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Bronwyn McNully / Allison Daniel Civil Engineering and Architecture March 4, 2013 Land Use and Regulations The

location of the structure we are building is in Noblesville, Indiana. Noblesville follows the Noblesville Code of Ordinances and the Indiana Building Code (American Legal Publishing Corporation). The state of Indiana follows the 2006 International Building Code ( Indiana Association of Building Officials). The building planned needs to fit universal design rules and regulations as well as ADA requirements. To keep in code, an elevator was added for handicap use and all doors were a minimum of 36 inches. Due to the flat surfaces, no ramps were required. However, if ramps eventually are built into the design, the slope will only be a quarter to half inch per foot with multiple landings. All areas in the store are spacious and open-ended, so turning radii are built in to the design. All doors are double doors, which leaves plentiful room for wheelchair accessibility. The kitchen is designed to be wheelchairfriendly, including having front-facing stove knobs. All walkways are large enough to accommodate both a wheelchair and pedestrians, and the bathroom is equipped with rails and stalls accessible to handicapped customers. The planned structure, including a bookstore, green roof, tea shop and lounge, falls under Assembly Groups A-2 and A-3 (International Code Council). The construction types possible are I and II, A and B, III A and B, IV A and B, and V A and B. Construction type I is steel framing surrounded by concrete or fire proofing, type II is steel framing, III has a noncombustible exterior and treated wood interior, type IV is heavy timber, and type V consists of any material allowed by code. Any type with the sub-classification of A means that the type is further fire-retardant, and B is without. The least restrictive construction type for this particular building would be IA, but is rather excessive (International Code Council). Even type VB would be permitted, but a reasonable recommendation for this particular building would be IIIA, due to the number of stories and the kitchen on the second floor being a potential fire hazard. For the interior walls of the bookstore – and subsequently, the lounge and tea shop – drywall would be recommended. This allows for posters, advertisements, and wall décor to line the walls, while not being too easily breakable and easy to heat. For the bookstore and lounge, the flooring should be

This means that there are roughly four water closets required for the men (half of the occupancy. with an area of 956 ft2. so the occupancy of the kitchen is one person. The green roof has fixed seating with an area of 400 square feet. which means 15 ft2 net. meaning that having a solitary exit is impossible from any floor. and five water closets required for women (half of the occupancy divided by 65 occupants per closet). There must be two exits for the second floor and three for the first. The flooring in the tea shop should be tile to allow for easy cleaning and moving of furniture. male and female.107. The tea shop has tables and chairs. For the A-2 buildings.8 inches total (International Code Council). according to the 2006 International Code Means of Egress chart (International Code Council). and the upstairs occupancy is 102 people. and with only 688 square feet. In order to keep with both the codes. The lounge is fixed seating. there must be at least two exits available. and the bathroom requirements are different for each. or 500 people total. and the total occupancy is 609 people. The bookstore and lobby are standing room only. A commercial kitchen has an occupancy load of 200 square feet per person. the occupancy is 6 people. the minimum egress is 121. “The purpose of the PB District is to encourage well-planned business uses” (American Legal Publishing Corporation).3” per occupant. the more number with the closest ratio of occupants to water closets was taken. there needs to be 1 water closet per 75 people. The minimum lot size. In total. The building is a combination of A-2 and A-3 planned businesses. This means 63 people. and the area is only 336 square feet. and with a net square footing as stated earlier. and is 96 square feet. The planned building fits the stated requirements. As stated by the Noblesville Code of Ordinances. Following under the assumption that the structure possesses a sprinkler system. the occupancy is two. so the occupancy is 26 people. meaning a total of 5 exits for the building (International Code Council). section 159.8 inches. The office has fixed seating. For the A-3 buildings. Storage areas are 300 gross. this means 609 people.6 inches. and 11 seats means 11 people. The occupancy load for the entire building is 609 people.carpet in order to absorb and muffle sound. The proposed building lies on a Planned Business zone with a government use overlay district. there needs to be 1 water closet per 125 men and per 65 women. divided by the 75 occupants per closet).2” per occupant. All other stairs are 0. which means 121. As stated by the Means of Egress chart. roughly. This means 30. which means 5 ft2 per person. . because stairs need an exit width of 0.

This process is very in-depth and monitored as it affects the wildlife. everything pertaining to the building must be within guidelines and code.120 of the Code. aesthetics and ecology of Noblesville. provide shade. The permit must contain specific information specified by the code (American Legal Publishing Corporation). prevent soil erosion. No lots may be reduced past the minimum amount allotted. Landscaping is required during the construction process (American Legal Publishing Corporation). All landscaping materials are allowed within only one year after the final permit is issued. the proposed building is indeed permitted on the property chosen. Every building must have street access and a lot. aesthetics of the city. According to Section 159. Going over setbacks is not permitted. is 20. The landscaping regulations are based off of the local codes and ordinances. The landscaping for Noblesville is required to promote a healthy ecology.000 square feet with a maximum height of 3 stories or 35 feet. and neither is removing topsoil from the lot except during construction (American Legal Publishing Corporation). and enhance the surrounding habitat. . Following all these requirements.according to the same section of the Code.

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