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Do It Now
■ Lift spring planted onions when bulbs are fully formed, and dry the tops until they can be made into strings. These onions usually last longer than autumn planted ones and they can feed you through until May next year. ■ Plant out, or pot on, sow
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Mangetout ‘Sweet Sahara’
Mangetout peas are probably my favourite type of pea; I just love the crunchy sweetness of the young pods which can be picked and eaten straight from the plant. And if they get away from you and the pods become too large and tough to eat, the peas in
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Mulch Materials
There is quite a range of options available when it comes to what to mulch with. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so your choice will normally be based on cost, availability and appearance. ■ PINE CHIPS The longest lasting of the ‘natur