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Literary Twitter’s Best Responses to Jonathan Franzen’s Rules for Writing

Yesterday, we published a lot of great pieces that probably not that many people read because they were too busy talking about this one on Twitter. (NB, the piece was originally published in The Guardian eight years ago, so at least give him a break for not anticipating the vitality of Google Docs.)

For many Twitter users, the first response was denial:

But some people appreciated the throwback to a simpler Internet time.

And then there were the alternative rules:

Which were pretty great, actually! Except for one thing: Look what you’ve done to Garrard Conley, you monsters.

All in all, we all learned a little something. For me, it was: Don’t publish an article by Jonathan Franzen on the most hung-over day of the literary year. Now take it away, Celeste Ng:

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