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Schwartz (with his real hair): “I once told Mitch Hurwitz [creator of Arrested Development] that I’d cut my hair for a pilot, and he goes, ‘If you cut your hair, I will be very disappointed in you.’” Jacket, shirt, and tie by Brooks Brothers Red Flee
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Make Peace WITH THE “Dad Life”
THE SINGLE WORST question you can ask the parent of a small child is “When are you having another?” The second-worst question is a little less predictable and a lot more insidious. About a month ago, a younger, unmarried, un-kidded colleague asked me
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There’s a Blood Test for That
UNTIL RECENTLY, scientists could glean only so much information from what’s circulating through your veins. They could grab basics like white- and red-blood-cell counts, vitamin and electrolyte levels, and markers for kidney function. They could meas