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I have prepared this book for everyone who wishes to become successful and happy individuals.

The content of this book consists of the summaries of the books that I have read during my B.A. and M.Sc. education in “Holistic Psychology.” Shortly after I graduated from college, I have begun to train myself in this field. This book has allowed me to reach out to thousands of students during my 25 years of teaching and to improve their lives.
In each lesson, you will find many useful knowledge about how to live happily. Although it is hard to be mindful, happy, and successful at the same time, in our education system, this book will help you lead a happy and successful life.
We can easily solve our problems if we can control our mind and brain correctly. A mind that can look at the future in a more positive, constructive, and confident way is crucial. With an optimistic mind, any kind of problem will turn into a domino waiting to be solved.

I wish every reader happiness and success filled with knowledge.
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My Lessons Are Great - Gizel Hazan

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About the Author

Gizel Hazan (Ender) is a graduate of TED Ankara College and she is also one of the first graduates of Boğaziçi University Computer Programming Department. She has worked for a long period as a computer programmer and a computer teacher in İzmir. After she got retired, she has completed her bachelor’s and master degrees on holistic child psychology. Nowadays she practices ceramics and mosaic art and learns Italian language.

In her teaching years, she also took into consideration her students’ personal development as well as their computer knowledge and summarized the most well known self development books for 5-10 minutes of her computer class.

After realizing that the mental health of people is being damaged in the concreted cities, Gizel Hazan moved in a country of İzmir called Urla with her husband and children (and with their cats and dogs). She has published her book named My Health Is Great for herself and her friends in order to live a healthy life in the future, My Marriage Is Great for the younger people to maintain a happy marriage and My Wonderful New Home for everybody to be able to buy their own houses.

Gizel Hazan cares about children and believes that we all borrowed the world from them. For this reason, she keeps on developing herself and writing books about child education. Especially, to be able to be a better pathfinder to the children, she received a life coach certificate from New York in 2014. She is also preparing for her book on this subject.

* * *


I prepared this book My Lessons Are Great for every student to become more successful, happy, cheerful and more educated individuals.

The content of this book consists of the summaries of the books that I’ve read to improve myself during my 25 years of teaching and 40 years of after university life. I believe that the practical information that I mentioned in my book is going to be very beneficial for each individual to be healthy and happy in their school and daily life.

I wish every reader to feel happy and successful full of new knowledge and success.

Gizel Hazan (Ender)


I thank a lot to the young, hardworking and ingenious senior psychologist Gözde Emik Aksoy (Izmir) for her precious fund of knowledge and ideas she gave before publishing my books.

Gözde Emik Aksoy

* * *

1 – Putting Ourselves At the Center

The first rule to be a successful student is to be able to win family’s and teachers’ approval, to keep the grades higher and to pass the class and then to move on. The others give us marks; we learn our value from the others. For this reason, we give value to the others, we like them, we care about them. We are in need of the others to understand our own value and success.

Does it make us happy to study for the others, I wonder? In the education system WE DO NOT EXIST, and THE OTHERS are of top priority. We think that we can be successful only with caring about and treating well the others. But we cannot be aware of that when the others are gone, when they are not standing by us, we become like a fish out of water.

Do we really teach ourselves and our children to love ourselves, to value ourselves? In our education systems, the first thing to be taught is to love and care about the others. Self- caring and self-loving are not taught in the school syllabuses. Happiness is shown as if it was being dependent to the others. We do not learn to love ourselves and to be happy with ourselves for long years in our family and school lives.

However the happiness of the individuals who value and love themselves can never be destroyed. They do not expect things from the others. The ones who love and value themselves and the ones who are able to find the inner peace are like the plane tree that never falls over in the storms. They are strong, successful and happy.

To learn how to value ourselves, the first thing we need to do is to change the taboo THE OTHERS are more important. We can change those taboos that taught us before only with our constructive thoughts.

**I am a very precious, endearious individual.

** I am the owner of my own life.

**I am learning how to love and value myself.

**The more I love myself, the easier it is to understand that I learn for myself.

**Education should last life- long. When I AM in the center, I know that I study for myself.


When we wake up in the morning, it is really important to look in the mirror and repeat that we value and LOVE ourselves. On the contrary to the family and school system that impose us the thought give value to the others, you are the last yourself, the first rule to be successful is;


When we wake up in the morning, we need to look in the mirror and repeat the sentences like I love myself, I value myself, I learn the most precious information for myself, I study perfectly for my lessons, all the information that I learn will be beneficial for me in the future.

2- My Lessons In Terms of Sociology:

Family, school and society are the factors that guide us.

The society affects us a lot. We start to live for others. There are always the others in the newspapers or social media organs such as Facebook. What will the others say? Do I look like the others? Will the others like it? The others, others…

Also in the education system they taught us to learn for the others. We always learn things to show to the others, we always wonder about the exam results for the others. Our parents are on the top of this list of the others. If the child works harder and gets good report card, it means bringing honor to the parents.

However, only thing we need to teach to our children is to:


If we live taking the other people into consideration that much, we can never be happy because the other person may be a family member, a neighbor or 7 billion people!

In our education system, after a child starts walking and talking, the first thing to be taught is to put the others to the central position. The ones on his environment are more important, not him. He learns, works and keeps on living for them.

And the fear, judgment, shame facts are imposed to them. Without these facts, those children or adults start to not doing anything and not learning anything.

Since people around change all the time, they all have a common ground. The common ground is GOOD GRADES in the school years and it turns out to MONEY in the following years. The child starts to study and learn for good grades and the adult keeps on working for money. If you remove the GRADES and MONEY from your lives, it feels like life is over. No student really studies for the happiness, beauty and value of learning something new.

And if there is no problem about MONEY, the adults show the white flag. They underestimate the value of working and learning, and start to live a lazy life.

However, if every child and adult learns to put themselves and their personal development at the center