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Every parent brings her/his child into the world wishing that the child will be healthy, happy, and successful.
What is SUCCESS and what is the SECRET of being successful?
There are two different ideas in the education world. Does the child develop a personality “by nature or by nurture?” Even if we accept both views to a certain degree, we need to know that every minute, we can educate and change ourselves by improving our brain’s functioning. In recent years, even people who were raised under difficult conditions have been able to find opportunities to improve and educate themselves, thanks to self-help books.

This book draws on my educational and professional experience on child psychology as well as on information derived from other helpful books.

We should perform our parenthood duties as set forth in the famous Khalil Gibran poem, “Children”.

At the end of my book, an unexpected surprise will surprise you. Please read until the end of my book to learn what the surprise is.
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The Secret of My Child’s Success - Gizel Hazan

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About the Author

After graduating from TED Ankara College, Gizel Hazan graduated from Boğaziçi University Computer Programming as one of the first graduates. After working as a computer programmer and banker, she received teaching certification and became one of the first computer teachers in Izmir. She worked as acomputer teacher in private schools in English and in French languages. After retiring, she completed under- graduate and post-graduate degrees on Holistic Child Psychology via distance education in America. In the recent years she also attended family coaching and education coaching courses.

She has written 4 books up to the present. She completed her books My Wonderful New Home, My Health is Great, My Marriage is Great, My Lessons Are Great with the help of life experiences and the lessons she took. This one is her 5th book.

All of her books are published in American publishing company (Turkish and English).

With her husband who is a doctor of agricultural science, they are a family which cares much about education. Her daughter, Beliz Hazan, is studying for her 6th year of Ph. D. degree on experimental psychology. Her son J. Ceki Hazan has done masters degree on Refugee Researches in Oxford University. Last year, he studied for a master degree in education in Hong Kong. He is an idealist indigo young man who aims to compound education and refugee subjects together as a service for humankind in the near future.

Gizel's real life coaches, far beyond the schools and books, are street animals of which she was afraid and for the sake of her son Ceki she accepted them home and later she started defending their national and universal rights.

In the recent years, she has attached importance to art and she is interested in ceramics and mosaic arts. Due to the fact that she also attaches importance to sports and philosophy, she has been in yoga for 40 years.

Senior Psychologist Gozde Emik Aksoy’s Introduction

Dear Gizel Hazan reveals universal sources and approaches on effective communication, methods of child care-education, communication with child in this book. While transferring these, she shares her own experiences and knowledge and the developmental stages of her family members.

This book is also a synthesis of Western and Eastern methods on child-care, self-improvement.

I consider myself lucky as I got a chance of meeting her and her children Beliz and Ceki. They are beautiful, special people who came to this universe to realize the goodness.

* * *


Every parent brings her/his child into the world wishing that the child will be healthy, happy and successful. There is no need to finish a school to be a mother or father. For every occupation there are short or long training courses but for parenthood there is no prior condition. Even 3 days training isn’t considered to be necessary. In reaction to sexual intercourse there comes a baby as a gift of the nature. Even animals raise their babies by their maternal instinct and then leave them to the nature. When it comes to Humans, they have lost even their natural instincts. They hardly trust nature and never leave them.

Because of the fact that there isn’t any official parenthood school, parents try to raise their children as an adrift sailboat. If it is a lucky family, they have a regular income and a shelter but if the baby has come to the world to learn the hardest life lessons, he comes to the world as a child of a refugee family or of a family whose income is very low and bearing 10 children. If baby chooses a better life to live, he chooses a family and a country whose wealth level is high.

Regardless in what condition and situation the baby has come to the world, some people have to raise and educate him. At least until a certain age.

There are two different ideas in the education world. Does the child raise and develop a personality by nature or by nurture? Even if we accept both to a certain degree, there is a thing we need to know that every minute we can educate and change ourselves by improving our brain’s functioning. In the recent years, even the people who were raised in bad and hard conditions can find opportunity to improve and educate themselves thanks to many self-help books.

In this book, I’ll try to help children and families with my knowledge of holistic child psychology in which I gained university degree in online education during my children’s and beloved students’ education. This book is written with the notes from my undergraduate and postgraduate child psychology educations and from other helpful books.

My goal is to provide all children good and positive contributions both for themselves and for the world with the help of their families that raise them. Our world will only get better if the new generation is happy, healthy and successful.

My book explains the secret of my child’s success. Every mother and father is focused on both their own success and their child’s.

In our days, people chase after success. School’s top student, winner of a competition, the best gainer, and the best dressed. The list of the bests goes on and on.

At the end of my book, the unexpected secret will surprise you. First, let’s acquaint ourselves with child education. Let’s put our children in the center and try to raise them as good as possible. The person who is important is your child, not the people around you. But we should also know that we don’t predominate our children. We only perform a duty presented by nature to raise our children right and well. We perform our duties as Halil Cibran’s poem Children says.

In this book of mine, I will present brief information about lives of my daughter Beliz and my son J. Ceki who are both in their 30’s and both successful in their academic lives and for this reason I believe that I raised them well to serve themselves and our world. And as we are heading to the very end of my book, we will explore the secret of success together.

Gizel Hazan

-Family, Life and Education Coach


And a woman who held a baby against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children.

And he said:

Your children are not your children. 

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. 

They come through you but not from you, 

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. 

You may give them your love but not your thoughts. 

For they have their own thoughts. 

You may house their bodies but not their souls, 

For their souls dwell in the house