Meeting Minutes

Call to order at 1:00pm on September 22, 2014
A meeting of the Grand Haven Croquet Club Board of Directors was held at Creekside on 9/22/14.
Attendees included Cassandra Gaisor, Tony Dos Santos, Bill Todd, Naomi Mass, Rich Burns, & John
Fitterman. Member not in attendance - Ivonne Croizer.
Approval of minutes
The Minutes of the July 9, 2014 Board meeting were approved (no meeting in August 2014).
Treasurer - Bill Todd
Opening balance was $13,239.04 (July 14, 2014) & the closing balance is $13,149.29 (Sept. 22, 2014).
President - Cassandra Gaisor
State of the courts - a discussion took place concerning the status of the renovation of the Creekside
court. Selection of the contractor will be made on 10/2/14 at the CDD meeting and that will also
determine the start date of the renovation.
Club Calendar - a discussion took place that the Club calendar with its scheduled play times, classes and
events, be recognized and respected by those making reservations to use the Croquet court. As it stands
now, our calendar is considered by the CDD to be an "informal" document that only applies within the
Club and so any resident may reserve a court any time, regardless of our Club schedule or who may be
playing. This topic will probably come up for further discussion by the CDD at their 10/2/14 meeting.
Vice President - Tony Dos Santos - submitted written report
 By Laws - nothing to report
 Grounds & Equipment - Greg & Lindsey Brown took inventory of both the Creekside and Village
Center storage boxes and will proceed shortly with their reorganization.
 Nominations Committee - Marilyn Gingles has been added to this committee.
 Logo Wear - nothing to report
Sunshine - Janet Carlsen sent a get well card to Ann Marie Zilligan and a thinking of you card to Peter
Worsford after his knee replacement.
Membership - John FittermanFall Beginners Class will be at the Village Center court in November. The
dates have been set starting Monday Nov. 3rd and continuing on Wednesday the 5th, Monday the 10th
and Wednesday the 12th. Classes will continue the following week on the 17th and 19th for those
Beginners who join the Club. Classes will be from 1:00 - 3:00pm.

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Social - Ivonne Croizer ( not present)
The Board is considering having a social sometime around the end of October, or even a Halloween
party. Ivonne will finalize plans upon her return.
Tournament Committee - Rich Burns
 Invitational Tournament has been cancelled for 2014. It has been tentatively re-scheduled for
the last week in March 2015.
 Club Championship was discussed, with a possible date in February 2015
New Business
 The Board agreed to and passed, by unanimous vote, reimbursement of the USCA fee for
Referee acceptance and recertification. The Referee must submit a formal request to the Board
for reimbursement.
 Standing Rules - two additions to the Standing Rules were proposed and voted on. The first was
a 5 in favor and 1 against vote. The second was a 4 in favor, 1 against and 1 abstaining vote.
These new standing Rules are as follows:
1. No Club Member may reserve a court during any Club scheduled playtime, class or special event.
2. A non-member of the Club may be a guest of a Club member in good standing, but may not
be a guest more than 4 times a year, total, regardless of whose guest he or she is. Inviting
member will be responsible for the guest's behavior, dress and any equipment used.
Club members should be aware that if our Club rules conflict with Grand Haven Rules as laid
down by the Board of Supervisors, their rules will prevail.
 Annual Meeting & Election of Officers is scheduled for April 14, 2015.
There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 2:30pm.