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Residential Rebates

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the City of Corona Department of Water and Power are currently offering rebates for several water-saving devices.
Commercial rebate information is available on the commercial rebate page and at
Water-Efficient Devices Pool Covers Solar Turf Removal

Solar Partnership
The City of Corona Department of Water & Power (DWP) is committed to promoting and supporting renewable technologies. To help our customers save money, DWP offers our electrical customers rebates to reduce the purchase and installation costs for photovoltaic (PV) systems and a net metering credit for producing solar electricity. The rebate amount for 2013 is $1.22 per watt for systems up to a maximum size of 3 kilowatts for residents (up to $3,660) and 25 kilowatts for businesses (up to $30,500). Customers interested in installing a PV system should contact a solar contractor prior to contacting DWP. See the Customer Information Summary for a quick overview of DWP's Solar Partnership Program. Customer Information Summary Program Guidelines & Application Interconnection and Net Metering Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

How the Program Works
This program is only for customers receiving electricity distributed by the DWP. See the DWP electric service area map. For those not receiving electricity from the DWP, contact your energy service provider for other rebate opportunities. To reserve the incentive, please review the program guidelines before completing and submitting the program application. You will receive a confirmation letter once the reservation has been approved. 1. Complete and sign the Interconnection and Net Metering Agreement with the DWP. This agreement spells out the terms and conditions of the customer's responsibilities as a power producer and delineates the terms of the DWP net metering rate. 2. Obtain the required building and electric permits to install the PV system from the City's Community Development Department. 3. Install the PV system that is compliant with the terms and conditions of the DWP Solar Partnership Program. A minimum 10-year full-system warranty against defective parts, workmanship or unusual degradation of the system output from the PV retailer or installer is required. 4. Request a Solar Partnership Program inspection from DWP after the installation has been completed and after the system has successfully passed the City's Community Development Department inspection. 5. Submit the following documents to DWP: - The signed Interconnection Agreement (Customer should make and keep a copy of the agreement on file).

- A copy of the receipt for the PV system. - A copy of the PV system 10-year warranty. 6. After the required documents have been submitted and approved by the DWP, the rebate check will be mailed within thirty (30) days.

Learn More
Here are resources for more information about solar systems and contractors: California Energy Commission Consumer Education in Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Assistance Project California Solar Center U.S. Department of Energy - Sunshot Initiative National Renewable Energy Lab: Photovoltaics Research Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)