Date: 03/03/2013 To


Subject: Statement against Mr. Sanath Biswas & Mr. Kartik Mondal misuse of my property

Dear Sir, This is to bring to your immediate attention that I (Mrs. Iytu V Nair) am facing regular trouble from one Mr. Sanath Biswas & Mr. Kartik Mondal, whom I have temporarily granted to use my residential property at Dey’s Estate, Flat. No.2, Block C, Village – Gazipur, Post Office – Kangonberia, District – 24 Parganas (South) for conducting classes for 4 -5 local children after repeated requests from him & one Mr. Bulga Begh who was our trusted electrician at that time. The property was being used by the duo from June 2009 wherein they were abiding by all the rules and regulation of the society and regularly paying the maintenance & electricity bills as on request. After 6 month duration they were requested to discontinue their classes and vacate the property. However the duo repeatedly requested that they be given time till June 2010 for completing the academics for the enrolled students. By the end of March 2010 the duo started requesting me for another extension till March 2011. This extension was granted by me till June 2011 only after getting assured by local residents who approved that the duo were maintaining society discipline till that time. Just before June 2011 the duo started approaching me at my home on the pretext of paying the rent and kept asking me if I was thinking to sell the property by any reason. They were also bringing local prospects who were interested in buying the property. All these proposals were turned down by me as there was no need for me to sell the property. However after strict family warning to the duo this problem stopped. On June 2011 the duo claimed that they were searching for a new place to shift their base and asked for some more time. This time I gave them a warning and asked them to vacate the property in 3 months to which they agreed. In the meantime the local residents started complaining to me about the immense increase in the number of students in the residential premises. I gave the duo a warning to abide by the residential rules and vacate the property with their belongings as soon as possible. There was not much improvement in the situation but the duo approached me & informed me that they have located a place to shift but needed time till October 2012 since the said property was not ready yet. This was taken into consideration with a warning to the duo that they should maintain high discipline in the premises & that they limit their number of students as this was a residential property & not a commercial space to conduct such business.

nothing was done to take a note or help me reach any closure with this predicament I am in. To this end. This took no effect & they continued their commercial activities. Sanath Biswas & Mr. Bablu Begh (Gram Panchayat head) has asked us not to take any legal action / involve Police in this matter as they will get it solved in no time and they are fully aware of the entire situation. total unhygienic conditions in the premises. We have received no . This event was reported to the local Gram Panchayat of Village – Gazipur Mr. trespass on locked property. Bablu Begh (Gram Panchayat head) without any conclusive action. tampering of Electric meter boards of other local residents & increase in local student inflow. gambling. On 2th March 2013 meeting with Gram Panchayat Mr. The property is located in ground floor which makes it suitable for our purpose. Gram Panchayat gave a few warnings to Mr. I also met the Panchayat members along with my family & local flat residents and narrated them the entire event that took place & also indicated that we will file a Police case against the duo Mr. Without any prior discussion with me the duo Mr. Mr. Kartik Mondal and they will handing over the keys to us that day. playing loud music. Kartik Mondal based on payment defaults. improper code of conduct with the owner & other local residents etc. Kartik Mondal and felt that they should be given an extension till 1st April 2013 to finish off their last HS batch student’s education.By October 2011 the duo were reminded about vacating the premises also our family decided to move my aged Mother to the above mentioned property due to her old age & inability to climb / descent stairs and also because she needed immediate medical attention and doctor visits. Other residents in the premises were complaining about improper activities in my flat during late hours in night like Alcohol consumption. from January 2013 till date we have had numerous encounters with the Gram Panchayat members & Mr. unauthorized people spending night at the flat. Bablu Begh (Gram Panchayat head). misuse of residential property for commercial purpose. Sanath Biswas & Mr. pending Maintenance for last 3 months (480 INR @ 160INR per month) and the electricity bills for last two months (At actual). I didn’t approve of their request and asked them to stop their Educational business in my residential property & vacate the same in 3 days’ time. Sanath Biswas & Mr. Bablu Begh (Gram Panchayat head) had agreed that the premises will be emptied on 6th March 2013 by the duo Mr. Sanath Biswas & Mr. However this was short lived and the Gram Panchayat again called us on 4th March 2013 wherein they told us that they have discussed the matter with the accused duo Mr. In spite of regular warning from my side & other residents there was no effect in their activities. Kartik Mondal on 1st December 2011 forcefully entered the premises by breaking two door locks. misconduct towards local residents. But to my utter disbelief. Sanath Biswas & Mr. Kartik Mondal to which they never paid any heed. Then we asked the Panchayat that if an extension was considered for the duo Mr. However the duo again asked for extensions and claimed that the place where they were to shift is no more available. Tired of the complaints placed by local residents I myself locked out the Flat on 30 November 2011 as the duo didn’t pay even the consumed electricity / maintenance bills. away from the hustle and bustle of our city residence. They also broke the auto lock on the door. We opposed this extension citing what all damages he has done in the premises & leave alone harassment of the local residents. Kartik Mondal in my property then they should be paying me the long pending rent for 7 last months (8400 INR @ 1200 INR per month). Sanath Biswas & Mr. which gave us some relief.

.appropriate answer from him regarding the same and we now firmly believe that the only relief that can come to us in this particular case – can come through a certain legal recourse. As a law abiding citizen. apart from citing and seeing the abovementioned violations – I am greatly pained that an illegal institution is being run from my premises with no documentation. permission or veracity and this in itself is a crime. Please help us register the misdeeds mentioned herein for appropriate legal action to follow and ensure that the ends of justice be met.

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