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Visi2 min readFood & Wine
BRING the ultimate cheffing experience into your kitchen with Smeg’s effortlessly elegant Symphony cooker. You expect great design from Smeg, and this cooker most certainly delivers. Not only is it remarkably energy-efficient but you also no longer h
Visi1 min read
No/07 Out Of Africa
A group of multitalented architects, designers and artists from across Africa have, together with five designers from IKEA, created the ÖVERALLT collection, a range of furniture, accessories and textiles inspired by modern urban rituals. The collabor
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No/24 Beauty And The Beach
“I grew up in a small coastal town on the Indian Ocean and, after university, spent 13 years as a designer in the then-thriving and soulful surf industry in Durban,” says Kathy Burns, founder of Bungalow Living. “I now live on the Atlantic coast, and