A   number   of   regional   Councillors   have   launched   restofnsw   inc.   –   billed   as   regional  
NSW’s   answer   to   GetUp   –   an   online   advocacy   group   and   think   tank   that   has   the  
exclusive  aim  of  campaigning  for  prosperity  in  the  restofnsw.  
Councillor   Bob   Wheeldon   from   Wentworth   Shire   and   Councillor   Andrew   Negline  

switched  on  the  website  at  the  “Dog  on  the  Tuckerbox”  in  Gundagai  
this  week.    
Chair  of  restofnsw  Cr  Wheeldon  said:  
“restofnsw   needs   a   vision   for   prosperity   and   in   so   many   areas   NSW   Government  
policies   are   focused   on   Sydney   and   actually   impede   the   restofnsw   growing.   Sydney  
gets  billions  in  infrastructure  and  restofnsw  gets  tied  in  red  tape  such  as  the  native  
vegetation  laws  that  hamper  farm  productivity.  restofnsw  inc.  is  needed  to  help  drive  
a  prosperity  agenda  for  the  restofnsw”.  
Deputy  Chair  Cr  Negline  said:  
“The   hard   facts   are   that   in   the   past   forty   years   restofnsw   has   fallen   badly   behind  
Sydney  in  population  growth,  political  representation  and  infrastructure  funding.    We  
need  the  community  of  restofnsw  to  standup  and  say  we  want  to  control  our  destiny  
rather  than  having  our  futures  determined  by  inner  city  Sydney  interests  and  biases”.  
Cr   Wheeldon   encourages   anyone   who   wants   to   see   a   prosperous   future   for   our  
children  and  grandchildren  in  the  restofnsw  to  visit  and  become  a  


restofnsw  inc.  
PO  Box  448  WENTWORTH  NSW  2648  

“  is  online  and  free  to  join  as  a  supporter  -­‐  anyone  is  welcome  to  visit  
and   support   our   vision   and   campaigns.   Like   Getup   supporters   will   also   be   able   to  
donate   to   our   campaigns   to   for   example   pay   for   a   banner   or   TV   advertisement  
seeking  infrastructure  equity”.  Cr  Wheeldon  said.  
restofnsw   has   launched   its   initial   campaign,   Infrastructure   Equity,   to   ensure   an  
equitable  distribution  of  Major  Projects  funding  across  NSW.    Recently  restofnsw  Chair  
Cr  Bob  Wheeldon  was  shocked  to  discover  that  Wentworth  Shire  Council  is  to  receive  
ZERO  dollars  in  major  infrastructure  spending  from  the  $70billion  NSW  major  projects  
spend  despite  contributing  millions  in  royalties  for  the  State  Government.  Cr  Wheeldon  
soon   discovered   Wentworth   LGA   was   not   the   only   Shire   in   the   restofnsw   receiving  
ZERO  infrastructure  funds.    
“Infrastructure  Equity  will  form  as  a  key  campaign  for  restofnsw,  we  believe:    
- every   Local   Government   Area   (LGA)   in   restofnsw   should   receive   an   equitable  
share  of  major  project  funding;  
- LGAs   without   existing   major   project   funding   should   instead   be   funded   to  
complete  their  infrastructure  backlog;  and  
- Resources   for   Regions   funding   should   be   available   to   every   mining   impacted  
Cr  Wheeldon  said.  

Cr  Bob  Wheeldon  0411  222  181  
Cr  Andrew  Negline  0428  206  093  


restofnsw  inc.  
PO  Box  448  WENTWORTH  NSW  2648  

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