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From america's favorite marriage expert: “Could it be that what we have called ‘love' is not love at all? Could it be that for most couples, love comes after the wedding...?" —Gary Chapman in The Marriage You've Always Wanted.  But how does love grow? Respected marriage counselor Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times best-seller The Five Love Languages, looks at the key issues that will help you build the marriage you've always wanted , answering such real-life questions as... Why won't they change? Why do we always fight about chores? Why should we have to work at sex? In the warm, practical style that has endeared him to audiences worldwide, Dr. Chapman delivers advice on all the “big issues": money, communication, decision making, in-laws, and much more. Plus: Each chapter includes a “Your Turn" opportunity for reflection and interaction with your spouse. Discover the “joy potential" in your marriage and your “ministry potential" for God!
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ISBN: 9781598590081
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