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Martin Luther King Jr. is a great man who changed many people’s lives.

He helped many people come to the realization that race shouldn’t separate people and was no basis for discrimination, and that there was a way to change that. He says in his all inspiring speech, “As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.” I feel if we had more people like MLK Jr., the world would be a great place. I feel that I could one day fallow in MLK's footsteps and make change in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. made an amazing speech on August 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. This speech inspired many people and helped move a wave of change. He talked about how the future of the African Americans, and other races, were crucial to the success of the U.S. The input in society by African Americans and other races has helped in many ways. With less discrimination, African Americans have been able to contribute to the advance of technology. Mark Dean is an African American who helped IBM make the first gigahertz processor. The speech Martin gave helped many African Americans start to take action against this oppression, but the amazing thing that this speech did was help guide them to protest peacefully. He understood that violence was not the answer and would only make the situation worse, which he conveyed greatly in his speech. This speech is very relevant to situations today. Just the inspiration alone someone can take from this is amazing. This speech can help someone organize a group of people and fix a problem in the community whether it is large or small. This speech can help guide or influence a group of people trying to stand up for what is right. MLK Jr.’s strategies and instructions are more than anyone could need to start a successful protest. One protest Dr. King proposed was to boycott the buses throughout the city after Rosa Parks was put in jail for not giving her seat up to a white man. In 2004, 24 teenagers started a boycott on Abercrombie & Fitch because of shirts degrading to women. These 24 girls made such a big movement the president of the Foundation for Women even agreed. I feel that this speech really connects to my life in different ways. This speech is, as I have stated, very inspirational. It has inspired me and made me realize that one man can influence many people and make a great change, which I hope to someday do. I hope to make great technologies that will help people across the nation and even the globe. I can make more efficient and cheaper renewable energies. MLK's speech has taught me that all humans are meant to be equal, and with energy that I help create, I can help third world countries have better lives with more available electricity. As you can see, Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech is one that can be applied to a great many of situations. It has created great change in the world and will continue to make great change in the world. It has inspired me, along with many others and will continue to inspire generations to come.