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Swedes in Vegas!

It’s logical to think that any kind of museum will be going to hold on to all of its exhibits ad infinitum, but that’s not always strictly true. Sometimes changes are due to financial reasons, occasionally it’s thanks to local politics, but the most common reason – and the situation that we see here – is due to a relocation to a smaller venue.

The collection in

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The Classic MotorCycle6 min read
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Dandy and Beagle… Ken Powell is a welder from the Isle of Wight and the Other Island seems a suitably eccentric time-warp for his extensive collection of old and unusual motorcycles. It doesn’t hurt that Ken, as well as a skilled, inventive mechanic
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Berliner Motor Corporation was the US distributor for all but a handful of European motorcycle marques from the 1950s right through to the 1980s. To the motorcycle companies they bought bikes from – Ducati, Matchless, Moto Guzzi, Norton to name but a
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Nine Hours On Full Chat
There were 60 motorcycles due on the line for the 1956 Thruxton 500 mile road race, to be held over the kidney-shaped 2.7574 mile course. Organised by the Southampton and District Motor Cycle Club, practice was on Saturday June 24, between 10 and 11a