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Kendi elektriğinizi nasıl üretir, depolar ve kullanırsınız ?

“Eşim gerçek bir enerji önderidir.”

discoveR tHe possiBilities of YouR own solAR poweR plAnt.
Are you fed up with constantly rising electricity prices? do you finally want to have a share in speeding up the switch-over to renewable energies? take your electricity supply into your own hands! Relieve yourself of turbulent markets and political decisions you cannot influence. You can thus accomplish your own change in energy policy by using 100 percent of green energy generated from daylight.
HeRe comes tHe sun - get ReAdY!!
Whether for electric cars or e-bikes: the “fuel” is generated by your own electricity charging station.

eco-eneRgY foR tHe wHole fAmilY

The innovative DEGERenergie concept enables you to switch completely to self-supply with solar energy for your home or your business. An ecological vision becomes reality: Electricity is generated in a decentralised way where it is actually needed. Not in huge power plants, but directly at your place. Without the need for overhead power lines and without consuming precious resources. Even an electricity charging station was thought of, so you can take advantage of the new opportunities of e-mobility today and in the future.

Day to day experiences show: In central Germany, 22 square meters generate 6,000 kilowatt-hours of CO2 -free electricity in a year – this is sufficient for a three-person household plus office plus two electric cars. And all this without high electricity bills and steep “price adaptions”. It is now time you took advantage of the sun, too.

Self-generated electricity doesn't need long paths of transmission.

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“Babam bugünden yarının teknolojisini kullanıyor.”

movement is good foR You - And foR YouR poweR supplY.
Moving modules generate an energy yield which has never been so high.

using YouR own electRicitY wHen You need it dAY And nigHt

You can use the electricity you generate immediately. When the sun goes down, our Maximum Solarpower Storage takes over. Its highcapacity batteries collect the electricity which has not been consumed during the day and make it available for you at any time. The result: Even in the event of a power grid failure the lights in your house will stay on.

eveRY single ligHt BeAm is detected

Tracking technology: this is the concept of one of our “secrets” which makes our supply system so unique. In this system, the modules are not rigidly installed on the roof, but can swivel as a so-called traker or tracking system. The “eye” of our system - the DEGERenergie Maximum Light Detector - continually scans the sky, measures the intensity and angle of the incoming light beams and focuses the modules on the most energy-rich point. This way, your system captures solar energy even if it is cloudy and can also use the light that is reflected by snow, water and bright surfaces.
100 % kWh

tHe complete sYstem At A glAnce

YouR peRsonAl eneRgY mAnAgeR

50 % Özgür Günebakan Sabit İlave Enerji 0 % 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 saat

peRfoRmAnce diAgRAm

A clever Power Management System ensures that your power plant will work efficiently for you at any time. When the batteries are charged, the system automatically feeds the excess power into the general power grid. And in the near future it will even be possible to use self-generated electricity for your heating and hot water. If you should not have sufficient self-generated solar energy (which happens very rarely), the public power grid can serve as a backup.

Using an example of a sunny summer day
tHeRe is notHing moRe efficient!

• An average of 45 percent higher energy yield compared to fixed solar modules • Less module space required • Constant energy production - also in the morning and evening, when the demand for energy is at its highest • Constant battery charge extends the battery lifetime • More compact battery packs, as approx. 30 percent less battery capacity is required

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“Herşeyi güneş altında ailem için yapacağım.”

YENi eneRJi TEDARiKÇiNiZ 1.4 milYon kilometRe ÇAPINA VE 5,500 °c SICAKLIĞINA SAHiP.
stARt tHe cHAnge in eneRgY policY now! ZeRo stRess - foR tHe next 25 YeARs

Do you want to become independent from electricity companies? Do you want to take the change in energy policy into your own hands? Nothing easier than that! Our system offers an incredibly broad variety of applications - for homes and businesses from 2,000 kilowatt hours of power requirement in a year. And you need will be supplied by DEGER.
tHRee pAckAges foR AnY need

As soon as the electric current is flowing, you can lean back and relax for 25 years, because we will regularly maintain the system and carry out any repairs which might occur for you.

self-supplY pAYs off

Cost comparison
Elektrik fiyatı (cents) 70 60 50 40

All packages contain the Maximum Light Detector, the Maximum Solarpower Storage and the DEGER-energie Power Management System.

mss 3.3 ideal for two-person households solAR geneRAtoR tRAcking sYstem 3.3 kWp DEGERtraker 3000NT

mss 4.0 ideal for two-person households 4 kWp DEGERtraker 3000NT

mss 5.5 ideal for apartment houses and businesses 5.5 kWp DEGERtraker 5000NT

30 20 10 0 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 Year

Actual electricity price increase 2000-2012 Expected electricity price increase 5.7 % Electricity price increase 4 % Costs for PV systems with battery bank

poweR mAnAgement sYstem Charge controller, MPP tracker, power grid in-feeder, power grid blackout backup, monitoring via internet peRfoRmAnce in gRid 3.000 Wac connected And emeRgencY poweR opeRAtion BAtteRY BAnk cApAcitY 3.700 Wac 5.000 Wac

24 VDC in AGM-technology 460 Ah, 800 Ah optional

tHe incReAse of electRicitY pRices Belongs to tHe pAst

By the way: If the installation of a moving tracking solution is not possible, e.g. for constructional reasons, our storage concept can also be used with fixed roof modules.
Our experts ensure that even the smallest detail in your system is right.

All costs for our complete package are covered by a fair fixed price. There are barely any costs for electricity itself after the installation. The kilowatts hours supplied to your house by daylight are completely free. If anybody talks about exploding electricity prices, you will only know it from the news.
come witH us to A sustAinABle futuRe

Contact us and make an appointment for a free nonbinding consultation. We will be happy to visit you and find a way to your personal independent power supply together with us.


expeRienced tecHniciAns And onlY tHe Best tecHnologY

Telefon +90 212 488 4577 Eposta

DEGERenergie stands for: Experience in generating electric power with tracking systems since 1999 offering you a high level of know-how, reliability and security. Expert specialised craftsmen install all system components ready for use. To meet the high requirements you have for your own “power plant”, we use only the best available technology.

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