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"As the Feng Shui Institute is an international resource site for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology we thank our friends at Traditional Chinese DaMo Qigong for supplying information from their site. Please visit their site for an enlightening experience".

What is Dunjia? Qi Men Dun Jia (or Qimendunjia) is one of the three most powerful divination methods, the other two being -Tai Yee and Liu Ren. These divination methods are used to discern both good and bad luck in relation to time and space (direction). Tai Yee is used to divine events that affect societies, such as earthquake, weather effects like hurricanes, massacres, natural disasters, etc. Qi Men is generally used for military action but, can be applied to competitive environments in making the right strategic decision in ever-changing situations. Liu Ren is mostly used for divining general daily events that affect our own daily lives. Qi usually means mysterious or strange, but in this context it means valuable or holy. Men means a gate, and Dun means hidden or escaped (to make hidden). Jia is the first of the ten Heavenly stems and is considered the most sacred in this method. These three oracles use very special charts to divine and give conclusions. They all use Heavenly stems, Earthly branches, He Tu, Luo Shu, Eight Trigrams, Emblematic elements and divine number, etc. and most of these principles are explained below. Dunjia can be divided into Year School Dunjia, Month School Dunjia, Day School Dunjia and Time School Dunjia in terms of time. In terms of reasoning methods it should be divided into Line-Up Palace Dunjia and Jump-inPalace Dunjia.

Here we introduce Time School and Line-Up Palace Dunjia
People may ask when, how and why Dunjia came into practice. Nowadays many people believe Dunjia originated from military arrangements on the battle field and such statements have gained wide approval in scholarly circles. In the ancient book "The Song from Old Fishing Man" carried the following story: Emperor XuanYuan fought a fierce battle with Shi You for many years. In a dream he dreamt Heaven gave him an oracle and XuanYuan then paid his respects upon a sacrificial platform and practised such arts which soon brought success. He ordered his military man Feng Hou to write down these arts and this was the beginning of Dunjia.

The popularity of this method spread far and wide from the late Spring and Autumn to the Warring States period - a time when many states fought endless battles to expand their territories. Also Sun Zi's book The Art of War carried similar information concerning the theory of Dunjia. Yet, most people didn't understand the exact meaning until now. In Three-kingdom Times the famous military counsellor Zhu Ge Liang applied Eight Trigram or Ba Gua Arrangement on the battle field and won huge success. As a result, the book the "Three Kingdoms" is necessary reading for intelligence experts and politicians around the world.

In Dun Jia (or Dunjia) theory, we use a kind of direction chart called Pan, this is drawn as a square and then divided into nine blocks ( 3 x 3. eight directions plus the centre ). In each directional block, one of the eight gates is positioned. We put away Jia (because of its holiness) and use the other nine stems to put them into Dun Jia Pan chart at first, and after several process of making, Jia comes into the Pan chart from one of the eight gates. And that's why this method is called Qi Men Dun Jia. Later due to the wide application of Dunjia this divination approach gradually broke its own

Pan -[08/01/2011 18.20.19]

secrets leaking to the enemies of the governors. Ji.000 Jus and ancient Chinese people hoped that 216.Shen Rooster . Wu. That is until now. Fullness leading to changes Dead heading. they subsequently suppressed Dunjia-masters to prevent Dunjia. ten Heavenly Stems have close connection with the movements of sun.the spread of growth. celebration B7 / Fire yang B8 / Earth yin B9 / Metal yang B10 / Metal yin http://www. By calculation we know there are altogether 216. whatever forms they assume. Flourishing and nurturing Full bloom Harvesting and abundance. those who used Dunjia tried to keep it top-secret.Chou: Tiger . are models set up to imitate the social society.Zi Ox .Basic Background 1-1. Earthly Branches Earthly Branches have close connection with the movements of moon. supporting life Regenerating roots and preparation for spring Number / Element S1 / Wood yang S2 / Wood yin S3 / Fire yang S4 / Fire yin S5 / Earth yang S6 / Earth yin S7 / Metal yang S8 / Metal yin S9 / Water yang S10 / Water yin 7 months pregnant with fully formed embryo B6 / Fire yin Summer solstice Big tree with solid branches Expansion Harvest. Heavenly Stems. as well as time and space or directional elements. individual life time or all which is unknown to Man. etc. Why is Dunjia used for Divination? Any divination process.Wei Monkey .000 Jus can cover most situations in this practical world.19] . Human and unexpected aspects. may find it difficult to understand the meaning and to remember them. One of the most typical characteristics of Dunjia was that in ancient times.20. but they'd never made the secret of Dunjia clear.feng-shui-institute.Si: Horse .Chen Snake .Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute pictures used for illustration purposes only. It was heard that Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches were created by Da Nao. Earth. a very mysterious figure in ancient Heavens kiss. Bing. which are Jia. bursting forth from Earth Concentrated growth like fire in the house Maturity.htm[08/01/2011 18. boundary and gained application in health diagnosis. Heavenly Stems Most people are familiar with the Heavenly Stems. nature and the universe. Geng. solidity. There are nine basic Yang Dun Ju and nine Yin Dun Ju which produce a dynamic unified model to imitate all transformations and changes experienced in life. Earthly Branches. Yi. business decisions.Wu Sheep . How to calculate the chart 1. reformation Sustenance. nature.Yin Rabbit . The following list has the general meaning of the Ten Heavenly Stems: Stems Jia: Yi: Bing Ding Wu Ji: Geng Xin Ren Gui: 1-2. Dunjia is a mathematical and physical model set up to incorporate Heavenly. agricultural divination. Therefore it can be used to divine for society. In fact. Ding. Ren and Gui.You Definition Young shoot of a plant Young plant supported by stick Celebration of spring and New Year Life springing forth Pregnant and timid Element B1 / Water yang B2 / Earth yin B3 / Wood yang B4 / Wood yin B5 / Earth yang Definition Bud .Mao Dragon . They are described as follows Animal Rat . Many Dunjia-masters were arrested. For Western people.the sign of growth Sprout . etc. Xin. Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams.

this system is called Dunjia . Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams The Nine Palaces is the Luo Shu chart shown below. Ji. Jia-Wu. On account of this. holds up a just white flag Xin. You Ren.-Dun means hidden in Chinese. Sometimes we can understand them as the following: Yi is the idea man. Yi. Jia-Wu. yin. Wu. holds up a deputy black flag. Mou Bing. 7. policy department and logistical department. For easy memory. yang. they are three important assistant commanders close to the general. operations or officers. In one cycle Jia should appear six times. Jia-Shen. metal element. earth element. yang. water element. Bing and Ding are often called Three Wonders. Heavenly Stems repeat six times while the Earthly Branches repeat only 5 times. 5. Jia-Shen. 1-7 Liu Yi Wu. 4 and 2 on my shoulder. 4. Orientation for the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches Directions / Season of influence Jia.Hai Clearing and preparation Conception. under which six Jia-Zi. each Heavenly Stem has hidden meanings. Ding Si. Geng. Application of the ten Heavenly Stems in Dunjia Besides the time meaning represented by the ten Heavenly Stems. Wei Geng. Jia denotes the general who often hides in the military force arrangements. holds up a deputy yellow flag Geng. 6. they are similar to the headquarters. the congenital Eight Trigrams occupy different palaces. holds up a deputy white flag Ren. yang. So. Xu. metal element. Bing is the general's bodyguard. ancient Chinese people regard sixty years as one cycle. earth element. they consist of Sun wonder). Jia-Zi hides under the just yellow flag supported by Wu Jia-Xu hides under the deputy yellow flag supported by Ji Jia-Shen hides under the just white flag supported by Geng Jia-Wu hides under the deputy white flag supported by Xin Jia-Chen hides under the just black flag supported by Ren Jia-Yin hides under the deputy black flag supported by Gui 1-5. Zi 1-4. holds up a just yellow flag http://www. each holding up flag of a different colour. earth element. left 3 and right 7. yang. Xin Shen. holds up a just black flag Gui. 3. (Moon wonder) and (Star wonder). we often recite them as: 9 up on the head and 1 down under my feet. the other five are commanders. water element. 8. Jia-Xu. Wu. and Ding is the logistic officer. Xin. Ji.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute Dog . Ren and Gui are six detachments (We call Liu Yi). 9.htm[08/01/2011 18. Jia-Chen and Jia-Yin hide them.feng-shui-institute. they are Jia-Zi. yin. Jia-Chen and Jia-Yin. 2. In fact. Wu Wu. Ren and Gui are six detachments (We call Liu Yi). Xin. Ji Chen. Chou. Gui Hai. Yi Yin. holds up a just yellow flag Ji. which denote military forces. Geng. mating of yin and yang B11 / Earth yang B12 / Water yin 1-3. this forms a combination of sixty as shown below : Jia-Zi Yi-Chou Bing Yin Jia-Xu Yi-Hai Bing Zi Jia-Shen Yi You Bing Xu Ding Hai Wu Zi Ji Chou Jia-Wu Yi Wei Jia-Chen Yi Si Jia-Yin Yi Mao Bing Chen East / Spring South / Summer Centre /End of each four seasons West / Autumn North / Winter Bing Shen Bing Wu Ding You Wu Xu Ji Hai Geng Zi Xin Chou Ding Mao Ding Chou Wu Chen Ji Si Geng Wu Xin Wei Wu Yin Ji Mao Ding Wei Ding Si Wu Shen Wu (S5) Wu (B7) Ji You Geng Xu Xin Hai Ren Zi Ji Wei Geng Shen Xin You Ren Xu Geng Chen Geng Yin Xin Si Xin Mao Ren Shen Ren Wu Gui You Gui Wei Ren Chen Ren Yin Gui Si Gui Mao Gui Chou Gui Hai So.Xu Pig . Wu. In the sixty Stems and Branches system. The six military officers should hide themselves each under a different flag and they should not change in any way.19] . San Qi San Qi means three high-valued wonderful commanders or enforcers. 8 and 6 are my feet. each holding up flag of different colour. 1. yin. Jia indicates the first Heavenly Stem Jia. In them the Jia-Zi is the general. Correspondingly. Jia-Xu.20. Sometimes we can regard these three as reinforcements that often appear suddenly. In a modern military framework.

auspicious for all things because it dwells in the central earth palace which can give rise to all. refrain from quarrels. 7.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute Ji. Geng. This circulation of energy concerned with time can be understood as the revolution of earth like following: Ju Shu ( situation numbers ) consists of 1. 7. has close connection with cultural education. mysterious matters. It is a very auspicious star. like following: = 9. 5. Ren and Gui The Arrangement of San Qi and Liu Yi in Nine Palaces 2 . water element. Yin Dun and Yang Dun There are two motions of heavenly Qi. people should construct dam. or do business because this symbol indicates loss. Ren and Gui have one Jia general or one of the five Jia commanders hiding under it-. stay home. metal element. Xin. There are altogether nine stars. an auspicious star. 2. yin. t is an auspicious star. The cyclical numbers descend during Yin Dun period. 2 . 4. has cyclical numbers for the year. holds up a deputy black flag. it is auspicious for travel. fire and blood. 4. Ji. or defence facilities and strengthen their stronghold in order to prevent loss or misfortune. General Pattern for Earthly Disk Jia-Zi Jia-Xu Jia-Shen Jia-Wu Jia-Chen Jia-Yin Star Wonder Moon Wonder Sun Wonder Liu Yi Wu Ji 2 8 Geng 3 7 Xin 4 6 Ren 5 5 Gui 6 4 Jia 7 3 Yi 8 2 Bing 9 1 Yang Dun 1 Yin Dun 9 NOTES: Here the above numbers are placed in the nine palaces. settling disputes. 3. people held that all things are changed by Heaven. Tian Ying: fire element. business. 2 . This is the Yang Dun Ju and at this time it falls in the No. 3. indicates sickness. Ding. abstain from military deployment. marriages and social status.20. is not enough as this only concerns matter. 4. water element. 1996 was 9. Tian Ren: earth element.5. It is an auspicious star. The Heavenly Disk therefore represents this influence coming from above. holds up a just black flag Gui. No. 2. 5. Gui. 4 Yang Du Ju. yin. Jia-Wu. has the water yang element. which is changed by astral influences over time. etc. When Tian Rui stays in one palace. legal enforcement's especially injustice's.htm[08/01/2011 18. yang. sometimes we call it the "disease star". yin. San Qi and Liu Yi. it is an inauspicious star. Ren. It is not good to travel far. 4. doing kind deeds. indicates charity and donations.3. When Tian Peng falls in one palace. 7. 2 .4. When Jia-Zi falls into one palace (for example. Ji. When Tian Ren dwells in one palace. Jia Chen and Jia-Yin. damage. 6. new construction. construction. Ji. or agricultural activities. relates to leadership capability. 4 palace) in a Yang Dun They are Wu. nine in total. 1 These ascend during the Yang Dun period = 1. 9 palace. yin. Heavenly Disk The Earthly Disk referred to above with the arrangement of Liu Yi and Three Wonders in nine palaces. 7. Yang Dun is a period from the winter solstice to the next summer solstice and this is when Yang energy increases. 3. otherwise loss. one Ju for every five days. Both are concerned with the movement of the Earth around the sun. do business. each represents a different influence. day and hour. When Tian Cong dwells in one palace. injury or unfortunate things will happen. will fall into nine palaces in a succession. In ancient China. yang. A Dunjia calendar. earth and the effect of man. marriage. holds up a just white flag Xin. this star indicates theft. 9. increasing social status. earth element. long distance travel. corresponding to the Kan Trigram. 5. 9 2 . yang. There are nine Yang Dun Jus and nine Yin Dun Jus. namely Yin Dun and Yang Dun.2. make friends. Tian Xin: metal element.feng-shui-institute. battles or legal issues. yang. 3. http://www. 2. scheming. indicates outrageous behaviour. via the electromagnetic spectrum. yang. it is good for beneficence and studying. we call it is a No.they are Jia-Zi. people should strengthen their garrison. Tian Zhu: metal element. 8 and 9. Tian Cong: wood element. metal element. Tian Qin: earth element. The Yin Dun period is from the summer solstice to the winter solstice and this is when Yin qi is born and becomes stronger day by day. train their forces. 8.19] . postpone marriage. yang. Geng. indicates death. When Tian Zhu falls in one palace. Ju Ju means situation. holds up a deputy yellow flag Geng. medical treatment and military deployment. cultural and educational development. here we call them Zhi Fu. It consists of Wu. There are 18 Jus in total. it is good for military action. the Ju number for February 2. So. For example. yin. holds up a deputy white flag Ren. When Tian Fu dwells in one palace. heated situations. It is essential that people consult the Dunjia calendar to know whether a day is either a Yang Dun Ju or Yin Dun Ju and what the Ju number is for this period. prepare for the worst. yin. Jia-Xu. Geng. It is a neutral star. strange occurrence.1. people should receive teachings or admonishment. Tian Rui: earth element. Bing and Yi. month. When Tian 2. Please read the following chart: Eight Trigram Palace Number Zhi Fu Kan 1 Tian Peng Kun 2 Tian Rui Zhen 3 Tian Cong Xun 4 Tian Fu 5 Tian Qin Qian 6 Tian Xin Dui 7 Tian Zhu Gen 8 Tian Ren Li 9 Tian Ying Please see below for an explanation of these nine stars: 1. Among them Wu. 6. Also good for business. For all else it is inauspicious. Xin. So. 8. 6. especially study progress. Tian Peng. It is not good to travel far. Xin. It is an inauspicious star. Jia-Shen. Tian Fu: wood element. 6. 5. 8.

we get the result of Xin-Si (Metal Snake) year.(B12). Xuan Wu: water element.htm[08/01/2011 18. west. The most active time in a day. Tai Yin: metal element. scheming. Jiu Tian: metal element. Teng She: fire element. This gate is useful for hospitalisation and operations. Very strong character and prefers taking action. etc. This gate is not useful for any purposes. To be injured or scratch something unnecessarily due to hastiness in finishing a task or. Bai Hu: metal element. Its character is tame. negotiation.6. people are easily surprised at unexpected happenings. stationing arm forces. Liu He: wood element.1. Generally speaking. Of obscure and invisible attributes. especially those concerning metal elements. as a residue of yesterday's tiredness. etc. Jiu Di: earth element. It is an agent of Zhen-Trigram. and also represents Wei (B8) and Shen-(B9). Yi-Mou (Wood Rabbit) day and Jia-Shen (Wood Monkey) hour. the commander of all other Guards. Stands for hypocritical characters and acrimony. Its character is unclouded and amiable. Under it there hides Gou Chen. Human Disk Human disk means the eight Gates which summarise all possible influence from human beings. and also represents Wu (B7). 7.20. visiting high officials. 3. As concentration dwindles. The result will be: Xin-Si (Metal Snake) year. hypocritical and dreadful things. dwelling. It is an agent of Dui-Trigram. Responsible for strange. but it is useful for escaping or arresting robbers. and also represents Chen (B5) and Si-(B6). pliable. plotting. especially for health. killings. Valiant Guard. and also represents Mao-(B4). We call them Zhi Shi . Responsible for theft. the common mother of all things. central position. Where Tai Yin comes upon it is suitable for planning. lethargy. Hippocratic and crafty This gate is useful for any purpose. going into exile. When it falls in one palace. Responsible for armed forces deployment. Where it comes upon is suitable for planting. 3 . Hour Jia (Wood yang) Shen (Monkey) Day Yi (Wood yin) Mao (Rabbit) Month Bing (Fire yang) Shen (Monkey) Year Geng (Metal yang) Chen (Dragon) So. This gate is useful for any purposes 2 . It is Jia-Shen (Wood Monkey) . Apt to killing in most situations. quiet. and also represents You-(B9). A. In Yang Dun Ju the eight Guards will line up in the following sequence:: Zhi Fu Teng She Tai Yin Liu He Bai Hu Xuan Wu Jiu Di Jiu Tian The eight Guards will line up in the following sequence in Yin Dun Ju: Zhi Fu Teng She Tai Yin Liu He Bai Hu Xuan Wu Jiu Di Jiu Tian The following gives an explanation as to the influence of each Guard: 1. 5. the sheltering Guard. This gate should not be used except for burial. and also Northwest represents Xu-(B10) and Hai-(B11). the protection Guard. and also represents Chou(B2) and Yin-(B3).Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute Ying dwells in one palace it is good for planing. Accidents and mishaps with nothing running smoothly. which summarise the possible influence by mysterious aspect or celestial powers. social status improvement. You should consult a Chinese lunar calendar to find the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for 20th August 2000. http://www. epidemics. crafty sycophant or thief. Bing-Shen (Fire Monkey) month. Where it falls upon it is suitable for marriage arrangement.. Yi-Mou (Wood Rabbit) day. Prefers stealing and clandestine love affairs. It is an agent of Gen-Trigram. central position. west. This gate is useful for any purposes. and for taking shelter especially for military forces. positioned high up as like the heaven. east. It is an agent of Kun-Trigram. all evil things will flee without any trace. 6. It is an agent of Xun-Trigram.feng-shui-institute. How to Set Up One Ju? On 20th August 2000 a person dropped in for a reading. 3 East 4 9 Southeast Jing South (prospect) Si (slacken) Jing (surprise) Kai (relax) Xiu (rest) Southwest 5. The time was 4:10PM. This gate is useful for any purposes. north. Bing-Shen (Fire Monkey) month. It's nearly the time to finish work. It is an agent of Qian-Trigram. Number 8 Gate Sheng (birth) Shang (injury) Du (clumsy) Direction Northeast Summary To generate energy for action of the day. The First Step: To use this method you must learn the basic methods used for finding the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for a particular day as this is essential for Dunjia divination.19] . 4. North People are asleep. 8. Kai denotes all things are prosperous. Guard Disk There are altogether 8 Guards used in Dunjia. Then we should get to know the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the time 4:10PM. 2 7 West 6 1 Returning home after work and it's time to go to bed. battle and travel. 2 . Under it there hides the Zhu Que. Where it comes upon it is suitable for deploying arm forces. It is an agent of Li. south. This gate is unlucky. 2. quarrel.7. and also represents Zi. discussing business. but it is unlucky for wealth. marriage or travel. traffic accidents. It is an agent of Kan-Trigram. atrocious Guard. Zhi Fu: earth element.

then arrange all Heavenly stars and eight Gates in the nine palace. Da Shu 13. Tian. Geng in number 3 palace. therefore we just write down Wu in the number 5 palace. Dong Zhi 23.5 and 8 Ju.22 July 23 July .8. as this is an ancient way of plotting how nature changes throughout a year.Rui and Tian-Qin --are always together in the same palace--Tian-Zhu.6 July 7 July .. http://www. Please see the following figure which shows the Earthly Disk. Shuang Jiang 19.7 Oct 8 Oct .6 Dec 7 Dec . Bai Lu 16. In Chinese 1. Jia-Zi is hiding under Wu detachment.21 Dec 22 Dec .19 Jan 20 Jan . Jing Zhe 4.4. in the number 5 palace.19] . Qing Ming 6. Yi in number 6 palace.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute B. For these three periods. Han Lu 18.2. Tian-Ying. However. Xiao Xue 21. you must become familiar with what is knows as the 24 solar terms or seasons. Because it is number 5 Yin Dun Ju we should first place JiaZi.4 Jan 5 Jan . middle period and lower period.3. Then Ji in number 4 palace.6 Sep 7 Sep . Because it is Jia-Shen time which hides under the Liu Yi Geng we should place Tian-Chong at Geng). Li Chun 2. 2000 is within the middle period and the beginning mark of the middle period is August 19. Yin Dun.1 when we arrange San Qi and Liu Yi. The Zhi Fu corresponding to number 3 is nothing the Tian-Cong Star.21 Sep 22 Sep . The Third Step: Now we should proceed to arrange San Qi and Liu Yi in the nine palaces.Chong.20. each lasting 5 days. we should use the cyclical numbers of 2. The Fourth Step: You next need to learn how to find the Zhi Fu and Zhi E.htm[08/01/2011 18.4 Apr 5 Apr . Bing in number 7 palace. Ding in number 8 palace. Please see below how the Heavenly Stars are arranged. Gu Yu 7.4 May 5 May . Mang Chong 10.feng-shui-institute. Tian-Ren. The beginning time of Jia-Shen hides under Geng detachment in number 3 palace. Li Dong 20. Li Xia 8.18 Feb 19 Feb . C. August 20. of the Chinese calendar. Beginning of Autumn is divided into three duration's: upper period. Xin in number 2 palace.20 May 21 May . 2000 is number 5 Yin Dun Ju. Da Xue 22. Xiao Han 24.5 Jun 6 Jun .6 Aug 7 Aug . so you should therefore consult a Chinese calendar before proceeding with this method. The Second Step: Before progressing to this step.22 Oct 23 Oct .7. the process of global warming has modified these dates somewhat.3 Feb By looking over the twenty-four solar terms we know that this date falls in the term of Li Chun "Beginning of Autumn".6 Nov 7 Nov -21 Nov 22 Nov .19 Apr 20 Apr . Chu Shu 15. Chun Fen 5. They always line up in a clockwise sequence.6.20 Jun 21 Jun . Tian. the general. Da Han In English Beginning of spring Rain water Duration 4 Feb . As this date falls within the Yin Dun Ju we should choose the number sequence of 9. The gate corresponding to number 3 is the Injury Gate this is the Zhi Shi . Li Qiu 14.4 Mar The movements of insects 5 Mar .20 mar Spring equinox Serene clarity Grain rain Beginning of summer Surfeit Grain in ear The summer solstice Little heat Great heat Beginning of autumn Heat ceasing White dew Autumn equinox Cold dew Frost descends Beginning of winter Little snow Great snow Winter solstice Little cold Great cold 21 Mar . 2000.5. Accordingly we know August 20. Xiao Shu 12. this was a Jia-Yin day.22 Aug 23 Aug . 4 Ji 3 3 2 Gui Xin 5 7 Geng Wu Bing 8 1 6 Yi Ding Ren D. Gui in number 9 palace. Xia Zhi 11. Jia Shen itself is the beginning of one time period and so we don't need to waste any time discovering which Jia this time comes under. The Fifth Step: Now we should arrange the Heavenly stars in their regular sequence which is: Tian-Peng . Tian-Fu. Xiao Man 9. Yu Shui 3. Tian-Xin . Qiu Fen 17. It is the Jia-Shen hour. Ren in number 1 palace.

Du. We then follow the regular sequence either clockwise in Yang Dun Ju or counterclockwise in Yin Dun Ju. Kai. Jiu-di. Tai-Yin Liu He. Teng-She.feng-shui-institute.20. Jing. Sheng. The regular sequence of eight Gates is as follows: Xiu. it is Zhi-Fu. Here we should know Zhi-Shi always follows Zhi-Fu to find its starting point. So the starting point for the eight Guards sequence will fall into number 3 palace. Shang. The Sixth Step: Now we should learn how to arrange eight Gates in nine palaces. Because it is a Yin Dun Ju we should line up the eight Guards counterclockwise as follows: Zhi-Fu.] . Please see the arrangement below: Ji 4 Ji Tian Fu Clumsy gate (du) Jjiu Tian Gui 9 Gui Tian Ying Prospect gate (jing) Jjiu Di Xin 2 Xin 5 Wu Tian Rui Tian Qin Death gate (si) Xuan Wu Bing 7 Bing Tian Zhu Surprise gate (jing) Bai Hu Ren 1 Ren Tian Peng Rest gate (xiu) Tai Yin Yi 6 Yi Tian Xin Relax gate (kai) Liu He Geng 3 Geng Tian Chong Injury gate (shang) Zhi Fu Ding 8 Ding Tian Ren Birth gate (sheng) Teng She Wu 5 Wu http://www. Jing. Zhi-Fu is Injury Gate which dwells in number 3 palace. Xuan-Wu.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute Ji 4 Ji Tian Fu Gui 9 Gui Xin 2 Xin 5 Wu Tian Ying Tian Rui Tian Qin Wu 5 Wu Ren 1 Ren Tian Peng Bing 7 Bing Tian Zhu Yi 6 Yi Tian Xin Geng 3 Geng Tian Chong Ding 8 Ding Tian Ren F. Si. Then please see the following illustration: Ji 4 Ji Tian Fu Clumsy gate (du) Gui 9 Gui Tian Ying Prospect gate (jing) Xin 2 Xin 5 Wu Tian Rui Tian Qin Death gate (si) Bing 7 Bing Tian Zhu Surprise gate (jing) Geng 3 Geng Tian Chong Injury gate (shang) Ding 8 Ding Tian Ren Birth gate (sheng) Wu 5 Wu Ren 1 Ren Tian Peng Rest gate (xiu) Yi 6 Yi Tian Xin Relax gate (kai) G: The Seventh Step In this step we arrange the eight Guards in the nine palaces.htm[08/01/2011 18. Bai-Hu. We know the Zhi-Fu is Injury Gate which dwells in number 3 palace.

foggy day. female genital organ. sun. belly. beef. In each palace there are also the Earthly. yellow. grandmother. rural area. Becomes prosperous when iwhen timely. the general people. people held the viewpoint that human beings are an integral part of nature. Next you have to analyze such Ju. yang. clothes. right shoulder. big belly. fruits. Hai (B12). The pulse of nature can show up in so many different ways and that is why Dunjia can offer so many useful tips when people wish to know so many different things. gold. small intestines. Pure Trigrams and Their Emblematic Meanings. become useless when incur much restriction. penis. lion. etc. celebrities. etc southwest. sour sweet. depending on your interest in this system. north. leader. sky. places located high. crown. Earthly Branches and Their Emblematic Meanings: Zi http://www. etc. soft things. Chen-. This will be covered in a new correspondence course soon to be published. hauty.) princess. which summarize the possible influence that can affect a situation. animals cement. quiet. round objects. we list a couple of examples of this below. elephant. tender. capable to become a ridge beam but could not last long. heart. Heavenly and Human disks with the Eight Guards. president. Xu (B11). ice. old women.19] . June and July in Chinese lunar calendar. hailstone and all that represents the behavior of heaven. etc. yang. Xu-. tame but adhere to own plan and ideas. black sweet tast 4 . month. impotant places. Wei. green. etc.htm[08/01/2011 18. Chou-. just like a human being. Similarly ancient Chinese doctore could diagnose a problem hidden in the body just by feeling the pulse. the lowest layer. liver. pale green. sour. So. Yi wood. back. south. October. lower position. year. for the proper analysis of one Ju we have to know the meaning of each element residing in the nine palaces. 1. head. the first wife. east. pale red. brown peppery taste Kun Trigram earth. capital. female horse. Bing fire. wildness. yin. Analysis To understand the results from the reading people should know the layered meaning of each sign used in one Ju and the results of their interaction. high place. square. shoulder. proud. There are other arrangements of Ju settings but here we generally adopt the most popular time-school Dunjia. cat. day and time in the lunar calendar system. pot. lung. wife. rural people. right thigh. 5.feng-shui-institute. the female.20. 9 horse. east. white. 6. the highest position. tame. female. male. month. stomach.3. goverment officials. stingy people. etc. So if you would like to take this course please register your interest now by emailing Alan and we will forward details to you when the course is ready. year. 8. With mankind Nature is a complete entity. jade. In ancient China. the third person in a marriage. plain. old men. the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches provide the very basic foundation for this to become true.4. bladder. noiseless. spleen. bitter taste. etc. 4 . how do we feel the pulse of nature? And is it possible to do that? Dunjia methods provide one tool for feeling the pulse of nature and from this we can discover something hidden in Beginning of winter. Heavenly Stems and Their Emblematic Meanings: Jia wood. Qian Trigram: Represents sky. father. wild field. Virgin. big cities. In fact. muscle. etc. become mainstay when it is its prime time. day and time in Chinese lunar calendar. doctor. senior. carry one all. Please browse other websites to know more about the explanation. Wei-(B8) and Shen (B9). brick.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute We have just finished setting up one Ju based upon the time. Autumn. month. day and time in lunar calendar system. 4. hypocrite. become useless when it is not its time for prime. glass. chest. becomes distressful when it is not its time for prime. Yet. etc head. things in earth. year. 2. Becomes astrocious and ruthless when its time is coming upon. tongue. cloudy day. They also held that nature has its own pulse which beats continuously. or all things that have the similar character of earth (tame. month and year when the person arrived for divination. mother. bone. red. cap. September. etc Northwest. 10 ox. become homeless when it is past its prime. becomes withered when it is untimely.

sweet potato. pond. bat. snail. Stands for clever things and fortune when encountering fortune aspect and stands for obscene things or events when encountering evil aspect.feng-shui-institute. women. small river. duckweed. Feng Shui Home | Distance Learning Feng Shui courses | Intermediate Feng Shui Courses | Advanced Feng Shui Courses | Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture course | I Ching course | Feng Shui Business course | Flying Star Feng Shui course | Feng Shui History | Feng Shui Glossary | Feng Shui Curriculum | Feng Shui Directory | Feng Shui Code of Ethics| Feng Shui Compass or Luo Pan Rings | Yin and Yang Feng Shui | Five Elements Feng Shui | Trigram Tour | Chinese Astrology | 9 Star Ki Astrology course | Free Four Pillars Astrology Chart | Feng Shui Buildings | Using a western compass | Feng Shui F.A. Have you registered for this course? Just email Alan and we will send you details as soon as this course is ready. theft. swallow. Please browse other websites to discover more explanations.19] .Q's | Feng Shui science and Research | Personal Feng Shui Tuition | Free Feng Shui check | Feng Shui Links|Press Contact| Contact |Join the Feng Shui Institute http://www.Feng Shui Divination Qi Men Dun Jia from the Feng Shui Institute water. yang.htm[08/01/2011 18.20. etc.