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Brush Strokes
We can create a completely different image using the same techniques with subtle differences. Because I’m often asked how I make water look realistic, I thought we would bury the techniques in an exercise, AND at the same time get a basic understandi
Artist's Back to Basics2 min read
Painting Humanity
Remia Montayre Homuk is originally from the Philippines town of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. After moving to Sydney in 1984, she married and continued to follow her clear artistic destiny. This lady is a natural artist. She was born with the artis
Artist's Back to Basics2 min read
Just a Girl
• Pure Cotton Duck Canvas –18 x 24 inches. Triple Primed with Acrylic Gesso; acid free; staple free edge. • Artists’ Acrylic Paints: White; Yellow Ochre; Cadmium Red; Burnt Sienna; Raw Umber; Cobalt Blue. • Art Spectrum Oil Paints (Professional Quali