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If you enjoy taking the road less travelled on your journeys, as I like to do, I’m sure you’ve learned to keep a good eye out for potholes!

On my most recent adventure, I had my eyes nailed to the road as I travelled around Middelburg and Groblersdal – some of the potholes are large enough to shred a tyre and buckle the rim. But don’t let the bad roads deter you, just drive slowly and with greater care.

Besides, you take in much more of the countryside when you’re ambling along.

Back roads are always the most interesting routes to take, offering up some unique photographic opportunities and the chance to meet people off the beaten track. It’s where the hiss of steam locomotives gives way to disused railway stations overrun by creepers and grass, it’s where old farming implements stand stoically rusting in desolate corners of overgrown fields and where old timers set in the shade on their stoeps.

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