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On Good Form
According to Greg Gorman, who over the past 40 years has photographed everyone from Elton John to Pierce Brosnan, if you have 20 minutes to shoot you should spend 15 minutes setting up your lighting and directing your model, and 5 minutes taking pict
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Too Many Pictures, Too Little Time
Standing on the platform end at my local preserved railway station I was peering through my viewfinder awaiting ‘the decisive moment'. The moment approached, my finger tensed on the shutter release, and then I became aware of the machine-gun chatter
Amateur Photographer2 min read
Subjects That Work Well Backlit
I'm always watching the weather forecasts, and frost is something I look out for. Clear skies, calm winds and cool temperatures increase the chances of frost, which turns scenes into a winter wonderland. When the frost is severe, shooting into the li