'00to 10,00 m, sir k ]'m fid I,d hvto dowgadou to aom' Tlrexutiv suitesr lully ookd, ] Yesofous, esszofo a]in, n I'm laidtherc'sl10 chrge lo lostkeys,srr i spekef 1 n ] di]dirt] 2 ould ] hve wke.u ljtomoow] Whttimis I a kfst? 4 Two dietks,ples, rud@ mle seker @polil

ude/pol]te rude/polite ud/plit ud/polit ud/plit ud/plit

Role-p ay
Work in pairs nd each tke one of the ro|es'student |ooksat the ro|erd on age 107.ed yourrd and prearewhatyou arcgoingto say, using the po|ite |ngugyouhve |earnt. ry to ome to deision Whichyou both agr on. When you are ready,student B begins.

1 Lookatthefo||owingepressionsfromvoabuIary exerise 1' WhichsekersUse to make o|ite . outd I hv wak u! al]tomorow, plse? . Woutdit b pssibleto xtnd our styin thsuiteb two nightsl Beingplitis'tjustaboutusi8onstrutjons lik oald] ,--,pls? o| wol] ld ,t bepossible '.,l, Youn alsosoudpolitwith simp] ln8u8e i|yu usth

A Student
Yu arethe reeptionist 1a hote' he hote|s fu]y bookedir tonght WeeutVesUtes W ]l]e freefrom tomorrow n ghl.OnesLrite s atthelroni theother atthe bak,xeut Vesutesost$] 20 pern ght the standId roorns aebookd forthenext thre nights rooms standrd ost$80elight,

20'l2 Listento some ofthe lequests from voabu|ry exerise 1. You wi||heareahrequesttwie- in a rudWnd in ao|ite Wy. tude'or.o|ite' cir|e forah rquestin th rrect co|umnin the box' ommodtion 52 Usiess

hoteIs asuIe Reding

You are going to red an rtic|eabout an unusua| te of hote|foundin Jpn a]|eda psu/e hote|,Look atthe hoto in the arti|end answerthe followingquestion. Hw do you tlink hotel diffIt Dsul Red the text qllikly' withoutlookingup words you don't know,to see if you were right.

H ws m l l n br ? o u lh o t e l l Ifyu r s t i ig eltin t y o f h o t e l i n lpn'thei the iswr ouldb justone hese metreby on metre b two metres, hOtels re mit intendd for bu5inessmen Whomissth lsttrinhomeftrnightout nsted of ying dIikigWith olLegUes, f o l p e n s ] t V i i d e , ]nse nrnt.psule, kindOf bLrsiiessmen fourOrfive bt sleepi' forrourrd Lsti first a s u lh o t e L o e n d thOUsan d e.h in oskii 1977butthyrenwfouid in ofthemr llofJai bigsest ties' ]ost herere o reservtions nd n long Guens nhkin t anylime term5ty5. thyarshown afterabout4m'Atretin' thydeposit tO roomWithlok6Wher ln rturn' thirdothesdtheirbtngings, nd sLiprs thrceive tti bthrbe rows to Werhenglests g tO thir,romJ, o f s U Lo en s eah f l O O r s t k eb do u t t h r e e witha storys h]sh'ahn i5 equied G ls mttress, iltow d a th Light, dok' rirrl aid av hnginsfrom sa smlt j L i A gt ,t h e n do f t h e a s u l ie yo!r younLs Whlh to separte Lr(in nt h e from l L t t r et h e r m s l p i nig 5 r .hk outtime ] s r O u n9 do,lok same rnge ot ^n asul hoteLs offela Larg seruies, hll vidlns mahiiesWhkh of selLbel' sk'soft drinksnd a vrity s|ld soks and sikss , o m e v e n folLowiisd, hflol underwerfOrthe W]th Lots oftoothbrushes' has shaldtoiLet quipmet, helarL5o rzOrs id shving h morexnsiv oii-orated 5howe. d h tth sag hotlsalso hvrestU.nts nd mssg srvi. Withbaths'suna5 ben su|e hotL5 hvenotrcLly buttheymkesens a(eted outsjd ]n d the in lntrywhere si9 |imitd requiles |tenight business ultur Although the soiLising Withollgues, suhs s!tes havebenlldnmes ,dogkennels'OrWo' totrin'' the\r re OmfOrtbte ndth bthsal sulrisingly is needd ftel lis nightout. iun What poL|utlOn, is th n]s he biggest roblm u e s tn s i g j l n f W With O u l l L l og W timtis Wa' oure boudto lrelif snoles'so it bestto bliig yourown nyone

Readthefollowing -8) about sttements(,1 capsu|ehote|snd hek in thetextto see if it agrees.|fthe text g rees, irc|eA. |f it disgrees' cir|e. Ifthe information is notgiven b the text, ir|e for does,tsy.

ookdovrth phon l psu]s

l'ght 2 YoU'ln.| l J|o ,]d..p,. l"Ln."l


dosn't sa
)oU dJ

in texi' t is notonlimpodant When]ooking for nformaion io to f,nd theinJormt on,itis aso mportant to knowWhere is notgiven,For exarne' jn a reognlseifthe in{olintion to hktht ilrrotant dument ikeaontract' ounod itovers |thdtis. Whh doesn't her]s d ffercnebetween statemont sy anda sttement Whch is wrong,Forexmp|e: yell, his sttnent is apsu\, asts abautten thousd wrcng beusethete{ sasforaroundfourar fiv yoU tor the stternent: lhousdye' But the crct nswe by redl crd is doesn,t sy annatpa foryourapsu]e methodsof pament' aloL]t becusethe textsys nothing py blrt Wedon't kowfor N,]abe b edjt ard, ou

3 4 5 6

dosn't say B .rog A ight j molnin8' You annot stay th hotell] B Wg A lgltt Th hote povjd onlyJa s 1d' B wong A ight r.1zos flrL t8ust5 n htl5lovid B wong A ]ghl h ht]sdo not ovid ludy sevie. B lvog dosn,t s A ight

hot]s lrv lrathsd suns. 7 All su] B Wlo8 dosn'ts A ght

8 Th hotls !id rph8s, Wln8 A i8ht

does,t s usinessmmodtiOn 5

Out oftheoffie
Getting strted
AIII you hav st a mi] tlr lrusinss ssiate,ou ri! th mssge O t h e r i g t .





Work Witha prtnernd trytothinkoffour person|or business perso ou|d b out of theoffie'

I Wi|] be ul f the fiie on 2nd and ld ]\/]arh, P|easesend urgeni enquires lo rJmes sm lh on jmessmith @weston, o,Uk, I Wi|| de|wiih non.!rgem messges on rn return.

Choosing venue
hear onversationbtlven nt1 You Wi|| two work o||eagues who e |anninga conference.hy hve 'ust reeiveda fax from onfrenrganisr whih g;vesdetaiIsf thr pssibIevenues. List to the onv0rstionnd ompIete th nots o the right. Listentothe converstionagin and Writethe missingWord(s) in eh sentene(,1-6) be|ow. p'a|Y'n!r! plac|a| l|1 T na9I ipot smst l] st l t, Thsrrseths' .' onfIenerom th]]stil' Thsust isth..'' .,,fomthailon, 4 L uJdia is dfi tly,,, ,,,,, ,,, Jkwil]wntsorwlrr, ' thntht' 1think a bhhote]wouldb , chek your answe aginstthe trnsrjptt the bak of the book.

| 1ak9

2._ 45A r50

5 I2

Grammar workshop onpratives andsUperltiVeS

r ompItives or one ilem with nothr] ftr s st dJ d lar8. on|rcn r1 lhn IL KastILr supeIlatives oma on item with al] th thIs in 8ou f L ardi iS dfiit| tlle most epeii|,,

questions(1-5)bouthow to form the Answr the fo||owing omparativeandsur|ativ.WhreossibIe' Usethesentenes you havejust ompletedto he|you' oW d o syltb] dietivs ]ik?rse aDd.ftedp form1h

.r' F adj 4 th. :!?,.19,. c.P-?!.

Holv d djtivesofth oImo syllbl s lik suitable Dd | ' " J I - F - a | | , h . o m p ) l "i \ e ]

tfice 54 0utofthe

WhtWord is used imnrdiatlyfol s ]ative djtive? .,,' ., Writ 1hsu I ]tiv folm fth s dietivs: 1 ]r8e,,' ,, ,,, 2 h.,,' sxit] When two syl]abl djetiv eds i,ljk arly, how do you sll the omptivfol? ,, ,,

This l8aklo8 of wokWhno0 rt!rn to the ffi, sombody who dsyoulWOrkwhe you wy ma lkmol mistk s , b NoW rewriteh disadvantgeto form list of dvntgesof shorterbleaks, usingthe omparativeforms ofthe Wordsin the box b|ow. Rememberthtyou n use /ess in some ofthe l9r|4 holiaaq, I shortholidys ah1a?r'fth!1 2 Ppins t 8 n a sholt holidy . ' 4 5

Work in pairs. Complete the table belowwith the omparativ nd super|ativ forms of the three irregU|r djetives. hk in a ditionary if

omrtive Th hotelis l ,, I ! lis hotelhs 2 f]lities ththt his hotelis 3 fromth jol

suprltive Th hot]is 4 ,,,', ,,,, of t]rgroup. Th filiti s w ,,' l'v 5 his hottjs 6 ,'' of ll fmthe







With/ess nd suer|tivs t how omDrtives ,estre fomed in these sentenes.

sorthing lt mlltt

chapf mor suital

thn thn thn

tht, th|tht-

p fo soLIlll|r zess eryesive

s|tpIttive oo]1|hLds 350popL' 1 Thel(Lrst oILfr|1 pllsivhtL. thmost 5 rt's pnsivhat|' th last lt's of lh miDrasos IoI bigout oI th olfie to you aual holidy' suv hs shown that

s towds holidysehnginsi somountis. ]ngbrk inth opl now tktdjtiO]

, Iltad. theypf to tke two or th]ong

point aIking
Workinpairs.hinkbouttheho|idyperiodstht people usuallytake in yourcountry,thendiscuss the followingquestionswitha partner . Whih ]s themostoulImth(Ogo on ho]idy? Wlry? . Whih is thesttimfoou to go on lv? . Wht thrntlonal lrljdas do ou hv]Whih d yu Wlih d ou not joy] njo? . Do u prf to tkolongbrkor shote Why? ksduin8thI?

thrughout thr nds o short holidys Red the foIlowing|ist(1-5)ofthe disdvantages of|ong breks mentionedin the survey' . epns]v, I Lngholidys hlida be stssiul, to g on 1on8 2 Pjg WOrk io do yuurget Itis diffiultl inrd somoneto

outofthe offie 55

Booking venue RoIe-|ay

Workin irsndeachtkeoneofthero|s. studnt |ookst the ro|erd on pge,107. Rad ourrd nd prereWhtouare goingto sa beforeyou spk. ake it in turnsto sknd answelquestions and tryto reah an gleement.WhenoUare redy, studnt A t!egins.

WeIcome seech
Yu wi]l tler th haimn
.f: n.

g]viga w]om slr to a 8roupoi dl8ts.

YoUareAndreProust,onoftheo|eagues fmthe isten ngeer s on page54 Yo! suggested booking theSlnset HoteioJake, t]Ut hethought Ven thatWas tooexpensVe, YoU st]|need tofind slrtabe hoteiorthetwo daonferene' tmlst hV bigenough onferene rom foraround ] 20 d gates, a |arge scren andequmnt to givea presentt PowerPoini on.Yuaso nedto thnkbot]l Whattodofor|Unh, yolrr partner elhoe Who Works fol Ventura Promotions andaskther to gv yousome nlormtion on another hoteltheoud book . lhes ze ofthemn onfere roon . what is avaiable equpment Youdo notwant to spendmoreth bout ] 2,000

\1 Listen to the hairmn,s seech nd ompIetethesenotes on the min points by uttingone ortwo wrds in ech gp 11-7).

; s (;] s r s., ' - c'(9 3 rk 9 1h"* a+ ca^+-."' 1|:]w n(1!

r Pna^,sss|a- w)u e.epl@d _^ ..."'^'' . . . . ^1 ..boat r s]Li'st|N wiL| 21din te
^ di sLasa



aa|-wilt l^!'d ia t|Le 7


u ,! +e c+Na.

o+. +oe fllised,1

22{2 Listn agin nd deide Whihofthe sessions you WoU|d most Iiktottend,
wy o1d]ingWith sitution o olr1 ility of n osnistiOnlo ontro]tli8s y itself, d not run b OLhs noua8inspop]eto wok s a 8oup the flindshjps o ]k of frindshi o| ole woking stor thit peopl tlki8 bout, Wih my oI my md U f vrity of thinss or tpes of peopl

0ffsite meetigs eding

some1ims ompis did to tk 8ouofmg s awy pIilrd ilom e o|Ii |Or shOt to Worko ojet o to mk ky de]ons, This is somtimes ]ldn oflsltemeting, '1 Work in pairsnd trytothink ofthree advantagesof workingwyfrom th offie. 2 Lok t the Wordsin itlisin th senteneson the right (1-6),Use the ontetto mtch eh with the corret definition(-0.

]'v herd rumoutht vlerj hs hd iob ifIfomon ofur oIptito, That stt8y didn'tWokso ]ets ty tkin8th opposit opproh. W hv vyd/,e/se nge ol quliIitios o 1 Withdifft d bk8loudsntr]offi dsnot mke]llh disioDs, W hve lot oIloL Asking pop]e to solvaprobl m to8thr n goodteal buildiativit. W nedto ontrt thtsk. not wsttiro o/fie politi.s,

WorkingWithyour rtner, Iookat the tit|eof the arti|eopposite and disUss Whatyou think it mns.

56 0 Utoftheoffi e

Thinking outside the box

ro rcL'I LhnnuJlsm A i\itdr]o -1mL n!UlG {'.t FJnt.bJ\dl J\. l toP,1{] utivs' Poitomn}' wsnLt a]ogwilh \ome etfu:'dvi: bng l wnn lud 86gl, Gpos.s if utiv' ws stflnrg lo sP:rd rumos tht wsnoteftIlatin,Ndy. oPenhgn howvr.susptd th mth: thl e ma!gs wuld find thems]ves .bod small boat in th Arcti ir] in almost ontilrual dyljt nd witl o mthodsof oiitin8 tlr outsid lorld ap&t tiom the ship rad]o. It soundsl]k o'nPletelyry wy ofrumi ompanybut Mr B6gl be]jvesit wsthe ri8ht thiIl8 to do, At the tjme. ceoposr neded to maksmeky dis]os botth 8uP struture lnd brin8 whatwsdivs go tgth ofompais' i |999b L Post'!r F.nbpost!] oPo$twsreatd nPidl} b aquinng srvi.lthsgown othr oma]s andin 200 it wasthfiid lgst Pcl om!y i'l uo!, At thenme of rn tn' it wls radup f o'npalisttom an. Germy' slanl. thNth]ands d th UK' ]1opetjg ud eir oW! bd nams, Bu! why wel tne '!ers tkin8 key disios i lh A.ti o js!dof atlhq sat tlytt liotl in h nswr nrt r B8]6 wantdto b surthatih disios fty madwr basdo iDt.rsts of opost as a }hol. and not o ai Po]itis, Th Ati o is n fth few ltaes in th wor]dwhrc you notgt a mobil pho signat,,ilr mge w with on fold to wo|t o thi.]atioislrjps thr th teling in touh with thi. oth, oan hdqufirs bk hm' As r g l said. ,You xnnotsIPbls i1 alwslightandyonnnot boal, 8etoutf 1h sowhat hens? Yo fi8hl.youmkftnds agin'ou disls busins, F days laLer'w hd a stfutur,It ma} nol bein thmangmnt bks. btit wrks,' Ii rtinly nl in $e mangmnl boks, Usull when onPany quiEd by mothr omPmy' it not llowd to kep its own brands' GeoPost tkes d]fferenr appro!h.It al]owsquted om!ies to ke! fti ow brmds and idntities nd a al]ows the to mk my of thet own diols bot. sy. whthno]o8y to us, To baln this1ol auronom. Geolost ndsa stron8o,o u]ture.whih is why it spnds loi of time o! tmbu]ldin8 .tivitis, As r B8l sys..Whatks thempa.ytogIher is olr stngoomt ulfure,T tlratulfure'we do lot ofthjn8s.somt]mes romot

dated from the I,imes

sn th arti|eabout agrup of managersWho sntfourdays out of the offie to find the answers questions. tothefollowing Wherdid lhey spdth fulds] Whi did theydo Whthvgotthr? Read the fo|lowing statements(1-7)at,outth information inthetet' |fthetextgrees,cirleA. |f it is not given by disgrees'ir|e. |fthe informtion the tet,ir|ec for does't sy. ludE8lmdn orisin] bookjn8in onhagn, A right B Wolrs t s.ry O des

do nothvto use lhe 6 omnies quird by Gopost slnethn]o8y.

ri8hL B Wro8 7 laude B8llivs that Coost's r8mntsty] should b dopted b otilel ompni s , A gl1t B wlong d s t sy

a I k l n go n t
Disuss in airs.|maginethtyouneed to mkesome key deisions bout something Iikethe Geopost mangers(e'g.yourstudies or your futureareer). Whih ofthefo||owing do you think is the best wto do it'?
!r awy to difftl ( v en jf notth Arti irleI] to think ]n. Co w to diiirt le wjtlr on or two fiends t talk bout it, st inth s le nd sk as my o]]8ues/ flinds/f ily as possibl , Not ftink bout it t ?ll nd hop th nswwil] oln 10 you whn yo! e slep'

o d d n o l a l ] t h i rh r n ho f t h O m n 2 n8ers B Wg A .ight doesn,t say I 200, Gpost ws th lgstpIel mpn1

uop. B Ong A ighl quird y Ceoost enot llo.d 4 omnis t kp thei ownbnds, A ]ght B WIog do s tl,t sy 5 AlohlWsbandonth bot, A rrgnr B w1og dsn't sv

0Ltofthe offie 57

Developing ontats
1 Grammrworkshop pefet Present andpstsimp|e 1
z*l coverthe di|oguebe|owand |istento a onversation
betwentwo businss assoiates to find out Whih Listen gain nd ompIetetheir dialogue'Writethe missingWord(s) in eh g (1-11). so how lon8l haa, a|r2'aar, Develoment] I3 Withthmin th utumn Fouttwo yeIs. of2004. m,,, nd4 ,,, you5 .,' . to il befo? No 1hven,t. I 6,,, .,' 7 to vieef, though. Ah. When ws that? About threyes a8o,ltWsjust fo lroliday, W 8 thee dsin vniendthnw wentdown t Tusny' Love]y, sO9 ,' ,,'youl0,,' ,,uh ofthitet? Note1,Ill ' ,,' abit aroundth entr ]astniglrt, r didyou sth shopp g 8]lery? oh yrs, lt,s wndeful' hek your answersgainstthe trnscriptt the bak ofthe book. 1) in the Putthe missingwords and phrases {1-1 corretoIumneIoW. Pesenrperfet havau L,en Pst simie 6aft'a



Getting strted
Workwith partner Looktthetopis in the box be|ow questions. and nswel the foIlowing . Wlilr the tpisd you think the estt stIt onvsati With busi s s p sou hvejustmet? . Whih topisis it b t t not to talk about?
^^r,. ^ lr |mc

botlr kDoW tlr eoomy food ad dlint hobbis ii]nss mig

plitis tvts itheWs eligi solt tvl nd holids

58 Deve|oing otts

Studythis time|ineWhih

' . - . . | , v eW o r k e dW i t h M r q u e D e v e | o p m e nfto r t w o e r s ' . . - . . ' . - . . . . \ " |hven,t s e e n m u h o f t h e i t y e t ,

200 the di|gue.


Last night


I w a I k e d . o U n dt h e e n t r e| s tn i g h t , l s t a r t e dW i t h t h e mi n t h e u t u m n o f 2 0 0 4 ' h d t h r e ed y s i n V e n i et h r e ey e a r s a g o .

6 Rad these ru|esaboutthe use ofthe presenterfetand past sim|endomp|etetheexmp|es (1-)Withsentenesfrom the dia|ogue. Use the time|ine to he|pyou if necessary (haL, + pastpll|tiipl) r Youus th pesetI1ct to tlk aboutsom t h]gwhistitednr th n Ddontinus util now: I --- ,-- with^|a|que 'eUlopmnr? sti]lwksfor rqu Dv l met] lth Ison You ao usth presentperftwithtimewordsvhih ndt any tie in yoltrlife, (atl1y 2 '' ,,' ,, ireforc? timjn yur ]iie] You usthpstsimtefo timWhihfinishdinth st, ,' , last l'8l.

| k i n go i n t
Work Witha prtnernd imagineyou are business o||egues who have iust met.hoose one ofth toicsfrom theGetting startedeercise and start onverstion. Ask onequestion in the presnt perfectand one inthe stsim| it in turnsto sknd nswerquestions.

workshop 2 Grammar perfet Present andpstsimp|e 2

,l sometime areusua||y usedwiththpresent hrases beause they t|k about timeWhich ontinues erfect'.othersareusual|yused With theast sim|e t,ause therfer to a timinthe pstWhih finishd befor noW, studythefo||owing xam]es.
]dy befoe for the lst fiv eas

I 2 3 4 5 6

I'veWorkd ismsun8,, ,,' ,,,'

WA,e oA Ad Wbi (l i,Ul L o 1 s | l . J o w d| ' | o 8 r o | | ' | l ' , , , , l stadworkig foAbby Ntiol ..' .' . ' .t sh h st inth s]espolt ' . ' you v stay d ithis hotl ? ,,,

s so as l ]ft sho1 lst th in 2002

om|ete the fo||owing di|ogue bWriting the verbs in brakets in eh gp (1-8), using eitherthe present perfect orthe past simple,

6.q (not se) yu iosom tim, j Ndi. ] r ,]/i]]t (just finish] movig to new B No, wll, w 2 j ffi, W' now as d sal stra.t'


yrsa8o tlrre

A oh ]l? ow]og 3,, ,,, .,, .you.'' ,,, ,,' (] B bouttlew k s- Wa ,, ,,, ,, (mov]on Apri] t7. lt Wasmd,W 5 ,, ,,, lhavt] k v r ytlin8 jnt rtes and w stili 6 ,, ,, ,, [t
L'] dJ !\l P | | o ' " l p e p | "7


" ,P l .

u .e. wJ- . ig.reerl

2 NoWdeide Whihof the time phrasesfrom the tab|e an omp|tethe sentenes (1-6). here re two or three Dossibilities for most ofthem. Wfite one possibiIit in eah sentene'

A But you'rsl1ld in rrow? /eslil]8 B N, thl's thting' yt' vting


DeveIo]ng contts 59

Networking Rding
Nelt,or/.nisth poess of rkjn8 usinsstts thou8h mting god It n Wa offindnr8 ]its o nw stfio vn newiob' ol, 'l Wolk Witha partner Deide whih of th fo||owing you think is th best fr networking. ]ae onferenes rivat tradefrs trningevents artes Look t the headings(a-d)forthe firstfour pragrhsofthe artile.skim thetextnd mth eh hedingto the mostsuit|prgrph. Write the pargraphnumberin th bo, ^ Th stwy to iind husirress A fidsend A ml ol tilr8 BN].smissid thos

Copy kgroud
u s i n s sN e t w 0 l I kJ r t e r n t o l , o r i B sN a| n, orqnist]n Whjch be0n i n | j t o r i i U a 's A b u th a sn W n d e d nt manythe r ountries'th e a id tthe r q n i s a t ii0 s tht member s rete bus]essfora h t h e r t h r o Up ge hl s o n a I

]tis 7.Oo on o|d Wintel morningnd fa 40 people ehothrrossa reaklst tblein LondonJIoLl, Aftr sme short speehes, thetbls aresuddenLy l:vF o[' IivIV) se|soI bLsin\ (|d5 rsseo round. Afterthis,ehprsonstndsu forextl on minut, hetlkoutthirbusineses andWht kindofntts they le looking fortht Week. John Hrrisi5 n insolven seilist Whois lookingfor any ompy ffth finnildiffiLrlties WhooUlduse hi5 srvis. ll,1oor runs ake.mking business nd Jnet is lookingfor ustomrs' AfteIthe 5eehes, th 40 poplestandu togethel andWalkround the taDls givingout pieesolpr.hesere referrlslis, providingthe nmes nddrti|s of potential .ore}an.p ' L\to-l') 0rlol ld' ).ln| ]\4oore' e. reivs the ames nd ontt numbers olseveral rltives Withbirthds that rnonth. |ris i5 metig of NIor Business Network Interntionl' hele I rnany Wys for businsses to adVeftise' Like tLemrketing or miLshots butthe best frmof rorntion is Word-omouth rmmendtion thloughnetwolking. of otrfse, etworking.n tke pienywhIe; t tradefairsand oniren5 or on th golfourse, but ihe mosteffiient Wa to network is to jini olgnistion lik'"thi5.hisi5 beus th onlyrson for thesemetings is to mkeontts. h suess lte ofthe refelrls seakslor itsll Aording to thefigUres. ovel75% ofthem turninto BNIWas origilly oundd by Dr |Vn isner in thel]s butit hsnoW srcd to mny ountries in urp suh5sndinvi, Germny ndsii ndl5o to AL]stlLia. |t5 im;sto provid n environmnt in Whih people business ngettogethr nddevelop th personi reltionships that l d to business. When join,theyreeive n W rnembr5 ald fileto hldll thenW businss rds, badge and l| in.With these,thyalsog t guidebook with istrutins on ,howto be good membr.rulemers lso hV ess to librry oinetworkig tip5, allleorded on tps.N|mottois .givers gain', thtis, if I give smone business, then theyWillwant to giveme u5inss in rrturn. BN]meetings follow highLy strutuled frmWolR. priod short of.on'netv/orking is followd by Welorne seehs nd intlodutions lrornthe tem lders ndthenbytheehnging olbusinss rds. givetheil60snd Nexi, memb15 speehes and ftI tht, theyintrodue nyVisiiors, Whoanlso givshes. hn, threferrlslips rssed. |f psses mmbr on more thanthr ewbusin.Ass ontts' the gloupll|.Forfive or morr f ells, thisbeomes a stnding ovtion. Them tingWinds u With prizdrW,


Deve oi!otts

Now red pragraph5 and Writesuitab|ehding for it inthe spe be|ow

no shortg ofenthusiasm for heleis rtainly DVid sltel lUnhed his Web the orgnistion. desig ompanyjust gond;thas months in IrF .Pgio1. H nowbP'oe oe o[l bU5,e5t putsthis suess to ontats downlmostentirel everyFridy lormedthlough th NImeting goodsls tm morning..|t likehving relly fol ouWeek in Week out,h sys' susn Workin8 onsultny Ky, the ownerof publirltions .|t ftiendships and aglees. bout dveloins to pss trustso thtpeolehvethe onfldene Hill,ownerof rinting on oUrId'.Dunn nd rbara BishopWhoowns fmil business risesin flor]stry bUsiness, thleportdlrnati joining sin BN|. orthethousand5 ol turnovel rnembe Wolldwide' it is definjtel something worthgetting up earlyfor

b Whih o{ the lo]lowing dos not happ t BNI meting] Introdutiosy t leders / individul spehesfom memrs / individu] sehsfrl l.isitos/ tLphoning otntial ]i ts / omtiti with ]z ' W i | \ e t u l l o " | | s d o \ | 1 |j b . | ' o l I e . " i , lvlrr thyjoi? d iil / bdg / hndbook / ta with ntworkh8 advi

Lookthroughthe artic|egainnd, using the contextto he|pyou' Workout the corrtmeningsofthe fo||owing Wordsnd phrases in itlis.irIe the orretnswer '!. '" .q, Prgh l| fr "". veyquiet, is Wyoi dve(ising/ ty Prgrph2:A mdlls/tol ot iob. Pag 3:A 'toftois tbook / singor slogn, 4: A slandl8o,d.lonjs whpo]e stnd PIgrp | l p , o | . |s | e ' o p s||r d u o | o I p Pr8raph 4: Win.lsuP mensh8ins/ rds, tlinks it Pra8rph5:Puls ttis su..ssdoDn lo mns / loss, used i u]eek outmnsvy.eek Prgraph5: rveek / veryhvo Weks.

2 4 5 6 7

4 Paragrph5 names severaltypes of businesses Look whihhvebenfitedfromBNI mernbershi. throughthe ragrphad deide which of the Put fol|owing businsses(1.5)reotmentioned' ( inthe box ifthy are not mentioned.

| k l np go i n t
disuss whether 1 Work in airs.|fyou re Working, you think networkingmeetingsWoU|d be god for your om.|fyou re studying,disuss whthr you think etworking cou|dh|pyou find ajob. 2 Read the ro|ard nd reareWhtyou re going t

You hvea readprtised sl'g a textto finlnumbers. Wea so needto san a textto see if n jtemis somet]mes there or lit is missingorXamp|, Wernight sana Istof to nndout f a person nanes n a rporton rneeting ross outthe items n the listas oufindthem n the textnd seeWhih ]s|eft' l a plitigusiss 2 ateig usiness bushss 4 whdsi8lr 5 fLoist businss

questions(a-)are in 5 he answersto the fo||owing question, paragrphs,1-4' Foreh deide Whih paragrphto |ookin' then sn ittofind thnswr. ir|e the itemnot mentioned. Wlih ais not mentiond s ol]wherBNI opts? UsA / uI / theidd]st/ Austr|j

You areattending ametingofBN and havetogivea one mnuteseehto ntrodlrce ourompan' tk boutther own stlldents n WorkshoL]|d resiI studing shoud ask ompan. studentsWh forsom ]forrntion abouta mag nary t]e r teacher man ompa. n ddtontoouroman yolrsholrd ct Vites' deideWhh oJthfo|owing needs;ern es of n udein oUrseehIstaffng projets, stsfied|ents;future so Remmberyou have on|one minutexat|y, Work in groups th;nkarefu|Iy bout wht to in|ude. to eah of threeolfour and tke it in tUrnsto |isten to the other other'sspeehes' When ou re Iistening membersofyourgroup, mke notes on Wysthey oUIdimprovethirspeech. Deve|opingntacts 6,|

Gultural issues
Getting strted
,I Work in pirs.Rad th fo||owing definitions'then disUss thequestion beIow. ultu re . a.thustoms, institutions and hivmts partiultr fa nation' poPleo group

CuIturaI wreness
L senIng
1 Work with a prtner' You re going to |istento n interviewWith Phi|iaker e runs aonsu|tan a||edALDAwhih gives dviend trainingon u |turl Wreness. What kind ofthings do you think h wil|give adce bout?ryto Iistt |eastthree.

u|tural wrness . .th aility to uDdestnd th you aremetingand av ultur of th PoP]

2 24i2 Listen tothe interviewndput ('/)nettothetois in ourIistWhih re metionrdin the interview.

Work in|ete the sentens(1-7)below with the orretountryor regionfromthe box. some ountriesn be used morethan one. Use Rdthefol|owingsttementsnddeidWhichyou Whtyou remem ber from the interviewnd your own gree Withmore.Disuss yourides Withyour knowledge. I |D t| U,<. d |he|nqfPl'' oleslnd , Id o n ' t t h i k t h ts t u d y i n gd i f f e r nc tu|tures about50-70ms wyiomhthl i s V r yi m p o i . t a n t nm o r e . h e W o n di s 2 ln ' ,,' nd ., ,,'op] lnd , p|ae m U hs m l | r t h a n i t W sf i f t yy e l s to stnd ]{rsr to h othe. g o , n g I i s h h a s b e o m e n i n t e r n t i o n l 3 Thseultus pf ]sO mId]t ry ontt' b!t |3ngUge ,n d m n y b l n d s r e k n W na l prts o v e r t h ew r | d , U ] t u r d in most pr| | i f f e r e n eh sve f ..' ,,' opl minim1 y
b e o m e s m ] e . n dp e o p e h v eb e o m e m o r e s i m i | r t o a ho t h r r ' ,

W importnt is ]t for |rusinss tr hvgod o]

hs become s m a | | em e n st h ti l ] s m o r e j m p o t n t t o koW boUt othel UItUres, nt Iess. g r o w U P w i t h i n p l t i u | r Peop|e sti|| u|turend they re sti||greatJy j!st i n f | U e n eb dy i t . h a t h s n l h n g e d beuse We nowhaVe interntion| b r n d sa d n i t e r n t i o n l |nguge',

,h ftthtthe World

4 ]n ottouhe] on thhd, ' oushou]d 5 In ., .,' alrd,' , ' ' , th t'usiss ultuis moetsk oientd, In ..' d ,' ,' ,' thelsinss ultu bsdmorc o pIsonl e]tionshis. 7 In .. .. .and ' peopl td to f]tlrnt

Asia German ,o:,.,n ,o" h nd

h na Ltn Amer " d ",'" the UK

Urope the l"4 dd|east , o , l h " , ,, J o . the UsA

62 utr|issues

244 Listento the iterviewagin nd hek your answers to xerise .

tlinkjt ouldb difliuLllomarktyou Wl1-v do oLr in hla] Tto lhink fil sussfully L]dut questions(1_4)' then san th Fleadthe fo||owing tettofind the nswers'

in Ghina Mrketing ing Read

1 Wrkwith partner Read the firstthlee sentenesof nd marketingin txtfrom a book about se||ing china and disussthe questionon th right'
r i$ PP]e damolmkt]ngth A Umbbus rod!t n h n ]lstba!9eolrh zeo||he p! tion,AL .ih oL ]t.l .ont ns b l on Possb] n w u n o m ! t o f o l r s e ' t hn g sa r en o t 5 s m e

youfindthem'realthe When Words' sa fortheunderined ( t thnswer ou ivein China, sentene to iindou1 ou to probabl butit s inortnt knowsomeoftheanswers, tothetext onscord]ng answer theqlrest ) lr,' ''ri'l. "loL "d 'rI'|oaIL'o||.r! "J

in Bi]ins] 2 Wndid n oi(s Iirststo l lh hslvods? Whtis lhe majg Whatis th InanhgoIte numlr8in hin]

|gn Pod!e l_ nly Wth manytyPr' ofProdLrts,the ir e hVe e redyWn nsefms who arc h t' of |_ s sL]h I the market,n.ld,myodhin.s .omanies wh dts (to | mPy h oitRnn8,,t renewed! ar ty 669'. now n]oylng oman Whhte5to moveinto togn sond|yy to nudythe 5t!t on nd.! tur ofth2-t maket neds ountryh tn Ithe swth h liy ntothmarkr''ihth!s!i: iitntiona omanLesgo ralre o|d! t'Ut|htidtht a5they.e th P..nL].1s not s , keth swdh fiJnt!gnt oend n B]ng j!ni!. t5med n 999 Utno| mnPoP ouh1thc Vfo h neslnom ad pssb / d n .t too xpns tst, to h]ne P] omPaniesa so ieed ro Ping notth y ssrJ, mlght uLt!r ons.r whal idesliomes ftm d ftnt mket.gextsl Pod!t hveboutthef odu|Wht D Besth d]moidomPnxpvd. i PositoLng, r.e a slm bo fth |ntheWen' d mods ]ntenigxamt HowV.the oi Wdd;i8.ngs, |ov and pPe omnti ffreit n As a ndso D rsdided dol oman of hamon nd n ng i]amonds5 symbo] t. sent therthanoveh h]n!V dsshowd eltionshi t th wedd ngndthn hlsbndgv g h Wfe ]mod th fo ]owngya of ng, fd in t me to show moved k olonlit (hii h is ) hPPymaag,,Hmony'ora D Bers a v.y mpotantVa! n h es!|tLrrend Usngth s dto marketttr.Prcdut W Vysussfllin B.dng]5 vey mPornt ii h na h nseso ty hasmay]Ve]s andth Poses]on of l.tiU td]tinal n ny bnd alrshowyouP aeWthln sott Hweve' h.nd What th to take adv. on 5 nd oLrnt,omP lik n hns o. fPoP anonolnit im soLrnds b ightly damnb atd Smetm5 5u5sf! hatnglh o g|i im to hinse'G |tte o' fo . ] i i n h i i s m e a n s x m P ! s t h e h n s n a m e ] ] .!ky, h nsomPn5tryngto *tth.l Poducts' to th k aboutths tooh hine5 ofo!, hav |i. gto.Ha . hsnot bevr s!$f! g oba y t] to Wen|id th nma ffiUlt t semsbaus synm s basdon 5ymbo' ]n o! i |.I Whthe W |]ng og Alogo hV ammob mP.tntio 1 5 5I 'i/th kItoro.ffetv ksh orAPple s Pct!
.,6' |, P o

c i e d t b e e w a f t h o ! i d s b o l t s o m e t.dt o. y !ky o]o!rWhi .o ou j Rd'].o!ml std]Lina!yseenasU!ky' W h| s t h c o ! o d t h n d s so s!8gn dath.soth lsd togthn B Ueid ye LoW at a on ogosThs s beus mbintons n avoLd giftofmonWsoftenPut in ayloW tdt oia fL]ne ste, iv o wth tr]Ue mDqsL ", |.."..,oPoD,. ii somewest !m e the Umb ] , ihought0]Ury h n s tsoUndslke olnt5'Fo! osdeedL]n|Ul

P i65

storeYohan pnd dePartmnt n!mb[Whenthe jPnse ii B]ingth Pesos lingthPensP!t a r of88 88 v go]dPnTh Wsa iok o|ot]s,blt yln o o xpns it mde Wndf!]takng o t ioth lstmes'

]"| ,o.," ho'.'

| ,,d,


6 u|tUr|]ss!es

Red thfo|lowingquestions(1-4)and under|inethe ke Wordin eh. hen san the text agintor the key WordLo lind the nswerto eh
] Whe Ws th ompny [ongRnn8foudd] 2 h hin What is th trditioal lr1enin8 ofth oloLrrWhit] Wht l.]usdid D Brs wat hins ustolnst{rssiL with thej dimods] ditioal]'wht Wereye]low nd blue env]opesused fol]

Ias Il extsliketh s Whih t k bott geerl truthsUsua| givernnspecll exmles' to,ounderstand thetext, itis ifrortnt to mkethe onection it between theeanr e andtheoint

he text on ag 6 Uss different omanist i||ustrate its points.san the text forthe names of eah of the compnies(a-g)in the boxon the right'hen math the ompny with the generalpoint(1-7)that it i||ustrts'

Gi]l l t b lk shel]

slrm intIti]mis do not r s Ih th hirles mIkt vey Wl]fluh18th i l owledg ofth mni8 ofsom numbes j hin a hl to attrtustonrIs, o'le d I o l lon, ||P,,n(\ n|.]le\e,On I g suesslulgin. som hi s mp nms dilIiuLtfo ov s s ustoms toponou. sol rnd nms hgd to sound mol psitjv j h] s , som podutshv to h 8n,n diff r ent assoitjnsin hin lrom in th West, It n be good ide fOfoejgolpnis t u5 a p i l u e s t h i l o g o '

d e i g

Yohn TOngRnTng D Brs Hai

5 WorkWith a partnerand disusstheinformtion in youfound thetextWhih mostsurrising or interesting.

gifts Giving Vobu ay

|fougo on a businsstrip' it is often good ideto tkeaesent for yur host.Whih of ihe fo||owing verbs (1-8)doot ol|oateWith gift or preset? ] gjv 2 iv
3 ael 4 p

2 NoWred the beginingof her Iinemanagers rep|y.



i ot!'


4 i|


||'sdoubtf! Whelhelf|owels mke a good gifl genera]Iyfol

5 los 6 wl -l 8 fastn

3 Workin irs and disussWhyou thinkflowers

mightnot make a good resentfor business lients.

4 Red the rest ofthe Iinemnger,srep|ytosee il

Are thereny reasons our ides are mentioned. you different from the ones thoughtof?

g Re dln
1 Rad this emai|Written by a new sales representtive to herIinmnager, askingfor advice bout taking resentsto |ientson hernext s|estri.

.Rl ]!N

cio.s d'|

i..n lfi


L se/Rev

\l.' Adess


l iln ha\ vryliLllsPae im lggg ndl don't ant to.]'a.iflfrmm u.ts}'II' oldn.tI jNl bu! m I1nls somowIs ft I ari!]

,,' ' 'A good bus ness preseni s sornething Whih Wi|| rernd won,tdo lhis' ol our ent oj youromny'|owrs Urse'beaUse theyon|ysttewdys, probem w thf|owers nother is lht diflernl ounlres have diflerent irditions bouithem,Fol em|e, reor you shou|d |ta|y, notgivechrysnthern ums as ther asso tedWthlunefa|s, |i rea|| s benerto tryto iind sae in your]uggage iorsomeitr]ng frornyo!ro!nlry

64 ut!ralissues

L|ste ng

Busiess iFinld
D|, d||'8.A.\'' \ ii

B.rk iOmLD about8jvin88]fts nrJp.. 25,1 Fleadthefo||owig nots,then listenand Writeone or two Wordsi eah gp (1-9).

i 8|OL'd

g R d1
exts are easierto read if u think abouttheontent first'hefo||owingtext isfrom aguidebook about doing business in Fin|and. Workwith a artnernd make |istofwht you alredknow abut Fin|nd' thinking aboutthe following. ounry n(rmn (hjnt: irOus opis moil hes]]

^:.," +; :U' ; n'' ii i.* * i'!,. ^,'+ ":

^+ tlese tis]

rb + ?nt P a^e"s 0t" !

} wp1ltts +. ]

' , cav"^ wtNs re @ ^

na euge Do.I s |"r;.sa+^;h+|^ ^Pe"se, '" ,, |w9 sawd Work With prtnerand decide WhatWouldbe a god presentfrom your ounLryt giv to business contt from overseas.

skim eah stion of the text q uick|and hoose the orrt heading(-g)fromtheIistb|ow, here is one headingthatou don,tned' Writetheorect hedingin eh ga (1*6)' NWWritesomesimi|rpiees ofdvie aout doing business in ourountry usingat leastthree ofthe hadings(-g)'

Iloing bsiness in Finland

irj,L, 1 LYP ! af t? ni,] ,
Most F]nnishe|ewill introduethems|vesoffii||y and g]vetheirfirst nd |astnme s they shke hands, Aftr this they rc |ikey to e nform|nd!seyourfirsi hey Usuiiyspea k direct]ynd ery, Un|ikein some .yes L]|tures' m e a n s , y e s i d n o ' m e n s . n o ' , h e y e lso notemarcssd t]ysi|enend do not neessariy ga onvesiion. fee the need to {i1]

2 .__
BUs]ness m e tn g s n d n e g o t t o s ] nF n n d t e n dt o e d .ei and i th point, Not m!h t m ]s spent oi sma t|korUiIdingPerson|relt]onships. s Finnish b!s ness pole mfee| ]mpatien1 if overses clients sped a ]ongt m o th s, Negotitions are genea||yheld n offies, not in resiurals, eo e j F |andre gener|| rnfort|e Withsi|ene s there des noi |Was hv i beonversiion' Hwever,sfetopisWoU]dbe th Wether'sot. irve

F nnishpeope tendto be Verypuntua| ndisxetit otothersVis torsshu|d Vd rrVing te'asthisis

V]sitors re nornr]]tken to rst!mnts, |though in usiness |ile,|onglunhesr noiommon, Finnish (mennd hostsmaya|soinvit theirguests to the sUna Womei go seartey) lt is o]lt to et,

srl] t.]k
b sk oI Ilt]ons]i iusd]

mmuniatjon st-v]e i Pastisnr Finlnd g Attituds to timking

d ttrjn8


Gettig st]ted
beginings(1-6)nd endings (-0 to mkes|ogans 1 lv|aththesesentene boutteamwork.
l Temwok h l v st h w o r k , , . - - \ 2 Th lrst lrdes v sy 1,lsted '., ! b isthive]o1ofideis ,,, nd doub]esth suss' e .', gethervO

Nobodn sjn8 symhony whtanbdon.,' 4 it's surpising 5 The besl w to hav 8od TA stadsf .,.

.'. lvhen it doesn,t mttr who is thalrkd fol it, ,,, you ned n orh s t to ly lI,

you chooseto pt on a poster at Whih one Wou|d p|ace Workor in our of study? compareyour idea

want your tem to sueed in of ourse you Wil| Word hievingits im. comp|etethe fo|Iowing dirmto make different Wordsfrom suceed. '' ,,,' ,,, ("*

Desribing team Voabuiry

,1 eams a|Ways have aims the Wntto ahieve.In eah of the fo||owing sentenes(1-4),unsrmble the]ettersinbo|dtypetoikewordsWithsimi|r meaigto /r.Writethe orret Wordnext to eh
U . t o l U . J . e I , d o | | l l i ' k W \ ^l | ] e P o U sls rgtte this mondr,


(oPPositadi tiv)

You my |sownt to ta|kabout how We||the team membersworkedtogether Mth thefo|Iowing verbs (1-3)on the |eftWiththe orret definitio(.) on the right. 2 ompete
itIt ommunite With somon b tr tob more suessfu]thn c t o Work lo8ether to liv ptiulI jm


The govrnentredtrmindto h tlreil olg of 2% inlltion th nd of thear, We hoet hiveoutibvioeofylin8 25ofou wsteby 2007. gmet tehstudnts Tlris is omputr aboutlunig orpay. Thejot is to ks uh moes ossible. Now writethreeverb-nouno||oations from the sentncesusing the words from xerise 1. m a.|!t !!I,

5 omp|etethetb|ewith the orrespondingnouns nd dietives. Noun


Z 3 66 emwork

* int: 1hikofwhat hppes to lh vebat,

Team-building Re d 1g n
stnnsomaies irn8tarn-huitdig evtstolthj stff' silly ii a 8ru fl hve notWolkdtogthI bflrlr,ln th tel,UWill h " d " . i ' I ( i v . | | l J | . b I J | | ' , n | , ,1 sn thetextto find the tit|esfor eah eventnd mth it tothe orretpiture{A-).

tllll.Bultll|G EU]l|s
G|l0{ll W0lsl0l
lr s eve.l s desiqnediorgrous ol8 to 5eoe ttera shrl ntrd!.ton on th histryofthe top ' rt tsre s n into grousto Workon cret]nq and dlt ng then oW hots he deort].qjs boundtobli.q oUi th rtisl . Vo!nd ltng messYtgih s gretWat brekdown bfriels Hts nd rottve lth g re rvided A1the end oith sss on' vryonetkes home n Vergeol 25 hoot5,in gilt Wedbo, !l|li[ 0|I|llE PIobbybolt 90% f rob ems Withn I m s e o o o W n oor . o m m ! to N o W | r r e sthe !|t]mate erjsei movgo! commln l]ons| ls Pnidints Wor[ s o n e s o ns b i d f o d e da n d h st o d r v . r o u n d o ! s e .oLrseWjth o h s rtis nstr!.tin to glid h]m hW]nn g i ri s t h e n eW h o n o m e t i h e . o ! s e i n t h e s h o d e s t m e ,b l t l o!ls, Wjto!t knok ng oVervo1 thelsti W a s n d t . s W ! s s see iio! tth ,]0 m.Uts 50 resentreordof

TIlsUE ||UllI
nes!r rUtdventUres re bsed on lhe s.nd nvisr1ol orienteerng Wlrererlicints Lse m to f d ihe IWyt]]rouqh Toresl he ob]emof tlesulehUntistof d | U s W h c l r r e s h o w o n m a a n d d i s o v l t h e ot o oTtlreiresurechei, Normi tresLreh0.t sts but houls' o see noinrero! s t Wok t o q e t h e lw . t h o U r l i m o f c e n t e v e n tt , h e K e v n b l s . e s s s . h o , sl s t d t o r9 0 0 e W s t l d n 1 s Whad 70 tems n t v ttht mmedi.teV heied oUl.Wst!dnts t o l o r mn e W 0Ull GII rs s mUs. eve.lWhele ( a n i ss n i c i r ce n q d l l m s '

be ]s olsh|ers olr reresett V eds 1he rled he s them to rh t h e r f U o t e t a s o l h e s t r a his civilY s rommededfornVqrou wno need to om toqtherln oelat ve WV nsted ofomt ng W t h e a h o t h e r t ] so n e l t l W W y s i n W h h r q eg r o ! . te1Y! an'tbet t s w6to bektlr e btween newo]eg!es, i tI l|!ll|E h s s f o r t h ec o m mangrwho Wtst tak his stlf!t ofthe omfotofih r o f f e t t k e s . e ] n a be!tf! mUnlan set1inqand b'. b o o k e d f r o m A p rt o s e t e m b e r . I gro!s re avib]e book ngs Tor|rge tt|r nerbysheub|eHote, h j s o j v e ] 0 t k s 1m Wr.h they U s e t b ! r f 1 m k i n q U m e . t f r m i h e i s t r u c t oG r rous h a v et o l s e t h e r obm'so v g s|i sand elerythilrq th k.Wbout howt|r ngs work to b s td s g n A l t l r e e n do f lodUth t h e d 't h e l s a r o n n e r b va k e

questions(1.10)'then Red eh of the fo||owing sn the text q uik| to find thenswers. Writeth answer netto eah question. 1 DLrring whih mothsnyou bkt]rftbuildilrgvnt] ^|ilt.oePLrmbr

lvht is the fastst tlnrfr oln]tnlg th lrliddivingours? Whtis the mxinrum nulnhoIple whonltend Ihhoo]te WOkshop? W longdos tr.suhuntusrtLly


Artfromdrums,Whatinstruments a you pla ] dlum irle? Wht do eo] wefor th hoo]te Wlih lrot] n epl stayt for lhe ftbuildin8event] Whih ptOluopdsth sport onenteenn8 omefrom? What ostls theo th lid divigous? 1 0 oWmnytmstooktj tlrlvin busiess shooltresu hunt? scn the who|ett to find out WhiheventWou|dbe best forthe followingskills (a-d).Writethe event numberin the box, ^ imovin8 ommun]ati ski] enourging a lrgteamto ]l ooprat gtting gou t slvpti] ploblemsWith quiplt d nou8ing rtivit

1 hink aout teamworkbeforeyou listenby reding the sttements{,l-5)nddiding iftheyretrue or false.Wrjtefortrue nd F for false in the you coIumn ofthetb|.

] Th tm]d should th pIson mostjntel]igent in the 2 ln goodte, you nd]ols p pl wilh of tjv oigial idas, h lrrsttemseth s whrtemmmes hv sini]ar rson]itis' 4 Thrrso1 o p] Who nOt WOk w]lin tem' 5 Potm1yers do ot eahlrj8hposiiionsi

Find two eprssionsin the text with the verb Dle Whihboth meangef fo kow someone bettr' 1 2

2 alk with a rtnrand compreyour ideas, questions.

5 Workwith a prtnrand disuss the fol|owing

Whih evntwouldyou lost n joy] Whih do you think would I]t th stfI]your ompay oI yur feilowstudets?

r lilit i
:.. ,: i

point |king
1 hinkof atemthatyou'vebeenamemberof (work, study or sports tem).lvlakenotes on the fo||owing


] Wht Wsth tm'saim ndhow sussfu]we Ou? 2 Did p o ] in tlrlem hav sifiols? 26i Listento the presentation. Aording to the spker' 3 ]llv simi]ror dilfeet W otrin th tam? Whihofthe bove sttementsre true and whih ,) |hik buI pn'a I|d prsoa|it are f|s?Write or F in the spekero|umn of the 4 W"' |\l.n] o n i . r w P .d , l , | r J I tbIebove, then answrthe fo||owig question. rmersj ow did you so]vit] AOrd]g to the spkr, how shoulda mnge did 2 Work With adner nd tke it in turns to te|lah on e ightprsonto join te? otheraboutthe team nd Whatitchieved WorkWith partnernd disuss th fo||owing questions. Whtdo yu thjnkbotltth sp kr's ideslo uiidin8sussf ul t msl Wouldyou fo]lwh r su88st]os f hoosing nW mmbrof youta? 68

izen Reading
You are gojngto read n adile bouta systm for improvingomanies,Whihorigin|| came from Jaan' WorkWith artner he hedingsofthe tei re |lquestions. argrphsin the to||oWing Read the Iistof headings(a-g)nddeidewhih r Iikelyto be the headingsfthe firsl d the/sf Write 1 in the box next to thefirst aragrphs. pragrhand 7 in th bo netto the |astpragraph. Wh d s it tkpla] b IIo!1. n Inp]oes tjids? ut foWId liow impotnt is kdbe fo th fulur?
d Wht.los tdlzel? ln]

4 Read prgraphs2, ,4 and 6 morerefu|ly nd put one ofthe phrses (-e)be|owintoeah of the gs (i-v). th wit iol hn8s thdljg b in '!n omis th attitud is.ifjt isn'tbOken, don'l fi it, lvhi a s
. .ndi . i|o1ta ll.U8g'.| L'.. no,p Ii

in tand for8{rtt d nd notjUstth qxljtyontolngI |th thn shteiod ol bi8 hngor a yl evlW 01systms

hete makes ornar]sons between om']ies Whh Lse kl2e'ndompanies Which don't, Whenf|]ing thegaps,
| | i r }d b o - ' | A o m p " | i o . . h d l d l i ' U | a s e n l . r u . i mag.

Who tkst? I l thc suggestios tdo?


What kitlof llnvments emd?

5 Work in pirs nd discuss the fol|owing questions, . . Is the systl iyoul o1poIp] oIstttdy lor m1o 5 oI studnts l su88sl iInrovmnts] ', ' , . , | " l o | i | ' || \ i W ',Jlr oJ li l nt.t' 8J rpy] thy poils With it' d you thirkl

skim on|thefirstand the ]astargrphsto find out ifyou Werright' skim the rest ofthe prgrphs(2-6)nd mth eah Withtheolret heading(-g)in Exerise 1. Writetheorrt prgraphnumberin the box net to eh heding.

'1.he wt t,;." om tior th ]iPinse ords |o rll,old n,./o,l. It refrs Io svnfu | .mkin8 imPivemenc hih i t mak slr (h.t nyUs]ss rinstdr utting edge in tln of q]it}.'Pres' Lht k a ont]nuols liviL},, (ii) ,' , ryoD noura8d to thn* out Lh lsinss and onr uP wilh ntggstbns n[ im|Ircrnt i]l izen g0rrlll |uses o soh,nrg lg nmo of lnill ProLms (iii) , Usu]ll th hgs re to do ]']th inPfuvnrg Padtn'iry ol leduin8 WNte, 1 dditnnr' (iv) kiizen dos nt invoht jtrst ilxji8 Proln, vdr il nneti]ig fflls to b wokjngll' stfi s|]o!Ldsti]l thnrl holv LhIn mk it vtter l mnr onis wlri !5 kljzen' teams ot mloys nrt to tul tvard ind duss n), Pssilc sus8st]ons |i nnPlvrt nr folunr kln s Quliq, (bnt] irde' Thre t als tr lva} to o]lt Dr oli idas' Li](ePutt]ng sug8esL]o os in th sol{Ph. Quit o{ten bout 90 P t or: emPloveeJ nlggnn'rs ar im?]e ftnld, h tfunshouldtakePls soon s Possil' sn]tnnstht sme dv (v) , 1o i| ! Partiular n]ggnio js ot irPl]td, it nnPonnt |r L rPl,. t k\' h foorLds v&t n sir]]!Pi eolomi oom lr t sod hi]f o th tlvDtidh tul'l', ut the PriniP]s|otnnLns im|rovflnnl afld redutbn I still i]nPortant tr mPnt mng.s nr JaPn !|d |swere, ]rfi eed' JiPnf orPnis lik To].otillight sIn s th kryto sti).nrginld o|f!l!r mPtit.s nr

IhloLogynd Pfu dtivitl' Kaizen iohts ]]ftPlo}s' ]iom tI) nragmnt t th ]ningnd mirr. tie statl. lyon n nrk su8sestiontr imProvment (i) J h is w ]m]funrig k aI inv]ve hng jn th Prate u]ture, It has to e sordring that nrPLoFes do baut thy know it is 8od |or thfln fi the orny' not rtnr8 wjh thel i usc rngn]nt tl]stlrem that thy nust, ()rt igdili tweflrkaizn ad t lttenrPts t han binlss js

emwork 69

clients ntertaining
started Gettig
tkingour1iet a usiesslintras lertoini8 (.g, yourbusiess wilh not olrneted smWhe rstut) in ordrto d v elo oultioship. hoosig Wht do ou think is imortntWhen Usiness|ients?choose for entertaining resturnt threethingsfrom thefollowinglist. quiet golrdfod speilitis fmyour outryo egion serves . nayoLrr plf Wk . otto expnsiv 2 comre our ides with artnet Work in pirs.ryto thinkofthree moreforms of entrtainment ou ould arrangefor t,usiness visitorto your ity. for the fo||owing 4 Wht re the benefitsof entertaining peoIe? . thpson doingth entfi;iing . the lint to your 3 You may a|soneed to give etr informtio overses guest to prepreor Wrnthem aboutsome Ioods.Wht kind otfoods ou|dthe fol|owing sentenesreferto? Use a ditionryif neessary I 2 3 4 5 6 I| s q|1\ ih-4q9p,r!lt's verstron8,,,,, ,, ofthhoDs,.,,'' . Yuhvetob eful lt veyhot, ,,, .. nd fillin8, ,,,, It'sqlritehea!ry Ithas lotolpips, ,,,'.. 2 Put the words from the box below in the table to show Whihtype ofsentene (1-4)youwou|d usethem i. someWords n go in morethan oneo|umn. bek d boled Taw sple TlTe ot food berry dessert roasted s bitter fried shellfish swee band hert) souT

Adjtive/ mpfison

Wys of ooking

food Desribing Vobu|ry

.l if you inviteoverseas visitorsto |unh,you my need to ep|inWhtsome ofthe dishes re.studythe fol|owing Wys(1-4)ofdescribingdishes. l You nlinby sayingwht kid of thigit is. It's soft of / kin,dof / p of fr\itth tsteWithn adie.',e. 2 Yu n desibe It tastssIt-/ lt's soltb\ -5i.8" .o|'Ddo' J o. }o | ndes.o}e |*l Lt tstsltk hikn4 You nd s ri iot, jt is okd. lt's grilkttlbkefied'

zirNoWIisteto six sentenesWhichdesribefood nd drinkto overseasvisitors.Foreach sentene,name a type of food from yourountrythat it could desribe.

oUns n d U n o U n t a bn Ie Countble
r ountblus musthvd .hei fntoI nd nbeusd i the plur] tem inthr sigul (,g'a desslt, t/.e desserl,solne desseis) ' r Uountbleus d nothva in fnto1them in th sigulr nd hv o p]url iorms (,8,batter].

70 ntetining|iets


eadtherestaurant review opositend writethe Words i bo|d tpeinthorrect o|umn in thetab|e

Uoutbl [pluI)


L" *."."t *Jll."*. " ""i."* Ji..t", T. -i.-


'''J' t |.'Jt]',"." tl | .I-J"'',"".. ', JJL""g.Jp " ' |uL.',l'l'' 'J.iJl .'.'. A lL ' . , . . ' ' ' , | . ' 7 ' | ' "'r,1,.".k' it ."Jiy*tt"i..t' ".
s a statter,l s t goa|,.

p.. t" t"" t]." "{ "ity

p ' ' - \ , J t \ . , ' . |' ' ' . | | . , l , J - . ' , " | l"tt... ** t"" 1"'.".;..;." l'. tl." J."""lng "."J' ."J;t"o"tu;n"J tool;ttl".l.*.. T" """.*. etter oie, AcrJingto w]t' it('rtinJ {.,",JJ{-."t].i"J. lJ.''""'""'." .'J "{ "'y
Jiet save itten out [tel,



. , .t.- ,,. ,,.". -

t.. \,t, .-t,,,rt.r


r Note tht sme nous a be outbl oI un.untble' dendi.g o ttl meai8 e,8,5au.e v]blll u lik some sou. (Ltlruntlr]] It's l1tsu rllad f.hilli peppers,(outb])

*J. ] *..t {". t1..t"g1;"t"1 . ".'"1*, si." a"d .ean'su. l' J"t.'j"y"J * Ji", t" ."-t ."..,t" ..J g'... "- ""p""]"ll *1.n]. *""t.'itl. it' l.",".* J"*J"."*t *i"L -"J" *J."-. .lJiti"., j}, J."n", " ".i"., "**.., *- . T]."past a's orr.tly ".;"t"t.' jt' "."t t.sau li Th"* ** t".,"""1' o{it u"J jt "o"tui".itoo ""," "ulr'

2 study the hart showing how the expressionsof quntityare different for ountbIend unountablenouns.

outable ,xr Iotof / 1 an / 1'|rcr some/ svrI/ fa fit pLa| ' wr thrcnlman ||ptpla:s? Thwrn'tdnlmany pty ples,

h||I)as lot of / (Lsrt lLeIof / so|L | .l littl Sa|tin th stluws thr(In/muh slt in thsalre. hr 05n'tn|muchsltill |l1

norm]ly usdbut d dL | Ita| |.1t unutb]e'da

Under|inethe orrt q untit expressions inthe f o||oWingsentenes (1-7). I Wu]d you lik n fW / d little mole ots? 2 Th ut roo 'idnyl too 7ahsugI ith jtt ior

n8lish'spil] in Wr'ng,

You onl ed 11 fe!, / d lltl1ustad s it's v r y hot, 4 Thy havlr'tOughtxs rnylluh lrl a d l]s, 5 Tlditioial]y' o! shou]d sJzfu / littL
len1oDjuj inl the soup. A Lo|af / irat dnLof ou tomtos 8o to th

r I1 oftn s to kow i| tpesof foodd ount] uuntabl ' butwith thIwordsit is mor
rlrfi.'' in i|l l

xuntle thel is no plL'l],

7 h y g r s l 1h l o l l r U . i ]t i e i l 1t ] r i s r8ion'

nte(aining |ients 71

4 LookttheWord in 't's in thefol|owingsentenes.

Deide if it is ountb|eor unountb|eby lookingat th epressionofquntityndtherti|s.Write iI it is ountb|end U jf it is unountable.
I ] 1hik h has vry inlslingi.)b. 2 ] hv 50 ruh urt to d, I'l] nv finish y 5 o,]ok' Thy hav bou8ht 8td]of nw quipnnI, Just on ld.hine nt r]ly enough fo ou A 8rt dl fthei d./rinery is vev olt oi Plse Otl]dou gi\,e some dd,i.e? 7 Do yotl mind if I mke ssestion? I I do ot think tht vIy nuh reseor.hWs vey litt]ofttis /urnllre is suitb]fOlhr offi, ., l0 ' n J [ i J ' d I w l . - d l , | l ei c / p W i , | ., h , . ] | o


PuttheWordsfrom xerise4 in two |istsin your notetlookunderthe headingsoutble and UncountalIe' ^dd oth| new Words to these |ists if type ofnoun oufid it diffiu|ttorememberWh:h theare. WorkWith artnet ach thinkboutyouroffie orthe p]aeWheleoUstudy nd the sUppIies/eqUipment you hve' ke it itturnstote||yourprtnerwhether Usethe |ngugein oUhve enoughof everythjng. the box to help you.

UsefulInguage quntities Desribing

gotmLrch (space/stat]oery We haven,t tthenonent ',) gotman (desks/ens Wehave,t '')

you syig thank

tle]mutsh!lz lvksfoa GeIn 8inrin8 whjhprodu s nigtion ompy eqtipmntwhih is usdt tspt wtItdrylnd-t1hs just rlurnd flom business tip to Qtr' wherhe dmns(ted sm
I ta .^mn]v.c n..]''.tq

Dr N'Irmin, lIn.||o}dD, |\,'hF.DJt;|l| :-:]] , : ] ' : , .., , ,| - m e J ' i | |\ U U .L t ] | j l ' | l ", " r c s l ' ' L r ''r o c ' l ( l U r i t h ' 4 ,|l U l 1 o u r\ t I J r Le t r , m l1 ootoo'ind | r n | . J 8 e nIilIi^,''U. " ; ' n I h j redrn|0y, !,. :. - to seth desti ntio pi t, ,, | UM A \ h r J f Z i n ] t ) f o | k l r g s m U ( n h t U s u i d n r i r 0 U nd j J u l U r \ P | g J " d|i8 ) ' ' u ' d ( ' ' o l ,, l U l Io u l ] r I l g h o quillrr.9 nl maxrngmystayin Qatr su P]asantPric!, ,' q.."-''o'o-'

1 omlete Mrshu|zihankyou |ettertohis Qatri host' by puttingone phrsefromthe box in the orret gp (1-9).e arfuI!oneg does not need n},thing. 2 |maginethat you hvejust returnedfrom business trito ( city of our hoi)to |okat some possib|e new produts.Yourhost is hopingto beome regulrsup|ierto yourcompan.Write thankou letter to ourhost,similartotheone in erise1, In the |etter' don'tforgetto d the fo||owing. . , l | ,,|\ \ o J , o ' | t o , l r h s J l J l l ' " c J m e " o | ) othrentrtinmnt thvrovided . sayhow usrlul thvisit ws . sywhn you wi]l b i touhWith deisiobutth


Fn| thank.L] one again |tr.+/it{{f,f,*Yc lesecia| enjoed I ookforward to herngfromoL] Iwas a so verylnterested IWasmstlmpressed Itwas veryinterest ng Pleaseextend seja|thanks



golf Business Re d ing

1 You re going to read n artilebout buslness nd go|f.Work with a prtnernd nswerthe fol|owing questions, What d you know boutthc gmofgolf]
' A ' , | | \ 8 o , | 8 " | ' e DO ' ||, n ' o|' l]

gjvsd\,ie o Wht tlk busiss 5 ]ins .hya knowldg ofgolIn irrtt

4 he fit sentencesof a||the aragraphsin the arti|e

re missing.You Willfindthem be|ow N,1th eah sentene(l-5)to the prgrah(A-)thtit oms flom. Writethe orretragrph|etterintheboxes' ll ou gnising goil d],out [ 1horornt ol1till]. thtlntjon to taltls vryiott' D lt.lr8 sttion ]iklh is not n wstoI tnl1rbuse gtioutnrss h,]ve tditinl]y n
jmportIrl IlIhod oi olot l1tLimet, nd Whn should oLi tullgl doW to

2 hosthebestwordto desribethe gmP'in you

bofing ski el

]emao ng tun

e1ng reaxng

l n h o l l o n f e n o o m ' s e n t t i i s l k i 8p l e oId]D8to Dvid ston!, !lv]8 3m oi goli is vv siil,r t Wolknl8 i trLrslss' Whih ofthe sentenes (1-5)bove jntrodue the subjet of the rest ofthe prgrah?

Read the rti|ebeloWquikly'using the sklmmIng techniqueyu hve latised before,to idetify Whjchargraph(A-)does thefo||owing (1-5)'Write
the prgrah |etterin the orret bo, 1 8ivs d\]io onising d},oul p]1g 3lf 2 dsirs I s n l 1 i oo l r u s i n s s 8oli mrs go]f d busll]ss

A DVidstoney s t]knqto gro!p ofroUnd60 bnkerson hw t imrovetherrfrmne, shows severaloHs Withd aqrmsndhtsno evn ret one r hve t psyho]og |thory t seems ,ic b!siness Presenttin etfor e thig,He is talkig bo!t g f' NoW lrgenumerof mPiries re seid ng theil yolng exeutives to b!s ness go f xpts to iear. th rt of mkinq good mression on the go|fourse1 hesessions de With qlestois |ik.Whed noyou t k businessn the g|fourse?.as we las giving in the rLrls of the gme nd fewrti sessions,,Iwntthernto try to |osemi]iondlr de|s'sysone sen ormrketng mge whse s]es stffhave reent|yomp eted 5 hU9of sem nr |otofthose d s re goigto be mdeon th glf
W,e1},pdy.]o. ,o, ',A|oA|Jou, .iL.'g|

jlst ke the !nkers And ofue, n b,]thUsiness , o uh v e t ok o w h o w t o d r e s s dg o | fy , h t t os a y ' w (that s' the the IU|s otth qme nd the etiqUette o.rtWyot behaving). D omfrte trVe| afnqments attrtive f tres n db r s W h e r e y o u . ag ne t c o d d r n k s i ] | h e p to mkethtda s!ess A suh s D is so a n idea,U|timt|y. ognstinis the ket tht bus ness de 9etting fy! ar th host Dvid remmend st.t n9 to

nd rachthmwth th iowestposs b e umbelf strokes.,]Ustsin busi.essyo! haveto rehthnrt the owestost You.n fi.d unexeted ro]ems'

]s!ssin9 the sUbjt' o r ,i f t h e y d o n ' tm e n t on it t the m]aftards,

Glossry'toll.ou^.e:th ] 8 f ildonwhih8mOlgo]fis]yt](NoTstudyouslOleaninshOwtop]gol0 rslok] on ationofhittin8thgolfi]al]with the lub, lbunker: fit]d Withsnd,If your8otlbll ladsin h'it is diffiultto 8til Ou1, it

ntertainig ients 13

rr ,tl

Desribing statistis
Getting strted
1 Work With partnernd disuss the fo||owing questions. . D yu velo reador rodustatistis in youjb o studis? . Wlrilrof th fol]owing do ou 8r lWOsttemnts with? nolhrprsl1'xitll l,Witoursta.lsrls, yoiIarj1|st aI1 2 ,h arc t]'fkhlds of lirs: n|,1|oIL
urope,s do|e vit Unted stts G.lmanr

treds Desribing Voabu|r

,l study the three digrams(A-c), Whihre takenfrom Ihe oomist and answerthe questionsbeloW.
A|| ovr the p|e Nsi6 sas andprrat.oft bY

lh h hart [A ) with th following dsrjptions. 1 p1ht 2 ]i gph ] b ht Whih hrt(s] show tendJ (hgsovr peid oI tim]? Whih hrt(s] show th s]tutionot onpt]iir/in ti'lr?' ]ike photo8rah? Loktthe harts and grphsgain and deide ifthe fo||owing sentences re true orf|se. Write for true N s t] mad gItepiitin Asia lhn 1

N r

Uro Ame..s

Nen'; sa, WatIs oe adfti


20,% WorIdwide revenuemrketstrre'

fW In 1he]990s'th avrg GermnWotkd ltli, hours rthanth aYIg aakt shr I 200,WPP & Cyhd 8t Aegisdvs tlttogth. thanDetsu, Nest]'s s]s wl vluedt mthn ln uo, 25 b]l]io swiss s, idustlis domitd y Pub]ils Th dvetirrs nu]houls insed lth UsA, Inp]oe's btwnr970nd2000'

b]ng stat stis 74 Desr

he grphs (A-R below show the sharepries of six different ompniesoverthe period of one|ath eh grhto the orrtdesription(1-6).Use ditionryif neessary


1 2 3 4 5

Thrws stdyinrs in th shrerifo the fn foudaysbutthnit lvlld offt thnd oI t]reek' orth fistfourdys'thsh flrituations butthrWsashfl]t thndot theweek. rishowedo]slight
Th shateie rhd pk in the middle of th Wk, Th sh i dippd s]ightli the iddl ofthwkbut thD showd si8nsofrove ftlht. The sh pie shW d dowwaldtrnd thoughut th Wek. FoI th fist furdas' th shI ie shwd nl sljghl hnges, butth it osdamti]ly at ft nd

Grammrworksho Adjetives addverbs

r Teds desidusin8 a vr ]us J dvb ]ik tilis: h shr pn lose dfmaticIlr You n trss the sme ide r]sjngn djtive .l'hr us a dafuLtic ris tI| th shr pi

2 studythese s||ing rU|esaboutturningadjetives into adverbs.then omDletethe tb|ebe|ow

r ost djtivesadd b/t frm t]rdvbi .8,shdp 4 dtdrpl r Adjtives ndins in.oni^ondnt+y hn8 t l lr f ore addin8ly: -g- hpp + happi| r djt]vesdjgin idd ally: -g' paLiticaL . politi.]llL r Adjtives dig i l add nothI l bf ly: -E.batiful + batifull r djtivs dingj le dd ly: r-g- tribL. tIiL

1 ompIetethefo||owingtb|eWith thcorret nouns. A||exepttwore identi| to the verb. Use the sentenesin vobu|ry exeris to he|pyou if Noun

|o I]l

slight shp gdu] stly


tO flulut

dmati notib]e

Desrihing sttIstis ?5


NoWhange the followingsentenes(1-5)b omp|eting them Witheithr vrb-adverbor n adjetive-nounphrase. 'Ihe ws stadinrse in th shiefo the fist fou dys ,, , lreslrrril4'l'i9a .ts,a!ry io the listfou ',, oys p]e Th she sdlatilly t the ndfthe
Th Ws a .,, ,,

reresents A andD rpresent Gu|fountries. southAmerin ountry andc reresents n Eng|ish-speaking countryn youndyourartner gusswhichoutrieseah |ine rfers to?
A,' ,, B, ,,' ,,'' D

yersinourountr 4 hinkboutthe|st thirty nd Write briefnotesbout hnges dUring thattime on oneol moref thefol|Wing tois,
. inflation . th uDr]omnl rtlpIlg OIthewokig Whodon'thv job] ou]tio . tot] gossdoInsli pdul . impotnd epot ligues 5 Work Witha rtnerndtke it in turns to te||eh othe. bout one or more ofthe bove.

i thr sh.r| rit the rdi

ThIwasa shalp fi]in the shrpieon idy, Th sharie,, ,,' ,' , on Fid. Th shi showdon]slightflututios Th shepioniy piedidsligtl Wd s dy, The sh
, , i n t s h J | i o n

some short reordings.Forquestions 2\1 You Wi||hear (1-5),ir|etheorrectnswer,A, or c' ] Wh]hpodut hs n mostsussful? A hndba8 B lrlifas lthIjkt 2 lwhih ronth ws]s thhighst] B Febrrr rh Whihre8ionhs th 8ratest shroI s]es?
tllo AIi

0iI produtio a I k i np go i n t
'l Work in pils nd both read the instrutionsbe|ow. ah lookat agrh. student A |oolGt the grph below nd student |okstthe grph on age 107. he grphsshowo IproJution in bi ion barre s durjng the erod 1960to 2000 n foL]r different ountr es' ke I n | u , 1 .o d ( ' b | h .' . n d , i e , ^ o . o - n ( | | e shownon ourgraph toyouprtner Yourrtner shoud drawthetwo missng Inesonthergrah LJs the VobU arythatoustuded n t]eVobulary set n to desrbethe sttst.s n ourgraph toyou

4 Whih ]ieon thgrhshwsth patt of salsin thesupmkt oIrstudas?

rph r
4.0 '5 0 25 2A l5 ]) 05



,]98r] ]990


2 When you have finished,ompare grphs'

16 Desribinq sttistis

|h | tr,h|eemonlhsl l| J A' [i8U,.o 5 W h i h ] . " | lr . s e n t s

Aulst september otober AUqUst stembe| otobr Algust setember october

1hebarharts(A-)showthelevenuefroms|esofnewtehno|ogyandtherevenuefromaftr.s|essrviefor si different softwrecomanies over a periodofthree years.Whih omny (A-F)does eh ofthe sentenes {1-5)be|owdesribe? here is one chart tht is not desribed.Write (A-D next to the correctsentene. whi]eslsrma]nd stti. i Rvenu fomaft salsseNiercse stedil ovrthe id rvnue fromsls |romaftesal s sIvi iIsd s]ightl' in 2004nd thenlevelledolI,Whe.s 2 Rvenu ! pliod' |h U8hU, } ,n e;."d8UJ| for s]s. fromothsou s dliDed ovethpriod,th fll was m dmti Althoughrevnu thtfo sal s in ll threes' fomaft slsservie eeeded 4 Dspit slightdip in 2004,rvenu ]n 2004, but thnr ov r d to vrtke lvenufromftsal s s vie in the flom slsfell shpl 5 Revenu to lou ng ) e.. 2 Now Writetwo sentenesaboutthe hrt Whihis notdesribed'
$m Ion 800


200 D $mi loi 800 0

200 80


2a s


Aftl re."



Desribing statistis 11


finances Gompany
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WorkWith rtnerand discussWht qu|ities ou think suessfuIfinane directorneedsto hve.chosethe most imortnt thre qulitiesfrom the fo||oWing. . . . . ',|"t,| oulgous eti\, nlhusiasti . . . . 8ooJrl o|,n:.Ji ilgintiv jmpt]ent wiih dtils tiulous

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(1-,11)' terms(a-k)withtherretdefinition 1 Mth the finnci|
] 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ]1 prso o ognistjontht .soney to th ompy, A rso orgnistlon tht th olnalry owes 'none to, offinai] krsss, o ]glLy st d{ringbusiess d ]osa omny lrus. ns fo its sls, tht 1pn Tlr m To noush n1oyto py fo th osts |runnirlg lh rpDut o ror (o poliL is md J ' IIow muh ompn ns hIor rtin osts d ar dduid, ] , h t o t l m O u n t om f yl h t n o l 8 a t i O n s p d s o n s m t h i n g , oW uh . om as ft a]l th osts lrd txs I ded ted, To sndm than yu oligill lanned in ul bud8 t , Th profitwhih Os f onnys usu] tivitis fpovidin8 gods o sv]s, The osts otunnin8 th ompn ,8, rt, ltiitd Wterbi]ls' t'

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2 hewords in the bo below havesimilar meaningsto three of the words from erise1' Wr;tetheword with the similarmeaningnext to the one in the box, lo oVeT osls ,' to g ntolquidation'

hoose the orretexressionfrom the box below to omletethe definitions (1_). You need to uttheverbs in the orrectfolm. to chasepament to offa debt to Wrtoffa delrt thnrt ' . ' psthe monethatit owesto somene' 1 lf omny 2Ifomytistmkersooor8istiopittlr m othtthyw (.g, to emidthm]'th ( ut]elts b sedig stop tigio getthmotht Isoor gnistio dids to If oman drit ists] th olpnyno lo8 fomp]e, owesit (buse,

78 omyfinnces

Wo ofthe setens(1-5), 4 tn the fo||owing

lternatives {A-) are ossible and oN is not,ir|e whihre possib/e. the two a|terntives nxty'but w l don'tthik w Wi]lmak Ofit

depend on the type of 2 Does sharingthis informtion omany,do you think?

Red ing
,l Work Witha prtnerYu are going to led an arti|e isfamousfrkeeping boutompnWhih informtion srct. can u think of y other fmous secretiveompanies?

B 8o kup1 @ove osts @ave pfits fel]]styIbut thompa} oerlins ,., agedto savesomelony duin8 B ovrhds rvnue A pend]tur ,l ,Ol, 20,000 I , (h"D.oi' | . ompJ, buo8|"d 8 0'000, Thy,,, ], l stftm r]y 2 00,00. thirbudgt ol,d os1sB vrspent eeded ]sty nd The opny ws vry susslul ', from 2 9,000to ov 2,000' ti, ]nsd tunovr B rcvenu A debts ,,, ]OsithirjosWenthomp A gltmnpole w t into liquidatin oneWorddoes not |nthef|lowingsentenes(,1-4) word and change itfor ldentify the make sense. anotherfrom rise4 to mke a logia|setene' nd fi]ly Went Wasnot a suess Th oman .rai:ar5 fol IstillWitin8 ]str Somed+efs bankrupt pyouls,
,l |'e mJ v ."s o8l|, , h i.e oI( |' del5 |

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,,^ ] ^ L

W mkes p sh i h f r g i i e r r i n go m n i e m i s g r L ro prodUts suhsfile det tOrs,|tisbsed ndsafety hr|th E u r o i d i h U s A , s h s o r p a n i i i n t h rU b u ta | s o

eadthefirsttwo aragrphs to find out Whihtwo tivities(1-)alma emp|oeesdo' of th fo||owing Put a (8 in the bx netto the ativityWhihthe idsf futuroduls dev]op plsftheilOduts 2. mkth omot prtsfol thiroduts ompnet 3 utto8thth

Halma:A srtivsuSS
in ]mais an ngini8gupwh;hsPcialiss plod!ts for the helth d saft industy,Its finiltl sults hle benimpssiv, but ot my popl (i) This is fr its suess, thrsons hvestudid did not imran th origil ause 8rup.s 0t1 want !o t]k about ils man8mDtpproh beaus h was fraid othomnies night oy (ii) it, alm statgis ge!rally to produ seiis of thnil idas whih an then b usd to reat .ew produts, In th past (iii) thrs dYies hav inludel] a syste'n t kill batri in water ad anothr systm to fli. r o d O ' | o p| | o U | 'f t a , ' so n p , , T \g (iv) plts, Its the omponnt to make on supPliIs ow workrs ar ga1ly only onmd with the finl ssemb]ynd wirh esh. i8 futu ptoduts' Th suPplirs ar nt told what the ar1sthat they suply do' nor how (v) thy de put togthr,to ml@ sue that (vi)thry annot usatm.s idas' .lt is ot in our itrst to she th inforrnatin: o'sh' the ssstephD hief xutiv off]r,

with the cditols' inst]mnts und new gem]rt A ProfitlsterWasl42'000 goss o ..t. B Do you mIr nd A oh no' l goss Aftrthrdutinosts Wr ddut d , vIhds I,Ifrid hs goito l]qlridtio, Thatmpn goingto offth moneythtt]r We.Ijusi

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which 1 Work in pairs.Al| compnies have informtion the do not usual|ygive to otherpeo|e.Whih ofthe (a-g)do youthinka fo||owing tys of informtion ompandoes ot usuallyshareWith: . thpubli a b d e f g politsnd losssithe st finDi] tgets futue prosss lisdmufatung idsfo new poduts she ]nfrmatio bolrtmkt ndVs oI rsums stf|qulifitions (plsto hi v e suess] str18is

79 rnyiinanes

Look at the pronouns(i-vi)in the tet atroutH|ma and deide Whatthey referto. ir|e the orret answerA' or for eh pronoun. suss {j] hls @ th fatthtnot mnolhv studi d th sons A mn8mnt ph tii] It B soup {jii] ltesede,les A oduts B ids (hesuppLis liv] itJ B th goup (1' 1hey suppLis B p.ts Wrkrs A supp]is {Vi] trey B Its wokels

4 skimthe restofth rti|eq uik|y to get agenr| idea ofthe ontent. 5 heseond prtofthe arti|eontains somefigures' sn thetextbe|ow to tindouLif thefo||owing sentenes(1-4)are true or f|se.Write fortrue nd 1 Ith tinialyr2003-4, lmend :216,8n1fomovers s sls. 2 ln th finni]yer 200 4' almaad
, { ' , l , 1 l | | |l f t J\

3 ]llrepts two thidsfits futul8rowth ' o , l i o |' t | U ' o D ] l . " p t , '

4 HJ IJ).Ilo, 99] \\5ovlr100ll

|lierto fo|]owthe meaning ofa tet't s impotant t Undelstnd What theronouns andreferene Words reler to, hiscnbe confusing When thtet]slout ompan (orgroup becL]se oma of omnies) ansorntimes (l, nd sometimesn the p L]r be referrd t in the singl]|ar (th Withlt muhdiffrene in meaning'. Look bckto the revous sentenced lead t are{u |. he proun doesn't |Ws rrto ih nun immeditey

6 You hve read the pssage quik|y, so ou have an idea Whereto find deti|edinformtion' Frthe questions(1-5), fo||owing deid whih paragrph you need to |ookin, then red it arefu|lytofindthe orretnswet Cir|ethe orretnswel A, } or'

ForsomeqLestons'oUcn ookfor serfi Word ' (e.9. thenameO'Shea). 1 stti t ]lnsndmstti] @ dvtophs l v podrrts jndividulls B ufatuin8 potnliJl I s rhin8 mkts

sie ] 99' tumovrat ]mhas inrasd from t 15m to over !290m nd in th finil ytr 200]/04 ' th goup rortd 'I.ta nt Profit of J6,?m, Prt of Hlma suess an b ep]aied ti8htrlsltion ovrhlthandsafty'Whihis bingintrdued ]lovr thworld.owv,it is also duto its fuson the dvlonrnt f idas ' sine the mid 1990s. alm's p t retumon pitalmPloyed has benimssiv]y ligh omJd wi|h manothernginerig mpanis, This ]]y bus th omPy does not mnuftureits own ats. ompnis whih do th oftn hal, plems I h n o ) t h i h h J ' b ni l ' | q ]' | , n\ng mhiny ilto profits, Anoiherfatorin alma's suss is its goodrlatioship lvith its ustomers.lthough thy arent toldmuh doutt nginring rosss,alm

mkesa strongflotto aiti! losentt with lhnr n r r d q : dIn ' 0 0 ] 0 . r . I 26 8 m U i I L r | n J o , r n i n L . anre fim ustoms abrod' so whatdosthfutu hold foalm? I o.sha blivs thtlhe orp ould epandfurthr. Tw. thirdsoflma's slslDd profits8wth ]n thntfw aras nd thest rsould m fomejstingprdut from arasthat t{lma hs Dtyet disoverd. It is diffiult to predjtwhat theywill is oifidnt thatthwill in mkewith th possibi]ity oflngt gowlh,.I g1 oyd whnpeo]e dsribe mket s a nlt p]htwith linesdrawno it,'ii sys, .Rl markets Dotlik that.Th ar mssy rtd hngi a vy shl1 tnne.If yo]rre]is tht'you have thhto do w]l,.

Adald frm 1|reFil/ 'es

80 omn finnrs

Dmnd f Hlm duts 8owi8 Worldwid A tholog is dveloing 5o quikly B th ompy is mak t ing thm stlo8] ov sas h]th d sfty lws omig stnte F t r r . i | d i t f i .| , : r i j J n i P | | | e| | 8 ' o n o d i r s A th hi8h ost ofmhjny B Ompetiion fOmOvses o ommunition With ustom s

Whatdoes ro,shaeliv wi]lhppeto lma,s s]es figures in thefuture]

A 4v q,i |.ntin''rn ea

B Thy wi]l ek i the t few y5. Thy wi]l lve1off, o'shblivs tht malkets A slow t hlr8 B diffiu]t to ldil esy to desibe

A finni Ireport
1eforeyou|isten,matheahoftheWordsandphrases(1_6)withtheorretdefinition(-0. t shaow ---) a A amountotmonthtis owd. 2 defiit b Th buyingf on ompn hy noth ornn, r 3 rturD on s]s \ Pyments om1nginto dgoingOut olbusinss [liki\'r|J, 4 aquisition Whjhis owed,or loethn50 eentowned,by nothr d ompany ompny. Th pInta8e thtis eand y sellingthpldut' 6 susidiry f Th buyh8 of on ompany lry nothI oma,

2s2 Listento partof presenttion bi a finane director he firsttimeyou |isten' don'tWorry about just thedetai|s, tryto understand whtthemaintopicsarc.Lookt thetopics(a-d)be|ow, then (1-4) writea number inthe boxes, to showwhihordrthe finne diretor speaksboutthem.

lr a aquisitio
the ompy pnsioD she

rl tulovI d pofits

b Is the omany financiaIperformnegood or ad? You regoingto Iistentothe resenttion again,but thistime you Wantto note down someofthe dtai|s. Red the notesnd deidewhih missing items (1-6) ar numbers.his Wi||he|you to listenforthe right sort of information. !94 Listen gin nd ompletethe missing information (l-6), using eitherone or two words or a number (Youn use,m'to men,mi||ion, Whenwriting notes.)

ln 2006:
2 , Free shflowws NUDrrotyers needd to mlegood th dfijl in t h eP e n s l n fund:4 % he resu|rswre ffetedy lhe R e r u r o n s | s ws |

.".T,..H:? ;#l"i;.l;..."",,.'..
compnfinnes 01

Acquisition ofAN:

0|-6 '',''.

?a '-.1 ,-,,- j ^

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^i^n . 'i.- qn

started Gettig
to invest in someompanies. Deide which ofthefo||owingarthethree Workwith rtnet You r p|nning most imortantreasonsfor dec idingto invst i a ompn' in lh st, ] Th orpn hs flrmd stongly hs sthi8h pofittgts io this er 2 The man longs to a 8ro,tlr str Th mpIl 4 5 Th ompn dosnothvmnomptjts, nkes divs Igfitems, h om

What otherresonsou |d be imortntwhndeidingto investor not to investin aompny' do you think?

Thestokexhnge Ia r Vo bU
1|magiethtyouknownothingaboutshresorthestokexhngeandhavedeidedto|ookupinformtion Weage. Read thefo||owing about both on the Internet.
s ] a hp e t o r$ ] 0 0 ' 0 0 0 T h e ne h person W h h s b o ! g h ta i er e e V e sa t n t ho f t h e p r o ft s t t h e n d o f t h r . AneWho b!s ie f my restiJrnt h s b o ! g h t s h a r e sn i t n d i s k n W i s shreho/de.The est!lntWi] shreot]t m o n gt h e s h r e h o ] d e l s tast therofits n y e l h i s m e n ts | d ft e |Y s tht sjm e h Wodsto.k]s Usd to t kout etn qunt]lof i s r g e o ! g h ' s h e sW h e n o m p n i t U s ! l | y W n t s t o s s t k s i d s h a r e st o t h e p u b h ] s nb e d n e t h r l g h bg s t o ke h n g eW ' h h s | ] k e s!emketfor stks, trt !n ike th s!ermket , u i , t j ! s t W k n t o t h e stk ehngand lruy shres Y! have W i ]b u n d to do itthUqh a b.oterWho s|lthm for yL nd hlg omm]ssion ( p e r e n t g f t h e p r ) , h . e r f m o L ss t ke x h n g e sn N e W Y o r k ' y L n s o London n d o k y oN o w d s b u n ds e I s h a r e s o n n e b r e gs t e r i n g W i t ha s p e i aW e b s t e '

and the s0ExHANG sHARs

i th nWs h e s t o km a r k l p e r s i t ]t h e t ] m e n e v r d y 'Y o uh e l b U ] |5 i k ' 5 h r is n t h i s o m p n stternen1 2%', rose,or,shres n t h s g r ! f e | | b y Aid whtre B u t W h t s a s t o km a r k t ? po|e buig aids] ng? f I o W b l s ] n e s s , then W |eed m o i e y ' e s e i y f W n tt l o g o w l m i g h th V e n o ! g hm n m y s e l fb u t t i s mor k ythtIW nedtogtsoe f r o mo t h e r p e o p , h s k do f m o i y i s a d apitala| finania| apital' f s o m e o n e t hn k s t h tm y b u s i e s s W i g r W n d n k e rnoney,lhn t h ym b e W] igto ivsl' tht s' g ve me some m o n e y] n e t u f o r s h r e i t h ep r o f t s t h t t h el r l r s n e s s W i m k 'F o r e m l e ' i f | W n r s t a l r a n t W h h Lth]nk sWth s , l ' 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 ,m i g h t d i v ] d e ] 1 i t o t e . n d

on ivhjh cn ivstd jD business to k plofits Th prts irl wlih a onv is dividd so invstosn buy lhm' smeon who owns rt of olnpy' Pl oi ompny,s Ioiits whih js id to th ole nlo hv bught shIs1it pl.rwh shIs a lrolghl d sld' 6 A pelso ,ho n bu},nd sll shIs in rpny lO yu, 7 A etin numb r f shs. l 2 3 4 j

sh]. h oldr

i 8

d]vjdnd st{rkehnge

1Readthefo||Wingshortarti|es(1-)fromthebusinessnWsandhoosetheorrethad|in(a-h)forech. you eed.Writethe orrt |etter herere more hedIinesthan ia-h) above eh arti|e'
rnmodiLis la]l riigh lus t P]r nd Liddel] J.resshrs r fo strong] ommOdit plis otiu t lim Disppintin8 Isu]tsalPnr d Liddl] omoditv ris lvl off 8 Jaanes t]ulsltltdto lrods h Jnese bd mIkt ashs 1 nie nd Liddll,the ld oPan}1 wslo /e;on th I,odonstok xhrngin Nlaylvith sh Prio|60, Th shas a.ttjt]ve t( r]l i]1di|i|[dul i].lof 5,4 Pnt,h ornnlis hdi.dYahmoud Ars i\'hohsPal20Per t. n, th m.|1 Ot]iel slrhldrs to nfi t nllud Port]nd AsstNI]gment' th ivstmn t ank who o,?odir],Pris hilt risn in cnt'vnd' 1ding t ePrts' thtrend likelvto ntiu. Ghanr14nnrt Hrrr'sGotd Geelalfund sys'.uxrin om]oditis }!ll ter Th us ommditis is rdig j go$'ig nrPP]y, sP.ialiv onomis suhas.' Th Pi of 10'valJPans lr.,.l5 t os ysteldal rttr ll fol tgovmmenL l 1'l bond mdktinstad of e.],l/ies rdsinvstos .inr ]s onfi.1nL out Lhtitu. f th ]aPaes .onomy.Thisis Prt]yIn t of th}tn\ tilrud ginnth Us dollr b d i

YoU hVa radpractisedsk mmingan rt eto deide]f ,o , ^d' o'A.l I d. Wle| edifu ./.dAl, "i, Woftede de WhtherWe Want1read deti]b readng t h e h e d i n e s ( t t e s o l a r t ] c e s ) , f o r e r p e t ofsie te conta|ns aompan nmethtwe trested in,

Now math eah ofthe Wordsin,lisfrom the newsperartilesbove to the orrtdefinition (,1-8) l'e|ow.Usethe ontextsin the artilesto he|pou' t 2 3 4 5 A sulrstn ]ikegO]d o oil wlih n be boughtad sld in lgunts, A part oI L]r tot] moiDvested in opn,
Io.|J .Fl|'8.hd ", lo',Plub'",|,h|i,',,i|',


Tlr pross oI mking shrs avi]] ltLl ub]i 1lruy f th fist tim, An nount ol ]n boowdby a 8ovnreto rgnjstionwith plomis tlrat itwili py th mon bk wjttlintrst al iixed time A mkt nr wih th shr pis re going up (th oosit of beamakl], noth lvord fol sro.ks, 8 h mount pjd out n ]rsh x pessed s ntagofth urnt shpli ,

|vestments 8

B y i na gn ds e l l i g Ro1e-pIa
Work in pirsd ahtkeone ofthe ro|sin a student |ookstthe roIe t|ehone onverstion. card on page 108.Read yourard nd preparwhtyou are going to s.When you are read student begins.

rsupposd to thtWomn HVeU Ve|hrd r8 o]q t dl n..l,,\n,' D D a| e | , . ' 8 prove itl thre seemstoe videt Lrt bytheshIs hseenrrd Rserh Whih D]8i1|, inf ormtio Ws]t, thn Women reetter invstors on|Udstht ostt higher letufns, mndreg!ryotin de|es or r]hndVidu|s themrenotProfssion| portfo Wh s,hey le ldin With Vst ryWrnen f leltively sml|sums mfketsWth P]ythe investo reonsistent| money, Yetths sm]] prnt8 the retllrnthn betler 8e1t]n8


YoL]re finni|dviser one ofour ]ents g Vesome nllmberndthn kthe lentoLint helentownssharesn thefolowngonpanies Kabaashj ngjnerjng veryWe and is ro|rabLy Th s grolr is peforrn]ng reeived a W.thnvestng]nfudher|thas recent| Veryargnewontratn a nWrnret Osh/ro ve Who W]lsoonget a newh ef eeut hisomn rnaWantto mkebg hngesYou arenotsureiT
i / |,"."qooo,lro..1!,o |ha,hd'o,t6,

Whathaens, bestto Wt an]see so t s robabl

Aord]n8t sirVy Ofl00,000podos' po.dolshavesi8nIjanl| autpefarmd Wom's pot{o]o bjUst ThevergWomn's mn's, 8rcW W]th rise Verlo Pel entin 2004,Thisompres men,s in thever8vLUeof of jlst 6 Perent rserh su8eststht ordoo5]nthsuNey,h oth Whnt]5fll]ng rd themfttttr Woren oI o , o b . |2 o l , d ^ \ ' , | , l ' r 8 , | L | e , " l | ' eonom' Wome,s dowtul ]n th desite the p].tf|ios g|ewy ot2 PertB verge rnn's fel by26 er Ver8e ontrst'th Poltfiio

investmets Men nd women

questions. 1 Work in airsnd disussthefo||Wing . Do {ru hvediffet think me ndWOmn tlr ivstrentsi oahes . Do you thik dWomnfe diffrct kindsoI 2 Rd thefirstthree pragrphsoftherti|ein the next oIumnquikly'then nswerthe fo!|oWing questions. . In snral. investors? mkthe tt do m Orlvonrn . When the mIkt is illig,do mlrl wom oL'tin on th i shes. ttet|rrns he nxt aragrhmkes ontrastsbetweenmen nd Women'he ideas (-e)hve been mied up. Deide on the corretorderof ideas, usingur know|edgeofontrast Words|ikeWheresand our th in to he|pyou {e.g. know|edgeot referening per r 1o cenl. w|ile refers to oye Pragrah numbrs(1.5)in the boxestshowthe orderof ideas. Morthn one nsweris possib|e' t nvest l mnremofein|ind ' . Whels ]nthesmep|a theirmlrney venifihe8iveon| ,.' Wh]h remorcrcLile stokWhih ls more ,,, mntendto prcfr yol']t/ hi8hr r]s(suhsthe drrjes resn isthtWonen us! L thr retindnkingstoks sensi|e us sl]essfu|paiy ', Women rernore of Vlus typs t stoks theyUi|d poa{olio sPrd ross t] mrkt

howdifforent a tet, to Understad Whnreading ouneed iola|aohs,,Lwllln.drl Jse,lo "s.log|l..vv,ll toxts]founredt hows n tensW|]end, understand



DeideWherethe sentenesfrom xerise begin nd end and putfu||stosintheorret p|es. NoWreadthese ides (-f)nd putthem in the boes' olrect order byWritingnumbers(,1-6)inthe iftheinvstment]s |o|'they re ofoulse' omPn nd ik| to kowmoroLrtth how tis efrming ]nmor Wonn srn to dothisre9erh det thnme nvsto must|5o lsrh thr yntrs! mn's nvestm roftn hVe reeVed flofn sd on,sWhihth t ivst ]n l Wmen s fienprefr Ulthyoftn 1] to f]nd outmoreout to invst thst]ibIore de]ding

LookattheWords and expressionsin iflis inthe rgrphsyouhaveiust read.You my not know the et meaningofthesewords' butyou an use the ontetto guess. choose the orretdefinition (A or B)for eah Word(1-5). outIfomd @ B B godrformn

4 vol(il 5 tips

high rlliv]y lOw 1ljvly rl]ble B uli]e smllpi s ol dvie B smllsumsof moy

Red the fin|setionfthe arti|eand nswerthe follofing question. did Wh is Ril Whit dwht kd of Igjstion sh stup]

malkets through th nyWmn hose to P]yth growing numrofsm|| nvestment u! in Whih d 8[OUP ntriute fixed monthly ofindiv]du s gtto8thernd 5Lmt e]nvstd, ovrhfth mmof ivestment mkeUPon| bUt evetho!8hWomen UsIWomen ]5 pl entof nvestIs 5 Wh|e, Wh]t, Rit runs on fm]envestl ofthisryPis R]t memb'er sm||hotLi Wles nd s the{ouding !ol . s stkrokr ofn invstmtlu' Herfthr Hr dvefrom ir inthbeginning, nd5htooksom Wre Ln Ui]ding soi}' fLrst shrcs

]usforWome on|' sevrnrn heiVestrnnt Wre detern ned1mke Wtedto]oin uttheWomn Aftlni]tl this |d]es on| or8nist]on ndrfUsed, pin 25 month, invslmnt f l Oo'theneme nOW
|5'go lh' ' l, o,,,., i| dv""1 , -lLi'

homs, s fl,thil hLd teofthe mmbrs' butstdy retums, Wys investmnts hven.nrodst bn/r'n5nd9lnt invstment lus, th LlndUd |ub,s Likmny lo] y Usn55, nme th o ]oontins onlyne |o| Pot{o hishsnonoltheirmostsuesstul rours,

Listening askti
nredto Isten to orrect theinformt o n a sometimesWe Written tet,For rxample'Wem ghtIstento presentation abol]thgs n connso thatWean updatea pack' ompn brohure orWe|ome o] Listto an interview WithRit Whit.h pragrphsin the fina|setionof the artileontaineightmistakes. ross outthe mistakesand Writetheorrect instead. information

Investmts 85

up Starting
Getting started
questions, Wolkwith partnerand disuss the fo||owing your usingthe hotosto he|ou. Mke ote of idas. . \,vht rsrossjl ivvsofsttinstlr mo lOstrt u nrv businss] . Whihdo yo! thinklh mostommo ws] yotloxnlr]

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1 omp|etethe definitions(1.)Withth hlases from the box.
y u L ] s j s t ] I i o u o b t . i n l h e m o y w h i h y u e dt o 5 t t Irit, sh , y o D givs yLr yxusi s s, ny 2 II solon th lo th Wh somolrlds u mone, smtisyou hv to pojs t giv thm sonthing, likeyouhous ' ifyou d not py th y |rk,Whnyou d this yotl .'

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312 Listento an interuiew Withara Gnesh' the mrketigdiretorof a business support serviceaIled ntrpreneur'ow manof th ways to get monewhich ou listed in the does she mention? 1] Listento the interviewagain nd omptetethese
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Read the |abe|from asmoothie drinkd underline (1-3;, the words in it Whihmen the fo||owing smthin8 thtis donto ftit to 8 t th juiout Vlrs] lthr 2 o]d thingsyou dd Liood so thl ou n kpit ]ong

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ofsmoothies (drinks about how one of the main mnu'aturers Work in pairs.Eh ofyou is goingto red an rti|e ,108'Frst, person e)d on ge peson the other shou|drad ext A nd made from rushed fruit)startedup. one skim oUrtet,then look at the questions(1-5)be|ownd san the rightprt of the text t find the nswers. thmon-v t strttlp? t{olvdid thy]s I Wh forldth OIn? did tlr fa l fist] 4 Wht diffiu]ties get ]JOwdirl thy tlreid? pl sttd] lak sinth ompn 5 Wht hn8 s hle

elsr s se a wrttentxtfosomeone Beig ale t sumnar ma hVe 1o For examp|e' n]ortant skiI n business, n ou th kpoints n metiag, the|lte| o|]eaglres reada reot,

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your partner Workin pairs d take it jn turns to te|| aboutthe ompnythtoU read about,using questions(1-5)abovetohe|pyousummristhekey pints'

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sL , . o! o 1 v h , .t , | , , , O d U . " d , , l J s m o o t h i eI o B ' l. \ -,eo,pi, l99. bvru lJsoth. r a q o " , r , h e p dl 9 9 o s , , l Pn ofe!o|r9 \,s r o o t c i . . i , L o A - q e , I, h , q " - e o { ( o v d , q e , "Ld ih Whe lre rctulnedto ttlrejuie bar. whih weleOnsL W5 avaitble simitl',What U' lrWthithhadnothin9 dnnksbiiethrewsso boriirr i th hitled d n n k i o gr i q n dp t e se s.,W W e l e j u ompisoi,'h h flind' Hestted the ompnywith hesold Foikes, ole the ron' Patrik hehd,idudiig h rndh verythiig intolentd ommodahon ftat.Hemved HeWrote idtook nosLaryfltwoye, n t s h o w i t ta n y busines butdjd ln srd e|s veron bakor marketing Work. nevel thttherodutoutd t m diffiUttis hmanf d Orsoth ompy filst. Forthefityar hy iis driks frommn, irprted bause folthjuln hdto beftoze dthe o rserutives theyontied Whe the weleoftesn[ tdefroed heyWele ats ialttwi.e the shetves i Britjn' Were on ut rned outno driiks'heomny s e n sivesther o woldofmoltht lserh atfistaidjust retied mrket sjmt Likd tlr t aste and ihe ld!t.PeOte dveltis e mes9e. 0i sse0 thr U ompay bouqht a bott]ting vetuttth tati driiks,h sved both muftulethe Whel t houtd h sn W o m e d o w i t a yi d t h n e tim dm o e pn very ontjnued to rejnvest tvet.,We,Ve omtitive r neW mrkts forthe ndarenW tookjng inttlrebusin$ h o u q l t L h e . o n p, o , n ' i , L U . o ,, , /| ".o.oi,o sys goe' to be sl'ess',

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-4) on the 1 study th had and nswerthe questions(1 next age. ||,hich/ho/ ||nt/ urhrlanses ponous Th r i ltdll.sae]tiv r Th \1.ds to joj two ll lh]r usdi plei/te' sfte, togthr snlns sujt rlativluss
h |1disvd tl\ ]1akft],slnoo!, 1 n sd l1I I11 i|i LJar smootltis |ul|ih/that t|Lht1ltrL Thr ]1ll.iso1rd t,..e sdle dt tllrjui t)or h ar I]1|' frieI1s Th aftn tlkd abjLl p d Duslt]ss' seiIt. h ur t|11 fnnds vho/th.It o||I1llkd ttbout slllt up Olrslness, obiet reltiv tses h hd st of.cips, Th bliL)dpop\ l1)t'aLd


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af vnt apitalLsts T11ppraa|Ld l1Lll11br ]1 Ihou!ht lL|Irould b iLtrstd, h pprh a uLb| of vnu1r piIlists (|'ho/tht) th thaug]fl wL|1d ixs|dR|tive lauses with l,ftee p|t L|It| UK- h Th ol|lplllloulLt bItI anld nn|Lf|ltu t|l d|iks th. pLafu n1 I]|L||Uhr lI o|1|p alrgllt 11boxL diks' tholld nuk|:tlr I]1

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pronounis usedonly ior Whih r]tive tli8s? Whih re]tiv .onoxnis usedly Io pole? Whih r]tive is usedol fo onoun
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KaIido ]s omyWhih sottrre f0rdta lovides |thastfies mangemt. inthrUsAand theU,|ts|ients BPLUbriats i|ude she||' d Uniievrr' ] Work in pairs.Redthefirst argrphoftext bout start-upomny nd disuss the question

Whn is jt possi]e 1rr ]v outth ltiv he fo||owing |etter Ws Written to s anzi' the owner of a ckeshop whih spei|isesin southern uropenroduts.Red the |etter, then rewritethe pirs of sentenesin italics (1-5)'joiningthem with a pronoun'Do not usetht' re|tive
9 Novmer D ! MsTnzi'
| \^..,," -\I\,o|fl'd",aa| l DaI1-,'I',

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s U U I J ( \ ' P U vI U -'o'r',,\.. 1',),''-"",' '",,,,"'"' dvd I P ' ''1 ,. \\\' a "' " :'aPpI .ll""...j"...: , n . ! n , \ h o ! | t v d , I II ,i-' ',,a-*-' u" .".p'- ,",P Gr'trl.l.rt.I or !L\ ]r J|| bi*d on "ulh(l "';''. ltl \I,1 ;:;';:":::' . ' " ||v oPlL|, Pl, vc|lIo L ''','\.Is \ ^ , \ o l l o \ ' \ ' , ' l , , ' l | t l ' ' | n , . U ' P J o r ' . r J . ! e . , . 'r;'' r''ah, . 'r .o' l

Manyentleplnurs findunusual Wys to finne get helpfrom theirbusiness iftheynnot

trditionl 50ures. HowVel the initilfunding of Klido' thesoftWre omny, mustdefiniteLy e oneoithemost unusul.Andy Hler, theiounder,
go. his em|oyel lo provide Ihe.piL| tol hi n,

'i.:"":;"il,;:,i".:;::"i;;i,:""':::",1:,i:::'i:'" Wi1do you thnrkn mp]oyr mi8h1d1his]

skimthe restofthearti|e tofindoutWhih prgraphgives the reason' plovideroldta KLido is the leading Wrehouse softWr tht allowsorgnistion5 to understnd perorrnne theirbusiness bttrUnlik other pkges, softWre the Klidosstemis le to reterepotson bLlsiness inforrntion even if it omesfrom diffelentdt formats'|tlso llows period5 datnLsis to ontinue during of orgnistionlhng 5uhs relotion or mergers. gint, Andy HylerWorkedfor shell, the petroLeum in the UK'Whilehe Wsthere' he sotted the pkge. nedfor neWdatamngement shell lso relisedtht theneeded systemtht ould monitor theirvststorage of dtflomtheirmny different Usinesses, nd so thy gredto t as venturepitlists nd invest in his ide. Fortwo yers,the umpedmoneinto Hylel nW softWre Venture Withinshe[l. Hlerhd to identirya mrketto tap into and produe pln,justs iihe Ws detailed usiness

l""'.'- "..'t romtiDgyu.

Wlookoiird A[4x Ni'lrchos ost,rs 0!4d

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You are Msnzi. Write|etterof rep| to Kosts and youI A|e.In |tter. mak sure Udothe fo|lowing. . thnkthlf thilttI . swhy you Iitstd . suggst atim to t . qui boutdisoun1s Write 60-80 words. strtinq u

ideafWht thesubject ofeah |tis Use{L]|to havea Lear paragrah inabusiness meeting, is.Forexamp|e, ouma in oderto nedto go lkio a subiet n the tetqUck|y,

Time dmoney ry VobL]

At th nd f lhe txtalroutPJ smoolhison page87, thr is a s tn Wlrihtalksoul svin8bo.,l.lm nd 'ney, a oI lhevbsW us to t]kbout mo]sous d to tlk buttim, a gas(1-4) inthefo||owingtetWith 1 om|etethe /oeyverb from the bo' invest save sd

3 Look tthe arti|eagin and maththe prgrphs (2-6)withthemostsuitb|eheding{ is one hedingyou don't need.
Pa8ah2 Pal8ah Pr8rh4 P8rh5 Pgph6 b d f llow th id b8n It uld hn a8ain Who I Klido] h Iod to indeendn Nw finjLgultiOns Pesntin8th s fo Iundin8

skim therti|eaginto see ifitontains n 4 Fina|]y, and reordthem inoUr usfulco||ocations

avinsgret idais notenoughto stat uPa new busines.You need to I 9Pra4, areat da|af Iifr on wLI and deidingwhoour tlstomers marketreseh b,Doin8th P r o P | y w i ] | 2, ' . o t h d m ea n d mone|terhnrostimPotn!thingis oftene|ieflYou needto |iv in you Podutoughtobe PePad in , e s t ] m e ' ffoa t n d to',' ' o u ro w n m o n e y And ]fthe id not susslDontf|ou havto s o m t h i no 8f n o n f i t ' Y o u 4,' , , t i m e n i m o n e y o n |teand me ab|eto go bakto ou oi8in|ide e|se, of itfor somethin8 hnseit'or us Pts

eise.hemin funding fromnywher obtining shell Wsin the mount olfundingtht differene lunh the omn he firstfundingt rovidd. Wsn stonishing $11million. Klidoepandedverquiklyindeed As r5Ult, rorrp.ed , Wi,hos newve, [-.e9, |us| lter,lido openedits f]rstsls offiein the lJsA. hen two earsfterstrtingu' it broke is noWused b its ties Withshll. he softWre s 5 WlL numerof lrgeorgnistions he BP and Phillis. shelL in1uding Unilever, tle |lnaa(i| . or.lpny llo lrgele 5efui.s "5 mrket. .Klido in somethingofan unu5ulse W5

2 Look back at the text and under|ietheprcositions verbs. Used fterthe fo|lowing l snd 2 wst ivst ur.rter s t is vbswhllrdsIib Anoth Ol]tio moneynd whih re]sooftusedl t]kbout ofthis' l]stoi, is n eIn]e mdrkels. here are two mor exmp|esof Waterverbs used in this wy in the arti|eboutKalido on pges88-a9. Look in pargrahs nd 4 nd under|inethem. sentnes{1-4)witha wter 4 omp|eteth fo||owing word from the box' You my hve to hngethe food our um ta |nto

gettingits inititfundingfrom a lrgeorortion,' WhtW did Ws Hylerdmits.,However, problem and on realustomer onntrate diretlyto meettht need. deveLop softWre other ompiesstrtingup rnightdo the sme thing.'

hs ,Pg!,r: PumP4 a |aIo| ma h omny into thisoutlrAmiavntu, w]throduts imrtd hs bn h mkt flm th UsA, t , .,' t]re maign Wsdesi8rd Th advelisins nwilrtest in heltheatig, hs nothlpdus t aLl'It'sjust Tht nw IT systm down th dli, benmony'

strtinq up 89







Getting strted
1 Work in pirs,ke |istin our notebookof what ou Ihink a curriculum vi'e (v) or rsum shou|d 2 Look at the different sections (-h)of a v Mth eah setionWiththe orrettit|e(,1.8).
Good mPltesk ]5(Wodnd E|)

3 4 5 Dte oi bith 6 duatio

oth r skills

D KVin smth Ph'D Depatmit o| BUs ness studs Un V ty ol solthmPto kV]nsmith@solthmPton, Uk ltKh|ed sayed ng ngD ret DLrbai U Ksayd@ahma,

8 ott dti
PO.Box 25 I27 DUi Unitedramiates ||fa:02o784s 72 d hawood | |@interP|exus,net.e

Baskta aid PhotogPhy '|eing

manged n nayss |spf Pdutsaid o!ntnes n i a1onto totln5!mPtomkt sh nd o. ..rd!|ioi lai tjes nedmaket sha o|an dun PaP 27% Lo ]6% nayJ. Podutfm

l999: I992:

A i n | n t . n a t o n ! s i n $ Un vsty olsolthmton DegB (Hons)ii |''] dd e str stld s Un Vsit | Leds

I999-rsene 19991 1992-l9q4l Rahman h m D U b is s maag K hm hmia', KUWt' n |ernaton|sa 5 rePresntiv hte wo.kandtehng ngh in AsWn gyPt

Work Witha prtnerand deide the bst orderfr the setions (-h)'Write numbers(,1.8) in the boxes to , "

" "



th Us' iI is klOW. s trt!,;,.,]'hf ]sn oItvw t ' ptiliis: n*t \l utlmen' th t|L'rnrg . Iirk i.1e : Us.dir'sjirlrllgu]g(. md s|].h].Lings Ijk. nt tillsolri.iirs hiEligt dl. j]ntotthnls . ]r1k o1prl A slrur. irsh, o m.rnsLs tstrIs n1!]l.q.Ir'ith]0 Vs rcdi lf] llouln'nt
,lt t ltrd i'ltmg stadl !t]s, Vs O ol th i]os ' ig ' t'rrs ro IdI t s.(l.s ]I unLx]ll dijded into ] ]i{i]trnr t s!.! mo

|,l'' . A \' ,,''] f\,'t.,,.,',' U,




lsl lslotrsii]itrllu slrou]dlt rh nralr *htyu hr1t}r duties o, rs mav nOt ]]I tio thj tin 4 skiIIs, HeI vou s|r.trLlis nI 1h0 skills tt r|].v|s igt nt.srcJ irr' lik o1lrskills l rkig othl s Intersts, is in] d lisu|t neEtrs,,ljd rius os tlrlr lo* el shlr lik rdig rd 'thig 1\. 'l.n r'hrr k .Jps sttn,n .]sLies 6 Persona| profi |e, r'ou . rr] is u]l v trrj m!].( rctns,1i! lYn(iig or hrsslrhi.h ds.j i }ol god PinG n.t dlrn rn "or dr Puttji.s lrrinto ] PrllgriPlr, DOn.( rdcf l(] '. .llrin1' god' ol iurIl' r', () hls lil aP]ii!]1s \'ill *.Iit t|( st siPtiois htrItv ^' so !o t]Fh. m vidt 7 Referenes, YdL \}l!li ]nLLLd ()n shou]rl I l]f P|l r ' i vit r rctl, 1ol psile, rirk surlr rst Lhil PImsiol r' ^nh| ommon * dlg lh mtril lo |ut th sA lid P e l s n ] l l f i ] n s t ,r t n s P . i ] l I o l n o ni t l r l s]l9 itlarion r rg nolrrl |ItrIi i rinv is nt]ofL(! this tht oLintrjusjnsg 1.hrdvtg trhitts and qu]litisre lsld liglrrttnstn s dlt ]ys did trighr w1.if tv iik t so'.'.i "itl...

I Prsonl detai|s. hs \tr ]d how ] ii]u11lLrn]' rddrs'.]aI sLLld ottyou,Thstnln leII yrl].trn] int (otse,N lh s \']] ht to . nrh rsp sizoto' niliol SmL ",hih in(l.t, elPtltrrn nrPlo]"ri o!l uI]on]llriI 2 duation,'l isshoUli . Lilr
',J|i|.'.,, *' ,{|''" o.,d. |, md lv '! ]fts.ooi sol1r6 sool: ]f oI ]]n.] ry uNs' it ay nr.rc mPy ol dn PftsioalErhi.e j drisf, ft li1ji .n.Il.]\ iroitit i:]lishr1]rs' )oU .dutio lnd inirrg',


m|oyment, lhis sould in.|ud fi ilt.llr otr nrv dn, Sta fi o lt rs ris k usulll th n

vs Writig
Re a di n g
i!hih 8lvs ^bvcvo! wi]liind ,rnljt i|o ]rooLi Thj 1Il $il \rsosum.s ho.I dr.i .Ut ordrl lll Iorn]nde] hdigs 1 Skim the list to see if the writeragrres with the order ou deided in the |steeris'the answerthe qustionbelow. . ]s thIl'thing lhJt ottth1k Dvt] rI)\.dshorrLd dd to h vi 2 YoU sometimesneed to san omndoumentsto orretl(foreampIe' hekthattheareWritten oosite are some short to instrutins)' aord1ng vs. Whih extrts extrats(1-7)fromdifferent fo!|wthedvie in the tetbove? Put ('/)or a ( in the lo'

ltrl lol' 1 I ,]r 1ajl-1'3od

t l U n t! , n g L i s h s.D J n h n . ts o r eA l a l r i , I sLrJk

A8e] J6 lers 4 DU1.loN] ] 980- l9s5 uti.[Z lnl.1|1' shool 1Qrmivork whO nvs n' t.hJ llengs' 1 l Jn w o n l d l i k t o ] o ] n, ]l j ! ] t ! ! t r to thhr| nliut ] h.1!ir ln dilis li.

] f

io look u.]erlreah WhLh hadgoL]ned De d.A heding th nkng h rdlhe advjLrdrtht trat'

J o a p a Io i s


il I

Work with partnerhe tetboutwriting cv does notontin anythingboutthe informtion opposite (1-6)'Disuss ifou think itwould be a good ide to inc|udethes or not' Do some of thm iees of informtion deend on thejob you are app|ying fr' do you think?
I Youlof ith 2 Wh ou lftyorr l5tjo


Voluntary WoIkyou you wnttOehin ou1.I] 4 You.job tget {Osil]on

l 5 You]ision 6 ow muh],ouened i youlstjb

0|ine rruitment g R d1n

1 studythefoIiowingditionryextrats. recrit . ?. find a workr to mPloy in l1 . a.a nwly organistin uited pson

Job Ietters Witing

1 Work with partner Wht is the orderthat things happen when you apply for ajob? Put the following tions (-e)in the corretorderbyWritinga number
(,1-5) in eh t!ox. You a sholtljsted b Yu sd in n liation You e tund doWn/YOue offedth jo d You ttnd n jtIl.iw YoLre ;pOjntd/Yo0l tOnothjob

reruitment' ,lh.., Lio ur.. "uit]ncpe|"

n peoleow put thjv5 lntrnt wsit s whih m plys salhtofid suiti]l andidtes lorjbs, 2 Read th fo|]owing textto revisesome grmmar you've |earntin er|ierunitsbyhoosing the orret ga (1-12)' Word, A, or , to fi||eh

2 Read the fo||owing xtratfrom |etter of app|ication. I would like t apply for tpost of maktig reutivewitjl WW tvlnd tours' sdvrtisd in rne ye,i'lg i,os.of ] 2 Novr'l nlosa oPy of ] hav]dthpostfmrketing assistant withNikoi lothing fr thpstthr yars andlstya I took \pq :] e.po..ii iry,h.orl\JrportIo,io,,'


Mn omnisand gnistonsnoWeUit diet|ythough the Intenet, his is q!ike d hee1 '.. ig euitment gno ing n dvetisement 2 ,,,' nWspe, smetimestheut ,,, Usingthrmpan Websitr,heset U pge 4 ,,, shows vniesWithn th ognisti nd]ants cn emi]the omn diect Withthe Vs. some otheWebstes just Wok5 ,,' dtbsesfo ine vs hese lsed 6 ,,, em]es Whoe kingfo candidates, Usu] ,oU7',, t pyt plt ucV on one f these sites, ut it e n ffrtivW . find]ng out Dou eWvnIes, emP|oyes cess thesr sites, th sh fo keWods in eah document,YUned t think1o ,,' , this WhnoL WeoUV h nk boutthe Wodstht11 ,,'' oftn Used n d .l2 ,, sUyou in Udethem oue of emp|oment sevlt|mes'

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

IU 1l t2

B rhat Bi B tr B whih B io B wlth B shuid Bj B What B but Bis Bdo

1o With Wh With hom hav to Whih tk

s2 Job pIiations

Unscrmb|ethehrases in the box nd insertthemin the |etter opposite to reate repIy' easeus know|et meetng lorwardok Weouto thatto am Ipesed oU nform to ke WoU d we ou r+haFk.'+ef s +e+fur

DearI ng'

|hanka terapr !n'r,t, tpst ofmktg eeutive' 2 , ,,,,',,,,,

}ou hve en shoidisted fo th Post. 3',, ',, ' , ttendn intiwtWWT atthe oveddresson28 Noemer to th rptiondesknlthe in uilding, at l l.30 am. 4 ' , , , ' . , , ,a, s s o o n a s P o s s i ly eo i fu r e una]tottdtthjstim,5',,,,.

<viKlo 6n5
Humn Rsousanagr

r ang attendedthe interviewbut was not ththe eginnigs of the sentences (1-6) Withthe mostsUitble endings (-0.hen writethe omlete notebookin the corretorder,to crete the |etter of rejetion that rng reeived fromtheompny.

DrTang' R: Post of m.keting eutive l Yo-lqLJi!..t1, d.p . / i o - , o b ' r . "

e|evnt to the ost . '


, ', s theslndrd oI Ws veryhigh' pp]ints ,.. ndidt with previousxp r ie of th

2 oL d.. o ^.,,o'8. we wsh yUeveysuess 4 |Yany thnlstottndn



owv[aftmlh on'ideno, W . dd to PPonr ,' . I am soi) to ln|om t!!. howev

,.,l ourIutlrrer youhvenotben d ,.,tht sletd f thjspost. ,., ndw vymuh njod mtil18ou, jntrviw ,., th fo tlr

11uiKuon f^t5
7 Read the fo||owing extrt from |etter b Natsh |bnovic, who is|yingfor ostwith an informtion tehnoIog (|)omany. I amWntjg to Pptyflthe ofsenior lojet osition jn the IbU'ef 21lr4a. mna9erdvertised I have Wo*d fortlretstthreeye as rojet mnger formb Ittjot Proert Group. tthuqlr th h5 job.l mnW en aiterstjq andfutfittinq seking to rOte.l bLiv thttherote meinto a rorc hLtngjng f yo!l omnwo0td mangrin offermeih senir jt

studythese hrases (1-4)Whih re used to introduegood nd bad news,then answerthe

1 2 4

] m plased to infom yoli tht ... i m dlightd t inlon you tiiat ,,. I m sorry / l reget to infom you tnat ,,, It is with deep e8t that l have to inflrrm ou that...

. Whih twr snts ess the idsmoston8l?

6 Whih of the hrases (,1-4) above wou|dyou use if

(a-d)?Writethe ou Wntedto do the fo||owing phrase numberin the orrect bo. iet a ustomIknw thtthylrvwon piz Write re|ytothe |etter' mkingsuryou do the following. . tlrnks lbovi fo the]ttr . siv th rws tlrtsh not short]istd foth post . xplinthrninrsonwlr . expess goodwishsfo th futu Writ 60-30 Words.

b tel] mpnythatou hv d ided notto invst

ith new ojt let membr hvebeen ofstllknow thllhy epted on tlnlng ou," tli som o outth dthof ompay lit

J o b | t i 9 s

Getting started
1Workinairsadthinkofsubjetsaadidtemyaskninterviewerduringaninterview. rytodd at lest thrthingsto the list be|ow. t --b .-,o po o ot 24 2 Whrn attendingn intervieit is imortntto imress (mkethem thinkwe||ofyou beause the interviewr of somethingyou hvedoneorsid), comp|etethe prtner, WorddiagrmoppositeWitha using a dictionryif neessary


2 ,,' ,,' (oposte ad]ecv)


Grmmar worksho 1
F r s t o n dt o n |
,1 he extrton this page omes from book but interview thniques.Aordingto the tet,Whttwo things shou|dthe candidateread beforeattendingn interview? skim thetexttofind out,then Writethenswersbe|ow ..


2 stud the fol|owing sentenefrom the tet nd read th0 ex|ntion b|ow. || au spd Snrc .n'ndonl.tlltJ /tonteuok,,rc ntlr,iel, Th sdt{sussful intviw] th esu]lor (doing |ft l th lirstrt thholnwk], 3 here are three more sentenesliketheexm|ein thetext' Look back at the tet and om|etethe folIoWingtbIe.

l . v ! o . k , n qo c l i d \ u l ' . \ n u | i | e f u | w \ ,.olyou I p.drd||o .e z||end t h i n L a w ,b ) L | | o , lind oU' Ihe 'mofu1t t.(!s dbout !h omn}' mdin tivities, pdu nd sruies. |f ou spend som tim doing th homwork, the interview muh moe|ike|yto be suessfUl, Many andidats fi|to do this thorough|, you Wi|| so if you Iew||infolmed, |ookbettlthn mny othPP|iG' Youn get mostof the informtion from th omnywbsite' Rdyour ow V aginbeioth itrview, so tht you are |earabout Whih pointsyou d to high|ight, you memoryaboutthe bs] Yu shU|d |5o rcfrsh iats f o |) o U . L ] | | n pl o f w o J l ' I h l W d y , i , | - n,iAel sksboUtthese, yoU,|] b prcparcd, |t goes Withoutsingtht you shou|darriveror th interviwon tim.Thatmeansknowingth etlotion you to get there,|fyou trive|ate and how |ongit wi||tke and oUofbrth, oUW m'c veryool |mplA$ion,

]l yorrsedsomti doig thishomwok

th itviw is mrih

yu .illkroktt thn Inn olh pplints prcrcd o|r'llbe

I t o U r i v ] t n d u l



l.Jse the omp|etedtble to nswerthe fo|iowing questions. f the Wht tnsis us d j the lI ausep.t Wht tns usdin (he/re. Itol th sentn?
'1]-se, ' l P J | ] e I i l 5 l o d i L i o l l l . . . " . , ' ' \ . ! . , l . |' o n d i , I o r || o J k J u | o . 5b i i . i r th lutu nd thi ffets,Nottlrt yo! dOn't us 'll in the i/ t olth senlns' vntho!gh i( about futur pssibility'

s1pn ofno work intsts aWide n8 skiLls I 80odomputI

|king bout andidates ]ftheyhave re evntxeiene W kow lhean do the iterate he'| haveto betraned, fheisn l onUte S h e m u s v h a s t o b ea b e t o . . |tessenta/vitathai th hv

5 omlete the rest of the extrt,by puttingthe verbs in brakets(1-7)in eithertheresentsimp|eorthe future tense' /i//

nd firing Hiring VobuIay

definitions(,1-4)Withthe 1 com|etethefo||owing orretverb from the t!o. dismss f f i+ redundnt resgn

qUestionsto skthe interyiewer Yo! o needto prare pt| two Waproess, Youshouldsethe intruiews the arcel foro! to mkesurcthtthjob wi||giveoLr iI ' h mp. | |\]yu wrt Aflel ||, dev|opm Ih|\ l, i \ b " l t |! o . | n d I a o " J a b l ( n o t5 U | L ) oiJ rthrthnaftryou hvapted outtthe ]nterviw, (ask) qustions, int||ignt if you 2 ..' th job. Besides, 3,, ..,'''(be)imprcsd brour th intViewe k o w l e d g e a n d i t l s t i n t h o m pN ao nty ,d o w n t h e |tou th interuiew, questions thtyou Wanttoaskbefor 4 , (no|w,t) I h e md o w q ,i | ' o s i b | e o U 5 , , , , , , , (folget) thmdtlringthe interviw, my askolh the inteNiewe Fina||y, rmembltht thtyou nd fotheiropinionsofyou.h f,ens ep|e 5how5 to mkea good imprcsio on th emploeWho (fee|) |fthy6 ,' ' you lound or the rcePtionist sWe|l, th oliioqnl Pobb| thatyoUrimPoIite aboutit. interviews7 . ' ,, (he)

som o jb' you 8?.|ll thlrr, l II ou 8i\, job'you 2 IIudidto]v 0u tlr th opny nds 3 If stffhvto l v us themd to svmony, du thiWkfe WOrk thymustlvus th] 4 ]IYoutlLsoreon is ueptbl, ou ,,, ..tem, 2 NoWmatch the words ad expressions(1.7)be|ow the same tothewords (-d)Withproximtely meaning'some ofthe words on the rightn be mthedwith morethn oneWord on the |eft' 2 qurt 3 ]yoIf 4 lir 6 hirc do you 3 Whih Wordsin erise2 are informal, think?

| k l np go ] n t
Work in pirs.You r goingto interviewsome andidtesfor a vny in yourdertment'|fou and ryou ourrtnerdon't Workin the same deartment, yet' before Work inventvacany haven'tstrted ou start.DisUssthe six qua|ities {a-0 and deide Whih are the most imortant'Numberthe qualities(1-6)(1= ry to use some most.mortnt;6= |stimportnt)' yourdisussion and some other itionaIs in first ond t!ox. exressionsfromthe Usefu||nguage qualilitions goddmi wk eienr b r]vt g{rod skil]s ommuni1ion

R e dn g
1 WorkWith prtnernddisuss the to||owing qustion. . ]|ouhavet mkstaffldudnt' Whatdo you think is thb s t Wyto tel]tlr m ? Rer!]tment95

2 Read the fo||owing artilequiklyto get a gener| idea of its content.

h ChritaTEx
formr lT m.nrgr at trat' 'l had to sI t] t mP)',s 'jsts, ] idnl ulty li.v it ntil the hs y w ] d !o Gordon Bol| dnies tat t m t .]t wlog w), to ihlm PoP], was th n d th quikI way to reah yn at tse time', s],s, i]owval rhl n a Posni! side to te st.y' whih ow m)' w omPis hv now n st u y e ta mPloys, nd)'Dam st Ir own omPI' lNi nd says ielLl njoys wo*]g imsll Cry Lig, th ImI sftat$, dirlor' no! runs his own rdit-hkig usinss' lon8 wil

How wuld yo lieL ifyol .ivd tt ms8 tlling ),ou tnat ).u no ]ngr hd a i? Ploaly you would find it d to 1i' at il, ,Ad trtinly it' t text msg rivd on Deem* 24' iDu woU1d v ]sral tms, Th d),wt Pned ro 70 mPlos who wokd or ntt' a finanil tis eomn]r omny, Jt forc rtnd' a otm rrivd .Bd tdt mssg wli ird ews' Gl, llld fundig 2nit, \v. lav to stoP tldings ot.ow,'Th flssge wa snty .] Goldn ul]' tig ifffiriv. w on us o , M). to hristm ooeft w l rcd th tt,' sys dy Dm, L

rh* -ntmr mP|oyee. le slit lk, a fi dit ]s now owns is om omany'Vo' an<l s woked with numoft ldntrant mP]o),s,hiPn thmwith the lgalnd nn.nial ts of *rhg up nw susanna Khavul, a prA$ot t t Lndo usinss snool' lis tat' haviog xPerind fnlu, ts po*. ntlnt $-uPs v a ltecthn .T). avrg hrneofsurvil. }v gon tou llig Plossnd havegaind skil thattyi useag',,shsys,.I suPisd ifmostoft]t -otlt!. did;t v a inss ide.'

3 san the arti|end find the nmes ofthe fo|lowing

po|e{1-6). You n use the sme name morethn

|f th tt Inss.8Ii1]]1 o Dmbr 24 ' oD l|oald ha|1 11 miserale nstl?s, 1 Dos th Wlite of ths sntnesb]ieveit is likely tht you Wil]reive t t mssgeIike this, d you thik?,,, F , f D . | [ . L e 5 n | e 2 T l | e n ' i i 5 , h p | ' l ' i n p e , , IJ O U . ' L p " \ , ,d o } o L l h n ] . ., , , 3 I th resllll t oi the ste,What mdal vrh is usd bfoe th min vr] r Th]s is lld th seod ditiont' Wh]h un]]ke the iist onditioaL,t1ksotlt n lmdsindry silul1tlonWhih not h, oI th witr lhinks wi|1 allost rcfuiL not h|1pp,

hjs so hs stup usiss i rhershiWilh o]legu lomntlnt, .,, ,, Th e.sonokth Wsoutnlrnet's fi]u' ti" oe|'on.old otiLn,l,e|''Fq,|pr ,I 4 This ps hs ademi job, , '' 5 This pson hs dvisd oliea8u s outsttig u thjrownusinss. .,, ., This rson]iksbinghjs oWboss

4 Work With partneranddiscuss Whihof the

fol|owing(a-)you think is the Writer'sgener| messag' No job js omp]etel seue, s do,tfltooertin rutyoufutul, Filurea mkyoumoe]]kely to sued nttim, Bd w s nbe rdewoseWhit ommunild

2 omare these first onditionalandsond ondition| sntenes,then read boutth differenesin mening. I If oar ampan mks 2 If ot]r mpn md

Grammr wo]ksho 2
S e o n d o n d i t i o n ]
1 study these two sentenesfrom the text and answer questios(1-). HoD would ou IL if oa it'l. tt|1|ss{1g tLIi jo? tht n Ir rld oa ol] t6 Reruitment

wh|1tuo|lkl au da?

r ln sntn ]' jn8mdedundt i5 real pssibiljty, The ompn robltlkin8but jt ndplalrnin8 to r d ! theirwoldor' r ln Sntne 2' til speker dosnt li v e tlrjsWi]l hn. Theeo plsto mknon

,1 Work in pirs' one person shou|d|ookt Question rd Aad the otheratQustjonrd on pge 109, ke it in turns to asknd answerq uestions,writing down youl rtneranswers.

sk tip
summar]sing thr man po ntof What someone sasisa Usfu|skil| in bus]ness, |iou rWriting notes ona nd dteduringn intervie Wh1 u nred to gJnmarise theysaina fewshort sontences' rather thanWrite down everyWordthesa.hefol oWng exerisgivesyou n ide ryngsutab|e summrrsig sentences, rtie 2l2 You re going to hear five o|derworkerst|kingbout theirprsentsitt]tion, Listennd math eah the rson {1-5)with orretstatement(.i)below. hre are four sttementstht you don1need. Peson 2
wou]d ]ike mol job seuit f]stht h/sh is vjtjm ofge drimition lvoks With peopl who uh youg thn him/he d did t snd in tinre urlelyed e i5 lnning to tk ar] etjemlrt t Woks minL],With popl of simi] e to him/h 8 is sholt ofmoney ft bjng Id h feis tlrat his/hIilit i5 nt lring xploitd i is Wjting t hth.esults ofn

Questionrd A WAWoULD YoU Do -.. ] lf soeon job nanotlrer you We]|d offered ctorountryWou|d outkeit? 2 ifouou d giveone temrnour]obdesr]ption to
d'ol 6l6,on \\hd. ,o d ib6no \',, |,)o

uldhngea sect on ftheern ou mustke Whh oeWoud ouhangendWh? gaveoUthemoneyto set up a new |fsomeone bLrsiness' Wlrat kindof bus nessWould it b? 4 f oUWeeaman/Woma, doyoLrthinkourjob WoU|d beeaseror nore d ff]u t than t ]snow? Wh? 2 Writetwo morequestionsusing the seond onditionltoaskyourartnet ke it in tusIo as and nswer questions,hoose your!artner's tWo most intresting answersfrom both eerises nd leport them bak to the c|ss'

Pes 5

0lder employees
1 Usethe adjetivesin the box with more or/ss' or othermprativefrms' to omleteth folIoWing sentein threedifferent Was, hen ompreyour ides with artner
In 8nri,oldlvorks I ,,'

aIking oint
Work With artnerand disuss whih of the fo||owing (a-)you Wouldou do ifyourompany mde you redundnt' ]ookf oth siIjlIiob lr retaj to do omp]t] dilftjob sttyour own usinss lfthey mde you redundantt the ge of 60,Wou|dyou do the same?


1 ,q,9n9l|1i'|t],i!19u! |N|kr1 r mar reliabla th

!!,rl4r Qr\r-'

aggressrve rotated

cfdnt produtve

enthusist oya {e]ie s|owto learn

Reruitment 97

development Staff
started Getting
1 WorkWitha anner and d isuss the fo||owing . WhtasreoI thWsyou n lt mpLocrs knolv il ltredoingw]llin othwods'ivf dk On diilr D t Ws, l to thjkof th thil Work]? -5) for 2 Work in pirs.Lok t these suggestions(1 givingfeedbckto em|oyeesnd put (/)next to thenes Whichouthink are a good idea.ryto agreeWhihmthodou think is th best.
| _,l, J-l||l.d|, " ; | l h |.'nv"i

(A-D) elow nd oposite ar four advertisements for d ifferent trainingourses. Red the titles of eah in ehto advertnd skim throughthe information deidwhih courseWou|dt,e the most he|fu|for you in your work or study.

Writing Businss
Wrkshop Witthetp! to jmlv hi5Wrjt]ng wnting. oul orgntionnd tarjtWhn f prous Prtjipants bring smptes havWjttito busi|l55 rlesndenethe . h e nW m i n e t h m d thWorksho idntif,] lesfor jrlVement. st u l N e W imum n U m b eo l frtiipnt entlesis 1 5 . r i i g n o YOrk O rL o d n ff-sitlr trgergllru5 t tjr be dVered and ttionhsenbth tiet.

th Iiie on aaI to djsuss thi \Nok, 2 ]'h naigr hs ]ntin8with th rloe ne ay s abov' hut tltsid th fli [i m] in the1], ] Th mgr only hs rtin8with thr m]yif thil work is lrt stisitory, The mng gjvs lh mlo}'a gd t th nd oIth }. I {for empl a num flo 1 t 5, wlre 1 mns vry sod alrd 5 mes poo]' T mger sks othr mels ofsllf to mplet q1rstinnail bout the mlOe,

rain ig
1 Reding
1 Workwith partnernd disussthe questions(1-4) WhihppIyto you. ny trinnr8 ouss Withyou 1 Havr yu vattded 2 ]Is,didoujoy thoxs(s]] Whl knrdofskil]sfOufuloejar you lajg t t]r l11t iD uleo|stud] studi s notovid 4 Wlrtkid oI sk]]1s do olr rsl1t With? ou




m, Lrt Vv AftromPLt ngth ogam Pd n o'a feshrou tra nsantkd!ntag w perat t no ta anyolth ounisWhr ].oove o!rProgmms havepvneffetjve 0,000 ents n the 5t 5 yrs ndendnt
l 'o dl A oi 6,o,', l I

h eV on aveag70 m iltq xt pod!t v ty erPerson eh dyhtssVenweks eah ya

98 stffdeve|pment

o: onyPetrkkos rom: Am rhmed


. t*.-J.y*"J*.p . J"t" *L" ."" lirtl" u"Jy.i"{n."";] ". "o."".i.""" "{ jtatDets

Ior {inanial ntitltions. aines dline te.oPnents ot. -,l J." J*"t ."J i"".-e ]...".t"" .J" t" -' "t.t"'''."t, '' t".."J , , ..J q.. .. 'D '"l,''Ba| ""

]5Wth s t r i n g o U r s a d v t i s en d, M n a g . e n t o d y 'l t h i n ki t W o ! | d b e j u s t t h e t h i nfg o r H e K r n s e s s e f v o u n g e t h e t o f i n t r a i n i nr g eqlest t o r ma n d ] v f o rb i t f f u n d n g 's h e n e d s t o s e d tto U t hU d ni n t h e e r s o n n e d| eptmen D t o n 1 | eh t rgo !nt ]Ttrt r h o u q ha g o n g t ob e V r y ,s W e , r e blsv !nti|the n do l t h ef n n year

' l " . h . d , i d , l l d n d J o h l Gl' A'.h-9L,'

| A

NLPwsorig ( n]yretd byRihrd Bndler

An eriting new oUrsefo onone workin! i soles ond morkting'Youwil leh ow to: lndetond th foLowhidl detrmjewht stomersbuyondwhofrcm goin odiilit with potentil new bxy del Withue Whohesite hisoUld revol!tinise ouomony!solesfisUres' oursedotes: 2_25r '\9-21 Aptil 25-21|i! lndidul 140,00 oPorote q.ou.te:1 10 per eo

t h e n ' t h a s d e v e o p e di n t o p W e U ] s t o f t F ( | r i J s . od , l | e ' g l 1 " ' l . ' ( e | | 1F , | o o L l bus ness nd your pelson|l fe ' o Urtwo.dyourse enb|esbusiness ep to makeglet logress n deve oping re tnships n d m n g g h a n g e , P(intsIe l e i u dt o red oL]r |ntrodUt o k nd omp ete the tasks befobeg nningthourse

Look t the sttements(1-7)be|owaout the ourss (A-D)'scan the dvertsnd deide whih course eh statementdesrjbes' Writethe oret |etter in eh box. (Ifnessry |ookat the sk ti in Unit11' age51.) |. e e , o||.r.o. Th oursehgs morththrtiipts, Wkin8]i\,es. ftrom]tig the rogamm, tIines tke othr ous at ahi8herlevel, Rsrh has en.jd out into hw th ous hs hagd th liets'wrking atiesTi s riti]se tjJown witigski]ls. Tis hvto do son1 stud. r.orus lss siz n ieasd lor offsittriig,
Ile, IL.Urse' lIJirrq ' n do Jno,Ilel lo||Oi I U ttention ot t rlli @

ost (x !d ngtVei)| 5 . n ngequenedfo:2 nee dPtment '

2 4 5 6 7

Find Wordsnd phrses in the dvertwith these menings(1.4). l reson Wlrihinfluenes th rsultof smthig . fealaL 2 J\'li|y| .rJ (e.omeo b||e\ ,) U ,, 3 to Witbe|ore doin8smthing aus ou not 4 t omletly hn8somethin,, , '

R e d i n2 g
Readthetwotxts in the next column nd extra information from eah to omp|etetheformbe|ow them,

stffdeve|oment 99

Imagine tht you Wntto book p|aesfor some of the of se||ing' staff in yourompny on th ,Psyho|ogy ourse' Writea emilto the ourse organiserWhih in|udesthe fo||owing. . sighow mnymenrbIs f stffyou wtt bok fo . skin8iiyu hvthe oote t . t]]in8 him/hwhih dtsu priel Write60- 0 Words.

Liklyigin ioolbl] tem Wok]ng in omp bus,,,, ,,' ,, footblltam gingolry is lik lang]ng ,,' ,,, ., t]eus,,' skim the arti|eto find out if it talks aboutthe same Rd the fo||owing statements(1-6)ndhek in the txttosee if itgrees. irleA' or. onlythrpnies hvusdntl il so fr
dosn,t sy !b, wog ,' o |v nJrJ8s.leI|,."|'..r' e.o.|. B Wlog

etre ircIe
th 'or]dof eop] oft lkeom]sons bt' wlro inss ndthe lvoldf spot.For em]e, o] good workw]lwith thiollagus Iftsajdto be 1 Work in pairs.You re going to read tet about footba|| and businss.eforeoured,omp|etethe two sentenest the to ofthe next olumn, discussingyour ides WithoUrartner. I I l
'J.{ l /, \ t J \, }* I I / \ \-'l

fo ptiu| entri]n off offouss dosn,t sa A 8nt B s|rg 4 ma mtlg s J elter l king stffthn
desn't say

5 Wil] r]i!g is th 1uthoi ?fu lvdy to Wlil, B wrn8 does'ts t usinbusissah]g Footlrl]is godmle it ud r stod i mandilfenlu]lus, blrs B wrong ght




."/.ledd Up o , l / \ o f | e F o o o d A " s o l | d 'o o . g d n * d| o . s " /l. ***""(l.|e'a h e w o t d o t t o o , b 1 | ||h,.in..s -ses ded.f v . , h . v h v . | o q h s ' o r ' d , ihFd^ en,s 'e.u 1 | U ]o , t , ' . | y sv | . g | n o 9 e . i n o m m nb e w e n l . e | e l m n v h i n o s l L workof footb||tm and a suessfu|ompany,]n h J , . s , | . e r ei ( n o r u sp , e s s u . .t i n d n Le "- .. depe.ds o. ,.n.wornnd o| 'Iio. ourse fo omnymembersoffers iurnber of tem Ui|d]ng er]sesnd eXnries howyers t k to eh ther in the hngingroms to show how tem an nd together, here are |so s]m r t es betweenthe sit!tion of fot|| mnagerand a businss manger or empe. both hve thejob of keePing numberof . d p e o p " f l h l ] . e n ^ h " . I t e , . o u | d | s y ".n |evend go somwhere|se,he resu ts of foota|| tem re trai sprentwith the |eaguetb s s' owing 'h. wnd howyou a.. {rinq Ao.'n' ln bL]siness is nodifferent'Withshr nes Ub|ished news, the mediorbrodston the blsiness ourses for rnlrages |ookat tehniqt'esforU|tUre

p|ayersnd tkigde]sionsuider mnaging o l o ' " o l o f b J . ' n " " , d d p , e . o u s d i | e ,uiId]ng' |o rssur'centre c rle a so providessei ]y designedourses in response to the ind Vdu eds

he dea is not new, Foot|| nrngers hve often een ln demndto ss ontips from the wond of so.twhih raybe Usefulin !siness, W car|ing' former g|and rugby the U osu|tny alaln set Whihadvises ompan]es how to Use sorts epr.t se in bus ness d even o. Wrotea ookon the sUbjet' Aord]n9 to Chr]s rdy' forrierfoota erwho now ]ettrres on the entre C]r|e ettern|ogy for ourses. foota]|]s bus]nessthsomeotherswh h are commony Usd ,Foo|b e " , | | . j o / F r y n\A 'p't,o-i "L' 'Wjth footLyou cn hve a grolp ofexeUtivesfrom || ove the wor|d ' uroe' south Amera. Afri , ' , h e y a s h r e t h i s o n r r n o nn g ! a g e . '

i\ ,j1'

Adatd tom lhe sU.dy ]fies

100 stffdeveIopmet

VoabUIa ry
voL'u|aryfrom sorts and gmes is oftenused in business situations.In eh oftheflIowing eam|es(1-5)'whih sport or game does the xres$on in ita,.somefrom? choose a sport from the box be|ow. sometimes morethn one sport is ossib|endnysortn be used morthn shll We&lt oIf y lokingt this oth,s s]s

You r 8in8tolist to n ilrtviw with womnwho talkingabout new syst for lrtainin8 ldbak on ,l Work with a prtnernd nswerthe fo||owing questions.

. What do you think J60 desr.? lrlns? leedDdft . Whtdo you think anon,tous nrns] $\2 Listento the interviewand nswerthe fo|lowing questionsto show you hve understoodthe general grst, . Who 8ivesthe f d ak?,, . Wlro ssthe fdbak? ,,' ' 3 |mginetht ot|Wntto introduce360 degree leedbak [o yourompn'Listen to Yvoneagin nd om p|etethe fo||owing sentenes by choosing th corretending' il|eA' or .
j I l ' 0 d P 8 - e r A e d L J ll , d I l " J ' I s o t , I " l . ] i . e , ,


Tlrtw salesrrcutiv sms\,rysood, e's el] I|th bIl- ,-Neithsidrwilling lo el Omomjs, so th negolitions hvehed srdl'rdte' ,, ,, 4 I'm iust wjtingt .oft baswith you, ,, 5 A All tlis arwork tlst lrdonb th end{rI th finai]yar B ut tht,s lytw wkswa, A I,s r]rd.P l1sinst tim' th]etis bseba|| hess footba|

must e hosn ...

\9' r|1ln|oys lnJnJgr

2 NoWmtch the epressions(1-5)Withtheircorret meningsi. ) . 1 kik off 2 o th tl

b somthh8 tht hs to don quikly to n1t th dedlin a srrutlonwne. no on n mk ny pogessor gl thlIl8 d ffiiDtnd we oI WhLis 11pp ll18 stIt [ metin8 o roess]

5 ra8insttirn

Giving andreeiving feedhack Voabu Ia ry

llr some ompnis' ann8rs hv Inlin8 wiLh h mn1rofstffon or lwie yt whn lhe livInnts, strn8thsnd wknssese disussd, This is solntimes ]ld n appraisl,

js 8iv.,, 1th fdbak' lhe Inp]o 8rd Writtn ommet bol gd d Witte ommet Th mplye omprcs th Idk With',, his mgr,s ppisl B hisw5lI 5sessm t his dvlmt ]n Aodin8 to thsk' ]inkin8th fedbk to py A has nvbn tied B is otlem dd is usul
o .r nt a.q nrtrro mrrcl qA

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A theresults of th fdbak pla B th emlo's devlolt th lsultsofth fdak ad th emllre,s dev]opmt ln Th skr f]s thtnonymolrs fedbk.., B is mouselu]thnnmd|dbk is lessusfu] thnnmedfedbk 360d8e ledk is otrornmndd ,,. A in tines ofnjor hn8 B in iods f grolvth ] sml]ompais

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A Averg houfs workd I pers ilr different ountries for th yrs2000 to 2003

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Pni8 of omp s wlro hav Women in senilrr ngm n t in si diffent ounties


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1 Work in pairsand disussthe questionsbe|ow. . o | " 1 8 , ' o W| | \ | | | . d o ' o | " ' \ " ' . h l ' \ . Do yu think thtmjlshvd offi onnnuitj |rtt I

Workin irs'studythegrhs(A-c)nddisussthe questions below, . Ds gps? unty pp .nyfth Ds it our

Th humIesouls magelof oempy Ws i , b P , n 8 . r | J r , Jd l l t || o oI l . ) 6 r J \ 't !' n 8 sta||tjr nd usin8l to f ]stssd, sh a suv 1ofind outaboutth us ofmlls. Or8nd find the reportgivingth 2 on the next pge' UWi|| resu|tsof the surve.Imagineyu re the mnager Whoorganisedit. skim the reportquik|ytosee if it ofirmsourideathat emils re robIem'

omr wll With th othe outis?Ifyo! o!lry d o s t h ' o w d O Ut h i k i t o m i sW i l h t h c g i th phs? outies FoI ah of th gaphs (A ], wlih do you find th ost su]si8iigull I r" ,,o . to I \ o'.1,e i i p u- , :

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Report on useof emails

Rosn edes. hUrn lesuls mngr, requested surve abUt Use oferi t Wrki rderto imrove offje ommunjtiOn nd idntilvtriing neds. 5 tedt'."ld h | |vft|-. |i ||-ey|e|, Were une55ar. Rs!tts Wel: 1membr ofstffreive betwee 1 d5 !nessr 22 menrbers of stffreeive betwen 6 nd10 2 members fstffleeive btw 10ad15

qjvn stffWr qustionair t b returnd b8 arh. heWele sked bo!t: 1 Numbr ofemaits reived rd 2 Us f mittehnotg strss aused b,mj I over|od,

2 Tehology
38staff merbers hek their mjI morethn on da 6 stfl mrbers knoW howtorgj5 fotders 20 renrbers ofstffknow how t useth meetjng sheduLe
D nen .o \.d..( |O.lOW'o |sevti|g b lo1.

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3 Stress

2 mmbels ofstfffeettht ri le mjo use of 5tr5s. h most mm rsns forthis re: stlf Wr skd t indite hoW m miLs therivd - being pied intemi Whjh dootoern thm perdn Vrge. ResLiLts Wer| (given rerbers 0 of stff) 5 membe15 of stffrjv betwen 1nd5 (gjvn 0rrLer WOldig b2 mmbrs of staf0 8 mmb ofstffreive betwen 6 nd10 (gjvn Overus ofth,urgnt,]on b 14 mrbers of 14mmbrs ofstaff reive betwee 11d 15 star0 members of stffreeive rirr th15 2 mmbrs ofstffthjnk thtthe gtWr5 wjlL roblm

1 N!merofemi[s

You needto pik out some ofthe most imporiant figuresin orderto presentthem t stffmeeting. snthetextndomletthenotes be|owwiththe orret numberofstaff ir' eah gp (1-7).

(1-4)be|o Looktthesntens Whih draw on|usionsfrmthereport. Under|jnethecorret a|terntiv i /tlisfor h. ^ ]ont/n|ionry of Etaff mnlrrssid thyeived This is luroys/o/ienlnue lrus mss8s I.

^ 2 , n ^ 1 | ' 8 v ' < I | N - " , D|a * ' '1'^o]seo ^'J^'' v " , , . "^ " ' "' o+ ei1s. fe| stressLdec^se @e ( t twice ^ l1^1|l
^o+'let\ c|e 1|L^ t|\^t efu&ils^re a++ea Le|t t|,e en^ s



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lthough '.llost/oflndn]l st'i knOIoW to t foldrs' mosi o/,tPl/L, Of,te us othI sts ofth softwr suhs thvLig bultons, A i0'/nrrlr}, oI slfl In]s fcll tht jls lvI a]o sour oI stess' WorkWith a prtner. Write h,vo possib| recommendtions forthe nd ofthe report' If ou need help,lookatthe listbelow. ]d to st'f tr"inin8 sessin

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ta frrw:} wiu Laa+ia ||^ t|^^t Foe| Pr|"@

Reots usU]]nd wjth olusio lhih gives lh tost imotl po]ts out th fi8urs nd 5) reonnendtjoso t wht the o]n should d,

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speeh Repoted
1 Look at this extrtfrom one of the questionnires from the surveyboutth use ofemils,

Skillsaudit Speking
Asftills audit is wa ffidin8utthski]lsthta rson grouo{ o p]e hv, Iyout ski]lsuditt h] olrrnies sortimes foleahjOb what skil]sendd themto udIstnd hve, Th tu]] skil thei employes d Wht js nd sult rrsuallplnfor stfftaini8 1 Work in groups.You re going to rry out mini ski||sauditforthe |ss.Decide Whtski|lsou Want bout,You n get ides from the to get informtion re|atetoour fo|lowing |ist,orhooseski|IsWhich stud. fi|dof Workor . lngu8 skills . tinin8 skil]s . m8Innt ski]Ls 2 |nyourgrous,think aboutWhttpeofquestions be|owouneed for your audit, or if you nd amix of both types. . or quslios(,8, f II|iLs a sur Wh\rda :rol1find . quslins ]tI11til. s Ho[,ny dils do yolt Wit ['g, 6 and -l0, t,] 1 n.l .5, be?Lr'een i|] da| BnI)l1 Writefive qustionsto sk othrmembersofthe |ass' hen hange grous sthtyou interviewa|| members. the otherclass 4 Rejorm in yourgrus nd resentour resu|tsto the restofthe |ss' Usingreportedspeeh.


Do oU find that emi|sare a soure ofstressl No lfrs'wh? mail9arr ofn \nlea. FaPlu1e Lhr.urqnt'ican t'oa fiuah' In m),oPinion,Po| m s with emilswi|| 8et etter staythe same getworse

2 compar the tense of the vrbs writtenon th questionnaire Withthe tense oftheverbs usd in the reporton th survey'then nswerthe questions stffsidthteilswe oltnun], io to muh. usd thlrrgent staffsidthtpop] staffsaidthtthprl m would get Wrs ' 1 What h s to se]tnusi8thpesntsimle
,\ P \elO|||.J ',1\i 8cd',/,Jrl,,,]

futrewen to sntne usingthe11,il? 2 Whthppens

e , e o , , | ) . J v | , , 8t d . d ' h o l

Reportthe followingstatements(1-4),makingthe orrecttense hanges. t ,i hkl riltli d.' a'la,! , sh sidthtsh lhaa|.eahr m!L!-'V,',,|aa 2 ,l dD,tknow holv to I t flders,' ]]saidthth sssio,' ,Wwil]g tini8 sh sjdthatth Lod,' ii]]i thqustioi 4 .] Worr't hv time1O tle sajdthath

Repoing data Very seven e e sa d tht1hylrsed sreadsheets Woop sa d thtthy spoke sme Japanse buttht t h o Ud n 1 W r t et

Absenteeism aIklng oint

questions. 1 Wrkin pirs and disussthe fo||owing . Dosyouman/h ofstudhavaoliy on . Wht hns l8 if mp]y/stud lks t numbeofds off s]k]

104 staffttsandfigures

2 Work Withyour artnet You re managersin a omanWhihisWorriedaboutthe high rat of asenteeism(dysoff Work)mong itsemp|ees. hefo||owingsuggestionshave been mde. you thinkWoU|d be a|ktogetherand decideWhih the best one(s)touse. folth fistth dystht 1 stop pinsmllrs thytkrfisik, wh 2 iv n tdy'sholidyto ]lInp]oyes yr tkeo dysofi sik du]ng th norrl sik y to 50%ofth mployee's Rdu

2 Red the rti|emores|ow|y nd deide the orrect ending,A, orc' forah statement(1-5)sotht it agrees Withthe tet. ir| th orreta.lswer When mnge 1 Abst e ]smrtesr8Dr]lylighe nO m 8rnt trijg A hs d lrgts @ dosot setelisti doesnot nouge tmwok 2 Invso dud its bset i smtsb povisjo ofIin8 ornyhltlr psyho]o8ists B tkingdvifron1 rk]ng stIImomotivat d thn Rstriting sik is lik."lyto b lssffetiv bus somthertions
A i e||ol| |8e. pIOvL..o bA lb.en lo| |or8e|

must pt 4 m]oyn onsitdotowhothe st1l to ifthytke dollsi. with 5 olfr iz (,g, Wr]to the emploe te' the bslttnd

it is notsundbyesh

'l rtic|ebout absenteeismrtst skim th fo||owing |king find out Whihofthe suggestions(,1-5)from (/)in 2 re mentiond. Put the box ointexerise next to the suggestionif it ppers in the arti|'

4 The Roylail wok r s' union f]tthttheil omny stism tttsto rdrr A WuLd hveno llelon th alrsnt i s at
R i i ' ] . . i c . \ n r r ] ln . l m job 5tistti Wou]dirrs 5 Aoldjng to nn Ross' olr]mswith bseteism A oly lft miori1 ofois B rc igdy too mnv omni s rc djffju]tto solve

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Th right trratmntfor asnts

r,'Ll' J i"v |sik t.m m l t n r | r h i g u d 4 s s wor,lrr tg nn]l1f usisss, ltogmany sts r ill' trn otht rons guinly wy o|did to *ay lvay om t
s, ft ivn]gt]g holv muh ]n wgstrsi.knrdoys' th ivsrmit omPny']nvs' d.idd Io invst i ] Plivt dtol irs staff, y lso oIdnt mdil t*s d oulsellig' Rsrh rid out ya 1at Iound ton-dysiknssses wliow y 6% as lsuh, Orrm on ommoaso wnv ppletk hi lsd mr 8tsiv Po]iis tim otr wk is nrss,vnih mI Pais usdy th olnPany'smangmflrt su as not yig mplo'vs fol t first go]s o o t dIs tat ty trke o1i sik' s, a!gerswho s. imPossil rlik]y!o havig .ats oistism Howv, if lasn f sntismis myusd *ss' tn oliislik tsot likly mng teirstff ol stlss .t mak anmpt y ad rclrionshiPsrwn o]]gus:to solw t prolm, i s]kaus to undrsrmd }'y mploys tlr rlrys nploye rlos U o* fli' t futh y oitlring pizsofnwa and hoiidy 'ouh to m]oy s who ijd iot Ik ]y dIs ff wk. This ida ws dismksd ' t l'k' union rvho gud fit rh mpny shoulrlIous on irnroving jo ljk nrs' st]sftion' id1el!ngjmrjks v if try red!d th asntis rat nn Rog' eutivdir ofan gywih roidsponl supo' n olid drt th I] afi'ts lrg url o usi*s, ltoug many mpanis ro tlrt tey v o signifint lo|ms wit stism' olding . A Rog' 9ir oft t9. Irv simPll fild to lok at t figurs,Irrdd,my ompanis d not knw PIislI$'hrt thy [e. n!hi], sisss ntjnu to ost ulop usises hunddsof nillins

or shj us.nnotG' Prti. IP on ot r lrs thtdy']n lhsas' sntism Pirhs t th lo]] an illovdy magnt inol iwrdi|g l]r mPlo)'s who rcords'lor *mpl' tliing nd ofrany p]iiswhih vgod ttndan
you migt ofra t d lv t n

ot i$itut]onshatkenlurthr employ who tkn n tim tsik during th yi I! 2004' Rovl it' th ps t dlwith thpolmofwolr

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