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From Newsweek
How Scientists are Engineering New Forms of Life
Imagine plants that change color in the presence of explosives or microbes that can secrete the scent of a long-extinct flower. Soon you won't have to.
TIME 07/03/17
Will Bob Mueller Separate Fact From Fiction?
The formidable special counsel has time, money and an all-star legal team on his side. But he’s never taken on an investigation like this before
From New York Magazine
New York Magazine 07/09/17
Just Wait Watergate Didn’t Become Watergate Overnight, Either.
“LET OTHERS WALLOW IN WATERGATE, we are going to do our job,” said Richard Nixon with typical unearned self-righteousness in July 1973. By then, more than a year had passed since a slapstick posse of five had been caught in a bungled burglary at the

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