Candidate Name___Liz Gregg_______________Date___9/26/13______________ School_____Kelsey Norman____________Teacher__Mrs.

Sherrod__________Grade level___3rd___ Practicum Reflection-Guided Reading Lesson Name of Book____________________________________________Level_________________________

1. What was the area of focus today during the lesson? What activities related to the area of focus did the teacher include in the lesson today?  When I first arrived the class was doing whole class instruction over non-fiction books parts. I thought it was fun seeing the students pick out these parts.  Then after the whole class instruction, a small group of students joined the teacher at a small table in the side of the room while everyone else worked on their daily 5. So of the activities included in the daily 5 was writing, independent reading, pair reading, listening to books with headphones, and the guided reading group with the teacher.  I was in the class long enough to see one full group and part of another. The first group was reading a small book with only a few sentences on each page along with pictures. The group worked on writing sentences about the book and how to take question words out of the sentence to make it a statement not a question.  In the second group the students were reading Super fudge, which is a chapter book.  Also while being in the small groups the students a speed reading drill where the students try to beat their rate from the time before. It was great to see since we are talking about speed and rate in class. 2. What went well with the instruction? What did students learn?  During the whole group instruction the students did well with identifying the different parts of a non-fiction book.  Students learned things like the table of content, real life pictures with captions, and glossary.  In the small group lesson the students learned how to change questions into statements. 3. Explain a “growth” moment for yourself where you realized, learned, or confirmed something from today dealing with student achievement in the area of reading. (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, before/during/after reading  It was cool to see the students work on speed. I never practiced speed or rate when I was in elementary and now I am a slow reader. I can see how it could be useful to practice speed or rate. 4. Describe a moment when a student grasped an idea/concept-that “got it!” kind of moment. How was the teacher able to facilitate this experience? Explain the situation.  The students were trying to figure out the name for the area of the back of a non-fiction book that had uncommon words with definitions. No one knew the name so they talked to their shoulder partners and finally this little girl was like it is a “galaxy.” Although it was not the right

Adapted from Developmental Reading Reflection document created by Sarah Mwangi, 06/13

word it still was close so that teacher told her good job and then told them the correct word. It was fun to see the light bulb flash when she heard the correct word.

Adapted from Developmental Reading Reflection document created by Sarah Mwangi, 06/13

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