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MS Richmond Tracts1

In the years 1744–46 Charles Wesley devoted much of his poetic energy to producing resources for occasions in Christian life such as funerals and times of national trial, as well as the major festivals on the life of Christ. That he understood these efforts as interlinked is evident, in part, by his publication of selections from a range of these volumes in Festival Hymns (1746). MS Richmond Tracts is a more striking indication that Wesley was envisioning an encyclopedic resource. Wesley gathered in this volume copies of Hymns for Times of Trouble, 2nd edn. (1745), Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution (1744), Funeral Hymns (1746), Nativity Hymns (1745), Resurrection Hymns (1746), Ascension Hymns (1746), and Whitsunday Hymns (1746); interleaving between the various published tracts several blank pages (3.5 x 6.25 inches in size) and binding together the whole. On the blank pages Wesley then added twenty-six manuscript hymns relating to the topic of each preceding published tract. Some of these manuscript hymns had been published earlier and were inserted because they were on topic. Some would appear in later publications during Wesley’s life. Four (in sections IV & V) remained unpublished at Wesley’s death. The Table of Contents provides a helpful overview of layout and publication history. A volume like this poses several questions for a transcriber. We will not reproduce the text of the published tracts, as these are available elsewhere on this site. Over 180 of the manuscript pages remain blank, scattered through the volume, and Wesley established no pattern of pagination. We have chosen to ignore pages with non-poetic entries, blank pages, and the pages of intervening published volumes, counting only pages on which manuscript poetry appears—and counting them continuously across the various groupings.2 On another front, a vertical line is drawn through every manuscript hymn in the volume that Wesley published during his life. We have ignored this line, but indicate publication in the annotation. There is also one place where a page of manuscript text has been torn from the volume. Since the missing page contained text of a published hymn, we have inserted the appropriate text, to preserve continuity. MS Richmond Tracts received its name because it was originally part of the collection at Richmond College, Surry. It is now in the Methodist Archive and Research Centre, accession number MA 1977/423 (Charles Wesley Notebooks Box 1). This transcription is provided with permission of the University Librarian and Director, The John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester.

This document was produced by the Duke Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition under the editorial direction of Randy L. Maddox, with the diligent assistance of Aileen F. Maddox. Last updated: October 12, 2010. Since our method of numbering differs from that adopted in Unpublished Poetry, we will indicate the correlate numbering in footnotes.


Table of Contents
Printed copy of Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, 2nd edn (1745) Printed copy of Hymns for Times of Trouble (1744) Manuscript Section I Hymns for the Year 1746 [I.] “GOD of Love, who hearst the Prayer” = Thanksgiving Hymns (1746), 10 [II.] “Come our Redeeming Lord” = Redemption Hymns (1747), 55–57 “The Fourth Chapter of Jeremiah” (title present, but text not given) Printed copy of Funeral Hymns (1746) Manuscript Section II [Untitled.] “O happy Soul, thy Work is done” = MSP (1744), 3:261–63 [Untitled.] “O Death, Thou art on every Side” = MSP (1744), 3:263–64 [Untitled.] “A wretched Slave of Sin, to Thee” = MSP (1744), 3:265–66 [Untitled.] “Welcome Weariness and Pain” = MSP (1744), 3:266–67 [Untitled.] “Soothing, Soul-composing Thought!” = MSP (1744), 3:267–68 [Untitled.] “O Death, my Hope is full of Thee!” = MSP (1744), 3:269–70 For a Dying Believer = MSP (1744), 3:278–79 Another = MSP (1744), 3:279–80 Another = MSP (1744), 3:280–82 Another = MSP (1744), 3:282–84 a full page is torn out containing stanzas 1–6a of “On the Death of Mrs. Anne Cowper.” MSP (1744), 3:285–88 picks up with fourth line of stanza 6 and all of stanza 7 Printed copy of Nativity Hymns (1745) Manuscript Section III [Untitled.] “Hark, how all the Welkins rings” = HSP (1739), 206–8 Hymn for the Epiphany = HSP (1739), 208–9 Printed copy of Resurrection Hymns (1746) 20–21 21 5–6 7–8 8–9 9–10 10–11 11–12 12–13 13 14–15 15–16 [17–18] 19

1 2–3 4

Manuscript Section IV Hymns for our Lord’s Resurrection [I.] “Christ, the Lord is ris’n to day” = HSP (1739), 209–11 [II.] “The Sun of Righteousness appears” [By Samuel Wesley Jr.] = CPH (1741), 36 [III.] “Thee, Father, we praise” [IV.] “Jesus, from thy Servants taken!” [V.] “O the Grace on Man bestow’d!” [VI.] “Hail the Day that sees Him rise” = HSP (1739), 211–13 Printed copy of Whitsunday Hymns (1746) Manuscript Section V [Untitled.] “All Glory and Praise” [Untitled.] “Granted is the Saviour’s Prayer” = HSP (1739), 213–15 Alter’d from Dr. H. More = HSP (1739), 185–88 [Untitled.] “Father of our dying Lord” = HSP (1742), 166–67 [Untitled.] “Sinners, your Hearts lift up = HSP (1742), 167–68 (incomplete) Printed copy of Ascension Hymns (1746)

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Thee in dreadful Indignation Marching thro’ the Land we saw! Stopt by Israel’s Supplication Lo. consume. and save forever GOD of everlasting Love. and answer us by Fire. Humble us. 10. . Conquer by thy Pardning Grace. Turn us then. Friend of helpless Sinners come! Hear. Thou dost yet thy Wrath forbear Hold a while thy lifted Hand. Save us then. and then deliver Whom Thou dost a while reprove. [I. the sinful Nation. who hearst the Prayer Offer’d for a Guilty Land. 3. Hearts to sorrow and believe: Humbly at thy Footstool mourning Let us groan thy Face to see. GOD of Love.[Page 1] Hymns for the Year 1746. Thou dost the Scourge withdraw: O that All might hear and tremble At the long-suspended Rod! All in Jesus Name assemble All confess the Son of GOD! Grant us in this Awful Crisis Hearts thy Warning to receive.]3 1. 4. All our Sins forgive. 2. Thou with Bowels of Compassion Givst us still a longer Space. Let us all at last returning Find our Help and Rest in Thee. 3 Published in Thanksgiving Hymns (1746). Hearts to cast away our Vices. Come the contrite Heart’s Desire.

4 Published in Redemption Hymns (1747). Forerunners of the Prince of Peace. They faint thro’ sore Dismay At Desolation near. 2.[Page 2] [II.]4 1. And close behind the Plague we see The Healer of Mankind. Untroubled and unterrified We still our Souls possess. Tost to and fro by Stormy Care. And wide-destroying War. 3. Hasten. The Coming of our Lord In patient Hope attend. To see thy Face appear. And see fulfil’d the faithful Word. Come our Redeeming Lord. The Kingdom of thy Love: By all the Signs foretold We know that Thou art near. . And long to grasp Thee here. While we exult to see thy Day. 55–57. Disturb’d the Nations are With sad Perplexity. according to thy Word. Beset on every Side With Terror and Distress. Sorrow’s and Sin’s Increase. 4. And all a troubled Sea. And lift our Heads. Come quickly from above. divinely bold. And calmly wait the End. Thy sure Approach declare: In Threatned Famine We Thy Promis’d Fulness find.

And bring the Joys that never end. Still in the General Wreck Immoveable we stand: He comes. Prepare to meet your GOD! Jesus. Come in thy Glorious Kingdom down With Majesty and Power. And wait th’ appointed Hour. Jesus shall soon descend. and save Us up above the Sky. 7. 8. And full Redemption bring: Redemption from the Grave We know. thy Word we own.[Page 3] 5. Thy Heavenly Bliss reveal. His Kingdom is at hand! Jesus shall soon descend Our Saviour and our King. And horribly they roar. And bid us take our flight Caught up to meet Thee on the Hill With all thy Saints in Light. The Waves lift up their Voice. The more they rage. . 6. Whose Tokens cry—Prepare his Way. the Lord we seek. He comes. we shout our Joys. and feel it nigh. And He shall soon Appear: Him we shall all survey High on a Glorious Cloud. Earth to her Centre quakes And owns her Judge is near. And praise our GOD the more. Bowing the Heavens their Powers He shakes.

[Page 4] The Fourth Chapter of Jeremiah. compare Hymns from Jeremiah (1745). but no text is given.5 5 28 blank sheets follow. .

O happy Soul. Thy Sun no more goes down by Night. 5. Of Thine. thy Course is run. Speak. Thou pitiest now thy Friends below In this dark Vale of Tears. And Thou art now at rest: Thou here was perfected in Love.[Page 5] [Untitled. And numbred with the Blest. In Jesus Bosom laid. 4. Full of the Glories of the Lamb Th’ Eternal Light Divine. Who still beneath our Burthen groan. Or griev’d with Sorrows not our own Are living out our Years. Jesu. Thy Fight is fought. Published in MSP (1744). and Jesus’ Joy possest. 154a–154b. and MS Thirty. 3:261–63. 2.]6 1. Appears also in MS Shent. thy Work is done. speak the Sinner clean And take my Soul again. Our State if Parted Spirits know. Secure of the Celestial Prize Thou waitest now in Paradise. O when shall I be taken home! O that my latest Change were come. Till we are all convey’d By Angels to our Endless Rest. 3. Thou now art join’d to Those above. 6 . Thy Moon no more withdraws its Light: Those blisful Mansions shine Bright with an Uncreated Flame. 74–76. For which I wait in Pain! Weary of Life thro’ Inbred Sin.

Incurable my Wound. Do with me now as seems Thee meet. 10. why Dost Thou so long delay? A Blessing hast Thou not for me? O bid me live. And glad resigns his Breath. Thy Will. I live. and Another goes Down the Dark Vale to his Repose. Inevitable is my Pain. And teach my GOD no more. And I in Christ am found. O LORD. I give my Murm’rings o’re. be done not mine. My Jesus. and die! Why Saviour. 9. But O! my Strivings all are vain. And reaches after GOD. And pants for Immortality. The Bondage of Corruption bear. I cannot break my Fleshly Chain. O bid me live in Thee. See then I all at last resign. let me ask Thee. But let me suffer at thy Feet. and suffer all my Care.[Page 6] 6. Till Jesus ends this inward Strife. come away! Another. But I alas! must still remain. And speaks me into Second Life. And groan beneath my Load: Struggles my Spirit to get free. and die in Thee. 7. . 8. Or overtake my Death.

4. 7 . But cannot find it nigh. unholy. but I trust thy Blood shall cleanse My Soul. Thy thousand Gates stand open wide The Weary to receive: Yet I can find no Rest for me. Weary of Life in Pain I breathe. Can I appear. 3:263–64. I suffer all my Misery. Unsav’d and unredeem’d from Sin.]7 1. But I can see no End of Strife. Published in MSP (1744). 3. A Sinner. And wash my Garments white. And still alas! I live. On every Moment’s Wings they take Their Everlasting Flight. before Thou take it hence.[Page 7] [Untitled. With blind Desire I covet Death. Wretch that I am! while unrenew’d. 5. 84–85. Th’ intolerable Load of Life I still am forc’d to bear. and unclean. Unchang’d. Thou art on every Side. Yet still I long to die. in thy Sight! Nay. O Death. and MS Thirty. 2. And Other Souls their Exit make. Envious I hear the Passing-Bell With sweetly-melancholy Knell Their happiest Change declare. Still my imprison’d Spirit waits: In vain for me thy thousand Gates Stand open Day and Night. 155a–155b. Appears also in MS Shent. O Righteous GOD.

. O bid me get me up. constrain’d to dwell Amongst the horrid Sons of Night! Snatch from this Neighbourhood of Hell. and take me in. my Soul release. renew. and die. to Thee. [Untitled. 4. Translate me to the Realms of Light. Wilt Thou not. Receive thy Pardon’d Exile home. When I have thy Salvation seen. Forgive. 6. For Death I sigh. for Death I mourn: Whom Thou hast made again create. O Lord my Righteousness. 80–81. A wretched Slave of Sin. Ah! let it not my Lord displease That I to Thee my Wishes breathe. And clasp’d Thee in my Loving Heart. Impatient for my Change I wait. And let my Spirit to GOD return. When Thou hast spoke my Nature clean. and end my Misery. 3:265–66. Pity. I ever cry. Pronounce the welcome Word Depart. hear. And let me die in Peace. Lord. I groan to be redeem’d from Sin. 8 Appears also in MS Thirty. therewith comply? Take me into thy People’s Rest.]8 1. and let me die. 2. 5. 3. Thou Sinner’s Friend. Hear. Jesus. Published in MSP (1744).[Page 8] 6. When will the dear Deliverance come? Open thine Arms. Eager I urge my sole Request. And let me find an early Death. Alas for me.

MS Clarke. is not my Place. till the Strife is o’re. 3:266–67. All my Days shall soon be past. and bid my Soul depart. [Untitled.[Page 9] 7. 156a. Welcome Weariness and Pain. Appears also in MS Cheshunt. 202–203. I know.. And sink into the Arms of GOD. for your Repose Yet a little longer weep. Wakeful Eyes. 167–68. This Earth. Seal them up in lasting Sleep. and beat no more. Fluttering Heart. Tenant of my troubled Breast. O that I were dissolv’d in Thee! O that I might behold thy Face! My Life to Thee I fain would give. Pain and Grief shall bring the Last.]9 1. which gasps for Death. Death shall shortly give Thee Rest. This Vale of Tears and Misery. Published in MSP (1744). Beat a while. Haste. Flutter. Weep mine Eyes. 2. Yet a little longer sigh. “Reli[ef]. Death your weary Lids shall close. 10 9 Ori. Pledges of Repose10 and Ease! Loss of Strength to me is Gain: Let my wretched Days decrease. your latest Sorrows pour.” . Better it is to die than live: O speak. the Rest is nigh. and weep no more. and MS Shent. And be where Thou my Saviour art. 9. 8. My Soul redeem’d by thy own Blood. 3. And let me now resign my Breath. Receive my Soul.

Glory o’re my mouldring Clay: Feeble Limbs. Swift as Air my Moments fly. [Untitled. Time and Sin shall be no more. 168–69. 5. Soul-composing Thought! I shall soon my Haven gain. far from Pain. 156b. Far from Trouble. Grief for Sin shall break my Heart. Grief hath hasten’d on the Day. Grief shall quickly end the Strife. This my fainting Spirit chears: I have wellnigh pass’d the Vale. Here I have not long to live. I shall yield my wretched Breath. Time like me makes haste to die. Sink into the Dust of Death. Time be buried in my Grave. Tears. Grief hath sap’d the Ground of Life. Sin shall here its Period have. Out of mind. MS Clarke. Of my quiet Grave possest I shall be with Those that rest. 3:267–68.]11 1. Grief shall Soul and Body part. Published in MSP (1744). Travell’d thro’ my mournful Years: Glory to my Lord I give. 11 . and clean forgot. Soothing. Less and less the destin’d Store. Let me on the Image dwell. 2. and Eyes. and MS Shent. and Heart shall fail. ye soon shall fail. Life shall quickly pass away. Grief hath shook the House of Clay. 3. 203–204. Appears also in MS Cheshunt.[Page 10] 4.

. my Love. Published in MSP (1744). and come away my Love. rejoice. Now. my Soul receive. Come. and MS Thirty. Lead to the Chambers of the Tomb.]12 1.[Page 11] 4. rejoice. Hasten to thy Lord above. 5. and Self. And lull me on thy Breast. Weary of Life. 157a. Extend thy Arms. 2. Here Thou hast not long to stay. [Untitled. And there securely rest. I gasp to end my wretched Days. O Lord. Take me to thy loving Breast. Be Thou my Balm. Rise. 3. No longer now the King of Fears Thou art all Loveliness. My longing Heart’s Desire: The Mention of thy lovely Name Kindles within my Breast a Flame. come. Rise. 3:269–70. Lo! I at thy Summons come. This frail Tabernacle leave. Drooping Soul. To rush into thy cold Embrace. 182–83. Listen for the Bridegroom’s Voice. O thou Friend of Sorrows. and take me in. and Sin. O Death. Take me to thy Heavenly Rest. my Ease: I languish till thy Face appears. my Hope is full of Thee! Thou art my Immortality. And sets me all on fire. Thou art my Eternal Home. and come away. 12 Appears also in MS Shent.

Enter in. Published in MSP (1744). 3:278–79. Jesus. to Jesus’ Bosom go! Hark. and MS Thirty. . Thou art mine. 164a. Happy Soul. 2. and made it sweet. My dying Saviour and my King Bore all my Sins for me: He tasted Death. 13 Appears also in MS Shent.[”] I did for thy Guilt atone. Thee. I feel that Thou hast lost thy Sting. 5. Thee. I know. hast the Keys of Death. my Love. For a Dying Believer. depart in Peace. and take me in. ev’n I have purg’d thy Sin Have for Thee a Place prepar’d: Heaven is open. Find in Me thy Full Reward. From Thee the Eater brought forth Meat. Eternal Life from Thee. is not my Place: O that I now might end my Race.13 1. Open. 13. He calls his Exile home (Joyfully the Call obey) “Come up hither. my Servant. Go. my parting Breath. Jesus speaks the kind Release. dear Lord. Leave a while thy Friends below. so dearly bought: Thee I challenge for my own. I. and Bride. And leave a World of Sin! Receive. Child. the Purchase of my Blood. 4.[Page 12] 4. quickly come. This Earth. 5. Thou.[”] Rise. 3. and come away! “I have thy Salvation wrought.

Thou art earlier restor’d. Lord. hasten home. 6. 6. Happier Sister. Lay thine Earthy Burthen down. Die. 4. 14 Appears also in MS Shent. We shall quickly meet again. 3. Jesus. 164a–164b. Leave a World of Sin and Pain. Happy Soul. with Jesus bow thine head. Quickly meet. Now the glorious Circlet give. and take us All to GOD! 2. “Come thro’ the Dark Valley come![”] Do not I thy Spirit stay? Fear no Evil. Take the Purchase of thy Blood: Dear Desire of Nations come. Take the ransom’d Captive home. Open now thine Arms of Love. 3:279–80. To the Spirits of the Just Perfected in Love return. from Prison freed. Bear Her now to Joys above. thy Lord and GOD Who for Thee. 14. and take the Starry Crown. Come.[Page 13] Thee I claim. Ministred an Entrance is To the Kingdom of thy Lord. Rise. Bow. Thou on Wings of Angels borne. for Thee have died. her Soul receive. Published in MSP (1744).14 1. To thy Master’s Endless Bliss. my Love. and MS Thirty. and part no more. go before. and come away! Another [For a Dying Believer]. . Let the Dust return to Dust. 5.

With Thee my mingled Spirits join. That Cheek with deadly Pale o’respread. My Sister. And gasps my Soul to die with Thee. The Exile is returning home. Faulters thy Tongue. My Friend. Wound in the Fibres of my Heart. 4. My First Concern. Pity. and Love. The Angels for their Charge attend. My Life is all wrapt up in Thine. how shall I let Thee go! How can I bear with Thee to part! Dearer than Life. Labours for Thee my struggling Soul Thy Pangs my bleeding Bosom move. and all below. And I must render up my Friend. Envious I view that Faded Cheek. and droops thy Head. 107–8. 6. and MS Thirty. and dies— And I am here to close thine eyes. and Grief. 3:280–82. 165a–165b. I wait to catch thy parting Breath. Glimmers the Lamp of Life. My Child—the Daughter of my Prayer. And feel the Answer of thy Prayer: 2. The Weary entring into Rest.[Page 14] Another [For a Dying Believer]. And heaves thy Breast. Appears also in MS Shent. And can I see Thee die unmov’d.15 1. Of complicated Passion full. 3. my Tend’rest Care. 5. and my Friend I see. and most belov’d. Triumphant Soul. In Death so full of Love to me? Most loving Soul. and Joy. I feel thy last great Agony. the Hour is come That calls Thee to thy Saviour’s Breast. and fails to speak. 15 . Published in MSP (1744).

Himself is their Eternal Bliss. and groans in me. For Jesus weeps. His everlasting Arms are spread. 3:282–84. Adieu. 4. Right pretious in his Sight the Death Of all his Saints and Servants is: Jesus receives their parting Breath. adieu. dear dying Saint. And ask that I thy Bliss may share. And fills her Lord’s Afflictions up. His Hand supports thy sinking Head. Mighty. 165b–166b. Touch’d with Divinest Sympathy. [ ] “ Rejoice in Death. my Friend. Published in MSP (1744). Appears also in MS Shent. and true He bids Thee rise. 16 1. and MS Thirty. May soon like Thee my Life resign. He claims the Spirit of my Friend. And die into the Arms of GOD. 108–11. and merciful. are his Consolations small? I read the Answer in thine Eyes! Thy smiling Looks on Sinners call. 3. 2. in Death. His faithful Mercies never fail. 16 . for I am here![”] Say.[Page 15] Bless me. The Summons of thy Lord obey. He whispers “Child. O let thy Latter End be Mine! Another [For a Dying Believer]. With Triumph leave this mouldring Clod. And now He bids thy Warfare end. Away ye Clouds of Unbelief! I cannot sorrow without Hope: My Soul enjoys her Noble Grief. ev’n me. and come away. be of good chear. And point them to yon opening Skies. With Thee He walks thro’ the Dark Vale. 5.

Weep over Thee with joyful Tears. And I shall meet my Sister there. With Thee the Hidden Manna prove..” .18 Thy mighty Extacies I feel. 8. A wide triumphant Entrance give. Hovering around the newborn Heir For Thee the Shining Convoy waits. And triumph in thy Glorious Bliss. 9. On Thee with eager Transport gaze! Thy Forehead bears the Spirit’s Seal. And I shall in thy Kingdom share. Thy mounting Soul is on the Wing. We all shall take our Seats above. “And now He bids thy Warfare end.17 Thy Lord’s unutterable Love. To GOD thy spotless Soul they bear: Open ye Everlasting Gates. 17 18 Ori. “He claims the Spirit of my Friend. Eternal GOD of Truth and Grace. 7. We all shall soon behold thy Face.” Ori. Thrice happy Soul.[Page 16] From which thy much-lov’d Lord looks down. And hears the Quire of Angels sing. The Glorious newborn Heir receive. And Heaven is open’d in thy Face. thy Lord appears! I feel Thou art forever His. 6. And reaches out a radiant Crown. We magnify thy faithful Love..

[Page 17] On the Death of Mrs. Note: the sheet containing pp. The text for the first five stanzas here is reproduced from MS Shent. Anne Cowper. Expos’d to all th’ Accuser’s Power: Who can the Mystic Woe reveal? Who can conceive but Those that feel The Darkness of that Fiery Hour? Med’cine prolong’d and edg’d her Pains. as he shew’d the yawning Pit. 17–18 has been torn out of the notebook. We bless Thee for thy tender Love. 167b–168b. from Grief and Pain. Sav’d. Her Spirit sweat his Sweat of Blood. She now is harbour’d in thy Breast. A manuscript precursor of the entire hymn appears in MS Shent. 3. And drank Distraction’s deepest Cup. 3:285–88. Saviour of All. 2. Published in MSP (1744). while they liv’d. our Thanks receive! With Thee their righteous Spirits live Who liv’d and died in Thee below: Purg’d. Conform’d to an Expiring GOD. when they died. And there she reigns in glorious Bliss. And tore it’s Way thro’ all her Veins. But the content of these pages is clear because p. And ground between the Lion’s Teeth Shriek’d. Higher the Anguish rose and higher. And shook her Reason from it’s Seat: Held on the Rack she tasted Death. Long in the Mortal Toils she lay. 19 starts in the middle of stanza 6 of this hymn. And there the Weary are at rest. Which call’d our Friend to Joys above. She fill’d her Lord’s Afflictions up. While terribly baptiz’d with Fire. And snatch’d out of a World of Woe. And bad her stormy Troubles cease. from every Stain. As Hell were swallowing up its Prey.19 1. 19 .

and fall before. And wash’d her Garments in his Blood. She dies into the World above. and dies. And Glory are our Jesus’ due. and Power. She sees the GOD whom Saints adore. Hither she comes with Him to reign. Wisdom. Thro’ much Distress. why hast Thou forsaken me! 4. Tis done (ye Saints rejoice) tis done! Her Soul is spent in sacrifice! In Life and Death to Jesus join’d. With All that lov’d the Bleeding Lamb. And cried his Cry. and Toil. In Rapture lost the Heavenly Quire The dear Redeemer’s Love admire. 6. and rob’d in white. and Praise. Adorn’d with Palm. She stands before the Throne of GOD. This is the Soul. And left her bleeding on the Tree: She sunk beneath her Saviour’s Load. and Pain.[Page 18] Did She not to her Father look? Her Father still his own forsook. 5. She stands her great Reward to claim. She lives the Heavenly Life of Love. my GOD. Whom Angels hymn. Which brought his suffering Servant thro’. And the New Song of Moses sings. Loudly they sing his Sovereign Grace. And wrap their Faces in their Wings. and Thanks. But ended is the Grief Unknown. Ah. My GOD. Into her Father’s Hands resign’d She meekly bows her Head. . with Shouts they cry That did in Jesus live and die.

7. His Saints He shall forever feed. The Springs of Joy Ineffable.[Page 19] Shines with peculiar Glories grac’d In GOD’s eternal Temple plac’d To serve her Maker Day and Night. to Judgment come![”] . Their happy happy Spirits sustains. The Lamb that with his Father reigns. Till All in One Assembly meet All Earth and Heaven the Cry repeat “Come. Jehovah sitting on his Throne Among these Faithful Souls shall dwell: Their Life of Pain and Want is o’re. And each bright Soul as GOD appears. They hunger here and thirst no more. But waits till All are gather’d home. Glorious GOD. And by the Living Waters lead. He now hath wip’d away their Tears. Nor slightest Touch of Suffering feel. Surely the High and Lofty One. With Heavenly Food delights to fill.

Ris’n with Healing in his Wings. Join the Triumph of the Skies. 4. how all the Welkins rings “Glory to the King of Kings. 20 Published in HSP (1739). our Immanuel here! Hail the Heavenly Prince of Peace. 3. Come. “Peace on Earth and Mercy mild. 2. efface. Rise the Woman’s Conqu’ring Seed. Born. 7. Desire of Nations. 9. 206–208. Now in mystic Union join Thine to Ours.[Page 20] [Untitled. Late in Time behold Him come Offspring of a Virgin’s Womb. come. Born. Universal Nature say Christ the Lord is born to day! Christ by highest Heaven ador’d. Fix in us thy humble Home. to raise the Sons of Earth. “GOD and Sinners reconcil’d![”] Joyful all ye Nations rise. Bruise in Us the Serpent’s Head. Hail th’ Incarnate Deity. Hark. that Man no more may die. Hail the Sun of Righteousness! Light and Life to All He brings. Born. Christ the everlasting Lord. 6. Now display thy Saving Power. Jesus. Pleas’d as Man with Men t’ appear. Adam’s Likeness. . Veil’d in Flesh the Godhead see. and Ours to Thine. 8. Mild He lays his Glory by. Stamp thine Image in its Place. 5.]20 1. Ruin’d Nature now restore. to give them Second Birth. Lord.

Nations all. O to All Thyself impart. 5. 10. for Him your Hearts prepare. Haste to see your GOD appear. for Joy! 2. ye Sons of GOD. Wars or Pestilence below. GOD descends on Earth to reign. Hymn for the Epiphany. tho’ lost. Mild He shines on All beneath. Usshering in the Prince of Peace. regain. Scattering Error’s widespread Night. Reinstate us in thy Love. 6. . far off and near.[Page 21] Second Adam from above. 21 Published in HSP (1739). Hail the long-expected Star. 4. Meet Him manifested there! There behold the Day-spring rise. Deigns for Man his Life t’ employ. Jacob’s Star that gilds the Night. Wars it bids and Tumults cease. Form’d in each Believing Heart. Piercing thro’ the Shade of Death. Haste. Kindling Darkness into Light. behold from far. Guides bewildred Nature right. GOD in his own Light survey. 208–9. Sing ye Morning Stars again.21 1. Shining to the Perfect Day. Let us Thee. Thee. the Heavenly Man. 3. Sons of Men. Fear not hence that Ill should flow. the Life. Shout. Pouring Eyesight on your Eyes.

7. Lo! our Sun’s Ecclipse is o’re. Sing ye Heavens. Christ hath open’d Paradice. the Grave. What tho’ once we perish’d all. Made like Him. Christ hath burst the Gates of Hell! Death in vain forbids his Rise. Fought the Fight. He sets in Blood no more! Vain the Stone. “Christ. the Lord is ris’n to day” Sons of Men and Angels say. 4. [I. Lo. O Grave? Soar we now where Christ has led. Still pursue. 2. Partners in our Parent’s Fall. 5. the Watch. Following our Exalted Head. Raise your Joys and Triumphs high. 8. O Death. Ours the Cross. the Skies. Ris’n with Him we upward move.[Page 22] Hymns for our Lord’s Resurrection. Scarse on Earth a Thought bestow. Still we seek the Things above. Lives again our glorious King: Where. the Battle won. Hid our Life with Christ in GOD.]22 1. Published in HSP (1739). Love’s Redeeming Work is done. is now thy Sting? Once He died our Souls to save: Where thy Victory. and Earth reply. and kiss the Son Seated on his Father’s Throne. and lov’d Abode. Dead to all we leave below. like Him we rise. 14. 6. A photo of this page of MS Richmond Tracts is given in Representative Verse. 3. 209–11. Second Life we All receive In our Heavenly Adam live. Heaven our Aim. 22 . the Seal.

Again the Dead arise. Unclos’d their sleeping Eyes. 11. Poems on Several Occasions (London: S.. Hail The Resurrection Thou! King of Glory. 4. and thus to love. 240.23 1. the Watch. And opens Paradice. thy Power to prove. 36. Alone the Wine press trod. He died and suffer’d as a Man. In vain the Stone. Original source: Samuel Wesley Jr. when He resign’d his Breath. 10. 1736). The Sun of Righteousness appears To set in Blood no more! Adore the Healer of your Fears. Your Rising Sun adore. Everlasting Life is This Thee to know. Hid. [II]. Hail the Lord of Earth and Heaven! Praise to Thee by Both be given: Thee we greet Triumphant now. The Saints. 3. First appeared in CPH (1741). He breaks again the Bands of Death. Thus to sing. 2. Birt. Soul of Bliss. Join’d to Him we then shall shine All Immortal All Divine. He rises as a GOD. Alone the dreadful Race He ran.[Page 23] 9. the Seal Forbid an early Rise To Him who breaks the Gates of Hell. 23 . till Christ our Life appear. Glorious in his Members here.

Published posthumously in Unpublished Poetry. 2. So able and willing to save a lost Race! With Angels above Thy Goodness we prove. 4. 6. And in Heavenly Places with Jesus we sit. And begin the Injoyment that never shall end. And sweetly inspir’d with the Life of our LORD. and rais’d us with Jesus our Head. LOVE ran25 to our Aid. Kimbrough numbers as MS Richmond Tracts. 8. He is Flesh of our Flesh.]24 1.” Ori. 169–70. Thee.” . And quicken’d. “Run LOVE ran. And joyfully join in the Triumph of LOVE. we praise. Transported in Prayer Our Spirits are there. He is Bone of our Bone. and sit by his Side. it cried. And share in his Glory. “come.. 10. They already are gone With Christ to thy Throne. 3:119–20. 3.. Father. And our Bodies shall shortly to Sion repair. In Sins we were dead. For whom Jesus hath died. 5. And caught us away to the Sight of thy Face: Come up hither. 25 26 24 Ori. By Faith we ascend With our Saviour and Friend. 9. 7. Thy merciful Word Our Spirits restor’d.26 With Fellowship sweet Our Elders we meet.[Page 24] [III. The Word of thy Grace In a Moment took place. So plenteous in Grace.

Who suffer’d our Pain. And our Life is all hidden with Jesus in Thee. We together shall rise. 16. He keeps us above In the Depth of his Love. this is our Aim. Thy Fulness we claim. In Immanuel we Thy Majesty see. Our Harbinger stays For The Moment of Time to make ready our Place. And our Glorified Bodies shall fly to the Skies.[Page 25] 11. 13. This. Thy Heaven of Heavens in Jesus’s Name. Our Advocate prays. 14. The meek Son of Man. 15. . Till again He appear. and his Members remove. Hath carried our Nature to Heaven again. this is the Prize. 12. This.

171–72. Earnest of our Joys above. our Supplication. Us. up to Thee. Lord.]27 1. Every Soul on Thee depending Draw us. Saviour. Stanzas 4 and 5 were originally written in reversed order. Ever in thy Spirit near us Let us now thy Spirit feel. Jesus. Witness of thy Dying Love. See us seemingly forsaken To surrounding Wolves a Prey. In a Vale of Misery. Prest with manifold Temptation Looking. Earnestly remembrest still.[Page 26] [IV. Where the Angels fall before Thee Seated on thine Heavenly Throne: Yet Thou hear’st thy Servants mourning. 3. In a World of Tribulation. Answer. Kimbrough numbers as MS Richmond Tracts. Shew th’ Intent of thine Ascending. Feel’st whate’er thy Members feel. Touch’d with exquisite Compassion For thy feeble Followers here. By thy faithful Mercies chear us. gasping after Thee.28 Published posthumously in Unpublished Poetry. 2. To thine own Eternal Glory Thou triumphantly art gone. but are marked by Wesley to reorder as shown in this text. Seal of all we hope t’ inherit. 4. 3:109–10. who long for thy Returning. Answer it on All and me. 28 27 . By the Gift unspeakable. Send us down The Comforter: Breathe into our Hearts thy Spirit. from thy Servants taken! Taken up this solemn Day.

By thine Exaltation place us On thine Everlasting Throne. 29 . the Son of GOD By Saints and Angels blest: Hold we then our Saviour fast. and sanctify: By thy Resurrection raise us To that sinless Life unknown. Trust in His sufficient Grace Who for helpless Sinners cares. Let us on his Faithful Love Unshaken stand and sure. Pardon. 3.[Page 27] 5. For his weakest Members prays. Lord. Published posthumously in Unpublished Poetry. O the Grace on Man bestow’d! We have a Great High-Priest. 172–73. Our High-Priest in Heaven He lives. Him that thro’ our Vale is past Up to the Highest Heaven. Visit us with thy Salvation. Jesus Christ. 3:193–94. Kimbrough numbers as MS Richmond Tracts.]29 1. Touch’d most sensibly He grieves At our Infirmities. Still with sympathetic Woe Suffers in his Members Pains: 2. True to our Profession prove And to the End endure. Him. And all our Burthens bears. All the Virtue of thy Passion All the Benefits apply. whom GOD to All hath given. Yet still afflicted is. [V.

“Lift your Heads. Take the King of Glory in. He shews the Prints of Love! Hark. 30 Appears also in MS Acts. Circled round with Angel-Powers Their triumphant Lord and Ours Conqueror over Death and Sin. Draw we then with Boldness near Unto the Throne of Grace. There the Pompous Triumph waits. Take the King of Glory in. Hail the Day that sees Him rise Ravish’d from our wishful Eyes. Eternal Gates. 4.30 1. The Head above complains. 4. his gracious Lips bestow Blessings on his Church below! 2. Come we now in Christ our Head Pardning Mercy to obtain. 211–13. See. Tho’ returning to his Throne Still He calls Mankind his own. 5–6. 5.[”] Wide unfold the radiant Scene. Him tho’ highest Heaven receives Still He loves the Earth He leaves. He lifts his Hands above. See.[Page 28] Let the Foot be crush’d below. 3. And Grace. Confident in Christ appear Before our Father’s Face. and Heaven to gain. Published in HSP (1739). . Help in every Time of Need. Christ a while to Mortals given Re-ascends his native Heaven. [VI].

8. Master. Grant tho’ parted from our Sight. 10. Looking when our Lord shall come.[Page 29] 6. Find our Heaven of Heavens in Thee. gasping after Home. High above yon azure Height. Still for Us He interceeds. thy faithful Servants see Ever gazing up to Thee. There thy Face Unclouded see. Prevalent his Death He pleads. Grant our Hearts may thither rise. Longing. . will we ever say. Taken from our Head to day. There we shall with Thee remain Partners of thine Endless Reign. Ever upward let us move Wafted on the Wings of Love. Following Thee beyond the Skies. Next Himself prepares our Place. 9. See. 7. Harbinger of Human Race.

]31 1. 2. 3. His Witness within By Faith we receive. 31 32 Published posthumously in Poetical Works. Ori. So plenteous in Grace So True to his Word! To Us He hath given The Gift from above. 13:248. And look for the Shower The Spirit of Grace: The Gift and the Giver We all shall receive. 4.” . His Love shed abroad And Power in our Heart Ye all may inherit On Jesus who call. In Righteousness live.[Page 30] [Untitled. Forever and ever Within us to live. “gladly. And ransom’d from Sin. The Peace and the Power Ye Sinners imbrace. The Earnest of Heaven The Spirit of Love. All Glory and Praise To Jesus our Lord.. The Truth of our GOD We boldly32 assert. The Gift of the Spirit Is proffer’d to All. Thro’ Jesus’s Passion We gladly possess A present Salvation A Kingdom of Peace.

Blow. While his Foes from Him receive Grace. There He helps our feeble Moans. Brood Thou o’re our Nature’s Night. Carrying on his Work within. who now gone up on high Captive leads Captivity.[Page 31] [Untitled]. Enter our devoted Breast. Granted is the Saviour’s Prayer. 213–15. Come. . 7. Darkness kindles into Light. Wake us into Second Birth. GOD. Striving till He root out Sin. to his Heaven restor’d: Christ. and these dry Bones shall live.33 1. Divine and peaceful Guest. 2. Interceeds in Silence there. Crown the agonizing Strife Principle and Lord of Life. 33 Published in HSP (1739). our Hearts inspire. Promise of our Parting Lord Jesus. Whom the Heavens cannot contain He vouchsafes to dwell with Man. 5. Now descend and shake the Earth. Now thy quickning Influence give. Sighs th’ unutterable Prayer. 8. Holy Ghost. Sent the Gracious Comforter. 6. 4. Never will He thence depart Inmate of an humble Heart. the Everlasting GOD Makes with Mortals his Abode. 9. Kindle there the Gospel-Fire. 3. Life Divine in Us renew Thou the Gift and Giver too. that GOD with Man may live. Deepens our imperfect Groans.

The feeble Dome35 beneath Him shook. and all is Peace. and Fire of Love. Joy Divine in Thee we prove. The Loss his drooping Flock deplor’d. Order from Confusion springs. Him in the Flesh no more they know And languish for their absent Lord. 7...[Page 32] Spread thine overshadowing Wings. And pour’d the Mighty Blessing down. When Christ had left his Flock below. 4. Published in HSP (1739). 10. and from above Of Holiness the Spirit shower. and Sin. (London: James Flesher. 3. To Us be graciously the same. H. 2 vols. Thee we taste. 35 34 Ori. if justly still we claim To Us and Ours the Promise made. for the Presence of his Flesh. “Doom. Divine Dialogues . And Joy Divine o’reflows their Hearts. . 1668). and claim his Crown. Pain. Original source: Henry More. Light of Truth. GOD’s mighty Spirit fills the Dome. Trembled the Crowd to feel Him come. And living Streams their Souls refresh..” an error. While All in sweet Devotion join’d Humbly to wait for GOD retire. Wesley uses “Dome” in HSP (1739). And crown with Living Fire our Head. Our Claim admit. and cloven Tongues of Fire. 185–88. 185–88. The Promis’d Grace in rushing Wind Descends. Alter’d from Dr.34 1. Not long. and Sorrow cease. Soon as the Sons of Thunder spoke. Father. Beheld them sorrowing from his Sky. 5. 2:504–6. 2. with Divine Hymns. He. 6. More. The Spirit’s sevenfold Gifts imparts. for He gone up on high Gifts to receive.

Grant this. That Faith and Love may make all one. and all Delight. 9.” an error. or Torrent fierce Let it Opposers all o’rerun. 15. Descend. The Spirit of Faith in this thy Day To break the Power of cancel’d Sin. and Power. Such as may every Conscience reach. and Hell’s o’repower. 36 Ori. Thy Kingdom come. and Unity. 185–88. And to thy Scepter all subdue. 11. Then Grief expires. On all the Earth thy Spirit shower. 10. The Spirit of Convincing Speech Of Power Demonstrative impart. “breathe. and crown us Now with Fire. 14. And sound the Unbelieving Heart. humble Love. Fruits of Grace The Kingdom of thy Christ prepare.. o’return its Sway. 12. 8. And still the Conquest more than win. To purge all fierce and foul Desire. And kindle Life more pure and kind. Wesley uses “breath” in HSP (1739). Tread down its Strength. While lovely Tempers. The Spirit breath36 of Inward Life Which in our Hearts thy Laws may write. Like mighty Wind. Tis Nature all. Yea. and true! The antient Seers who didst inspire: To Us perform the Promise due. let thy Spirit in every Place Its richest Energy declare. The Earth in Righteousness renew. . The Spirit of refining Fire Searching the Inmost of the Mind. And every Law of Sin reverse. and Strife.[Page 33] Of wise Discernment. O holy GOD. and Pain. And Zeal. 13.

and Grace.]38 1. Hast Thou not receiv’d Him now That We might now receive? Art Thou not our Living Head? Life to all thy Limbs impart. 2. Surely now the Holy Ghost GOD to all that ask shall give. He for All hath rose again:39 2. your Hearts lift up Partakers of your Hope! This your Day of Pentecost. O fulfil his faithful Word. . Ask. 37 38 39 Published in HSP (1742). Holy Ghost. thy Spirit give. Father of our dying Lord. 167–68. 3. the Comforter. O come. And send The Promise down. And hear his Speaking Blood. thy Spirit shed In every waiting Heart. Remember us for Good. Shed thy Love. This is the beginning of a 7-stanza hymn published in HSP (1742). O Christ. And swells to make Thee room: Present with us Thee we feel. in us live and dwell To all Eternity. Shew his Truth. 166–67. and in us be. Father. and ye shall all receive. Come.]37 1. and Power. Give us That for which He prays. Ye all may freely take The Grace for Jesus sake. glorify thy Son.[Page 34] [Untitled. True and Faithful Witness Thou. Hymn does not continue on backside of same sheet. [Untitled. With us. He for Every Man hath died. The Gift of Jesus come: Glows our Heart to find Thee near. Sinners.