PSF UK Committee Meeting

Meeting called to order at 18:25 on 28 April 2013 by chair, Irfan Al-rashid
Members present:
Chair: Irfan Al Rashid
Kamal Shah
Arif Kokkoz
Susan Gault
Karin Langle
Adeel Akhtar
Thomas Mohamed
Sean Kardar
Racan Osman
James Cranwell-Ward
Vikram Lopez y Royo
Apologies from:
Vikram Tendle
Khuddus Al Rashid
Sohaib El-Nahla
Reading of Agenda: n/a
Approval of minutes from last meeting: n/a
Main Business:
*Presentation of documents:
Chair presented two documents to the committee.
Document 1 (see attachment): contains the organisational structure of the PSF UK, as proposed by
the President at the October 2012 meeting of the committee. This has now been ratified and
confirmed, with no objections from the committee members.
Document 2 (see attachment): outlining the outstanding activities for the departments of the
committee for 2013.
Chair requested that department heads review Document 2 and assemble their departments to plan
and talk through which activities have been completed and which activities are being worked on,
with a view to reporting back to the chair and the President within the next fortnight. Chair also
requested that any activities ongoing that are not on the document should be brought to the
committee's attention.
*National championships
Chair proposed that efforts towards a National basic Wasit Juri course and a UK National
Championship be made, with a view to holding this before the beginning of 2013 Q3 (1 July), while
the President is in the UK.(see activity marked National basic Wasit Juri Course in task list

Action points prior to next meeting Department heads will review list of activities and liaise with their respective teams to determine what has been completed and what progress has been made on outstanding activities. Once a departure/absence is confirmed. the committee is prepared to look into alternative arrangements for the Sunday class at the Place. 4 – This has been considered previously. or both)? Responses: 1 – There is a plan in place which is being discussed by the senior executives and the President. Department heads will report back on the above prior to the next meeting.Other business: Questions from committee members: 1 How will performance of committee members be assessed? 2 In light of recent events and near-term developments. but was a logistical impossibility. how will the committee cover medium. Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 pm . 2 – Until more information is forthcoming about when and how long these will be. a contingency plan will be put into place. and will be brought to the President's attention at the earliest long-term absences or departures of trainers and/or committee members? 3 Does the committee have any plan for developing more trainers to accommodate the increase in activity? 4 Does the committee have any objection to restructuring Sunday classes at the Place (either shortening the hours or changing the time. However. 3 – This has already begun. Secretariat is charged with ensuring the department heads receive all documents necessary for the above in a timely fashion. activities will proceed as normal.

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