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Tubular Battery with Life of more than 5 Years Bigger container size for more electrolyte Charge even at lower Charging current More Back Up time Suitable for longer power cuts Low Electrical Resistance Calcium Alloy- ultra low maintenance and less topping up Deep cycle Design


World class Line Interactive UPS starting from 625 VA in internal as well as external battery operations. Generator Compatible: Eliminates generator frequency & voltage drifts

Online UPS
• Truepower Online UPS provides the highest level of protection against the widest spectrum of power problems. It not only protects against blackouts, but also virtually eliminates more frequent and subtle power disturbances for every critical appliances. World's latest DSP based technology/ Micro Processor/ incorporating IGBT devices based design. True Double Conversion On-Line design. Wide input voltage window. Single Phase Input -Single Phase Output (upto 10 kva). Three Phase Input -Single Phase Output (10 to 40 kva). Three Phase Input -Three Phase Output (40 to 100 kva). Generator Compatible: Eliminates generator frequency & voltage drifts.

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Saphire True Sine Wave UPS Systems are multi-functional & highly utilitarian in character meant for those who always prefer everything best in their life. Not only that provide extra long back-up for your power appliances but also ensure 100% safety to all power sensitive equipments. Battery Friendly Charges the battery from as low as 80 V mains. True Power - Power of Re-boosting: Can recharge the battery if the battery voltage goes below 5 V DC Never Say Die: In case of Fan failure, the presence of large heat sink does not let the temperature rise.


World’s 60% people who dwell in rural areas has the same story of long power cuts & low voltages. To end this for the first time, True Power has boomed out with an Invention in the form of Kissan Inverter to provide them power in very affordable price. Designed to suit rural environment & power conditions. ATOM technology based digital modified square wave with PWM technique. Battery charging from as low as 80 V mains. Deep Discharged: It can charge battery as low as 3 volt. Fulfills the basic requirement of every house. It is suitable for It gives three hour back up on 100 AHr battery.

One Stop Shop Solution for Cold Start, Pollution Free and Sound Free Environment parameters, at a lower running cost than those bulky & nasty generators. Sine Wave output with constant voltage & frequency. Safeguards your highly sophisticated electronic & electrical equipments. IBM Charging Technology: Improves Power Factor up to 0.9 & cuts down your electricity bills. Battery Friendly: Safeguards & controls the battery temperature. In-built LCD & LED panel: For continuous information about online status & operations. ECAC Technology: Error Correction Analogue Compare for Low THD - produces Electricity just like as your mains supply.

Z-Series Inverter

Crafted with an optimum technology Z Security: The ultimate name for protection provides utmost safety for the battery. Magic of Z 123: provide you backup of unstoppable 3 hrs for 1 TV (21"/53 cms), 2 Fans (80 mm) & 3 CFLs (18W max.) on 100 AHr battery. Better Battery Life: It increases battery life up to 35%. Anti–Ageing Management: It doesn't let battery swell or bulge. Yellow Mode & Green Mode: Reduces the no load current to one third of the rated value.


Available in 300/500Va/1/2/3/4/5/6/10KVA AC stabilizers available in 180/160/140/110V to 300VA mains Specially design 6KVA double phase protection stabilizers available Mains line stabilizers with double MCBs Also available two phase in and single phase out

Long Life Heating Element Long Life, Rust Proof, Elegant Metal Body Automatic Temperature Control Built in Pressure Release Valve Fusible Plug for Additional Safety Energy Saving Vermin Proof Insulation Thermal Cut Out Manual Temperature ControlOptional

Instant Gas Water Heater
Fully Automatic Japanese Technology Instant Gas Water Heater Absolute Zero Pressure Flame Failure Protection Overheating Safety System 20 Minutes Automatic Timer Battery Operated Automatic Ignition Incomplete Combustion Safety System 70% Cheaper than Electric Geysers 30% more Gas Saving by Better Heat Exchanger Winter/Summer Change over Device for more Fuel Economy

Each Solar cell in a module is selected for optimum performance in low intensity. Solar cell used in the module is selected for maximum Energy Delivery The cells are encapsulated with EVA and PVF back sheet sourced from European manufacturers Specially designed aluminum profile is adopted for the frame Appropriate mounting and drain holes on the frame ensure stability during the panel’s lifetime in most climate regions Bypass diodes minimize power drop during partial shading. Cells and Modules are produced in ISO 9001-2000 Quality system certified plant

3600 Illumination Charging by Solar Module Rugged and Safe Elegant Shape Efficient Portable