Due to low power consumption & long life span. controller and battery. It totally relies on solar energy. the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric power and store it in the battery. light source.in . Touching Every Life www. which is clean. Solariz range of street lighting systems are completely viable & efficient even where electricity doesn’t reach. Working of Solar Street Light: The Solar Street Light works without grid power. endless and environment-friendly. the controller can judge the brightness of daylight and automatically switch the light on. when there is sunshine.solariz. solar LED street lights are a good alternative to existing Fluorescent tube or LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps. The system is mainly composed of solar panel.Product Overview: The Solariz Solar off-grid solar lighting systems are well designed to illuminate large areas with highest intensity of light. And the battery shall supply the power for lighting. At night. In daytime.

000 hours lifespan for LED Batteries with low maintenance Robust. no need of power supply facilities.Comparing with grid-powered street light. Operating Voltage Output Power Luminous Efficiency Approx Colour Temp Charge Controller PV Panel Battery SZSLS12 SZSLS18 SZSLS24 SZSLS36 12V.solariz. Our Models Model No: SZSLS12 Model No: SZSLS18 Model No: SZSLS24 Model No: SZSLS36 Product Specification Model No. no pollution. can withstand vibration from transport & rough weather Areas with no access to electricity Easy installation Ideal solution for areas with no utility line extensions High brightness LED Instant start (no warming up period) Attractive cool white Touching Every Life www. one-time investment longtime payback.in . the solar street light has advantages of no consumption of grid power. no electricity charge. easy-installation. etc.DC 12W 18W 24W 36W 100 Lumens/Watt Cool White 6300K / Warm White 2475K MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Auto Dusk to Dawn On/Off Control 60Wp 75Wp 100Wp 150Wp 40AH @C10 40AH @C10 40AH @C10 80AH @C10 Lead Lead Acid Lead Acid Lead Acid Acid Battery Battery Battery Battery 2 Days Isolated short circuit protection Autonomy/No Sun Protection Features 100% energy independent Over 50.

www.in Tamilnadu.in .solariz.Applications: - Highways & Motorways Agriculture Area No Utility Line Extension Rural Road Side Car parking Industrial Campus Touching Every Life Solariz ReGen Technologies Pvt Ltd.. Website: www. INDIA.solariz.