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Book Club
LINDA JANE HOLDEN VENDOME PRESS | $60 Throughout her long and storied life, Rachel “Bunny” Mellon’s greatest passion was garden design. She and her husband, Paul Mellon, one of the wealthiest men in the USA, maintained homes in New York, Cape Cod, Na
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What’s Cooking, Good Looking?
The kitchen is the undisputed heart of the home that brings the whole house together like no other space does. But mistakes made in the planning and designing phase can end up dramatically affecting the way people use and enjoy their kitchen, so it’s
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Bridgette Mcnab
Bridgette McNab was uncertain about her life’s direction. She eventually decided to travel and try a variety of jobs to see what felt right. Twenty three years old and living in London, Bridgette enrolled herself in a five-week fine arts evening cour