Coined in 1854, the term ‘Ethology’ refers to the study of the way in which an animal’s habits (its behaviour) are related to its structure and habitat. It is important to note that there is no such thing as typical behaviour, because the typical animal is a mythical beast! However, patterns can be observed, hypotheses devised and tested, and a working interpretation of what an animal is doing obtained. This data can then be extrapolated, to create

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Safe Bush Food
In any survival situation there are priorities which have to be made according to the situation you find yourself in. Food is often regarded as a top priority, but in most situations it is, in reality, quite low on the list, as you carry enough fat o
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Antelope Of The Sun
The kalahari is one of those special places that captures our imagination beauty. s an ancient landscape of rolling, windblown dunes that form the largest continuous expanse of sand on earth. A semi-desert – it receives more annual rainfall than the
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SA4x4’s Instagram photo competition@ SA4X4 # SA4X4 Overlandimages @SA4x4 #SA4x4OverlandImages
This is a very well-constructed photo leading the eyes from the tough vehicle over the rocky road into the barren and beautiful solitude. An impeccably balanced composition that speaks volumes of the immersion into pure nature made possible by 4x4 of