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Sydney was my birthplace in 1948. I was raised in suburban Balmain. At the age of 30, I moved from the city to the country – to a beautiful little place called Callala Bay on the south coast of NSW. From there I moved to the mountain Mt Beppo in Queensland, but longed to be closer to the sea. Woolgoolga in NSW is my home now.

My parents did not share my passion for art, however my paintings hung on every wall in the house so I feel that represented an acceptance. My interest in art became obvious as a child. I won many children’s art prizes

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Australian How To Paint4 min read
Getting Outdoors
I have always enjoyed being “creative” and when I was young I was forever making some type of craft or sewing. I loved art at school and couldn’t wait for class, but I didn’t believe I could paint, my love being drawing and sculpture. It wasn’t until
Australian How To Paint5 min read
Moments in Time
Cryla was the first ever Artists Acrylic produced commercially, introduced into Europe in 1963 by the Rowney Company. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colour is a very heavy-bodied colour with a high loading of the very purest, permanent and lightfast pigments
Australian How To Paint2 min read
Cliffs at Wentworth Falls
In my hasty sketch (although it was done very quickly), I attempted to capture as much visual information as possible with a few strokes of the pencil. My intention was to use the study at a later date for a painting. Instead, I have used the sketch