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2012 Election Scorecard

Keep your own running tally of electoral votes (270 needed to win!) as the polls close Tuesday night.


Safe for Romney, but weakened Mourdock may cost GOP a Senate pick-up. Safe for Romney: Georgia (16), Kentucky (8), Missouri (10), South Carolina (9) (Senate: In Missouri, Akin moved up late. Good spot for GOP pick-up, coattails for R.) Safe for Obama May have tightened late, but should break for Romney. If vote margin hits 4 or 5 percent and George Allen gives GOP a Senate pick-up, will spark coattails talk. A must-win for Romney that he should take easily. Cincinnati leans “R,” and Cleveland tilts “D,” so watch the capital Columbus and Franklin County suburbs around it. Romney can hit 270 without Penn. or Ohio, but it would be very di cult. Senate: Josh Mandel could win if R has coattails. Safe for Romney Romney must and should win here; big win could lift Connie Mack, Allen West. Could signal a good night for R, as O won in ‘08, led late. Must-win if Ohio goes blue. Romney had the momentum late. If he wins here, Ohio matters much less. Senate could be a GOP pick-up and is actually close, but tickets are often split in PA. Safe for Romney: Alabama (9), Oklahoma (7), Tenn. (11), Texas (38) Safe for Obama: Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), D.C. (3),Illinois (20), Maine (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14), Rhode Island (4) Safe for Romney Likely Romney win. Senate: Should be a GOP hold unless Dems pull o surprise. R favored though O won in ‘08, but it’s close. Must-have for R if he loses PA & OH. A home-state long shot for R that he can win without. Senate a likely Dem. hold. Democrats were a little worried here in early Oct., but Obama should win here. Prez & Senate races look like toss-ups, as did Walker recall in June before a big GOP win. R must win here if he loses PA & OH. Senate: Good place for GOP gain. Safe for Romney: Kansas (6), Louisiana (8), Miss. (6), Neb. (5), SD (3), Wyoming (3) (Senate: In Neb., Bob Kerrey was rising, but this is still a top GOP pick-up prospect.) Safe for Obama: New Mexico (5), New York (29), Total toss-up. Another Romney must- have if he loses PA & OH. Mormons could tip NV for Romney (needed if he loses PA & OH). Senate stays GOP. Safe for Romney: Montana (3), Utah (6) (Senate: In Mont., disappointingly tight) Should go for Obama unless GOP is running the swing-state table nationwide. Safe for Obama SAFE for Obama: California (55), Hawaii (4) (Senate: In Hawaii, GOP nominee is a long shot but is still a popular, former-two-term governor and could surprise.) SAFE for Romney: Alaska (3), Idaho (4), North Dakota (3)






Romney 0bama

6:00 7:00

11 43 3 13 15 18 5 29 4 20 65 76 6 11 9 16 10 10 31 34 6 6 9 7 12 59 10

Vermont Virginia No. Car. 7:30 Ohio West Va. Florida New H. Penn.


8:30 9:00

Arkansas Arizona Colorado Michigan Minn. Wisconsin


Iowa Nevada

Oregon 11:00+ Washingt.

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