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Senator Al Franken 309 Hart Office Building Washington, DC 20510

30 January 2013

Dear Senator Franken: I thank you for your willingness to consider the pro-freedom side of the proposed AWB (currently S. 150). Millions of Americans like me are mobilizing to let our voices be heard: please oppose the AWB and all its related registration and banning iterations. Since this is a national issue I feel compelled to contact you. Please consider the following facts in the debate: 1) A huge campaign of disinformation on guns is pushed daily on our TVs and devices. It has nothing to do with public safety and preventing future mass shootings of innocent people; no gun law would have stopped Adam Lanza and dozens were broken by him, both federal and state. Violent criminals break laws and are violent and they don’t need guns to kill people. If we truly wish to increase public safety then we should make laws whereby immediate armed response by good civilians is allowed and encouraged. Now that will save our children and stop these senseless massacres by madmen. 2) Confiscation is the end goal. Senator Feinstein has stated this several times. Is this Constitutional? S. 150 AWB, a first step in this process, seeks to disarm good American citizens from all races and backgrounds. Of course criminals will ignore this law as well, refuting the very arguments put forth in committee by its proponents. The honest debate would be blatant and complete gun confiscation in America. This AWB threatens public safety and perhaps even rule of law as its enforcement is attempted. This could lead to civil unrest or even worse as many refuse to comply with such unconstitutionality and seizure of private property. I and millions of others wish to prevent this and work to preserve rule of law in this country. 3) Americans are entitled to own semi-automatic firearms with their “high capacity” magazines in order to resist possible tyranny. Even with these we are outgunned. This isn’t some far fetched, ridiculous extremist notion but a lesson simply born of history. Our Bill of Rights was specifically included by our forefathers to protect this important right of self defense and of being armed. It ranks only behind freedom of speech in importance. The 2nd ensures the others rights can remain protected. It also ensures the government answers to the people and prevents the destruction of personal liberty which we are seeing right now with Obama. The issue has nothing to do with hunting, sport shooting, competing, or gun collecting. Any registration scheme should be rejected as it is unenforceable and may lead to civil unrest in this country. On this point alone, please REJECT all AWB proposals so we may continue to be a Republic by and for the people. You will find gun owners cannot compromise more and we will simply vote out in 2014 supporters of such unconstitutional law. We watch your vote closely, thank you for rejecting it, and will support you in re-election if you reject this AWB! It is our most important issue. Thank you for your consideration,