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Crave From $699 This suite of wireless speakers from B&W is like Sonos taken to a whole new level. They’re all equipped with Wi–Fi and work with AirPlay 2, so they’re ideal for Apple devices. Cleverly, they all have mesh networking built
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Tame Siri and Search
REQUIRES An iOS 12 device YOU WILL LEARN Ways to use Siri & Search to improve your iPhone and iPad experience IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes WITH THE INTRODUCTION of iOS 12 came a bunch of improvements and customizations for Siri & Search that improve your
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TechTool Pro 11.0.3
$129.99, upgrades from $29.99 From Micromat, Needs Any Mac with macOS 10.10 or later The only comprehensive toolkit for diagnosing hardware problems over the last 30 years, TechTool Pro 11 keeps pace with recent features like T2 chips, A