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Articulation Agreement by Major
Effective during the 14-15 Academic Year
To: CSU Los Angeles |From: Pasadena City College
Quarter| Semester

====Fire Protection Administration and Technology - BS====
CSULA is an impacted campus. Campus impaction requires that we give priority
admission consideration to first time freshman applicants and upper division
transfers from within our local area. For additional information regarding
impaction please visit

University Requirement:
ENGL 102 Composition II (4)|ENGL 1C Intermediate (4)
| Composition - Critical
| Thinking and Argument
A minimum C grade is required
Required for the degree are 180 quarter units, including applicable lower
division preparation at a community college. The major requires a total of
100-108 quarter units.

Required Community College Preparation
A minimum of 15 semester units (23 quarter units) of community college courses
is required, as follows (semester units shown):
Building Construction for Fire Protection (3)
Fire Company Organization and Management (3)
Fire Behavior and Control (3)
Fire Protection Equipment and Systems (3)
Fundamentals of Fire Prevention (3)
A maximum of 6 semester units (9 quarter units) of community college coursework
may be used as lower division electives. Select from the following (semester
units shown ):
Fire Apparatus and Equipment (3)
Fire Hydraulics (3)
Fire Investigation I (3)
Fire Service Communications Systems (3)
Fire Service Records and Reports (3)
Hazardous Materials I and II (3 each)
Related Codes and Ordinances (3)
Rescue Practices (3)
Wildland Fire Control (3)

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To: CSU Los Angeles, From: Pasadena City College, 14-15
Fire Protection Administration and Technology - BS (continued)
Requirements for the major (100-108 quarter units)
A total of 15-21 semester units (22-32 quarter units) of community college
courses may be included in the major program.

The remainder of the major is primarily upper division work, with 68-86 quarter
units required beyond the community college preparation. Of these units, a
maximum of 12 may be taken in lower division courses.

Electives (16-34 units)
Select from following with adviser approval and attention to prerequisites.

Select 8-10 units from following:
POLS 281 Quantitative Methods in (5)|STAT 18 Statistics for (4)
Political Science | Behavioral and Social
| Sciences
OR __ |
SOC 210 Elementary Statistics (4)|
Select 8 units from following:
SOC 201 Principles of Sociology (4)|SOC 1 Introductory Sociology (3)
SOC 202 Society and Individual (4)|
Development |
Approved Diversity Course
A grade of C or higher.