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General information Assembly and operating personnel must have the appropriate skills and
training. The present assembly instructions, in particular the safety notes on page 23, must be followed in all cases during assembly and operation.

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ComCube 0705

• Keyboard and Display | Operating DCD indications | menu | check Outputs | info | Programmable Outputs | Factory Settings DCA | DCD • Requirements | Mains supply DCA • Connections | Analogue outputs DCD • Software updates | 230 V | SELV | RS 485-1 DCD DCA | DCD DCA • Switching on | Outputs calculation DCD • Switching on | BrainCube configuration | Initial start-up Welcome 11 – 14 Configuration 15 15 16 17 Assembly Electrical connection Electrical connection Electrical connection Terminal plan Start-up (IBN) 18 Requirements 18 ComCube 18 | 19 ComCube Operation 20 Basic principles 20 Operating modes 21 Messages DCD DCA | DCD DCD • auto | standby | menu | check • Indications. acknowledgement | Message list | Correcting faults 22 Inspection | Disassembly DCA | DCD • No inspection requirement • ComCube to be placed off circuit 23 24 26 27 Safety Technical data CE conformity Customer service 03 de fr en nl P ComCube 0705 .Table of contents 03 Table of contents Scope of delivery 04 Factory fitting 04 Wall-mounting 05 05 06 – 10 11 Operation Assembly | Function Assembly | Function Assembly | Function Configuration DCA | DCD DCA • Example of analogue outputs DCD • Examples of digital outputs DCA • Follow the accompanying instructions for DCA isolating amplifiers.

hold ComCube DCA. 04 de fr en nl Legend 1 ComCube 1.Scope of delivery The scope of delivery is indicated on the delivery note and may include other products in addition to ComCube. ComCube DCD TI Digital communication module. • Set the wall plugs in the wall corresponding to the positions of the holes in the mounting plates. and fasten with the screws. • ComCube DCA is fastened to the wall using the mounting plates. Factory-fitted in Transfero TI ComCube DCA TI Analogue communication module. • ComCube DCD is fastened horizontally to the wall using the mounting plate (3). fixing elements for optimal cable management. Intermediate storage is required in a dry room protected from frost. all inputs and outputs fully wired to terminal strips in the PowerCube panel. ComCube DCD Digital communication module for BrainCube controls. fixing elements for optimal cable management.2 Mains plug 2 Fixing elements for customer cables 3 Base plate 4 Documents map – Assembly | Operating instructions – Isolating amplifier SINEAX TV 808-12 operating instructions (for ComCube DCA only) 3 4 1 2 1. Various ComCube communication modules are available. • Mount the ComCube DCD and fasten with screws. • Fix 2 screws into the wall corresponding to the positions of the mounting slots. fully wired on mounting rail in PowerCube panel.2 1 4 1.2 pneumatex. 4 screws and wall plugs are provided. Wall mounting ComCube DCA Analogue communication module for BrainCube P ComCube 0705 .

The two can also be used in combination. Compresso | Transfero ComCube DCA Final equipment | Building management system PIS LIS ComCube DCA is connected between the BrainCube and the LIS and PIS sensors. Pleno and Vento.Operation Assembly | Function ComCube is a communication module that extends the BrainCube control functionality. Transfero. 05 de fr en nl P ComCube 0705 . The ComCube DCA | DCA TI provides 2 galvanically isolated 4-20 mA analogue outputs. ComCube DCA PIS pressure and LIS content frequently have to be sent in simple form to the building management system. as applied in Compresso. There are two types: digital ComCube DCD and analogue ComCube DCA. The 2 outputs are connected to the building management system.

All outputs are individually reversible from NO (normally open) to NC (normally closed). which cannot all be described here. There are many other possible applications. This avoids the need for expensive software for the interface (Examples 1-7). – Individual assignment of BrainCube and ComCube messages on the OP outputs. – Status indication (on/off) of ComCube IP inputs and OP outputs. RS 485 data link should – Monitoring of the connected BrainCube control type. individually configurable digital OP outputs. – Indication of pressure and content. For individual solutions. more than one DCDs (up to 250!) can be connected to one BrainCube. external signals can be set for temperatures as commands on the DCD outputs. and switching of the pumps and valves of the The total length of the connected BrainCube control. Installed between the RS 485 of the BrainCube and the building management system (Examples 1-6) or the final equipment for remote monitoring of the BrainCube controls (Example 7). ComCube DCD has two main applications: • Up to 6 programmable external IP inputs and up to 9 OP outputs. – Individual switching of the OP outputs of the connected BrainCube control depending on PIS pressure and/or LIS content. If more than 9 outputs are required. The graphical 8-line display and the encoder with Scroll and Select functions make it simple to operate. It has 6 digital IP inputs for registering and displaying external volt-free signals and 9 volt-free. For example. • OP outputs of a DCD. be no more than 300 m.Operation Assembly | Function ComCube DCD ComCube DCD | DCD TI is an 11-language communication module. Parallel connection of ComCube DCD and the BrainCube should consist of up to 4 BrainCube controls and 250 ComCube DCD communication modules. 06 de fr en nl pneumatex. please contact our professional P ComCube 0705 .

/standard/max. for example Min. ComCube DCD No. 60%. as this will greatly reduce the amount of wiring required for the 9 outputs. ComCube DCD No. water level.2 Final equipment | Building management system Compresso | Transfero BrainCube ComCube DCD No.. 07 de fr en nl pneumatex. 70%. 2 directly in the building management system. 40%.Operation Assembly | Function Example 1 Visualisation and building management system ComCube DCD No. water make-up on.2: RS 485 signals on 9 outputs. 80%. 20%. pressure. 50%. 30%./standard/max.1: RS 485 signals on 9 outputs to represent water P ComCube 0705 . min. compressor on. Max. spill valve open.1 RS 485 cable Lighting column RS 485 cable It is advisable to install ComCube DCD No. for example representing min.

then 9 more outputs can be made available through the ComCube DCD. Compresso | Transfero BrainCube ComCube DCD RS 485 cable Cabling with OP outputs Final equipment | Building management system Link-up information* B Example 3 Connecting several systems in different buildings to the building management system It is advisable to connect them through the ComCube DCD over separate RS 485 data links.Operation Assembly | Function Example 2 Connecting a system to the building management system Direct wiring of the volt-free OP outputs of the ComCube DCD to the building management P ComCube 0705 . 08 Transfero de fr en nl BrainCube Compresso BrainCube Vento BrainCube B Final equipment | Building management system B ComCube DCD RS 485 cable RS 485 cable Link-up information* B RS 485 cable * Information on the main menu of ComCube DCD | DCD TI page 12 pneumatex. If the 1 or 2 volt-free outputs of the BrainCube are not enough.

Compresso Transfero Vento BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube Final equipment | Building management system ComCube DCD RS 485 cable Link-up information* B B B Example 5 Master-slave parallel operation + several ComCube DCDs The master and each slave are assigned to one ComCube DCD. It is also the ideal arrangement for master-slave parallel operation. This arrangement allows the maximum required monitoring of the entire system with a minimum amount of cabling. each system can be assigned to a specific ComCube P ComCube 0705 .Operation Assembly | Function Example 4 Connecting several systems in one building to the building management system It is advisable to connect them over an RS 485 data link. 09 de fr BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube Final equipment | Building management system en nl ComCube DCD Master Slave Slave RS 485 cable Link-up information* M S S * Information on the main menu of ComCube DCD | DCD TI page 12 pneumatex. In any case.

of course. also be used as a terminal for the remote monitoring of one or more BrainCubes. Final equipment | Building management system BrainCube ComCube DCD Master Slave Slave Link-up information* M S S RS 485 cable Example 7 Remote monitoring with one ComCube DCD A ComCube DCD can. The graphical display can display any desired data. The volt-free outputs on the slave BrainCube controls are connected directly to the building management system.Operation Assembly | Function Example 6 Master-slave parallel operation + one ComCube DCD The ComCube DCD is assigned to the P ComCube 0705 . 10 de fr en nl BrainCube Compresso BrainCube Transfero Vento BrainCube B B Link-up information* B RS 485 cable ComCube DCD * Information on the main menu of ComCube DCD | DCD TI page 12 pneumatex. This arrangement is useful in «parallel operation» and provides optimum monitoring at minimum cost.

Message row 2 Operating mode. Change view escape Back. open scroll – select. auto Automatic operation menu Main menu standby Display only check Function check Operating displays Message row 1 ComCube + equipment type Information row Inputs. read the «Isolating amplifier SINEAX TV 808-12 operating instructions». Change between operating displays using scroll. ComCube DCD Keyboard and display push – confirm. pneumatex. Press again for 5 s to release the key lock.Operation Programmable ComCube DCA To use and operate the integrated isolating amplifier. modify. Key lock Press key lock for 5 s until « » appears. Most recent message 11 de fr en nl Illuminated display Light goes off 60 s after last operator action. Activated by the scroll or other P ComCube 0705 . BrainCube No. Outputs.

SE. CZ. . off Check outputs Output OP1 . for example Vento Back 70 % LIS content max. in this case: X = not connected Main menu Check outputs Parameters Info 2. . in this case: M = Master* BrainCube 2.05. Output OP9 Input IP1 Input IP2 Input IP6 Factory setting Contrast 120 Load factory settings. . in this case: B = stand alone** BrainCube 4. NL. . All individual settings will be overwritten! Info Type ComCube DCD Version V1.2007 Time 15:38 BrainCube 1 12 de fr en nl Set inputs: NO (normally open) NC (normally closed) DE. PL. . EN. ES. FR.2 bar MSBX Link-up information * Master-slave parallel operation ** Individual operation. DK Set outputs pages 13 | 14 Output OP1 Output OP2 Select the BrainCube with which communications are to be set up. . FI.Operation ComCube DCD menu —Selected applications Programmable BrainCube 1. content 100% min. P0 pressure Switch outputs manually on. . P ComCube 0705 . PSV pressure min. Output OP9 Parameters Language selection Date 12. content 0% PIS pressure max. in this case: S = Slave* BrainCube 3.01 View messages The last 20 ComCube messages. IT. .

4) Assign ComCube DCD messages individually. Assignment of this output. if LIS on = off. Example B: OP1 Switch-points BrainC PIS on off PIS off 0. If PIS | LIS on is higher than PIS | LIS off . for example output OP1 OP1 Switch-points BrainC PIS on off PIS off 2.0 bar LIS on 30% LIS off 29% pneumatex.Operation ComCube DCD Programmable Programmable outputs. Output closes if content > 30 % and opens if < 29 %. Note: It is not useful to switch an output according to content or pressure. switching points for content are inactive. for example output OP1 Output OP1 Inputs Pumps/valves Switch-points BrainC Messages BrainCube Messages ComCube Invers 1) 2) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) This output is not assigned. Multiple assignments are possible. Switching points for pressure are inactive. This output could be coupled with an indicator lamp. a lighting column can then be easily set up to display the different vessel contents ( page 7. Example A: 13 de fr en nl OP1 Switch-points BrainC PIS on off PIS off 0. and switches off if the value falls below PIS | LIS off. 3) Assign BrainCube message individually. Assign BrainCube pumps/compressors and valves individually. Multiple assignments are possible. the output is switched on if the value goes above PIS | LIS on. to actuate a valve in order to prevent overfilling (separate water meter and locking is recommended for when maximum quantity is exceeded). If the corresponding unit switches. for example. and switches off if the value goes above PIS | LIS off. the output is switched on if the value falls below PIS | LIS on. If other outputs are programmed for other levels.0 bar LIS on 90% LIS off 80% Switching points for pressure are inactive. 5) Switch output to inverse: NO (normally open) | NC (normally closed).com P ComCube 0705 . example 1). Note: Multiple assignments are not useful (except invers = ) Assign IP inputs of ComCube DCD to the output. Output closes if content > 90 % and opens if < 80 %. Mode of operation If PIS | LIS on is lower than PIS | LIS off . the output closes. This arrangement can be used.0 bar LIS on 10% LIS off 20% Switching points for pressure are inactive. Set switching points. if PIS on = off.

00.Parameters Parameters Language selection Date Time BrainCube Output Output Output Output Output OP1 OP2 OP3 OP4 OP5 English 00. All inputs NO (normally open) Input IP6 pneumatex.Operation ComCube DCD Programmable Factory settings menu .2000 00:00 Factory setting off Messages Messages Messages Messages Messages BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube M01 Min pressure PIS M02 Max pressure PIS M03 Min contents LIS M04 Max contents LIS M11 Runtime FIQ M12 Leakages FIQ M13 NS leaky FIQ M14 Max quantity FIQ M15 Water meter FIQ LIS on: 70 LIS off: 69 LIS on: 50 LIS off: 49 LIS on: 30 LIS off: 29 LIS on: 10 LIS off: 9 Output OP6 Output OP7 Output OP8 Output OP9 Input IP1 Input IP2 Switch-points BrainC Switch-points BrainC Switch-points BrainC Switch-points BrainC % % % % % % % % 14 de fr en nl . .com P ComCube 0705 . .

FI protection switch. please read the accompanying «Isolating amplifier SINEAX TV 808-12 operating instructions».2) only at the initial start-up. • Connect the mains plug (1.1 kW • Electrical protection provided by customer : 10 A.Assembly ! Electrical connection The electrical connection work should be performed by a skilled person in accordance with local regulations. • Connect PE.1 2 1 max. 4.2 ComCube DCA Connections Example connections are shown in the following terminal plan: Example: BrainCube terminal plan with ComCube DCA E E ComCube DCA 102IN 105IN 104IN 103IN 102+ 105+ 104+ 103+ 101+ GND GND 106+ GND GND GND GND 1Aff 0.0 mm2 (L+N+PE) 230 V AV / 50 Hz BrainCube TecBox fr en nl min.5 mm shielded Analogue outputs To connect and operate the integrated isolating amplifier. pneumatex. 50 Hz • Connected load PA : 0. 4.2) and unscrew.2) • Pull out the mains plug (1.0 m Mains plug 1. * + OUT IN + IN + + OUT PIS Pressure sensor * Line protection max. for ComCube DCD. we recommend fitting a commercially available mains filter in the junction box. switch off any external voltages on outputs OP1-OP9.10 AT PIS sensor LIS sensor LIS Content sensor Network supply 3x 1. After cabling is complete When cabling is complete.0 m max. PIS pressure and LIS content can be made available in the form of galvanically isolated 4-20 mA signals through the ComCube DCA. the above cabling is no longer required ( Transfero TI Assembly | Operation). For the building management system. follow the regulations applicable at the location • If installed in residential buildings. Mains power supply through mains plug (1. The existing PIS BrainCube and LIS BrainCube cable connections must be removed and rewired to the ComCube DCA.0 m 1 GND 2 max.0 m 106IN PE N L 15 de Analogue output PIS/4-20 mA Analogue output LIS/4-20 mA Terminal box Open cover: loosen the 4 screws (E).2) and. The total length of the PIS/LIS BrainCube and/or PIS/LIS ComCube DCA cable connections should be no more than 4 m. close off all unused screw connections on the housing back panel with suitable plugs. Please also follow the BrainCube control Assembly I Operation instructions. Mains power requirements: • Connection voltage U : 230 V. 2x 0. ! Do not connect ComCube to the heating emergency off switch! Requirements Pull out mains plug (1. pull cover forward. Shut down the ComCube before starting work. 4.6 m 101IN E E GND max. Belden Type 9501). A twisted pair shielded cable should be used (for example. in order to ensure Protection Class IP P ComCube 0705 . N.2. Close cover: place cover and fasten with 4 screws (E). L to the corresponding terminals and screw the mains plug back together. 4. 1. With the DCA TI.

and the jumper on intermediate equipment to «off». Terminal box 230 V – Cover 2 • Digital outputs OP1-OP9 Open cover 2: Loosen the 2 torx screws (D). Carefully pull cover 1 forward and remove. Push the cover into the guiding slots in the housing and fasten with the screws (C). Belden Type 9501). Example: Parallel connection with 2 BrainCube controls and 2 ComCube DCD communication modules A B B A A B B A A B B A SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD A SHIELD A RS 485-1 A B A` B` A B RS 485-1 A` B` A B RS 485-1 A` B` A B SHIELD RS 485-1 A` B` A A A B B A B OFF ON B OFF ON B OFF ON B OFF ON Jumper ON Jumper OFF Jumper OFF Jumper ON BrainCube 1 ComCube 1 BrainCube 2 ComCube 2 pneumatex.Assembly Electrical connection ComCube DCD Connections • Terminal plan page 17 • The connections for the digital IP P ComCube 0705 . Insert the plugs of the ribbon cables for the display and keyboard in the «20 Display» and «14 Keyboard» slots and snap the fasteners in. Close cover 2: Cover 1 must be closed. Close cover 1: 1. carefully pull the cover forward and remove. 5. The RS 485-1 jumper ( terminal plan page 17) in the final equipment on the data link must be set to «on». Push cover 2 into the guiding slots in the housing and fasten with the screws (D). This is to be done by Pneumatex Customer Service only! Terminal box SELV . Open cover 2. 2. 2. 4.Cover 1 • Digital inputs IP1-IP6 • RS 485 interface Open cover 1: 1. digital OP outputs and the RS 485 interface are made on the terminal rail of the PowerCube PC1 panel ( Transfero TI Assembly | Operation) C C B C D C D On the rear panel B: Run the software updates using the special adapter. 16 de fr en nl RS 485-1 interface To operate the ComCube DCD | DCD TI with up to four BrainCubes. A twisted pair shielded cable should be used (for example. Loosen the 4 torx screws (C). 3 Carefully pull the cover 1 forward a few centimetres. until the ribbon cable plugs for the display and keyboard become accessible. Snap the fastener for the «20 Display» and «14 Keyboard» plugs outwards. The total length of the data link should be no more than 300 m.

to menu *Parameter* Output 7 Output 8 ComCube 0705 Line protection max. 10 AT Line protection OP9 2) P 17 de Terminal plan Mains plug 1. 2 AT NO Outputg 9 C pneumatex.Digital inputs IP (not connect voltage) Input 4 Input 5 Input 6 Interface RS 485-1 Digital inputs IP (not connect voltage) Input 1 Input 2 Input 3 A B A` B` SHIELD SHIELD 1 1 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 IP1 A B B` IN IP2 IN IP3 IN RS 485-1 A` IP4 IN IP5 IN IP6 IN OFF 2 1 14 Keyboard Jumper RS 485-1 ON OFF ON 2 1 Diagnostics plug 2 1 Assembly Terminal box SELV 20 Display lower cover L1 OP1 OP2 OP3 OP4 OP5 N MAINS OP6 OP7 OP8 2 L N PE C C C C C C C C NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NC Terminal box 230 V 1) Network supply 3 x 1.0 mm2 (L+N+PE) 230 V AV/50 Hz 1) 2) Output 1 Output 2 Output 3 Output 4 Output 5 Output 6 Digital outputs OP Allocation acc.2 fr en nl .

The PIS and LIS 4-20 mA signals are calculated by the customer.2 | 93.2 | 91.. • Measure the mA signals when the primary vessel is empty (0%) and when full (100%). At the initial start-up. or for ComCube DCA TI. or for ComCube DCD TI.00 or higher is required.000 to 5.2 0 – 10 bar → Transfero TI 120.2 | 150. If necessary.Start-up We recommend having the start-up carried out by the nearest Pneumatex Customer Service. No other steps are required for start-up. BrainCube Software Version V2.33 kg/foot).2) .2 | PI 9. • The BrainCube control is switched on.000 litre 0 – 500 kg → Expansion vessels from 1.2 | 143.2 | 152.2 | 141.000 litres 0 – 8. pneumatex. and the ComCube DCA is to go into operation.000 litres 0 – P ComCube 0705 .000 kg → Expansion vessels from 5.2 | 112.2 | 181. it automatically changes to standby with display function only.2 | 230.2 | 113. it displays a «Welcome» message (if there is no operator action for 4 min.2 | 62.1 | PI 6. ComCube DCA BrainCube with ComCube DCA | DCA TI Switching on: For ComCube DCA. and assuming that weight is distributed equally between the three feet of the vessel ( 1 litre ≈ 0.2 | 53.2 | 61.2 | 192. and will be at the price specified in the Zoom for the country concerned. Output calculations: For the building management system. at a cost). Parameter settings must not be made on the BrainCube. PIS pressure and LIS content can be made available as galvanically isolated 4-20 mA signals through ComCube DCA | DCA TI ( Electrical connection page 15).1 0 – 10 bar → Vento (all types) -1 – 10 bar → LIS content Expansion vessels up to 1. Requirements • The services described in the «Assembly» section have been completed. switch on the main switch on the Transfero TI. This must be ordered separately.2). • The electrical power supply is available. connect the mains plug (1.2 | 152.2 | 173.2 | 241. have a software update performed by Pneumatex Customer Service (this service is payable).000 kg → Output 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20 mA mA mA mA mA mA mA mA 18 de fr en nl 4-20 mA 4-20 mA 4-20 mA The LIS signal at 0% and 100% can be determined in the following ways: • Read off the mA values stored in the BrainCube for 0% or 100% (service level performed by Pneumatex Customer Service only. all settings have been made. • Measure the mA signal with the primary vessel empty (0%).if all requirements for start-up are fulfilled. then to the menu.2 | 82. The scope of service is as described in this chapter. ComCube DCD BrainCube with ComCube DCD | DCD TI Switching on: For ComCube DCD. connect the mains plug (1. ComCube DCD | DCD TI is ready for start-up.2 | 111. Sensors used Measurement range PIS pressure Compresso CPV -1 – 10 bar → Compresso C 10 | 20 0 – 10 bar → Transfero T_ 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 0 – 10 bar → Transfero TI 100.2 0 – 16 bar → Transfero TI 190. switch on the main switch on the Transfero TI.. calculate the mA signal for 100% according to the size of the primary vessel.000 to 20.2 0 – 25 bar → Pleno PI 6.

• Open *ComCube* menu: press menu. Standard languages: de. • Set BrainCube No. The links Select operating mode • standby : select this if ComCube DCD | DCD TI is not to go into operation yet.* Exit the *ComCube* menu is already assigned. page 14 Main menu Check outputs Parameters 19 de fr en nl ** Example: BrainCube No. en.** page 12. check the data P ComCube 0705 . After auto operation begins. the following parameter settings are required on the BrainCube. pneumatex. it no longer appears in the selection list. note that: key lock can be activated if desired ( page 11). OP outputs. all settings have been made. nl. Check the functional efficiency of the link-up Check the link-up information on the ComCube DCD | DCD TI to all connected BrainCubes are displayed there. then press esc + push at the same time. date and time. 1 2 3 4 } push push «Welcome» at initial start-up of ComCube DCD | DCD TI You can now make the desired settings and function tests on ComCube DCD | DCD TI. Besides the cabling work ( pages 15 | 16). Enable BrainCube for ComCube operation Select an available BrainCube No. • Make the settings in the *ComCube* menu: ComCube BrainCube ComCube BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube BrainCube Back off push Show selected BrainCube No. and ComCube DCD | DCD TI is to go into operation. fr. ComCube works automatically. other languages on request. 1 is a Transfero. • Check signal transfer to building management system. If no settings are made. The message BXXX appears. Welcome • Set language. • auto: select this if all requirements for start-up are fulfilled. This setting is required in order to establish communications. Other BrainCube controls are not included in this arrangement. Start-up is now complete. In this case. • Set IP inputs. there is probably a data link fault. the ComCube DCD | DCD TI uses the factory settings. If XXXX appears or the display switches between BXXX and XXXX.Start-up Programme the BrainCube to operate with ComCube DCD One or more ComCubes (up to 250) can be operated with up to 4 BrainCube controls. scroll * If a BrainCube No.

Messages that occur during function tests are stored in the message list. pneumatex. Auto mode is deactivated in the check menu. However.Operation Basic principles Operating modes ComCube is maintenance-free. the OP outputs are no longer actuated. ComCube DCD Operating modes For ComCube DCD | DCD TI. the ComCube should be shut down and placed off circuit. or for Transfero TI. ComCube DCD | DCD TI remains in auto mode all year round. In general. operating states and deviations from normal operation are indicated and can if necessary be signalled to the central monitoring station over the digital OP outputs. Before working on the connected BrainCube control. tested and modified from the main menu. standby This operating mode is particularly suitable for maintenance work. switch off the main switch or the integrated ComCube DCD TI safety cut-out. After work is completed in the check menu. When in standby mode.2). deactivate auto mode standby. outputs can be switched manually and signal transfer to the building management system can be tested. Standby mode can be selected P ComCube 0705 . auto operating mode is distinguished from standby mode. Before working on the electrical components. menu All the ComCube DCD | DCD TI functions can be selected. the ComCube DCD | DCD TI should be assumed to be in operation when in either mode. communications are still active with the connected BrainCube controls. To ensure safety at work. auto mode must be activated again. 20 de fr en nl check In the check menu. auto After start-up is completed successfully. Pull out mains plug (1. Data link function can also be checked here ( page 19).

fr en nl pneumatex. If it is not possible to establish full functionality. and acknowledge with push if prompted. please contact Pneumatex Customer Service. If a current message is present. 21 de scroll Use scroll to select messages.Operation ComCube DCD View/acknowledge messages Messages Deviations from the parameter settings and parameters calculated by ComCube DCD | DCD P ComCube 0705 . The last 20 messages are displayed. The message list can also be opened from the menu . push Use push to open the message but operating information is also shown as codes on the bottom line of the display. you can open the message list immediately by pressing push. Use push to open the Help text.

Disassembly Before P ComCube 0705 .Operation Inspection Inspection | Disassembly ComCube communication modules are not subject to any particular inspection requirement. Electrical connection 22 de fr en nl pneumatex. place the ComCube off circuit ( page 15).

If anything is unclear. and serial number. the manufacturer can no longer accept liability or claims under warranty. If there has been a failure to comply with these instructions. the Transfero TI instructions should also be followed. and may also result in physical injury. in particular the safety instructions. Place of installation Access to the place of installation must be restricted to trained and specialised personnel. ! ! ! ! ! ! 23 de fr en nl Failure to follow these instructions. For the ComCube DCD TI and DCA TI. and disassembly must be carried out as described in these instructions and in accordance with best practice. faults or even serious damage to the ComCube and the electrically connected BrainCube. operation. The system must be shut down before working on any of the electrical components. pneumatex. Observing the parameters Please refer to the type plate for technical specifications and details of manufacturer. Follow the instructions Assembly. so that the system does not exceed or fall below the maximum and minimum operating parameters respectively. Staff Assembly and operating staff must possess the appropriate skills and P ComCube 0705 . Compresso. year of construction. Pleno PI). please contact the Pneumatex Customer Service. may cause loss of functionality. Electrical power connections must correspond to the requirements of the equipment. Vento. The regulations must be observed to ensure temperature and pressure protection. Applications other than those described require prior agreement with Pneumatex. Electrical connection Electrical wiring and connections must be carried out by a skilled professional in accordance with current local regulations. A declaration of conformity is included and certifies compliance with EU Directives. maintenance.Safety Application ComCube is a communication module for BrainCube controls (Transfero.

com P ComCube 0705 . There should be no inadmissible deviations. Full technical information is available in the Zoom (Print) and on the internet at www.... kW / 230 V / 50 Hz IP : admissible ambient temperature Connected load/voltage/frequency/ as indicated on type plate EN 60529 protection class. Terms TU: 40 °C Max..pneumatex. as indicated on type plate PA/U/F: . 24 de fr en nl pneumatex.Technical data The data on the ComCube type plate and the data given below should be compared with the design and system parameters.


EN 55022:1998 + A1+ A2 2003. CH-4414 Füllinsdorf déclare par la présente que ComCube est conforme aux dispositions des directives CE sulvantes. EN 60335-1:2002. en met de nationale wetgeving die deze richtlijnen van toepassing stelt: 73/23/EWG Laagspanningsrichtlijn en 89/336/EWG Richtlijn electromagnetische compatibiliteit (EMC). EN 61000-3-2:2000. y compris les dernières modifications. EN 61000-3-2:2000. Mühlerainstrasse 26. Mühlerainstrasse 26. CH-4414 Füllinsdorf verklaart hiermede dat ComCube voldoet aan de bepalingen van de volgende EG-richtlijnen. EN 55022:1998 + A1+ A2 2003. en dat de volgende geharmoniseerde normen zijn toegepast: ComCube DCA | DCA TI: EN 61010-1:1993. EN 60335-1:2002.Konformität | Conformité | Conformity | Conformiteit Hersteller: Pneumatex AG. EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A 2001. including the latest amendments. and that the following harmonized standards have been applied: ComCube DCA | DCA TI: EN 61010-1:1993. EN 60335-1:2002. et à la législation nationale appliquant ces directives: 73/23/CEE Directive basse tension et 89/336/CEE Directive compatibilité électromagnétique (CEM). Christian Müller Quality Manager pneumatex. EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A 2001. EN 55022:1998 + A1+ A2 2003. EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A 2001. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Manufacturer: Pneumatex AG. einschliesslich der letzten Änderungen sowie mit den entsprechenden Rechtsakten zur Umsetzung der Richtlinien in nationales Recht übereinstimmen: 73/23/EWG Niederspannungsrichtlinie und 89/336/EWG Richtlinie über die elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV). EN 50081-2:2993. EN 55022:1998 + A1+ A2 2003. EN 50081-2:2993. et que les normes harmonisées suivantes ont été appliquées: ComCube DCA | DCA TI: EN 61010-1:1993. EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A 2001. EN 60335-1:2002 ComCube DCD | DCD TI: EN 61000-6-2:2001. Mühlerainstrasse 26. CH-4414 Füllinsdorf herewith declares that the products ComCube are in conformity with the provisions of the following EC directives. CH-4414 Füllinsdorf erklärt hiermit. und dass folgende harmonisierten Normen zur Anwendung gelangten: ComCube DCA | DCA TI: EN 61010-1:1993. Mühlerainstrasse 26. EN 50081-2:2993. EN 50082-2:1994. EN 60335-1:2002 ComCube DCD | DCD TI: EN 61000-6-2:2001. EN 50082-2:1994. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 26 de fr en nl Fabrikant: Pneumatex AG. EN 50082-2:1994. EN 61000-3-2:2000. EN 61000-3-2:2000. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Constructeur: Pneumatex AG. EN P ComCube 0705 . EN 50081-2:2993. dass die Produkte ComCube mit den folgenden EG-Richtlinien. EN 60335-1:2002 ComCube DCD | DCD TI: EN 61000-6-2:2001. and with national legislation implementing these directives: 73/23/EEC Low voltage guideline and 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility guideline. EN 60335-1:2002 ComCube DCD | DCD TI: EN 61000-6-2:2001. EN 50082-2:1994. de laatste wijzigingen inbegrepen.

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